Yes, there are jobs for right brain thinkers and this article reveals the very best ones – as many as 25 best such right brain thinkers’ jobs.


Why Jobs for Right Brain Thinkers? 

Why not, right?

There are a variety of activities or situations that are often defined as left or right.

For example, if driving in America or other countries, the drivers drive on the right side of the road, while, in other countries, the drivers drive on the left side.

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There are reasons and pros and cons as to which side is right.

In addition, often in political thinking, individuals with differing points of view will be defined as either on the left or the right.

Another important distinction as it relates to the human anatomy and specifically the brain is the right side of the brain or the left side of the brain.

There are some schools of thought that believe that an individual is either right or left-brain dominant.

The left side of the brain is more analytical and methodical and their thinking, while the right side of the brain is associated with being imaginative, creative, innovative, etc.

Without coming down on the left side over the right side of this issue, let us look at careers that may be a good match for an individual classified as a right dominant brain thinking person.


Personal Story

When I was in the United States Navy, I must admit that I wasn’t much of a sailor as I was in the medical field.

However, being aboard a ship, sailors have their nautical terms.

For example, the left side of the ship is known as the port side, and the right side of the vessel is known as the starboard side.

At first, I had trouble distinguishing between the two until I finally did a word association.

When I thought of the left side of the ship, what came to my mind was LP as in a record, and therefore I knew that the left side of the ship was the port side, and therefore, through the process of elimination, I knew that starboard was the right side.


26 Best Money Making Jobs for Right Brain Thinkers


1. Elementary School Teacher

Instructing children that are enrolled in grades K through 5th requires the involvement of a unique teacher that can engage the students to facilitate their learning.

There are basic lesson plans that need to be followed, but it is how those lessons are taught.

An elementary school teacher with a bright bring focus will bring that creativity and interest to the children in the class to maximize the learning process.

A right-brain teacher will utilize their emotional intelligence, intuition, and creativity and create an atmosphere of wonderment in the children’s learning environment.


2. Writer

A writer is an individual that utilizes the appropriate words in order to bring a story to life to the reader.

Typically, a quality writer uses the right side of their brain to stimulate the imagination of the reader, be creative in sharing the story and make the reading of the writer offering a positive experience.


3. Industrial Designer

An industrial designer is a creative individual who fully uses the right side to bring a variety of innovative and imaginative concepts that showcase a variety of products.

Through the right side of their brain, free-flowing ideas are offered and possibly, with the help of others, these “thinking outside the box” these concepts become a reality.


4. Therapist

A quality therapist not only brings to their therapy sessions an education and experiential dynamic but also utilizes the right side of the brain in helping their clients work through a variety of mental challenges.

In particular, the therapist, through the right side of the brain, will be able to empathize with the patient, engage their ability to observe, and fully engage with the client in understanding what they are saying and what they are not saying.


5. Speaker

A speaker not only uses their creativity and innovation to create a message but have the dynamic ability to deliver that message verbally.

Being a speaker would be an ideal match for an individual who is right-brained because of the qualities of being creative, connecting with an audience because of their empathy and the strength of their emotional intelligence.

Examples of an occupation requiring speaking ability on a platform would include

  • Presenting lectures in a school setting
  • Politician
  • Ministerial role


6. Fashion Designer

The creative imagination and innovation of a fashion designer would be a good match for the right-brained individual.

Through their “mind’s eye,” they are able to see clearly the creations that are drawn on the sketch board on the right side of their brain.

They then have the expertise to bring those designs to life and offer these avant-garde fashion designs to individuals who enjoy their unique creativity.


7. Digital Illustrator

A digital illustrator is a quality occupation that matches the skill set and thinking of the trained individual.

By being an illustrator, they first need to see what their creation will look like by utilizing their imagination and innovation as generated by the right side of the brain.

Then, combining the power of the right brain thinking along with digital technology, they are able to bring the illustration to life and entertain, educate and inspire others.


8. Research Scientist

Being a research scientist is not just about testing during or monitoring experiments done in a sterile laboratory.

The specific role of a research scientist requires that they work on a hypothesis and either prove or disprove the hypothesis through a number of processes.

This experimental aspect brought to the laboratory by research scientists is enhanced if that scientist is right-brain dominant as it requires creativity when conducting experiments to prove or disprove the theory.



9. Director of Operations

A director of the patient is charged with oversight of the business’s operation, which includes the actual production as well as oversight of the employees.

A right-brained individual would be a good match for this employment position as it requires significant leadership skills, hopefully connecting with the company team, creating and listening to potential innovative ideas, and thoroughly engaging the employees through empathy.


10. Computer Programmer  

One would think that the role of a computer programmer is completely analytical and sterile in its thinking.

This may be true, but for a computer program, the added dimension of being right-brain is helpful because of the creativity that is fostered and the vision and design needed for the end result before it is actually created.


11. Architect

Architects are professionals who listen to their clients and then, utilizing their right brains imagine the design and develop plans that depict the creation of various structures, which could include bridges and buildings.

Architect utilizes their imaginative and innovative skills to create blueprints and work with engineers and bring these designs to physical life.

The dominance of the right side of the brain with its creativity and ability to imagine make an architect a quality occupation for a right-brained dominant individual.


12. Psychologist

A psychologist is a medical professional that best serves their patient if they are right-brain dominant.

As a psychologist, the medical professional is called upon to be fully aware of the moment as the patient shares what is occurring in their life and their way of thinking.

Consequently, the right brain characteristics of being observant, will listening, empathetic, and engaging the patient by asking leading questions, etc. will prove to be a valuable and therapeutic experience for the patient.

Also, a psychologist who is able to utilize their emotional intelligence that is typically demonstrated at a higher level in a right-brained individual will be able to fully interact with the client and work together to successfully complete a treatment plan.


13. Film Director

A director of films is able to capture in their mind what they wish to see and then direct the actors and action to play out what they have already seen in their mind.

The right-brain dominant film director will also be able to recruit and engage the right cast members to bring out the elements of the production because of how it is played out in their right dominant mind.


14. Interior Designer

An interior designer has the uncanny ability to enter into a room and look beyond what the reality is and see in their right brain dominant mind how the room can be transformed through colors, accessories, utilization of the room being decorated, etc.

The interior designer also has the ability to connect with the client, listen to what is being said and the wishes of the client and then incorporate all of these dimensions into an interior decorated room that captures everything that the client wishes as well as what the room has to offer.


15. Art Therapist

The role of the therapist is a critical one because, typically, they will work with an individual who has difficulty expressing themselves and dealing with emotional conflicts that may be reached within their mind.

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A right-brained therapist will be able to engage the individual by being empathetic, listening rather than talking and understanding what the client may be conveying or not conveying.

The art therapist will then use their artistic talents and incorporate those talents as a therapeutic process and engage the patient so that the individual can express themselves emotionally to the therapist who drawings or art.

A therapist who is right-brain dominant will use their creativity, artistic designs, engaging the patient, etc., to make art therapy a meaningful process for that conflicted individual.


16. Home Staging

In the world of real estate, as with a number of other things, presentation is critical.

When a property is placed on the market for sale, you want to connect with potential customers on how the room will be inviting and welcoming to that individual.

Therefore, an important occupation in the world of real estate is the individual who stages homes.

A home stager will depend upon the right side of their brain to create that environment and atmosphere that is conducive and resonates with the potential buyer of the property.

Therefore, the right-brained individual will use colors, furniture, accents, etc., in a creative manner to produce an inviting environment.

Read this for more ways of making money becoming a home stager.


17. Packaging Designer

The packaging design is an individual who fully understands the importance of package design as it relates to marketing a product and resonating with the customer.

The skills or attributes that a packaging designer should demonstrate the importance of colors, visualizing the package on a store shelf, observing in their mind how the customer will react, how the packaging will connect with the customer, etc.

All of these qualities can be demonstrated powerfully if the individual’s right brain is dominant.


18. Full-Stack Developer

A full stack developer or engineer is a career path that fully incorporates the effects of the computer system application.

There are two components to developing a webpage.

Those two components are the front and the back end.

The front end of web development is defined as the visual component that the user of the site will first see and will engage with.

The backend of the development process refers to everything within the website, which includes the internal processes of databases, servers, etc.

Combining the two, front and back, creates the career position of the Engineer.

This career would be fully served along with others if the individual is right-brain dominant. This is because everything these to be imagined, created, and engaged visually even before the process begins to be mapped out.

A full stack developer will be able to place themselves in the position of the user to be fully aware of how that customer will react and be engaged.


19. Architect

Architects have the right brain feature of being able to listen to their clients and create designs and drawings of various types of buildings, bridges, and other structures to match the building concept of their clients.

The dominance of the right brain thinking with an architect will demonstrate their creativity, innovation, vision, etc., to picture in their mind what the eye and is wishing to build and create.


20. Development and Training Coordinator

A coordinator of development and training has the important role of developing various training services and implementing those services to staff within the company.

Their specific role includes

  • Facilitating contracts
  • Securing the needed space and materials
  • Set up the event
  • Respond to inquiries posed by staffing or clients

This position can benefit from a right-brain dominant professional who is able to think through, from beginning to end, the various processes involved.

They will also be able to analyze the value of the courses and what is needed to bring the needed training to the participants.

Also, the quality brought to this process of being innovative and imaginative will also add to the value of the training courses offered.


21. Content Writer

The content writer is an individual with writing skills that depend significantly upon their innovation and imagination in writing content.

Even if the writing is of a technical nature, the ability and skill to utilize the language to engage the reader are still paramount.

If the content writer is writing a creative narrative, then the right-brained individual will fully engage their imagination and utilize the appropriate words to create the narrative and stimulate the reader’s visual imagery or imagination as reflected in words chosen.

Read this for more ways to make money as content writer.


22. Counselor

A counselor interacts with an individual and helps them process a variety of issues that the client may be facing.

Some of those issues that a client may be facing include

  • Marital conflict
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-image
  • Addictions
  • Etc.

This position of a counselor is best served by an individual who relies on the right side of their brain to connect with the individual and empathize with them as to what they are going through.

Also, a right-brained individual will serve well as a counselor, given their ability to empathize, observe, stimulate conversation, etc.


23. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer visualizes a concept or a design even before the Pandora or creative writing instrument is picked up.

Therefore, a graphic designer will be best served if the individual is right-brain dominant.

As a graphic designer, you will be able to listen to what the client wishes to have created, visualize that concept, capture the design on paper or the software and present that design to the client for their satisfaction.

A graphic designer is also able to visualize how the design will be received by the potential customer.


24. Musician

The musician is a creative individual that is typically right-brained oriented.

Depending upon the characteristics of their right brain, they are able to hear the music before a note is even played.

Also, as part of their creativity, innovation, and imagination, they are able to visualize how the music will resonate with those who hear what is being played.

Also, a right-brained musician has the benefit of being emotionally engaged and takes ownership of their music and love for this art form.

Consequently, their desire is to share that music in a loving manner.


25. Caregiver

A caregiver is an individual with strong empathetic skills in which they can care for others in a meaningful, dedicated and loving manner.

A quality caregiver that is right trained will certainly interact well with their clients and endeavor to meet the physical and medical needs of that client in a sensitive and compassionate manner.


26. Chef

A culinary chef is an individual who takes a great deal of pride in their creative abilities to prepare food that is not only nutritious but pleasant tasting, as well as demonstrating the importance of presenting the food in an engaging manner.

A chef will be able to visualize the process of cooking a culinary delight and be able to not only see the food that is prepared but will be able to anticipate its taste.

A chef is not only concerned about the preparation and presentation of their food, but also, a right-brained characteristic is concerned about how the customer or dining individual will react to their hard work and preparation of the food.

Check out the following articles for more jobs to consider:


Best Work for Right Brain Thinkers FAQs


Who Started the Concept or Theory of Left or Right Brain Dominance?

The theory of the right-brain and left-brain originated through the work of Roger W. Sperry, who was a recognized scientist and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1981.


How Many People in America Define Themselves as Right-brain Dominant?

It is estimated that only 10% of the world is left-handed, which is a signifier of being right-brained.


You Can Do It

When it comes to the possibility of whether an individual’s brain can be defined as right or left-brained is open to discussion.

There are individuals who demonstrate certain qualities and certain careers or trades that help to define who they are and their interaction with others.

Whether you believe in right-brain dominance or not, there are certain careers that are more conducive to an individual who demonstrates “right-brain” tendencies.



There are many activities in our lives that are often labeled or categorized.

One of those labels that we sometimes use is left and right.

The good thing is that neither the left nor the right is better than the right or the left or even the center, for that matter.

We are all different and unique, and there are opportunities that are important based on our reality and traits.

Whether we believe in left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant, the reality is that there are career choices that are better matched for us.

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