Yes, there are jobs that overthinkers can do and still make money – talk about the best of both words – doing what you love and making money!

This article reveals a lot about these types of jobs for overthinkers and how you can get started easily.


Importance of Jobs for Overthinkers

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is not good for a person.

Examples would include overeating, being overweight, overindulgent, and a host of excessive behaviors.

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Even in our relationships with others, we can go overboard and be excessive in our responses.

For example, we can be overindulgent to our children, we can be overbearing, and we can even be overboard in our love for other people to the point where it can become destructive and controlling.

However, some actions can be good if they are done in excess.

One such action that comes to mind is to overthink something – sometimes referred to as analysis paralysis.

By overthinking a particular action, it would seem that you are taking in all of the possibilities as it relates to what was happening and playing out all the various scenarios of what if’s if this action is taken or that action is taken.

Such a game that requires overthinking would be the game of chess.

In the game of chess, your moves are thought ahead as to what your opponent may or may not do and your response is thought out when chess moves are taken and what you will do in response.

In addition to the game of chess, certain occupations require the employee to overthink to consider all the possibilities and potential solutions that may present themselves.

Without overthinking too much let us take a look at some of those occupations that are a good match for an individual who is defined as an overthinker.


Personal Story

I’ve never been accused of being an overthinker.

However, in 2005, two employment opportunities were presented to us at the same time.

One opportunity would have put us closer to family while the other job opportunity would have moved us a thousand miles even further away.

Rather than throw darts, I decided to choose wisely and analytically and I did up a sheet with all of the pros and cons listed as to which position was more positive and which position was more negative.

For some probably that is not overthinking the process but for me, it involved more thinking than I normally do in that I actually prepared a sheet, analyzed each of the items as they pertained to what it could do for us, and ultimately we made our decision based on our rational thinking processes.

I guess the bottom line is we did our thinking with our minds rather than our hearts.


25 Best Jobs for Overthinkers


1. Logistics Supervisor  

The primary role and duties of a logistics supervisor are to provide oversight to the business planning systems.

These supervisors typically are found in warehouses or large storage areas in which companies have a significant amount of inventory.

The supervisor schedules the transportation and delivery of these items and provides accurate inventory and stores the items according to the specifics.

Also, logistics supervisors are detail-oriented and indulgent overthinking to manage inventory and the scheduling of staff members.


2. Accountant

An accountant does not deal with the day-to-day data entry associated with credits and debits and other bookkeeping roles and responsibilities.

An accountant is a deep thinker as it relates to the finances of individuals and companies alike.

Their primary role and responsibility are to ensure that several financial tasks our correctly entered and reflected in.

Their primary role includes the preparation of documents, generating various income and expense reports, balance sheets, budgets, etc.

Often, the accountant will pour over the facts and figures to ensure that the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are followed and, because of their overthinking, any financial issues are brought to the attention of the individual or leadership.


3. Chemical Engineer  

Another overthinking or deep-thinking employment position is that of a chemical engineer.

A chemical engineer specializes in the manufacturing process so that the standards of health and safety and improvements are made as it relates to the transportation of food and the storage or delivery of medicinal’s.

A chemical engineer has a strong acumen as it relates to chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics.


4. Marketing Analyst  

The employment position of marketing analyst studies in depth the market conditions as it relates to the consumer and their purchasing behaviors.

A marketing analyst advises companies and offers suggestions on when and how to buy consumables.

A marketing analyst has a great affinity for detail and can take statistical information and provide accurate interpretation and metrics as it relates to what the statistics are saying.

A marketing analyst gathers copious amounts of, rights reports, and analyzes trends.


5. Data Analyst  

Another employment position that requires the employee to be overthinking is the employment position of a data analyst.

The main function of the data analyst within a company is to review copious amounts of data to improve efficiency in all sectors of the business’s operation.

The ultimate goal is to be efficient as it relates to spending and being productive with that investment of money and time.

The data analyst works closely with executives and helps to make and offers strategic decisions about various business plans, the hiring of other team members, investing in other assets, and helping with project design.

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6. Chemist  

The profession of the chemist is a good match for overthinking because it involves the understanding and involvement of the study of matter and its molecular and atomic properties.

A chemist works in the fields of medicine, agriculture, consumer goods, etc.

Their ongoing duties in the laboratory include the conducting of experiments, logging findings in journals, maintaining computer databases with the data and information, and a significant understanding of computer software.


7. Data Analytics Consultant  

A career position that utilizes thinking and analyzing as part of the employment position is a data analytics consultant.

The individual in this role can work in a consulting firm or have an independent consulting practice.

Their work is to collect and evaluate company data to take suggestions on productivity improvements and provide inefficiency within the operation.

This is accomplished by creating various charts based on the data collected and transferring the data into information that can be easily digested such as through graphics and presentations.


8. Capacity Manager  

A capacity manager is an individual whose role is to ensure that the company is maximizing its production of a product or service.

The bottom line is through the maximization of this production, they are efficiently utilizing all resources both human and other assets.

The role of this individual is to monitor the behaviors of employees, the actual business design and process, develop utilizing the collected data, and make suggestions to modify the business model to ensure that capacity is reached as it relates to productivity.


9. Strategic Project Manager  

This career position designs and provides overall management supervision for all of the project goals within a business.

The position manages the team leaders and the various managers involved with the projects to make sure that all of the plans and initiatives are on track and are going to be successful.

This individual collects data, works with other staff members, and communicates their findings through a variety of reports presentations, and documents.


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10. Investment Banker  

An investment banker is a financially savvy individual who provides financial services as it relates to investing in the market and the management of financial resources.

Investment bankers generally work for large financial institutions or clients that have significant portfolios.

Their specific duties include the accumulation of enough capital to finance various projects and manage and protect the assets of the customers.


11. Risk Analyst  

A risk analyst is an individual who determines what the risk may be to the corporation when making various investments.

They accomplished this by studying and overthinking the reality of market trends, pouring over reports, and gathering other data for the ultimate goal of predicting or endeavoring to predict market events and therefore mitigate potential risk to the customer and the company.



12. Business Intelligence Analyst  

A business intelligence analyst is a professional who utilizes data produced by software tools, and reviews actuaries and reports from financial analysts and economists.

By analyzing these reports and various other data that is collected, they can predict trends and identify what may or may not be taking place in the business world as it relates to investment.

This individual should have significant analytical skills and be able to communicate his or her findings in an interpersonal way along with being persuasive and confident about their findings.


13. Economist  

An economist is an individual who at their core career level studies the economy.

Added to the mix is the knowledge of human behavior and other social sciences.

An economist reviews and develops theories as it relates to the economy and then applies those proven theories in the production, disbursement, and development of goods or products.

Their job also involves the collecting of copious amounts of data so that they can analyze all of the economic facts and figures provided to make an intelligent forecast as to the direction of the market.


14. Actuary  

An actuary is an individual that manages risk.

They do this by assessing, identifying, and reporting the risk factors to businesses and corporations.

An actuary typically works in a consulting firm and within the financial department.

An actuary is a deep thinker and is comfortable with mathematics as it relates to probability and statistics.


15. Quantitative Analyst  

A quantitative analyst also works within the financial department and studies and reports on the various statistical and mathematical components of the business and the management of money.

The quantitative analyst’s primary role is to manage risk and report to companies so that they can avoid these potential financial risks.


16. Data Engineer  

A person who specializes in information technology and information engineering is a data engineer.

The primary role of this individual is to gather the data and analyze it so that algorithms can be developed and trends can be formulated to meet the needs of the customers or clients.


17. Software Architect  

A software architect is proficient in it relates to information technology.

They are extremely capable as it relates to software coding and utilizing computer language to develop innovative systems and software applications for their clients.

In addition, they can analyze trends and use their craft to develop software-related projects to solve challenges in the future or present.


18. Director of Strategy  

A director of strategy is a business professional whose purpose is to design and help a company achieve its overall business goal or the strategy that they are working on to be successful.

The director of strategy provides this information through research and evaluating various business models to increase revenue and the productivity of the company.


19. Financial Analyst  

The primary rule of a financial analyst is to provide financial guidance and recommendations to institutions, businesses, and individual investors.

Their decisions are informed through the study of trends as reflected in the stock market including the value of stocks, initial public offerings, investments, bonds, and other investment vehicles.

Often, these individuals work for insurance companies hedge funds, or banks.

Their method of concluding is through deep thinking analytically about the financial reports presented to them and through those reports making forecasts.


20. Paralegal  

A paralegal is classified as a deep thinker in that they provide significant legal assistance to attorneys-at-law through various legal capacities.

The main role and function of a paralegal are to provide drafts of documents to the attorneys and this is provided by significant research on various cases conducted through the legal system.


21. Research Scientist  

Research scientist is a deep thinker in that they are heavily involved in experiments being conducted in laboratories.

In addition to providing research, they need to have the research be conducted and proven through various trials, and then write research papers and reports based on their findings.


22. Philosophy Teacher  

A teacher of philosophy is a deep thinker in that their role is to not only think through a variety of philosophical ideas but also to encourage students and stimulate their thinking as well to challenge thinking and determine their own philosophy.


23. Counselor/Therapist  

A counselor/therapist is a professional that interacts with clients as it relates to trying to understand human nature and the human psyche.

A counselor/therapist is called upon to listen intently to what their patient is saying and not saying and help them to sort through all of the noise so that they can understand their thinking and help to achieve resolution for the challenges that they are facing.

Often a counselor is called upon to work with individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, personality disorders, and other types of psychological trauma.


24. Detectives  

A detective, either with the police force or in private practice, is an individual that thinks and rethinks the various crime scenes that are presented to them.

Their goal is to think through all of the clues that are in plain sight and hidden and endeavor to place themselves at the crime scene to determine what occurred and endeavor to find the culprit who is responsible for the crime that was committed.

A detective generally has a very analytical mind and can take in the crime scene in an objective way to solve what had occurred and obtain justice for all involved.


25. Doctors  

A doctor is an individual who uses their medical education and experience to think through the symptoms that the patient is experiencing along with the various test results that are provided.

This deep thinking profession utilizes all of the medical assets available to them along with their medical mind to determine what the disease is, and provide a treatment plan with the purpose being restoring of the patient’s health.


Jobs and Careers for Over Thinkers FAQs


What Is an IQ?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient and is a measure that indicates the individual’s ability to reason.


What Is the Score One Can Achieve When Taking an IQ Test?

The highest score that an individual can achieve when taking an IQ test is 162.



Sometimes the decisions that we need to make require extensive data, taking in many considerations, weighing the pros and cons, etc.

Sometimes, the decisions we need to make can be classified as a “no brainer.”

In either case, what sets us apart from the other animals in the animal kingdom is our ability to think as needed and appropriate.

Fortunately, all of us, have that capability and can come to decisions with little or no effort, and sometimes we need to think things through.

In either case, we have that capability.

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