This article reveals as many as 25 best jobs for people who consider themselves Narcissists, including those that are high paying.



In Greek mythology, there was a son born to the river god by the name of Cephissus and a nymph by the name of Liriope.

The son was extremely beautiful.

A nymph named Echo fell in love with this young man, but the young man rejected this love, and this action drew the wrath of the gods.

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In particular, the goddess Nemesis, hearing what had happened, made Narcissus fall in love with his reflection.

As the story goes, he came upon his reflection while glancing into a pool of water, fell madly and deeply in love with himself and eventually died of thirst and starvation because of his inability to draw himself away from his reflection.

The beautiful young man’s name was Narcissus, and today we have defined loving yourself as narcissism.

Jeff Foxworthy is known for his jokes, “You know you’re a redneck if you…” (fill in the blank).

The same is true when it comes to being narcissistic possibly.

The possible narcissism behaviors can include:

  • Talking about yourself
  • Elaborate fantasizing about your success and power
  • Believe your superior
  • Need continual praise
  • Feel Entitled
  • Take advantage of others
  • Envious of others
  • And more

Because an individual may be a narcissist or have narcissistic tendencies let us look at the reflection of specific employment opportunities that are maybe satisfying for this individual.


25 Best Jobs for Narcissists to Make Money


1. Politician

With the need for a narcissist to command attention and be the focus of people in the community, a perfect career role for one with narcissistic tendencies would be in the area of politics.

A politician is accustomed to giving speeches, being involved with significant legislation, having crowds around him or her, and so forth.

A politician is in a prominent role of power which also matches the traits of narcissistic behavior.


2. Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is an individual who has a business idea that will provide a product or a service to others.

The qualities of a narcissist that match the role of an individual being an entrepreneur include being the center of attention, the success of the business expanding their ego, the focus of the business enterprise is on the leader, etc.


3. Doctor

A doctor’s role is one of serving their patients in a humanitarian role.

However, being a doctor may also be a good match for an individual who has narcissistic tendencies due to the reality of the importance of their role and potential life and death situations, being admired and possibly adored by their patients, and the important role that a doctor fulfills in society and that resonates with a narcissist, and so forth.


4. Entertainer

An entertainer thrives on the accolades and ovations of those who are being entertained.

Typically an entertainer takes a stage which in itself elevates their role and is a good match for an individual with narcissism tendencies.

Also, being an entertainer in some venues provides accolades and awards, which are a significant need for a narcissist to receive in appreciation for their talent and skills.


5. Lawyer

The driving force of an attorney-at-law or lawyer is to defend or prosecute those on trial with the intent of winning their case.

The significant feature of a narcissist is their affection for arguing and desire to be right.

Therefore, being a lawyer or practicing law is a very good fit for their narcissistic tendencies.

Also, a narcissist cannot abide the wrong, and therefore a narcissist can always argue or debate their way out of a seeming loss.

Typically, a lawyer, if the case goes against them, will indicate that they were clearly right in interpreting the law but that the ruling was unfair.


6. Priesthood

A narcissist enjoys the feeling of being right in the center of attention, enjoying a position of authority and being respected.

An occupation or career that would satisfy these elements would be that of being a minister or a priest.

Being a priest or a minister is a position in which hundreds of people will listen to what they have to say, and they will provide advice and direction (power) to those that would want to live their lives better.


7. Fund Managers

The position of a fund manager is an individual who provides advice based on their experience and knowledge as it relates to a person investing their hard-earned money.

These elements, plus the empowerment that it brings in directing others and offering investment advice, are a perfect match for an individual who may be defined as a narcissist.


8. Stock Brokers

One of the driving forces of a narcissist is their significant focus on climbing the corporate ladder.

A stockbroker is an individual whose job is to analyze various investment vehicles and take calculated risks as it relates to investments.

A narcissist enjoys “high-stakes” positions, and their ego is fed or enlarged through stock investments, especially when they succeed and are involved with creating great returns for their clients and themselves.


9. Investment Bankers

An investment banker is an individual who has worked their way through the investment process and has reached the pinnacle of an investment banker.

The position assumes a high-profile position and has a critical role in the launches of IPOs (initial public offerings).

This puts them right in the bull’s eye of attention, power, and authority.

An investment banker also plays a role in providing financial advice to corporations and governments.

They help raise money for their clients and therefore play a critical and important role in raising investment funds.


10. Pilots

Obviously, not all pilots are narcissistic, but the prominence and role that a pilot plays are conducive to an individual with narcissistic tendencies.

The mere fact that the pilot controls an aircraft that demands the safe arrival of 150 passengers or more is an incredible responsibility and position of power.

Therefore, not only do the airline passengers typically admire and respect the individual that is piloting the plane but the crew as well.

Also, if you’ve ever walked into an airport, the airline pilots typically stand out with the uniforms that they wear and the gold braiding, which is an indicator of their importance in the airline industry.


11. Professors

Being involved in the educational world and recognized as an individual with a significant educational experience and credentialing would make a good career role for a narcissist.

In addition to their role in lecturing and teaching students is their title of professor, along with a variety of alphabet letters that indicate their mastery in the area of education.

Being the focal point in the educational process and teaching others makes this position of a professor a good match for an individual with narcissistic tendencies to be the center of attention, enjoy their role of importance, and be adored by students and teachers alike.


12. Judges

With the title of judge, typically, an immediate response is one of respect and importance in the eyes of those who view this person and their title of a judge.

The courtroom is the realm of judges, and the “bench” where the judge presides is a place of respect and power.

Therefore, these job qualifications and extensions of the role would be a quality match for an individual who enjoys themselves and has narcissistic tendencies.


13. Surgeons

Being a surgeon would be a great career role for an individual who enjoys being the center and focus of not only their patients and families but the hospital staff as well.

It is assumed that the surgeon is qualified to do surgical procedures and literally holds in his or her hands the health and life of a patient.


14. Sports Players

The world of sports is enjoyed and admired by various different fans around the world.

The admiration and idolization of a sports player is the perfect blend of any narcissistic tendencies as it relates to a career.

A sports player, within any sport, is revered and admired for their athletic prowess, the salaries that they make, and the efforts that they make in their particular area of sports.

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Along with admiring fans, autograph seekers, admiring fans makes the role of a sports player a perfect blend for a narcissist.


15. CEOs

The title of chief executive officer basically captures the career that would resonate with an individual who demonstrates narcissistic tendencies.

A chief executive officer is the primary leader of a company or business, and all staff ultimately report to this individual.

Typically, a CEO commands the attention of all within the company as well as is looked to by the board of directors in the successful business opportunities performed by the company.

A CEO wields power and may not necessarily be respected but certainly has control over the company, its employees, and the directional course of the company.


16. Dentists

A profession that is admired by many people because of what this professional is able to do in the lives of others is a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

A dentist is in a power position because of what they can do for an individual’s dental care and their overall looks as it relates to providing a healthy smile.

Additionally, people are greatly appreciative of the work that is done on their teeth which feeds the ego of an individual with narcissistic tendencies.


17. News Anchors

If you have ever watched television and observed a newscast, you understand the importance of a news anchor and the professional news reporting role that they play to the television audience.

Often a newscaster or news anchor has everything together, hair neatly in place, exudes confidence with their voice and features and individuals trust their reporting given the chair that they occupy as an anchor newscaster.

All of the lights, notoriety, being on television, recognized on and off the air all add to the ego of a potential individual who is narcissistic.

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18. Actors

Actors, either on film, television, or the stage, receive notoriety for the way they portray and fulfill their various roles in these venues.

Often a factor is recognized and adored by their fans and frequently are asked for their autographs.

This position of being an actor is extremely exhilarating for an individual who is prone to narcissism and helps to inflate their ego and add to their self-worth through the recognition and attention given to their acting career.


19. Musicians

A career that provides wonderful entertainment to individuals is the talent of a musician.

Many musicians understand the importance of providing music to individuals not only as a form of entertainment but also to lift their spirits and elevate their being to a higher plane.

The power that a musician creates through their talent is intoxicating for a narcissist because of the way that they hold over people and with their talent provide, often, a sense of euphoria to the individual listening to their musical talent.

Also, narcissistic musicians will enjoy the attention that they receive, which energizes them as it plays into any narcissistic characteristics that they have.


20. Law Enforcement

When it comes to power, the narcissist enjoys that characteristic of engagement.

Nothing speaks more loudly to power than to individuals in the law enforcement field.

Typically, when an individual sees a uniformed law enforcement officer, they often will take on a feeling of respect in viewing the uniform, and this certainly is a response that definitely resonates with an individual who may be in law enforcement and have narcissistic tendencies.


21. Reality TV

A powerful genre on TV over the last 20 or so years has been reality TV.

There are many ways that reality TV utilizes individuals in various scenarios to provide “in-your-face” entertainment that possibly may be staged but certainly is candid and blunt in its presentation.

Reality TV is popular because the audience enjoys what they are viewing and becomes engaged in the reality TV process.

A perfect opportunity for an individual who has narcissistic traits would be to be featured order on such a TV presentation.

That is because they would be the center of attention, in positions of power, and be adored by millions of followers who tune in to see what their next actions will be.


22. Motivational Speaker

There are many individuals who take to the stage or other different venues to fulfill the role of a motivational speaker.

A motivational speaker is an individual who has proven a certain strategy in their own life that has been effective and successful in overcoming certain situations, meeting challenges, and being successful.

They then share this strategy and, coupled with their charismatic personality, connect with their audience and provide this strategy as a way that they can be successful in their lives.

A motivational speaker may have certain narcissistic qualities in wanting to be the center of attention, coming from a position of power with a message of power, etc. and having followers follow their lead and course of action.


23. Body Builder

If people want to point to a career path that seemingly puts narcissism on full display they might possibly mention the world of bodybuilding.

A bodybuilder is an individual who through exercise, eating significant amounts of protein, and practicing bodybuilding poses utilizes their sculpted body to compete in various championship events.

As a bodybuilder, individuals will admire their physique and possibly women will swoon, and men will want to emulate what they have done with their bodies.

It is not a stretch to see potential narcissistic traits or qualities in a bodybuilder as they put their body on display, demonstrate their power as it relates to muscle and discipline, have a following, and make others want to be or do what they have done.


24. Social Media Influencers

A social media influencer, it can be argued, has traits or hints of being narcissistic.

This is due to the fact that they thrive on demonstrating their success by the number of followers that they have accumulated.

Consequently, as an influencer, they have a significant persuasion on those who follow them, even to the point where they can get individuals to try products that they recommend.


25. Military

We appreciate fully what the military does in America to defend us and our freedom.

However, there can be demonstrated within the military traces of narcissism as demonstrated by the various honors that are reflected in the medals that they may wear.

Also, being in the military can draw significant attention from citizens as they do appreciate what the military does.

If a military individual is a narcissist, they can use this attention to their advantage and empower them to continue on in this field due to the accolades that they receive from the country.

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Personal Story

One of the many bosses that I worked for had a unique style of leadership.

This individual, it appeared to me, would always talk to me in a condescending manner and would often try to engage in conversations that seemed almost like therapy sessions.

Perhaps, I needed therapy but was resistant to this CEO wanting to provide that analysis.

In addition to this individual’s seeming condescension was often a sense of this person conveying an attitude of being superior to others and always wanting to be in the limelight.

I’m not saying this person was narcissistic, but they certainly came across as wanting to be better than everybody else.



What Percentage of Americans Are Diagnosed With NPD?

According to medical experts, 5% of the American population is diagnosed with NPD or narcissistic personality disorder.


How Should We Interact With an Individual Who Potentially Displays Narcissistic Tendencies?

Of course, with our interaction with others, it is important not to diagnose an individual.

However, having said that, if an individual does appear to be narcissistic in their actions, some of the following responses should be incorporated:

  • Don’t respond emotionally
  • Keep interaction minimal
  • Try not to agree or disagree
  • And so forth

To learn more about interaction with a possible narcissist, you can click here.


You Can Do It

The reality for each of us is as individuals; we have our own unique styles and personality.

Whatever personality, strengths, or characteristics we have, the truth of the matter is that there are careers or employment positions that are a good match for our uniqueness.



It is good to love ourselves.

In fact, many wise books will tell us that we should love others as we love ourselves.

So, it does not seem to be out of the ordinary to have self-love.

However, if self-love is all-consuming, then we have the potential to diminish the value of others in the light of our unbalanced love for ourselves.

Despite all of that, if we have narcissistic tendencies, then the reality is there are certain employment positions that are better suited to that personality.

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