Yes, there are jobs for someone with Dyslexia, including those that pay very well. This article reveals 25 of the very best such jobs to consider.



Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Muhammad Ali, Jay Leno, Danny Glover, and many other well-known celebrities have a common bond.

That common bond is that they all had difficulty when it came to reading due to their being dyslexic.

The condition of dyslexia can be frustrating condition.

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Dyslexia is defined as a neurological disorder that severely affects an individual’s ability to develop, demonstrate, and utilize reading skills.

The condition ranges from mild to severe impacts not only on children but on adults as well.

Dyslexics have difficulty with their awareness of decoding words and, subsequently, their ability to read.

This frustration is especially evident when an individual who is working through this challenge endeavors to learn and try to find their place in the employment world.

The good news is that there are jobs and sterling employment opportunities that can build on the condition of dyslexia and help the individual to excel because of the other strong characteristics of an individual who works through this condition of dyslexia.

Overcoming the struggle of reading, dyslexics typically demonstrate and draw upon their high level of intelligence and are able to take a challenge or a problem and utilize their strong problem-solving skills.

Dyslexics also demonstrate a strong visual memory, are incredibly proficient at multitasking and are extremely creative.


25 Best Jobs for Someone With Dyslexia to Make Money


1. Graphic Designer

Other strengths of a dyslexic person, often demonstrated, include creative and imaginative thinking,

With these qualities, a quality career choice would be a graphic designer.

If one is new to this field, they could experiment with their creative talent by logging on to a website such as

Through this site, they can work with an available software package and begin to start the creative process.

When looking for a career, you could always go to a job posting website such as or doing freelance work through a freelance website such as


2. Photographer

A career choice that would be a good match for a dyslexic would be in the area of taking photographs.

Using your smartphone or digital camera, you could take pictures of unique architecture, outdoor pictures of animals, nature, etc.

A way that you can monetize this creative aspect of your being is to make available, for sale, photographs through


3. Entrepreneur

The general career path of an entrepreneur is one that requires a hard-working individual with a vision for a service or product to make that vision come to life.


4. Carpenter

A carpenter is an individual that is extremely talented as it relates to creating products out of wood using a variety of carpentry tools.

The match would be the use of being innovative and imaginative coupled with your artistry and would be a quality blend with your dyslexic personality.


5. Architect

An architect is an individual that creates quality designs based on the needs of their customer.

Architect is imaginative and creative and utilizes their artistic skills to design a special building or facility.

Of course, schooling is involved, but the heavy emphasis on artistry is one of the key elements of being a successful architect.


6. Computer Repair

Being a visual thinker, as is a dyslexic, an employment opportunity that may resonate with the individual with dyslexia would be in the area of computer repair.

The area that would resonate would be where the individual would be able to sense, visualize and feel the problem with the computer.


7. Urban Planner

An urban planner is an individual who has the ability to envision in their mind how the area being considered for development will look without the advantage of actually using other resources to see its appearance.

As a dyslexic with keen visual imagination, they would be able to see in their “mind’s eye” how a particular area could be best mapped out as it relates to urban development.


8. Creativity and Design

A broad category of occupational careers and jobs for an individual who is challenged with dyslexia would be in the area of creativity and design.

Creativity and design jobs are design employment opportunities involving graphics, recognition of patterns, the building of structures, etc.

The reality is that dyslexics are extremely proficient as it relates to pictures and arts.

Therefore, anything connected with these areas of expertise would be a good match.

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9. Mechanical Technologist

A match for an individual with this challenge in their life would also work well and be proficient in the area of mechanics and, specifically, a mechanical technologist.

A mechanical technology career is one in which the individual knows the inner workings of machines and how they function together and heavily relies upon their special thinking.


10. Performing Arts

The area of performing arts encompasses choreography, acting, etc.

The characteristics of a dyslexic person that would match the need to excel in performing arts are due to their creativity and being able to see and hear in their mind the end result without it being obtained.


best jobs for dyslexia


11. Hospitality

A person who is challenged with dyslexia has the significant ability to connect with people and care for them on a professional basis.

Examples of being in the hospitality business for a dyslexic would include:

  • Culinary arts
  • Valet
  • Concierge
  • Waiter
  • And so forth


12. Fashion and Styling

A quality career choice for an individual challenged with dyslexia would be in the fashion and styling industry.

Their strength of being imaginative and innovative would be a significant match in creating avant-garde lines as it relates to dresses and other stylish apparel.


13. Sports

An exciting opportunity for a dyslexic, coupled with their athleticism, would be to make a career in a sports field.

Individuals who are diagnosed as dyslexic often have cat-like reflexes and significant motor skills that would allow them to excel in the field of sports.

A prime example of an individual who excelled in the world of sports and was dyslexic was Muhammad Ali.

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Other occupations within the sports field would include coaching, umpiring, etc.


14. Social Work

Having strong people-to-people connection skills along with meeting their own personal challenges would make an individual with this condition a quality career candidate in the area of social work.

Other major qualities that an individual considering the field of social work should also include:

  • Above-average communication skills
  • Listening attentively
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Self-care

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15. Sales and Marketing

An additional career choice would be in the area of sales and marketing.

This is because an individual with dyslexia has that strong ability to connect with others and utilize their good communication skills.

Even if writing is involved, there are a number of software programs that will help me navigate that particular challenge.


16. Construction

The career area of construction would also facilitate the qualities that a dyslexic brings due to their personality and overall talents and skills.

Within the construction industry, that would match well the attributes of a dyslexic could be in the trades of carpentry, electrician, insulation installation, plumbing, etc.

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17. Landscaping and Gardening

The attribute that an individual diagnosed with dyslexia that would be a good match in the landscaping and gardening business is their ability to see or visualize how an area would look without the benefits of actual diagrams or pictorials.


18. Musician

A wonderful career choice for an individual with dyslexia would be in the area of being a musician.

A musician could be an individual with musical talent that could be either a singer, playing a musical instrument or even mixing sounds.

Through music as a possible career choice, the individual could express themselves without having to worry about other factors overshadowing that talent.

A well-known singer who has dyslexia, along with her two children, is Carly Simon.

Other famous musicians who have this challenge in their life include John Lennon and Cher.

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19. Artist

Typically, a dyslexic is a right-brain dominant individual.

This means that they are generally creative, imaginative, and artistic individuals.

Consequently, if an individual has artistic talents, then this would certainly be a good match for all that they bring to the career employment scene.


20. Actor

An additional creative and artistic talent that an individual may be able to monetize is the area of being an actor.

They can begin to test the waters of their acting ability by taking on small roles in various local plays and see whether that particular role and potential occupation resonates with them.


21. Scientist

Well-known scientists that excelled in the field of scientific experimentation include Alexander Graham Bell and Pierre Currie, who discovered radium.

The attribute of being able to think in a visual manner, as well as not allowing failed experiments to deter the individual makes for a good combination of excelling in the field of science.


22. Engineer

An engineer, not necessarily dyslexic, uses their practical skill and couples that practicality with imaginative and innovative ideas to maintain and create engineering products.

The qualities of a dyslexic person being able to visualize how a product will perform, coupled with their creativity, make the field of engineering a viable option for a person challenged with dyslexia.

Added to the incentive of this possibly being a career choice are names of dyslexic engineers such as Henry Ford and the Wright brothers to provide inspiration.


23. Teacher

Although one may think that the career of being a teacher would be a contradiction due to the challenge of reading and writing, being a teacher is far more than just teaching these fundamentals.

A teacher has the ability to connect with students and not only teach the rudimentary principles of education but also encourage the development of young minds to pursue answers based on their curiosity.

The personality, characteristics, etc., of a dyslexic, would be a good match for this career due to the reality that they themselves have been challenged.

They understand the importance of challenging the students as well as being understanding and empathetic for their students who may also exhibit learning disabilities.


24. Journalist

The role of a journalist is to translate what is being witnessed through interviews into creative words and imagery to inform the reader as well as engage their attention.

An individual who is dyslexia challenged would be a good match for the career opportunity of being a journalist because they have great reasoning capability as well as taking written words or narration and turning that narration into engaging and formational writings.


25. Video Editor

This is an employment opportunity that is a good match for dyslexics in that it fully utilizes the dyslexic’s ability to be creative and relay the story that is played out in their mind and becomes a reality through film footage.

Editing video requires that the individual be able to see the end product without actually having the end product in view.

A video editor takes uncensored volumes of video, makes the necessary cuts or edits, and refines the video footage to provide a concise and to-the-point video product that will engage the viewing audience.

This is a good match for the talents, personalities, and visual keenness of a dyslexic because they can utilize their creativity and, in essence, play out the video in their mind before the footage actually becomes a reality.




How Many Dyslexics Are There in America?

It is estimated that 8.5 million individuals have been diagnosed with dyslexia and that 85% of students with learning disabilities have this condition.


What Treatment Programs, if Any, Are Available for Dyslexia in Adults?

Many adults growing up as children with dyslexia came up with a variety of coping strategies that allowed them to work through the reading challenges that they were experiencing.

Today, adults can be involved with speech therapy and strengthen a variety of skill sets.

Some of these skill sets include coding, phonological awareness, word form recognition, and so forth.


You Can Do It

The reality of life, and specifically, we as individuals, is that nobody is perfect, and everyone has at least some challenge in their life to address.

If you are dyslexic, you can be encouraged by those who have successfully met this challenge and have made a significant impact through the career choices that they made.

Of course, your career path may not bring you notoriety, but certainly, given the challenge of dyslexia that you have faced, it provides other opportunities that can better match other career choices that you may choose to pursue.



Often, when we are in the midst of a challenge, that particular area that tests our mental often overwhelms us to the point where we don’t see anything else.

Dyslexia is one of those challenges that many individuals face.

However, rather than focusing on what is challenging and sometimes frustrating, use those challenging situations as stepping stones, embrace who you are and fully realize your potential.

Dyslexia is one of those challenging conditions, but with this neurological disorder comes other strengths and opportunities to fully appreciate who you are and your

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