Yes, there are jobs for people with degenerative disc disease and this article reveals the very best ones – as many as 25 best such jobs.


Why Jobs for People With Degenerative Disc Disease? 

Why not, right?

There are many illnesses and ailments that can create a number of physical issues in our lives.

The illnesses or ailments can be as debilitating as having a stroke, heart attack, or other major illness or medical event.

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Typically, these medical conditions can create a number of physical hardships for us and often, when experienced, take time for recuperation and rehabilitation.

On the other hand, there are medical conditions that are chronic and continually affect us and our movement, but typically we are able to be semi-mobile and live life and do things to obtain some type of quality of living.

For example, we can be afflicted with arthritis, chronic knee pain, issues with our feet, etc.

Another medical issue that can affect us and cause pain but still we are able to manage is the condition known as degenerative disc disease.

The unfortunate reality is when our spine is affected, it has the tendency to have repercussions throughout our whole body.

Therefore, if afflicted with this type of condition, there are certain things that an individual can and probably cannot do.

Let us take a look at some job opportunities that may be conducive to an individual who has been diagnosed with this disease.


Personal Story

As a former pastor, I would always work on weekly sermons and struggle to provide a good message for the parishioners that they could find motivational and comforting and offer spiritual insight to take with them for the upcoming week.

Typically, I would like to start out with a joke to lighten the mood.

Some of my favorite jokes where you know you’re getting old when…

One of the favorite sayings of you know you’re getting old was stating you know you’re getting old when your back goes out more than you do.

However, now that I am older, even though it may still be funny, the reality is that getting older or trying to manage a chronic disease is not a laughing matter.


25 Best Money Making Jobs for People With Degenerative Disc Disease


1. Photographer

A job option that might not be too strenuous for an individual who may have back pain would be a wedding photographer.

The work would involve capturing an exciting photo that represents the occasion.

All those special events for the involvement of a photographer would include

  • Weddings
  • Birthday celebrations,
  • Wedding anniversaries,
  • Graduations
  • And so forth.

The only devices that one may be expected to carry are video cameras and accessories.

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2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an individual who gives administrative support to people in management or workplace responsibilities in the firm.

The particular job tasks frequently incorporate responding to phone calls, keeping appointments, organizing work schedule situations, answering e-mails, etc.


3. Healthcare Coder

A medical coder is an individual whose major role is to be involved with health-related paperwork, review these papers and convert the health background of the affected individual into health-related code.

This crucial task surrounds the care of the person, along with handling insurance coverage and possible compensation.

The work often involves sitting down and making use of the personal computer to perform the computer programming that is required.


4. Day Spa Director

A health spa supervisor is charged with the function, responsibilities, and operations of the day spa.

Their task demands the handling of staff members’ schedules, oversight of the finances, and making certain the spa is operating within the regulations of this wellness service.


5. Wedding Party Planner

A wedding party planner is an individual that assumes their duty from beginning to end and involves arranging, organizing, and exercising each of the aspects of a wedding.

The wedding advisor seldom is required to lift any weighty things or move things about.

Their part is to ensure that the wedding ceremony goes as planned and help to provide an unforgettable experience.


6. Social Media Marketing Consultant

The function of a social media consultant is to maximize the social media platforms to maximize business visibility.

This career involves partnering with other people to ensure that the social media programs are maximized, as it concerns marketing and advertising the merchandise of the company.

The social networking consultant seldom does not lift large things, and their work can be achieved remotely, and for that reason, the mobility accommodates the pain experienced in the spine.


7. Copywriter

The copywriter meets the needs of a company as it relates to the writing of correspondence and other narratives as required by the company.

The copywriter produces written content that could be useful or inspiring, and usually, the intention of the writing is to get the appropriate reaction of the consumer.

A typical copywriter will sit or stand and write or dictate their narrative.

Therefore, there is not a significant amount of physical labor involved.


8. Company Analyst

A company analyst has a keen eye and the expertise to observe the various procedures within the company or organization.

After observing these procedures, they provide suggestions regarding the possibilities of enhancing processes.

Often an organization analyst operates within the confines of being an advisor.

An organizational analyst is a job position that requires little to no physical involvement, as the analyst relies on experience and education.


9. Remote Mortgage Loan Underwriter

A remote mortgage underwriter is an individual who provides the financial knowledge to work for a financial institution and underwrites or gives home loan assistance.

The remote home loan underwriter is involved in examining the economic files, evaluating any risk because it refers to defaulting with the buyer, and making recommendations for endorsement or denial of the home loan.

A remote house loan underwriter can do business from home due to the option of technology to get everyone the needed paperwork to create knowledgeable recommendations and choices.

Other Interesting Jobs To Consider:


10. Recruiter

A recruiter is an individual who operates for enterprises or companies to gauge the pool area of applicants available for various work openings within or outside the business.

Their function would be to interact with prospective individuals; review resumes, and much more.

A recruiter makes use of technological innovation tools such as e-mail, mobile phone, video clip conversation, social media marketing, etc., and as a result, it can be done from another location.


11. UX Designer

A UX designer brand or even a consumer encounter designer brand is an individual who offers advancement and ingenuity as it relates to interacting with technical units to make certain that these units are consumer-helpful consumers.

The task set for the UX designer brand functions from a business office, and for that reason, strain is mitigated since it relates to stresses on the back again because of the job requirements.


12. Java Designer

The career of a Java creator involves the capabilities of any expert that is called upon to produce, style, and handle Java-dependent technological innovation.

This person needs to be amply trained in the understanding of web technological innovation and talk the Java computer encoding words.

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These builders typically operate in an organization or property places of work as well, and their obligations usually do not require lifting or weight bearing.


13. Software Program Professional

The job position of any software program professional is someone that not only generates applications but retains them to ensure their successful operations.

As an employee involved with software, heavy lifting is negligible.


14. Health Care Article Writer

A medical blogger is an individual that is well versed in the healthcare field and is comfortable and familiar with healthcare terms.

Their role demands evaluation of different papers, going through the information that has to do with medical research and numerous studies and also capturing the outcomes of such tests.

A medical blogger usually submits their files to agencies that provide oversight on these tests as well as the chance of submitting their benefit inclusion in health care periodicals.


15. Telemedicine Medical Doctor

A telemedicine medical professional interacts with patients through telecommunication means.

A telemedicine medical doctor can provide a preliminary diagnosis even though there is no physical exam.

A potential diagnosis may be indicated by hearing the symptoms and getting the needed tests to provide a prognosis and treatment plan.

A telemedicine doctor can create reviews, take care of health problems, and suggest suitable medicines in accordance with the patient’s signs and symptoms.


16. Content Author

An article writer is a creative individual that utilizes their composing expertise in many different approaches and also for a number of uses.

A content writer would have the ability to write creatively, be innovative, practical, and so on.

Their work involves the composing of top-quality stories that are easy to understand, clear of grammatical and punctuation mistakes, as well as talking to other individuals throughout the means of writing a narrative.


17. Customer Service Agent

A consumer services agent usually communicates with clients of companies and companies through a variety of technological communication methods.

Some of those innovative technological equipment options could involve using a mobile phone, e-mail, chatbox, and so on.

The role of the customer service agent is to give alternatives and responses to the client to make certain that the consumer relationship is increased, and the customer is happy with the consumer support attention.


18. Tech Employee

A tech employee is a person who has considerable training and experience in relation to technological innovation.

One of those positions would be a website creator, which will require the person to help construct websites for a variety of businesses and corporations.

The need for having an engaging website for consumers and potential customers to engage these businesses should not be underestimated.

Because the employee is a web-based developer, the role can be fulfilled remotely and with little or no stress on your medical issue.


19. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is a person that takes the economic info of a firm and enters the data into bookkeeping computer software.

The intention of this procedure would be to provide accountability on the company’s financial functioning, satisfy auditors, offer purposeful reviews for management to handle the business, send receipts as well as make receipts to consumers to make sure that fiscal obligations are produced, etc.

Because of the simplicity of modern technology, financial data can be entered by the bookkeeper on a remote control basis.


20. Tutor

A tutor is an influential individual that uses their education and expertise to help others on a variety of subjects.

For example, a tutor can teach their pupil about various school subjects such as English, mathematics, history, and so on.

Also, a coach can offer artistic teaching in the area of music training, speech classes, instrument lessons, dancing, and so on.

Being a tutor requires little to no physical involvement,


21. Non-Profit Worker

Typically, not-for-profits are accommodating when it comes to a person who has any physical limitations.

For that reason, if the person has the professional and practical experience and training, they may make use of a not-for-profit that will accommodate their chronic back discomfort and supply the opportunity that will be significant for the customers that they serve as well as be an asset for the charity.


22. Grant Writer

Many non-profits rely on foundations and their awarding of grants.

A grant writer can research these foundations remotely and write a compelling grant for financial support from firms, companies, foundations, and many others.

If you have good writing skills and can write persuasive copy on the need for funding for services, purchase of equipment, and bricks-and-mortar projects, then a grant writer might be a good job opportunity.

All of this can be achieved with minimal physical effort or extensive physical participation.


23. Designer

In the event that you have an artistic flair, then the opportunity to engage that imagination as an artist is a work possibility.

In this situation, there is limited physical activity and, along with the creative function, can be achieved in a working studio or perhaps through the internet.


24. Blog Writer

A significant number of people can make high levels of income by blogging about certain goods or their interests in their life.

Being a blog writer, perhaps your topic of expression could possibly be the persistent back pain that you are going through, as well as your journey of overcoming that struggle and moving on with your life.

Followers might be able to relate to what you are writing and become motivated by your story as well as the way you are dealing with that obstacle,

This activity may provide financial support for your blogging actions.

Also, there is the option of incorporating affiliate marketing along with monetary support from a sponsor.


25. Translator

With the world getting smaller due to the ease of communication, the necessity for translators is becoming apparent.

When you can articulate another language, you can utilize this ability to become a translator for a variety of organizations while they work with other company businesses that don’t have a common language.

Being a translator, you can provide the essential services and match the language being talked verbatim along with translating the nuances and inflections of what is being spoken that can improve the interaction.


Best Work for People With Degenerative Disc Disease FAQs


How Common is Degenerative Disc Disease?

This ailment, unfortunately, is a common disease, with 3 million cases being diagnosed each year in the United States.


How Serious is This Disease?

The disease or condition is not life-threatening but is serious.

If left untreated, it can lead to continual debilitating pain, creating permanent damage, and also create other serious conditions such as osteoarthritis of the spinal column, herniated discs and potential paralysis.


You Can Do It

Nobody needs to tell you that suffering through a condition of degenerative disc disease is not a picnic.

The back and specifically the spine, support the upper torso of the body as well as interacts with the lower part of the body as well.

The slightest wrong move can create tremendous pain.

However, as a tribute to your being resolute and trying to work through this pain, you are looking at job opportunities that can somewhat accommodate this condition.

You are to be congratulated.



The human body is wonderful, and often, we don’t fully appreciate what happens with our anatomy and physiology unless something significantly goes wrong.

It is a tribute to those individuals who suffer from illnesses and chronic health challenges and don’t give up but continue to work through these medical issues.

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