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Google Drive is without doubts one of the best cloud storage solutions out there, but are there others that are equally good or even better?

This comprehensive article not only answers that but also provides many of the very best alternatives to Google Drive.

As many as 20!

It also tells you exactly how much free storage space you get for each of the 20 best alternatives.

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First things first, Google Drive is the cloud storage system from big al’ Google. It provides users with the place to store and save their files online.

With Google Drive you have a system that helps you backup your files, photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos and other documents.

Google Drive works with many operating systems like iOS, Windows, Android, Linux etc. You can access this Drive from your mobile and desktop devices, thanks to its very effective synchronization feature.

This allows you to easily get access to all your saved files, from just about any and everywhere.

Sharing of files and folders stored in the Drive is made easy and quickly with Google Drive. You can also easily use this to invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you want.

You don’t need email attachment to fulfill these file sharing options with Google Drive.

For someone who just signed up to using Google Drive, they offer as much as 15 GB of free storage space that can be used to store your files.

More so, this storage space works with the items you store in your Google Photos and Gmail. Premium plans exist if you want to increase your cloud storage space to 100GB and even 1TB.

There is a free 100GB for 2 years allowed those who purchase any of the latest versions of Google Chromebooks.

Google Drive has been built to work with most Google products so you can work smarter. You can organize, share and save Gmail attachments, store and edit media files like videos, animations, images.

top google drive alternatives

With its powerful search feature and built-in functionality with new Chromebooks, you get to easily search and automatically back up files.

There are so many powerful features of Google Drive but it is possible that this cloud storage platform may not be what you need. If that’s the case and you are seeking the best alternatives, this article is for you.


20 Best Google Drive Alternatives and How Much Free Space You Get On Each Cloud Storage

That said, below are the best 20 Alternatives to Google Drive & exactly how much free space you can get from each of these cloud storage solutions:

1. Dropbox 

best google drive alternative dropbox

Dropbox is easily the #1 alternative to Google Drive. It’s even more popular in lots of ways than Google Drive.

Dropbox is very popular as a system for storing files and documents. It has amazing features that make it easy for files to be shared, saved and transferred online.

It can work on many mobile devices including Android, iPhones, Blackberry and Windows. It supports file sharing, syncing and the desktop client doesn’t have any limits in terms of the size of the files that can be uploaded.

Dropbox comes with 2GB of free space but you can still get 16GB free if you perform certain tasks like refer friends, share on social media, etc.

Click here to check out Dropbox.

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2. pCloud  

pCloud is Swiss based cloud storage service that provides all of the basic features of storage and sharing. It is a platform that seem to put a lot of emphasis on high level security in terms of data protection and sharing.

pCloud has a very user-friendly interface. When you install it on your computer, it creates what they call a “secure virtual drive” which expands the capacity of your local storage space.

As you make changes on your pCloud, the changes immediately reflect in your other devices, whether tablet, phone or computer.

The uniqueness of PCloud also goes beyond providing better security. It can sync anything and everything present on your device so you don’t have to manage a separate folder in your device.

pCloud also has pCloud Business, specifically for businesses interested in not just cloud storage but secured cloud storage.

This business solution allows business teams to store, sync and also collaborate with colleagues without security fears.

You are also able to access your data on pCloud using any device.

PCloud can really serve as a very good alternative to Google Drive!

PCloud comes with a 10GB of free space, which they insist will be free forever. 

They also allow you to have an additional 10 GB (making it total 20GB for free) if you refer your friends or colleagues to pCloud.

There are payment plans for 500GB and 1TB for those who want much more.

Click here to try out pCloud

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3. OneDrive 

OneDrive is the cloud storage platform of another big player – Microsoft. That alone means it’s definitely an alternative that comes with a lot of power!

All Windows 10 users can automatically sign up with OneDrive because it is integrated into the operating system.

It is a very good alternative to Google Drive in that it also offers file saving, sharing, and synchronization functions.

It’s a pretty cool platform that also provides backup features for documents across multiple devices like android, iOS, Mac, etc.

OneDrive’s integration with Windows10 and the Office 365 makes it one of the best programs out there.

OneDrive offers a 5GB of free space when you sign up for an account. For more storage spaces, you can access the pricing and plans page.

Click here to sign up to OneDrive for free


4. Amazon Cloud Drive  

google drive alternative amazon drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage service of yet another big player – Amazon.

This also makes it another very powerful cloud storage that can match the might of Google Drive and the other big players.

You can use this service to store your files on the Amazon servers. The music and media purchased from the Amazon store are freely stored on the program. They won’t count toward the storage allocation.

As a cloud storage system, Amazon cloud Drive can definitely serve as one of the best alternatives to Google Drive.

It works very well on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Kindle.

However, it has some limitations when it comes to file sharing compared to other services like Dropbox. File upload with this Drive should not exceed 2GB.

Amazon Cloud Drive offers a free storage space of 5GB.

Click here to chekc out Amazon Drive


5. Hubic 

Hubic is one of the best alternatives to Google Drive because of its superb security functions.

Apart from offering users with standard file storage and sharing services, it puts great emphasis on the privacy of your data.

Uploads and downloads are possible through the desktop app or the web app.

This platform is provided by a French cloud storage service and is a sure and must-pick when it comes to having an effective and efficient cloud storage system.

You can do quite a lot of things with Hubic and these are not limited to data backup, multi-data syncing, file sharing and support for multiple devices including Linux.

Hubic offers 25GB of free space for new users.

Click here to try out Hubic for free

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6. Sync.com  

Sync.com is another  cloud storage platform that can well serve as an alternative to the big ol’ Google Drive.

It offers some of the best security and privacy of data cloud storage and sharing service. All of your incoming and outgoing files within the service are encrypted.

The ‘zero-knowledge’ encryption provided by Sync.com means that even the employees of Sync.com can’t have access to your files unless with the password provided by you.

That’s very good news for those who are very concerned with the security and privacy of their data.

Even people doing important jobs like closed captioning jobs, data entry jobs, or even medical transcription jobs can use this and other cloud solutions to work seamlessly, regardless of their location.

Sync.com also provides file syncing across multiple devices. You can use this option as an alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive because of its Zero-knowledge encryption and password-protected file sharing.

You can get free 5GB of space when you sign up with Sinc.com. An extra 1GB would be provided if you refer the service to friend.

Click here to try out Sync for free


7. Box  

Box is another good alternative to consider. Like the other alternatives, it also provides you with the opportunity to share your data, backup your files, sync and manage your data across different platforms and devices.

It is also available on iOS, Android, Windows, & Blackberry platforms.

Box is a preferred cloud storage for businesses. It provides some of the best collaborative and integrative tools that allows for easy team sharing, document editing and real time communication.

Box is more or less a business focused cloud storage!

A free 10GB of space is provided in the free trial of Box.

Click here to go to Box and sign up for free

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8. Spider Oak One  

Spider Oak is an alternative that also places a lot more focus on strict data security. It provides end-to-end encryption and Zero-knowledge encryption.

If you are a user of this cloud storage service you will have better control and management over your settings and preferences.

For businesses, Spider Oak is perfect, especially for those who value security and privacy as critical to their business success.

It’s also is available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Android and iOS.

You will get 2GB of free data for a 60-Day trial period.

Click here to try out Spider Oak for free


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9. Mega

google drive alternative Mega

Mega is a New Zealand-based cloud storage company owned by the controversial Kim Dotcom.

It provides efficient cloud or file storing service for individuals and businesses.

With this system you can backup files, share files and synchronize across different operating system and devices.

It must be noted that Mega puts data security as a top priority, even more than some of the other services.

This is understandable, considering the founder Kim Dotcom, isn’t a fan of government agencies and their ability to invade peoples’ privacy.

That’s why at every step of the backup and file sharing process of using Mega, a solid encryption is put in place, to help protect the security and privacy of users.

As an alternative to Google Drive, Mega provides fast service and has highly secured encrypted solution.

Mega provides users with a whopping 50GB of free storage space.

Click here to start using Mega for free


10. Team Drive

Team Drive is another very effective Google Drive alternative cloud storage service.

This service offers unique file storage and backup system. It also provides lots of functionalities that include allowing users to choose their specific cloud hosting server.

You can choose to backup or share files via their secure server or you can simply set up your own cloud storage server.

Team Drive is also perfect for collaboration and sharing files within the work place.

It has a synchronization features that works in Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS and android.

With its strong algorithm of AES-256 encryption system, it becomes one of the best secured services in the industry.

Team Drive offers 5GB of free storage space to people who have signed up.

Click here to check out Team Drive


11. SugarSync  

SugarSync has everything that other more popular services like Dropbox offer and much more! It is one of the best cloud storage services for individuals.

It offers great flexibility when it comes to synchronization and sharing of files. There is a desktop folder that easily allows you to back up your files from your computer.

Syncing of files with SugarSync is extremely powerful as you have full control over what and where files are synced.

This cloud service works with both desktop and mobile devices. It also allows you to easily synchronize data across these various devices and platforms.

SugarSync offers a 5GB of free storage space.

Click here to sign up to SugerSync for free.


12. iCloud

iCloud is Apple Inc’s own cloud and data storage service. It can be used to automatically store a lot of pictures (including feet pictures for sale), apps, documents, files and attachments from the Apple ecosystem.

If your preferred device is iPhone, iOS, iMac, or any other Apple devices then it becomes easier to do all your cloud backups using iCloud. All of the files in this system can be managed or controlled as you please.

Of course, this system has easy-to use interface and provides smooth file syncing service. Documents created in the iWork office suite are also smoothly saved to iCloud and can synced across your devices.

iCloud is definitely one of the best alternatives to Google Drive if you decide to switch from Android to iOS. (Google to Apple).

You will get 5GB free space after taking signing up with this service.

Click here to check out iCloud for free.

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13. MediaFire

MediaFire is Texas-based company that offer storage and backup service for files and data. You can store and share files across different platforms via this cloud storage.

It offers the same basic file storage, sharing and syncing like Google Drive and other services. As an alternative to Google Drive, it offers robust and simple-to-use interface that allows for easy syncing.

The desktop client of MediaFire allows for easy collaboration with others as it comes with the ability to take a screenshot on your PC, annotate it, and then share it with friends.

File sharing and syncing can be done very easily with this platform.

MediaFire offers a whopping 50GB of free space.

Click here to get your free storage on MediaFire.


14. IDrive 

IDrive is another Google Drive alternative to be considered.

Like the others, it also offers seamless file backup, syncing and sharing functionality.

It also securely provides data encryption and other security related features.

One of the most stand out features of iDrive is its segmentation of the backup space and syncing space.

IDrive also provides users with backup and restoration service in case files are accidentally deleted from the system.

You are allowed 5GB of free storage space when you sign up for iDrive.

Click here to check out IDrive for free.


15. Degoo

google drive alternative degoo

Degoo is best as your Google Drive Cloud Storage alternative if you seek large free storage space. It offers a staggering 100GB for free!

It is a cloud storage platform that also provides secured file storage and sharing. It works with multiple devices that include mobile phones and laptops.

With this service, you can easily enjoy automatic backup every 24 hours.

The secured nature of Degoo’s system makes its outreach for the NSA. Degoo’s encryption of files is when they are in transit and not on the server.

Degoo offers 100GB of free storage space for users. Also, this can be increased if you refer friends. Each referral would earn you extra 3GB of free space.

Click here to enjoy your first 100GB of free storage on Degoo.


16. Tresorit

Tresorit is another very powerful alternative to Google Drive if you want more security on the files you save and share.

With its end-to-end encryption it becomes really great to have this cloud storage platform with a cryptographic key sharing technologies.

The features of this program are great and they include:

  • Zero-knowledge authentication
  • Cross-platform support
  • Unlimited version recovery
  • ETC

Tresorit would be good if you prefer a secure method of storing and sharing sensitive data.

Free space of 3GB storage can be availed with Tresorit but this offer is only if you try out the premium plan that starts as $12/month.


17. HiDrive

HiDrive offers users with full cloud storage and file syncing service.

It is built by a German based company and works across different platforms.

Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users can install and use this service to share and backup documents.

A strong support for various technology is one of the best strong points of HiDrive.

If you are looking for an alternative for Google Drive, then this platform comes handy.

You can avail 5GB of free space offered by HiDrive.


18. FlipDrive

google drive alternative flipdrive

FlipDrive is another reputable alternative that allows you to save and share files on its server with ease.

As a cloud storage provider, it allows individuals and businesses to backup files using links created from your account.

If you decide to share a file to a recipient you just have to share the links – which can also be edited or deleted if you want.

FlipDrive is one of the best alternatives to Google Drive in the sense that it allows you to create easy access for data storage, syncing and sharing.

FlipDrive offers users with 10GB of free storage after setting up account.

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19. Mozy

Mozy offers a standard cloud storage service for individuals and businesses. It works with many operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

With its features, backup of data, syncing of files, and sharing of projects across platforms – desktop and mobile – become easier.

It should be your alternative to Google Drive because security and encryption of files are taken seriously.

In terms of security, it provides two types of encryption – 256-bit AES or a 448-bit Blowfish key.

Files are also encrypted end-to-end and especially on the local drive.

Mozy is a highly secured cloud storage program and it works best in helping the filing and storage of valuable data.

Mozy offers 2GB of free storage space for those who sign up for its program.


20. Jottacloud  

google drive alternative jottacloud

Jottacloud is another very good cloud storage service. It is owned by a Norwegian company and has made a name for itself by providing some of the best backup services.

With this storage system, your photos and files can easily be stored easily. It also claims to provide the best of privacy for data.

Among other security services provided by this company is its end-to-end encryption that allows for a lot more security of files. The security features of Jottacloud makes it stand out very distinctly as an alternative to Google Drive.

Jottacloud offers only two types of plans – the free plan gives users 5GB free storage space while the premium plan offers users with unlimited space.



As you have seen, the many Google Drive alternatives described above are remarkable. If you think that Google Drive is not the right cloud storage for you then you should consider one or more of the above cloud services.


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