Best Free File Sharing Sites For a Secure Transfer of Files


How do you share your files online with someone else? E-mail? Many of us as it is one of the most convenient way to transfer or send files online, BUT this service can be used only if you have small files to share, the email servers have some limits for the uploads. Now what? Here comes the file sharing sites to the rescue. Most of them are free, some are free till a certain limit but they can solve much of your problems of sharing files online with others.

If you don’t want to spend money on sharing files then these file sharing websites can help you in that too, almost all of them have plans which cost $0, all of them having different limits.

Top File Sharing Sites To Store and Share Files Online


1.) BOX

The trust and security factor for Box is quite good. The site has plans for you divided into 2 categories “Personal” and “Business” which are further divided into 2 and 3 plans respectively. If you are among free user and don’t need very high amount of space then you can go with the free plan which offers maximum of 10 GB of storage and maximum 250 MB of file size. You can go pro for $11.50 per month and extend the limits to 100 GB storage and maximum 5 GB file size.


I have been using Dropbox since months and have never faced any issue yet. The limit for free account is quite less as compared to “Box”, it only offers 2 GB of storage. The files can be shared via a link even with the people who are not on Dropbox. You can even create shared folders which can be accessed by the people. It is quite easy to use dropbox and manage files in it.


Users seeking free file sharing sites won’t like this because this does not offer lifetime free access like the above two rather it offers 30 day free trial which offers you-

– 5 Employee accounts
– Unlimited sharing
– 24/7 customer support
– Desktop and mobile sync
– File check-in/check-out

– Mobile apps
– Mobile document editor
– Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
– Encrypted email
– Top-grade security

The plans starts at $16/month, the amount is to be paid annually.


Maximum file size a free user can upload is 300 MB which is better than “Box” which can be extended to 5 TB for $ 79/month. Yet another one of the easiest way to share files online. For free users the upload expiry is set to 1 day only and for premium users it’s 4 weeks.

Refund Policy:- Yes, 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of payment.


A solution that any business would need for sharing files. No lifetime free access, the fees is based on the number of employees you have in your business. Free trial is available for every plan the offer. Talking about the security then Egnyte can surely be trusted. The starting plan which is for 5-2 employees offers 5 TB of storage.

Pricing- Starts at $8 per employee/month


This would be the best method to send media files like movies, videos, songs, anything which is not too personal. You don’t need to sign up or create any account, just tap the “PLUS” button, add the files, enter your email and recipient email address. The destination email address will get the link to download the file, just click on it and start the download, the file will be downloaded in “zip” format.

I have listed the file sharing sites keeping different types of users in mind, will keep it updated time to time to give you the best among all.


  1. Its cool reading this list of file sharing sites. Personally, I use Dropbox and like you I have never had issue with it. I only hope that the team will increase the storage for free users 😉
    This is my first time of knowing about Plus Transfer. I am intrigued about its features and will readily try it out. Thanks for sharing this update!
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