If you want to know some of the best business law books to read, this article is perfect for you.

It shows you as many as 25 of the best such business law books and exactly why each is a must-read!


Importance of Business Law Books

When it comes to business or anything else for that matter, there can be a number of landmines that need to be avoided.

Some of those landmines can include improperly worded contracts, indemnity clauses, and a myriad of legal language that needs to have all of the eyes dotted and T’s crossed.

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In addition, there is the factor of the business laws that need to be followed as it relates to taxes, the legal business model chosen for operation, shareholder agreements, entity control, filings with the state governments, and failure to observe corporate formalities, etc.

Not properly understanding business law and going out on your own and not engaging a professional can be a hazardous activity.

Obviously, the best way to mitigate any of these landmines or pitfalls is to hire a business attorney that can help the CEO, Board of Directors, and the organization itself through these potential legal dangers.

Additionally, even though you may not be a lawyer by profession, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of some of these laws, and to accomplish this you can do some light reading about business law.

To help with your education a listing of 25 of the best business law books available may prove beneficial.


25 Best Business Law Books to Read


1. Compliance Management for Public, Private, or Non-Profit Organizations

Michael Silverman, the author of Compliance Management for Public, Private, or Non-Profit Organizations, addresses the business climate of today along with the emphasis on transparency, accountability, and strict adherence to laws and regulations.

The author is an expert in corporate planning, strategizing, management of the program, mitigating risk, maintaining compliance, and development of policy.

In this book, he presents comprehensive writing on the subject of compliance in the light of laws, regulations, and ethical behavior.

He also writes about the structures of the organizations, the use of technology, risk management, and the importance of the role of the administration.

Other topics addressed include:

  • Establishing a compliance program
  • Skills and expertise needed for this program
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a compliance program
  • How to share negative news to senior management

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2. Business Law Basics

Business Law Basics is penned by an entrepreneur and lawyer by the name of James W. Hart.

The author’s area of expertise is in the areas of intellectual property and trademarks.

This book is designed specifically with the online entrepreneur in mind; especially that business individual who is involved with a startup.

The book is also presented with e-commerce sellers in mind, traditional business owners as well as information marketers.

The topics provide an extensive guide to working towards success, avoiding common hazards, and also the various advantages and disadvantages of each type of legal entity.


3. The Three Pillar Model for Business Decisions

The Three Pillar Model for Business Decisions is authored by George Seidel that draws on an MBA course on leadership offered at Harvard.

The focus of this book is on making the correct decisions for one’s business career.

It does this by stressing the importance of the various responsibilities associated with those decisions which include legal, economic, and ethical responsibilities.

The three-pillar approach comes into play with those three responsibilities as well as implementing and recognizing goals in one’s life and how these goals can be applied in one’s personal life as well as any roles of business leadership.

The process involved in utilizing the three pillars, as indicated in the book is a four-step process.

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4. Business Law: Text and Cases

Business Law: Text And Cases are authored by Kenneth W Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller, and Frank B. Cross.

The focus of the book is to present to the reader the foundational principles of law in the light of up-to-date actual case studies.

The book is designed to educate a business undergraduate and is written in a student-friendly manner.

Contemporary topics include:

  • Social media
  • E-commerce insights
  • Presentation of student exercises to stimulate their critical thinking


5. The Inside Counsel Revolution

The Inside Counsel Revolution by Ben W. Heineman Jr. is an analysis and looks at the role of the General Counsel

Particularly the book discusses the importance of that position, issues and dilemmas demonstrated, and their significant rise in the corporate world as it relates to their status and responsibility.

The book is a good read for both lawyers and business leaders and presents to them a view of expectation and how each of these roles interconnects in the matters of corporate responsibility and actions.

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6. Business Law (Emerson)

This handbook guide is part of the Baron’s Business Reviews Series.

Entitled Business Law, written by Robert W Emerson, discusses and analyzes a variety of subjects.

Some of those subjects include:

  • Government regulations
  • Court responsibility
  • Product liability
  • And the protection of consumers

Other topics covered in this book include the legalities of intellectual property, the law pertaining to partnerships, franchises, and white-collar crime.

The style of the book begins each section by providing definitions of key terms that will be approached during the development of the chapter.

In addition, important points are summarized for the reader’s benefit.


7. Law and Ethics in Business Environment

Legalities in the business environment including such topics as transgender rights at work, gig economy, native and climate change, and telematic surveillance are some of the leading-edge topics of today that are addressed in this book.

Law and ethics in the business environment are authored by Terry Halbert and Elaine Ingulli.

The book can be used as significant writing to engage in meaningful legal conversation as well as to address the potential of ethical realities that can be found in the workplace of today.

Certainly, as a business leader, a book is designed to stimulate your thinking as it relates to these potential decisions and scenarios that modern-day businesses and leaders may face.


8. Business Law Today, The Essentials

Authored by Roger LeRoy Miller, Business Law Today, The Essentials: is a study of traditional business law.

The book is replete with enhancing visuals to drive the message home and is specially designed and written with the student in mind.

Topics that are addressed include how the law interacts with other disciplines such as marketing, accounting, and management.

The book also includes various analyses and summaries and poses various questions to stimulate the student’s involvement.


9. Business Law (Mallor)

Business Law by Jane Mallor is a book focused on detailed coverage as it relates to various factors that can affect business operations.

Some of those factors include e-commerce, ethical, and global issues.

Also included in this book are significant discussions on the basics of the law, coverage of contracts, and an in-depth look at the basics, and foundational aspects of the business.

The book also covers the legal implications of a variety of factors that affect the businesses of today and how they should operate.

Some of those factors include:

  • E-commerce
  • Global
  • And ethical
  • The legalities of property ownership,

The structure of the book provides at the beginning of each chapter learning points.

Information as it relates to business law also includes the implications of the Internet and how it relates to business law, critical thinking questions, poses situations on global and ethical issues, and more.

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10. Law for Business

Law For Business authored by Ashcroft, Ashcroft, and Patterson, is a direct approach to law that addresses the issues of today that need to be addressed in order for a business to succeed.

Topics include:

  • Capacity to contract
  • Protection of trademarks,
  • Employment
  • And more

The book also has current information as it relates to ethics and an in-depth discussion on potential scandals and accusations levied against corporations.


11. International Business Law and Its Environment

The authors of Schaffer, Agusti, and Dhooge present an understanding of the business environment and transactions that go beyond the borders of any particular nation.

The book entitled International Business Law And Its Environment provides a complete and understandable discussion on the legalities and processes of conducting business internationally.

The book helps to navigate the moral issues facing the global business leaders today as well as the topics of social, trade, and legislation subjects.

Also, included in this book is a discussion of foreign investment and trade, as well as a discussion on intellectual property licenses.

The book gives prime examples and real-life scenarios for the global business leader of today to consider as it relates to ethical considerations and the repercussions of being involved managerially.


12. Business Law (Cheeseman)

Business Law is authored by Henry Cheeseman.

The book takes a unique perspective as it presents business law through the sharing of real-life scenarios experienced within the corporate world.

The cases are drawn from the federal courts and the Supreme Court and are an opportunity for business leaders and students to thoroughly investigate the case presented, the arguments, and the decisions made to resolve the issues

Examples of the types of laws that were approached include:

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  • Environmental
  • International business law
  • Ethical issues
  • And more


13. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law

This book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Business Law, is a book that is highly recommended for the entrepreneur to read.

This book, authored by Constance Gabley and Craig Dauchy, takes an analytical dive into the various legal requirements and the landmines as it relates to building a business from a start-up and beyond.

The book is replete with real-life examples that demonstrate the importance for entrepreneurs to understand the legalities of business operations in order for them to be successful in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Also, the book talks about the ability of the entrepreneur to expend resources and minimize or mitigate risk.

Topics include an entrepreneur leaving their job, hiring previous coworkers, being competitive against a former boss, liability as it relates to a product, bankruptcy, and regulations in the workplace

Also, insight into the popular gig economy as well as crowdsourcing, social media, identification theft, and the hacking of computers is provided.


14. Corporate Law

Corporate Law by Stephen Bainbridge addresses the complexities of corporate law.

His goal is to simplify the understanding of corporate law and put the law into context as it relates to the business and economy.

The book is up to date with the data shared and is equated with the federal securities law and state corporate law.

The book is specifically and purposely designed to be straightforward, simple, and easy to understand.


15. Best Practices in Law Firm Business Development and Marketing

This book is written and designed especially with law firm leaders, attorneys, consultants, and educators in mind who wish to have an understanding of the marketing approach as it relates to the legal field.

Best Practices In Law Firm Business Development And Marketing by Deborah Brightman Farone relates the most effective methods of legal marketing.

Some of the topics included are:

  • Forging long-standing client relationships
  • Importance of leadership collaboration
  • Essential management qualities
  • A firm’s culture
  • Compensation
  • Incentives
  • Coaching
  • And much more


16. International Business Law and the Legal Environment

International Business Law and the Legal Environment by Larry A. Dimatteo provides clarity to the legal system in the area of oversight in the conducting of international business.

Some of the topics that relate to this process include:

  • Contracts
  • Important export
  • Licensing resolution
  • Dispute
  • And finance to counter trade

In this particular addition, there are new and updated materials relative to joint ventures of European private law, the law as it relates to sales and comparative contract.

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17. Anderson‘s Business Law and the Legal Environment

Anderson’s Business Law and the Legal Environment by David P. Twomey, Marianne M. Jennings, and Stephanie M. Greene is a business law book that utilizes actual cases and predicaments as it relates to business concerns and dilemmas.

Other chapters delve into the atmosphere of legal conditions today.

The book is also touted as a resource in preparing for certified public accountant exams.

In addition, the book has added resources that can be accessed through its online website.


18. Social Media Law for Business

Needless to say, the popularity and rise of social media bring a different set of legal issues for businesses today.

To address these potential legal issues with the use of social media the author Glenn Gilmore presents Social Media Law For Business.

The book identifies and educates the reader about avoiding common mistakes associated with social media in the area of legalities.

The caution is that errors in judgment or not following the law can affect a business’s profitability.

This book is designed to simplify the law and provide guidance as it relates to a business and its involvement with social media.

Chapters within the book include:

  • Recruitment and employment by social media
  • Content rights
  • Digital advertising agreements and contracts
  • Business policies about social media


19. Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business

Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business by Fred S. Steingold is a comprehensive book that addresses legal issues and answers questions as it relates to running a small business.

Not addressing these questions can be detrimental to your dream and vision of running a successful business.

On the other hand, consulting with a lawyer every time a legal question is raised can eat into one’s profitability.

Therefore, this book is designed to address those questions and answer them.

The book addresses issues such as:

  • Raising startup money
  • Choosing the right business structure
  • Licenses and permits
  • Leasing
  • Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Managing employees
  • Financial issues
  • Protecting your own personal assets
  • And business taxes


20. Essentials of Business Law

Essentials of Business Law by Ruth Calhoun Hughes and Anthony Liuzzo provide instruction on business law through the lens of being practical and specific.

This is the 11th edition and has updated material along with a new chapter on the law as it relates to social media.

The book is advertised as being easy in its coverage, its use, and understanding

This book is a perfect match for an individual who wants an overview that is fundamental in nature of the principles and concepts as it relates to business law.


21. Franchise Bible

Written by Rick Grossmann and Michael J. Katz is a book all about franchises.

Grossmann is a franchise attorney and expert and Katz brings considerable insight and experience in the successful operation of franchises.

The book is rich with tutorials, various tricks to the trade that can be implemented, a healthy dose of sample franchise documents, and various checklists and questionnaires designed to help you to be successful with your franchise opportunity.

This book will help an individual to:

  • Determine if a franchise is a right fit
  • Working through franchise documents and agreements
  • Recognizing a quality franchise opportunity
  • Selection for the best strategy for expansion
  • Insight into establishing a quality franchise system
  • Evaluate a franchise as it relates to buying, expectations, and moving forward while avoiding costly mistakes.


22. Startup Legal Guide

Startup Legal Guide is written by Xu Han and Jerry Ku and is offered as a comprehensive guide for startup businesses.

The authors bring a significant number of years experientially and knowledge of the market to help the readers through a number of legal issues and commercial concerns as it relates to legalities for startups.

Topics and chapters include:

  • Forming the company properly
  • Corporate governance
  • Intellectual property
  • Employee stock ownership
  • Fundraising
  • Calculating valuation
  • Pitfalls
  • Funding roadmap
  • Engaging in the right lawyer


23. The Legal Environment of Business

The Legal Environment of Business is more of a textbook approach to the study of various legal and regulatory issues facing the modern-day manager.

This book authored by John H. Shannon, Henry J. Amoroso, and Susan A. O’Sullivan-Gavin expounds on the legal environment that businesses find themselves immersed in and provides a number of supportive examples that capture a mix of cases and black-letter law.


24. How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation

How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation by Peter I. Hupalo provides a narrative on the basics of a corporate business structure.

Some of the topics addressed include:

  • Choosing the right business structure
  • Choosing between an LLC or an S-Corporation
  • Selecting the right state
  • Issuing shares
  • Financing through equity and loans
  • Bylaws and corporate minutes
  • Role of directors and officers
  • And a significant number of other topics


25. 10 Powerful Lessons on How to Work with Contracts

Powerful Lessons on How to Work with Contracts is written by Shaune’ Hawkins Langston and delves into the world of contracts.

Specifically, this book explores the powerful lessons that can be gleaned prior to entering into contracts.

In addition, the book offers practical advice on how to:

  • Read them
  • Enforce them
  • And not get cheated

In addition, the book is replete with practical tips, and examples and provides valuable knowledge that will help you to navigate the world of contracts and avoid bad decisions.


Personal Story

When I started my writing business, it was primarily a hobby and through my efforts, I realized very little revenue.

However, as tax time rolls around, I began to question what I was doing, making sure that the income that I received was reported and if what I was doing needed to have formulated the structure of a business as it relates to creating a sole proprietorship or LLC.

After a few sleepless nights, I decided to seek professional advice to find out how I should proceed.

They gave me good advice after asking a few probing questions and I followed that advice.

That tax season and from then on, I filed as a self-employed individual and of course reported all of my earnings.


Best Books to Read on Business Law FAQs


If Engaging a Business Lawyer for the First Time What Are Some of the Business-related Questions That I Should Ask?

Some of the basic questions you should ask a business lawyer include:

  • What business structure is best for my operation?
  • How do I minimize risk?
  • How to select my business name?
  • Am I operating legally?
  • Etc.


What is the Biggest Mistake That I Can Make as a Business Owner as It Relates to Operating Within the Confines of the Law?

One of the biggest mistakes that an individual can make as a business owner is using online form documents or business-related documents that are not drafted by an attorney.

This may lead to language that is vague and can create loopholes and other dangerous scenarios.


You Can Do It

If you are an attorney at law perhaps some of these books you may or may not be familiar with and can agree with their usefulness.

If not a lawyer, these books may provide a perspective on some of the business operations that you hadn’t considered, and with that may you need to engage a lawyer to make sure that your business operations and their compliance with the law are followed.

In either case, reading provides knowledge and knowledge is power and it is important that the knowledge and power are demonstrated in the legal operation of your business.



The operation of a business is involved to the extent that you don’t need another challenge to address as it relates to business law.

This is best left to the professionals.

However, knowing what is expected of you in the light of the law or not knowing what is expected of you is not a shelter that you can claim as it relates to not knowing what the law required.

To navigate the landscape of business law it is best to have a roadmap and a guide.

Your roadmap maybe these books and your guide would be your own business lawyer.

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