Scorpio women are oftentimes the type who are primarily controlled by water signs and elements, and Mars is their planet.

With qualities including passion, willpower, and strength, it’s important to make sure that you’re looking for projects that fit you.

Here are 25 great business opportunities for Scorpio women, since it can be hard to mesh with other signs, especially if you do things your own way.


25 Best Businesses for Scorpio Women

Here are 25 jobs to consider that Scorpio women may be good at, especially, since it can be good for them to get started in this career.

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1. Doctors

Doctors see a lot, and many Scorpio women are passionate about the jobs that they have.

It does require lots of dedication, and long shifts, along with a lot of dedication to the career path.

But it could be the position that you’re looking for, as many people who are Scorpio women get far in this career path.


2. Nurse

If you don’t want to go to school for six years, you can always get a career in medicine as a nurse.

Nurses have to deal with a lot, but there is less education that’s required.

If you want to start a job right away, this is a good way to begin this pathway.

It does requires you to find a good nursing program.

The university of Pennsylvania is a great school to start with, but it is highly competitive, so keep that in mind when choosing the school to go to.


3. Forensic Pathologist

This is another highly technical field, and it’s one that does require a lot of dedication.

It’s far from an easy job, as many people have to look at stuff that they may not like.

But if you’re willing to look at the dark side of the way life is, this is a great career pathway to start.

Plus, if you’re passionate for seeking answers, this is one of the best ways to do it.


4. Forensic Accountant

This is another type of career that also requires a bit of sleuthing and understanding of what’s going on.

You do need investigative skills, which Scorpios are great with.

Scorpio women can do really well in this position since it involves you looking for fraud on different accounting transactions.

You do need to pay attention to details, be very analytical, intuitive, and know how to connect things form one point to the next.


5. Astrology

You can actually make a great astrologist.

Did you know that you can get paid to be an astrologist.

It is a profession that lets you look at how the stars align with people’s professions and their relationships.

It does have some guessing to it, and there are activities that you can do.

It does involve you going to school and studying for a bit, and you take various subjects to learn these things.


6. Historian

If you’re someone who loves learning the history of things, and how it impacts people, then being a historian may be the calling you’re looking for.

It does involve going to school, but you can work in museums dissecting and learning more about the history of things, and it can be a worthwhile profession for many people.


7. Detective

Being a private detective actually is a great profession for Scorpio women.

You’re someone who wants to achieve your goals, and you have a passion for finding the truth.

You also want to be someone who is indispensable, which is something tons of Scorpio women like.

You also are determine and responsible, something a lot of Scorpio women love to deal with.

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8. Economist

Similar to an accountant, being an economist involves analyzing patterns.

You’re basically someone who predicts the finances and the actions the team will take.

You analyze the market, suggest where to invest, advise on anything you shouldn’t do as it may be a bad thing, and you also might be in charge of the cash flow.

As a Scorpio, you’re good at hype analyzing lots of things, and being an economist will help you to create the ideal situation for a business.


9. Chemist

Have a passion for chemicals?

You can become a chemist.

You’ll be spending time in labs, creating formulas, and also figuring out solutions to the various problems that are there.

This can involve medicines and cosmetics, and you may be someone who discovers something new.

You could even figure out different ways to help stop disease! It’s pretty cool, and very rewarding.


10. A Skincare or Makeup Developer

Similar to the previous point of being a chemist, Scorpio women are good at this, and if you have a passion for makeup, this is one of the best jobs.

You’re in charge of analyzing different chemicals, using them in products, and also looking for chemical-free alternative.

With the world moving to vegan or cruelty-free types of makeup, as a skincare developer, you can be at the helm of this.

You can learn a lot about the different problems with the makeup industry, and you can also help others get the help that they need through cruelty-free animal products.



11. Psychologist

If you’re good at investigating the idiosyncrasies of the mind, a psychologist may be what you’re good for.

You can write and publish the findings that you have in articles, documentaries, and books.

Or, you can work directly with people to help better understand the human mind, and also help them understand how complex a person’s mind truly is.

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Zip recruiter has a ton of different psychology positions to consider.


12. Researching

If you’re someone who likes to cut to the chase, and get to the bottom of what’s going on, then being a researcher might be the calling you’re looking for.

If you’re good at getting information, putting it into stats to help better understand it, then you’re perfect for this.

Tons of Scorpios are good at this, and if you take your time to carry this out so you can meet goals, you’ll be able to get a lot out of this as well.


13. Engineering

Loyalty, passion, along with analytical ways to look at the way things are is the perfect career for engineers.

You may do different things, including creating blueprints, applying different concepts along with conclusions.

You can also develop and research along with create some of the key points within this.

Engineering has a ton of different fields so if you want to go into it, know that there are a lot of ways to get into this field.


14. Psychiatry

If you’re someone who is fine with listening to the issues of a person, prescribing them something that can help them, or eve go through a bunch of issues that patients can’t solve themselves, then consider this profession.

Psychiatrists usually can work with the people that come in, and it does involve some critical thinking, along with direction and responsibility, but it’s a worthwhile job field.


15. Military Careers

This is something that a lot of Scorpios do well in.

While it doesn’t involve fighting people all the time, Scorpios usually can go into military science, which involves them developing new things to help others.

You can also help create good positions for the future, which of course, is something tons of people who are Scorpios do well with.


16. Mortician

This is a little morbid, but a mortician is a great career for a lot of Scorpios.

This is because, they’re able to look at death in a way that’s analytical, and it’s a profession that, if you’re able to stomach it, it’s a great one.

Of course, if dead bodies aren’t your thing, you can of course work on also figuring out why they might’ve passed away.


17. Coroners

Not every coroner is going to be face-first with a dead body, but it’s also a field that deals with the morbid.

Scorpios are usually the type to see death as a natural way of life, and it’s not something that’s worth fearing.

Most coroners usually look at some deaths head-on, and they may be gruesome.

There are others who get reports from them directly to do a deeper analysis, and it may involve chemicals.

Whatever the case, it’s a great career pathway.


18. Biologist

If your ’e someone who loves to learn about the way natural life processes go, then a biologist is a great one.

This can involve teaching biology, or even studying the way the evolution of the world around you happens, and the relationship that you have with the rest of the world, and even life.

It’s a great profession, and if you’d rather stay out of the dead body business, this is a better option.


19. Secondhand Shop Ownership

Want to be a business owner, but don’t feel like starting your own?

Then maybe secondhand shop ownership is right for you.

This is basically where you take on old products and give them new life.

It’s a profession that requires you to see the potential in some of the different items that are there.

You can work for a variety of shops, or you can create your own.


20. Financial Planning

When starting a business and bringing life into that, you can definitely make strides with this.

Scorpios are great for this, as it offers thinking that’s strategic, and a business acumen that’ll help with formulating and creating plans for new businesses, and also bringing some life to previous ones too.

Financial planning can involve helping others for improving the state of their business.


21. Venture Capital Fundraising

Venture capital is a great way for businesses to grow and be able to thrive in this world.

You can actually be a fundraiser for venture capital.

Affinity is a good place to start with the CRM that they offer on this.

You essentially are bringing businesses to life in this way, and it’s something that can be utterly magical for a lot of businesses.

If you’re ready to help dying businesses or new ones get off the ground, this is how.


22. Massage Therapy

Scorpios are strong, passionate, can endure a lot, and are able to heal many people.

Many of them understand the mind-body connection, and with the psychic sensitivity that they offer, they know how to provide a real, worthwhile experience for a lot of people.


23. Police Officer

While not ideal for everyone, since Scorpios are good at being able to investigate and look into stuff, a police officer may be the perfect profession for some people.

If you’re strong at being able to look at the deeper issues that are there and are able to get to the bottom of many things, then being a police officer is definitely a good option for a lot of people.


24. Hospice

Hospice is something that’s not for everyone, since it does deal with the reality of death and dying in a way that can be hard for many people to stomach.

But Scorpios are also really good at listening to others, and tend to be sympathetic and compassionate towards others, while also being quite cam too,

They also are great at listening to many of the issues, coming to terms with things too, especially when the inevitable happens.


25. Pharmacist

If you’re someone who is great at prescribing stuff to people, then being a pharmacist is a good idea.

You’re in charge of making sure the medications are correct, and it involves your skills, analysis, and also being interpersonal with others.

It is very people-focused too, which is ideal for many Scorpios, so you could do well with it.



Being a Scorpio is something special, and many Scorpios do well in these respective fields.

Check them out today and see for yourself just what you as a Scorpio can do.

These are all valid professions for many Scorpios that are out there, and many are invaluable fields to work in!

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