If you want to know the very best books on making money, this article will really help.

It reveals as many as 11 of the best money making books out there, especially those that can help just about anyone make good money.


From the moment we are born into this world and I daresay until the day we die we are always learning.

Our doting parents most likely bought us toys that were designed to teach us as young toddlers about shapes and numbers and words.

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Even our TV sets and animated figures or puppets would go over the off of that with us or help us to learn how to count.

Perhaps there was a preschool experience and then our formal educational classroom setting began and we found ourselves going to school for the next 12 years.

Even beyond those 12 years may have been college and beyond.

However, after leaving the educational system, our learning never stopped. At the workplace we learned our jobs, how to interact with people and learned about life in general.

We learned through the television, through the Internet, the classroom, through books, etc.

Life is one big educational classroom!


Importance of Learning From Others

Another dynamic way that we learn is through instruction from others.

This educational process involves emulating what they do that works, not doing what they have done that didn’t work, learning from their experience and heating their advice.

Another powerful way that we can learn from others is by reading of their adventures and what the take away from those adventures.

When it comes to reading books penned by others, one particular subject that is most likely to resonate with us as Americans is our books about making money.

Let us briefly look at 11 powerful books plus one that have universally had an impact on those that have read between the insights written by these proven authors.

The books are in no particular author but is a compiled list of books that are sure to enlighten, benefit, instruct, and educate the reader about making money.

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11 Best Books on Making Money that Can Make You Really Rich


1. “The Richest Man in Babylon” 

This personal financial book was authored by George S. Clason.

The nuggets of gold found in this writing include:

Also included in this literature are some practical and poignant suggestions which include:

  • Seven succinct rules regarding money
  • The attainment of your dreams is contingent upon your success with handling money
  • Laws concerning money are static
  • If one understands the laws of money, money will not be an issue
  • The city of Babylon as a background was known for its wealth at the height of its empire because the citizens valued money

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2. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

Penned by Robert Kiysaki, this book powerfully portrays to the reader what the author’s biological father and what his surrogate father taught him in regards to riches.

Poor dad, his well-educated father, struggled to make ends meet. His rich dad was a financial success within the business world in the state of Hawaii.

The lessons learned from his biological father and his financial father are vividly and dynamically compared in this book.

Some of those lessons include:

  • Keeping more of what you earn
  • Make your money work for you
  • It’s not about being smart but being bold
  • Assets are the focal point of the rich not their income

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3. “The Millionaire Fast Lane”

Building on the metaphor of life being compared to traveling on a road, M.J. DeMarco, the author, asserts that most individuals settle for an average life and live below their means.

This “slow lane” is best described as one in which the individual goes to work, day after day, uses the weekend to relax and recharge only to get back into the slow lane again the following week.

This drudgery of accumulating wealth to enjoy retirement in the latter stages of life is an unacceptable plan.

Talking about retirement, check out the following:

DeMarco, in this book, proclaims that wealth should be accumulated so that one can retire earlier and enjoy the money accumulated while we are still vibrant and young.

Some of the financial milestones in the fast lane include:

  • Instead of buying items, sell instead
  • Don’t borrow money, lend money
  • Rather than taking a class offer a class

In summation, the book is essentially saying do everything the exact opposite of what was “normal” or the “accepted” standards of accumulating wealth.


4. “Your Money or Your Life”

This is the treasure book that came into my life and revolutionized my financial approach.

Joe Dominguez, the author, talks in great detail about the practical aspect of making your money work for you.

However, the significant caveat to this book is how one thinks about the money that comes into the household.

He talked at great length about our life’s energy being expended to earn the income that is brought into the household.

Consequently, he emphasizes that the money that is spent equals the life energy that was expended to earn that income, and are we valuing that money accordingly?

In other words, this book is not so much about making money as it is helping you to strengthen and enhance your relationship with money.

This narrative is about your life-defining money rather than money defining your life.

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5. “The Science of Getting Rich”

This book is another oldie, but goodie!

Wallace Wattles, the author, in this first published book in 1910 shares with the reader how they can acquire wealth based on science and concepts that can be defined as metaphysical.

By being rich, the author defines this term as not necessarily having an exorbitant amount of wealth or making a lot of money instantly, but not lacking in anything.

He further clarifies rich as being comfortable with who you are and maximizing your full potential as an individual.

Using your wealth to benefit yourself and others, Wattles further asserts that the accumulation of wealth is an uncompromising science.

He proclaims that through the application of these principles anyone can achieve richness.

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6. “The Millionaire Next Door”

Do you know your neighbor?

The authors, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, have compiled a book about ordinary people who are millionaires.

Through their interview process, they have pulled back the financial curtain of how people have become successful and attained this level of financial security.

You may know a millionaire and they can be as close as the neighbor next door.

The formula for these average millionaires next door is that they are satisfied with keeping their car 10 years or longer, avoiding exotic vacations, and living a non-extravagant lifestyle.

They are the Warren Buffets who still consider eating out at places like McDonald’s.

Want to be a millionaire, avoid a millionaire lifestyle.


Best Books on Making Money


7. “Total Money Makeover” 

For Dave Ramsey, the author of the Total Money Makeover, it’s all about using one’s financial common sense.

In other words, limit those expenditures on credit cards, endeavor to take out your wallet and utilize the money to purchase items, eliminate your debt, and set aside money for a rainy day.

These basic common non-complicated suggestions are the key to securing your financial life.

Advice from this financial guru is practical, saturated with common sense, and offers foundational advice for the individual who wishes to get their finances in order.


8. “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”

This instructional and informative book is a practical guide to attaining wealth.

The designed six-week plan informs the reader about managing credit cards and utilizing associated rewards.

As part of the plan the author, Ramit Sethi, offers practical insight into high-yield saving options and automating one’s saving plan.


9. “The Secrets of the Billionaire Mind”

We are greatly influenced by those that are important in our lives.

Quite often, what those influential people think important is what we will find important, and their various opinions and filters become our biases as well.

Probably the most influential people in our lives are our parents. Additionally, the way they especially thought about money has become part of our DNA as well.

In this book, the author, T. Harv Eker asserts this premise of how we view money.

He writes that if we think that we are poor; in all likelihood we are poor. Of course, the opposite is true as well.

The book emphasizes:

  • Letting go of old thinking and thinking new
  • Tools are important but using those tools correctly is critical
  • The problem is not the lack of money but only a symptom
  • Learned teachings about money remain in the subconscious


10. “Think and Grow Rich”

The author of this book is Napoleon Hill and it’s still extremely popular, many years after it was first published.

To show the time-tested value of the insights provided in this narrative the reader is treated to the writing in which the raw material for the book was gathered in the 1930s.

The content is a compilation of interviews conducted by the author as he interviewed more than 40 millionaires.

By interviewing these wealthy individuals, he intended to delve into revealing how they earned their money and reveal to the reader the important factor of what differentiated these individuals from others.

In other words what sort of men where they like internally.

Some of the biggest points emphasized in this reading are:

  • The importance of the desire to achieve something
  • You are the captain of your ship
  • Don’t wallow in your defeat but learn from it
  • A breakthrough or success is just one step further from what seems like utmost defeat
  • Be goal-oriented

And so it would seem that the summary of this book can be building personal wealth by building on your character and attitude.


11. “The Automatic Millionaire”

The main focus of this personal finance book reveals the power and technique of putting your finances on “autopilot.”

This book authored by David Bach is a basic primer regarding both sides of the individual’s financial ledger.

He outlines an automated plan for both saving and spending one’s money.

The result, he states, is to put into immediate action a plan to grow personal wealth over the ensuing years. The plan, he further adds, can be implemented in one short afternoon.


Books on Making Money – My Personal Story

I had been married only three or four months when my spouse realized that my approach to personal finances needed some serious attention.

If considering one of the major pillars of a marriage being money, already that foundational pillar was showing signs of decay and was showing some visible cracks.

She is very practical in her approach to finances and follows the simple rules of not spending what you don’t have and putting money away for a rainy day.

My philosophy towards money was the exact opposite.

I needed help.

That help came in the form of a book that was gifted to me by my wife and completely revolutionized my thinking about money.

By reading and studying the book, I was influenced dramatically. I needed, quite candidly, a punch in my money belt.

My approach to income earned, buying on credit, saving for the future, and, overall, respecting myself by respecting our earnings was in need of a serious make-over.

The book was revolutionary for me.

My personal financial life experienced the reality of being born again.

It is a financial life that, for the most part, I have strictly adhered to despite some of my backslidden moments.



As this article has shown, these money making books can really help you improve your financial life in more ways than you can imagine… if you take the time to read and implement what you read.

Everybody makes money because money is necessary to exchange this commodity for food and the necessities of life.

The significant difference, however, between the haves and the have nots, in regards to money, is what you can keep.

Perhaps you wish to keep more of what you earn. The marketplace is replete with individual authors who through research, experience, and sound advice are inviting you into their classroom.

Continue to be open to new ideas, continue to learn, and continue to be rich. Rich in the sense of expanding your wealth and character.

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