Yes, beer tasting jobs allow you to get paid to drink beer! Talk about the best job in the world if you love drinking beer, right?

This article reveals all the SECRETS to how this really works and how you can get involved.

It also shows you some of the best companies that really pay you to drink beer!


Do Beer Tasting Jobs Where You Get Paid to Drink Beer Really Exist?

Of course they do exist! And yes, they really do pay, especially if you find the right ones as not every one is genuine.

The genuine ones really pay because they want to hear feedback from beer lovers. And they use the feedback to improve and make better beer.

Keep reading to learn much more and the very best companies that really pay you just to drink beer!


6 Best Ways to Get Paid to Drink Beer


1. Become a Professional Beer Taster

One of the best ways to get paid to drink beer is by becoming a professional beer taster.

If you have a trained palate and the ability to describe your impressions in a standardized manner, then you will be making money tasting beer for employers and clients at events.

Professional beer tasting jobs are popular and you don’t have to drink your favorite beer to make money with this preoccupation.

Like I mentioned earlier, you will need to have a trained palate that can easily detect the composition of the ingredients in a beer.


2. Work as an Exploration Officer at Amusement Parks

You can get paid to drink beer if you help some companies to explore parks and outdoors.

You can explore iconic sites like amusement parks with an outdoor camper van.

The job description of this job may include that you take and edit photos even as you create content of the experience you had.

Of course, the company will take care of all your travel expenses which include drinking beer.

You must have a valid driver’s license and you are expected to follow the CDC guidelines.

This job can last for six months and you will be paid up to $50,000 after the completion.

One company that pays people to drink beer this way is Michelob ULTRA.

Click here to check out more details on how you can become a chief exploration officer with this company.


3. Work as a Sensory Lab Tech for a Company

You can work as a sensory lab tech for a brewery and get paid to drink beer.

The job description of this job include tasting beer and coordinating with the R&D departments

When working as a sensory lab tech, you can be paid to evaluate beer using the following features:

  • The appearance – you can take a look at beer for the right color, head retention, lacing, and haze.
  • The Smell – You can check out the aroma of the beer. You must ensure that the aroma is right and does not become volatile to discourage drinkers.
  • The Feel – You can check out the feel of the beer and ensure it is right. Here, you can sip and think about whether viscosity and carbonation level are high and low. The feel of the beer in your mouth will determine this. A high carbonation level is preferable to a low level.
  • The Taste – Of course, the taste of the beer matters a lot. You can taste the beer with your tongue to determine how sweet, bitter, or sour the beer tastes.

This skill will also help you determine the mix of flavor, yeast, hops, malts, etc used in the making of the beer.

Sensory lab techs are very professional and are well paid.

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4. Work as a Brewery Ambassador

You get paid to drink beer if you become an ambassador for the brewery. Your job description may include tasting beer, attend beer events, and dinners.

You will also get paid to promote the beer brand in different ways.

Becoming a brand ambassador for some beer companies requires you to become certified in some courses and/or have some experience with some craft beer sales.

For instance, one of the popular breweries you can get paid to drink as an ambassador is Carlsberg.

A few years ago,  it was reported that this company opened a position of a beer ambassador.

With this, your responsibilities will include enjoying ice-cold Carlsberg during work and entertaining your friends with this beer.

To qualify as a Carlsberg beer ambassador, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • You must have zero experience.
  • You must have 100% for this brand.
  • You must be able to work at least 4 hours drinking beer.

Click here to check out Carlsberg to get paid to drink beer as an Ambassador.

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5. Become a Chief Hiking Officer (CHO) for a Company

You get paid to drink beer for a brewery known as the Devils Backbone Brewing Company.

You can be employed to work as their chief hiking officer(CHO).

The job description will require that you thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2021. In other words, you can trek the entire Appalachian Trail in 2021.

If you are selected you will enjoy free Devils Backbone beer amount other perks.

Click here to become a Chief Hiking Officer with the Devils Backbone Brewing Company and start getting paid to drink free beer.

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6. Become a Drink IT Intern with World of Beer

You can work as “Drink It Intern” with World of Beer and get paid to drink beer.

If you are a beer lover and can explore different adventures then you can work with this company that is known for offers original craft beer restaurants.

As an Intern, you can get paid to drink beer if you write about your beer tasting experience for Draft Magazine.

So, you can take advantage of the job offers if you are an adventure seeker, a photographer, a social media enthusiast, or a  blogger.

Whatever is your passion, as long as you can write about your beer adventure World of Beer will pay you.

This company operates more than 77 restaurants and bars across many states in the United States.

You will earn good money as an intern even as your lodging and travel expenses would be taking care of.

Click here to check out how to get paid to drink beer at World of Beer.

Other ways you can get paid to drink beer include becoming an Alcohol Compliance Auditor, and a Craft Beer Blogger.

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beer tasting jobs that pay to drink beer


3 Best Companies that Pay You to Drink Beer

The following are some of the best companies that will pay you to drink beer.


1. Secret Hopper

Secret Hopper is one of the popular mystery shopping companies that really pay.

It will pay you to drink beer if you take up assignments that will lead you to taste beers at restaurants and bars.

After the assignment, you will be reimbursed or paid after giving your report.

Secret Hopper assignments for beer lovers are simple and straight forwards.

The assignment ensures that can tell a story about the beer or place it is sold.

You can get paid and rewarded to answer simple questions about how you were attended to, how the beer stacks were arranged, and other simple information.

Click here to check out Secret Hopper.


2. Sinclair Customer Metrics

Sinclair Customer Metrics is a company that has been helping brands to get better decisions when it comes to improving their services. They are a mystery shopping company.

You can get paid to drink beer if you take part in a mystery shopping assignment at a bar or restaurant where you will drink beer and leave your opinion.

Sinclair Customer Metrics will pay you after you complete an assignment and send your objective reports.

Click here to check out Sinclair Customer Metrics to get paid to drink a beer.

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3. PintPass

PintPass is another genuine platform that allows you to get paid paid to drink beer. You can use this app to explore craft breweries across the United States.

You can visit the nearest breweries and answer a few questions through the app.

Use this app to visit your favorite breweries or explore new ones. You can also try out a new beer, and give your feedback.

You will earn beer money which is deposited into a digital debit card within the app.

You can use this reward to pay for beer and also use their Text-A-Beer technology to send beer money to a friend anywhere across the country.

Click here to check out PintPass to start exploring the concept of getting paid to drink beer.

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As you have seen from reading this article, beer tasting jobs exist for anyone who loves drinking beer.

You can really get paid to drink beer and there are genuine companies that pay.

This article also revealed some of the best companies that really pay.