Yes, there are very good backpage alternatives and this article shows you the best ones. It also tells you why these are the best for buying, selling, jobs and lots more.

In April of 2018, Backpage was seized and shut down by U.S. authorities for publishing ads related to prostitution and for promoting human trafficking.

Unfortunately for many who used Backpage to buy and sell products/services, they were left in the cold.

Understandably, they were highly disappointed and frustrated with the seizure as some of them lost their source(s) of income as well as their investments.

Yes, even for those who used this website to earn money online and offline, it was devastating!

They were no longer able to buy, sell nor access jobs from this site.

It was that bad as genuine users of the website could no longer access the features of the site because of the actions of a few criminally-minded persons.

If you were once a fan, a member or a user of Backpage and have been affected by its seizure by the US authority, it’s certainly not the end of the world, thanks to many awesome alternatives you can now use.

Yes, there are other websites that offer similar services like Backpage. These platforms also have similar features like Backpage and they still operate under the required legal terms.

These alternatives include places where buying, selling, job offers and lots more take place.


What is was a classified ads website that was founded in 2004.

It published classified ads about products, services, job listings, and had adult sections.

It was considered one of the best websites like Craigslist for buying and selling products and services, online and offline.

The adult sections contained different categories of various sex work for professions like strippers, erotic masseuses, escorts, phone sex operators, human sex trafficking, etc.

The adult section of was highly condemned for its illicit and controversial content, which ultimately led to it getting shut down.


classified ads website


Why Was Backpage Shut Down?

Backpage was shut down because of suspected promotion of prostitution and child sex trafficking.

It was reported that Backpage used its adult section to promote underage sex trafficking and prostitution.

Note though that there are genuine sites where children get the opportunity to make money as kids. Backpage wasn’t one of such.

Seeing the illegality of Backpage, the parents and guardians of trafficked children, politicians, the media, as well as law enforcement agencies, weighed in.

The United States Senate accused Backpage directly of involvement with sexual exploitation of minors and sex-trafficking.

This led the company to suspend its adult listings in January 2017. However, the company blamed this on unconstitutional government policy.

On the 6 April 2018,  Backpage was seized by the United States Department of Justice. The company pleaded guilty to human trafficking on April 12, 2018.

Thankfully there are other websites similar to rendering classifieds and other legit services.

Some of them are websites like Amazon for buying and selling online and even for finding services like boarding kennels.


10 Best Backpage Alternatives


1. Geebo 

Geebo is a huge classified ads website. It is a place to post ads with ease, and it is a place to safely search for ad listings.

This platform has different sections where different types of classified ads are listed.

For those who want to make money from just posting ads, this is a platform to consider.

best classified ads website

You will see ads listing in categories like vehicles, employment, rentals/roommates, real estates, merchandise, services, construction/farm equipment, resumes, etc.

You can search and browse from any location you want by entering a city name and clicking the search bar on the middle on the site.

Geebo is a really good alternative to Backpage. This is because it seems committed to publishing and promoting socially responsible online classified ads. These ads are clear, safe and legal.

If you post ads on this platform, especially to buy and sell, it can one of the amazingly safe and genuine ways to make easy cash.

The site seems to take precautions in the type of adverts it allows.  Ads that constitute prostitution, sex trafficking, scam & sham, or forced labor, are prohibited by Geebo. The common Scams section of the website is clear about what to avoid.

Click here to check out Geebo


2. Locanto

Locanto is another extremely popular free classified ads website. It makes buying and selling locally fun.

If you are looking for something, Locanto offers a marketplace to browse for what you want.

If you want to sell any item or service, Locanto offers a platform to post your ads for free.

For instance, you can use this classified platform to find find anything for sale, even used boats for sale in your neighborhood. You can also use it as one of the best places to sell your used or even new iPhone

A summary of the about page reveals that:

Locanto is a free, user-to-user local community classifieds site. You can use the site to post and search ads, to find a new place to live, buy a new car, find a job and much more.

The major ads categories of this site include Classes, Community, Events, For Sale, Jobs, Personals, Real Estate, Services, Vehicles, etc.

You can browse for what you want according to the locations. Just use the search bar to enter the city you want to search in.

Locanto is an awesome alternative to Backpage but it claims to neither promote illegal personal nor non-personal adverts.

Click here to check out Locanto

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3. HidePages

HidePages is another backpage alternative website that publishes classifieds. Users post ads for buying, selling or trading of items or services.

The website is organized based on product categories and also by region.

Similarly, users can also try flea market buying and flipping to buy, sell or trade items for money.

popular free classified website

The features of HidePages makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

You can check out HidePages as an alternative to Backpage for whatever you were using backpage for.

It claims to publish the best free and legitimate classifieds on rentals, real estates, jobs, automotive, community, personals like adult and dating, etc.

HidePages has very easy to go through menus and the postings can be done within few minutes.

Click here to check out HidePages

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4. H1Ad

H1Ad is another backpage type website where free classified ads are published. Users can easily sell and buy items locally.

top Backpage Alternatives

Classifieds about vehicles, real estate, community, services, jobs, and items for sale are categorized on this platform.

H1Ad is definitely a good alternative to the now-defunct Backpage. It can be used to post ads on just about anything.

Classified postings on this platform is free and similar like those done in places where people also buy and sell foot photos.

You can simply browse from any location you want as there are search boxes by country, region, and city.

Click here to check out H1Ad

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5. GiganticList 

GiganticList is another well-known online platform where buying and selling of items and services can be done easily.

Users can post ads about different items and services they are offering for sale.

So, if you are looking for how to really make good money fast buying and selling things, then sign up and start making the most of this platform.

The users or intending buyers can take advantage of some of the services or items posted under different categories.


alternative to Backpage

GiganticList publishes classified ads under categories like Services, Community, Real Estate, Buy and Sell, Vehicle, Health, Jobs, Classes, Training, etc.

Users can check out ads on countries like Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, United Kingdom and the United States.

In fact, the platform covers ads in almost all small and large cities of English speaking countries.

  • Sellers can post ads for free.
  • They earn money by selling items to interested buyers.
  • They can select the category of products or service they want to render.
  • They can add title and description, add item images, and other features that would make visitors see and click on their ads.
  • Buyers or visitors can browse products and services for free.

Giganticlist is a massive alternative to as it used for buying and selling of items and services.

However, unlike the defunct backpage, it prohibits ads that promote prostitution, child labor, and human trafficking.

Click here to check out GiganticList

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6. WallClassifieds

WallClassifieds is another popular go-to site to find and post ads about cars, pets, jobs, and other common items and services.

The website is designed in a way that makes it easy for visitors or users to navigate from one section to another, or from one page to another.

Users can click on any of the categories or subcategories to search for their preferred items or services.


place to find and post ads

You can list and search for ads free of charge.

WallClassifieds is a very good alternative to defunct Backpage. Note though that it doesn’t accept adult ads nor ads that promote prostitution and human trafficking.

This site simply makes buying and selling online and offline easy for those who have no money and those who really need money now.

Click here to check out WallClassifieds


7. ClassifiedAds       

ClassifiedAds is another popular website where classified ads are posted and browsed by visitors.

This website has a lot of sections that make it easy for users to find anything they want.

find Backpage Alternatives

ClassifiedAds displays ads under categories like Vehicles, For Rent, Pets, Items for Sale, Community, Jobs, Services, Real Estate, and Personals.

Like the defunct backpage, it is free to create and post ads. It’s also free to browse ads.

By the way, check out Swagbucks detailed review to find how you can watch and browse ads for free and also to earn from its amazing rewards programs.

ClassifiedAds is strict on the items that users can buy, sell or trade on its platform. Illegal transactions and promotions of prostitution or human trafficking are strictly forbidden.

Click here to check out ClassifiedAds


8. FindMaster

FindMaster is another popular classified ads website. You can buy and sell products or services locally through this site.

The site is designed in a way that makes it easy for users to search for whatever they are looking for.

top classified ads website

FindMaster publishes ads under categories like Multimedia, Health, Job Offers, Job search, Real Estate, Automobiles, Services, Household Products, Local Events, learning, Pets, and Community.

Sellers can use the listing button on the top right side of the screen to add a new listing on the website.

FindMaster is available in a lot of countries and you can check to start making deals based on your country.

You may also use it to find the best one-day special sale deal when you shop for items on this platform.

FindMaster is a good alternative to Backpage, especially as it is a reliable classifieds ads platform for buying, selling and for job listings.

It is free to place ads on FindMaster, but unlike Backpage, this website disallows ads that would lead to forced labor, scams, human trafficking, and so on.

Click here to check out FinderMaster


9. Bedpage

Bedpage is another alternative classified ads website. It allows users to post ads and to browse for products or services they want to buy for FREE.

This platform offers classified listings under various categories like Electronics, Furniture, Automobiles, Jobs, Clothing and lots more.

It’s definitely a good site you can use to buy and sell just about anything.

For some people, selling items on this platform would be a self-employment business idea they would like to explore.

For others, buying and selling here would be one of those hobbies that make money for them.

The site also has categories for adult and dating. The Services, Local Places, and Community categories are also worth checking out.

Bedpage is an alternative to the now defunct Backpage as it’s a client-centric alternative with a goal to provide legal offers to the users of free classified sites.

Click here to check out Bedpage


10. sounds like “” but with an “E”. It is a completely different website from

post free classified ads

Ebackpage is a platform where users post free classified ads under various categories.

The ads are also categorized under various cities around the world. This makes it also easy for users to find classifieds from a specific location.

For those looking for dog walking jobs, computer jobs, childcare jobs, online tutorial jobs and even virtual counselor jobs may find the job listings on this website very helpful. helps users to buy, sell, or trade services and products. It is a customer-oriented alternative to Backpage.

Click here to check out



As you have seen from reading this article, there are many other alternatives to Backpage Alternatives for  buying, selling, jobs and LOTS more.


Backpage Alternatives