If you want to know the best Baby Items to Sew and Sell, this article is a must-read!

It reveals the very best such baby items to make that you can sell for good money!


Why Make Baby Items to Sell?

If you are good with crafts then you may be thinking of how best to make crafts that sell.

One of the bestselling crafts categories relates to baby items. These are items or property used on babies including infants, toddlers, or kids.

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Baby items sell well in the marketplace because of their appeal to want-to-be mothers.

You can tap into your creativity to start making baby items today.

If you are not too sure of what baby items to make and sell, this is one article you will find very useful.

Some of the best baby items to make and sell are revealed in this article.


40 Best Baby Items to Sew or Make and Sell for Good Money


1. Custom Baby Blanket

A custom baby blanket is a baby item you can make and sell.

New mothers love to wrap their babies in blankets to keep them warm.

If these are beautifully made, they easily become best sellers in the marketplace.

So, if you are skillful with crocheting then you yarn and other materials to crochet a custom baby blankest.

Get creative by adding wavy stripes and decorative shell stitch and trim to make beautiful super soft and cozy blankets.

Also, make sure you crochet this in any chosen color and size.

You can let the price measure approximately 30″ x 40″.

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2. Personalized Baby Gift Set

Babies personalized gift set is a package consisting of different gift items for a baby. You can make this simple gift set without even having any skill.

All you need do is get a diaper bag and include baby items in it.

Your typical personalized baby gift set may consist of a diaper bag, tutu, bibs, onesies, and personalized baby bottles, etc.

Have the name of the baby you are gifting the bag personalized on it.

At Etsy and other handmade stores like Amazon Handmade, this is a great sell.

So, you can make good money with them.


3. Mosses Baby Natural Sweet Grass Basket

Are you gifted in basket making? If yes, then you can use your skill to make a baby basket. This is a handmade basket in which baby items can be stored.

It can also be used to pack gifts for babies that celebrating a milestone.

A very great idea is to make Mosses baby natural sweetgrass basket.

This little basket is woven with natural sweetgrass and it is designed like the biblical basket on which Moses was carried when he was born in Egypt.

You can make and sell this basket as most people with historical sense may love to identify with the significance of the basket.


4. Diaper Bag Backpack

A diaper bag backpack is a great sale online.

This pouch contains pockets where you can keep diapers. Mothers who love carrying their babies around would love to buy this backpack.

Are you skilled in bag making, then this is an item you can make and sell.

Just make sure you customize its features.

Offer different designs, sizes, and colors to appeal to the different needs of new moms.

If you use the best materials to sew and craft this backpack then you may be in for good sales.

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5. Wooden Cradle for New Moms

A cradle is a baby bed with sides and rockers. You can make a wooden cradle as a gift to an expecting or new mom.

Construct this wood project using fancy wood and other safe materials.

You can offer it in different designs, styles, sizes, and colors.

Just make sure that this project will appeal to different moms. As for a particular mom, it might her of the joy she experienced when she knew she was going to have a baby.

This baby item is a best seller on most online handicraft platforms.


6. Knotted Headband for Babies

A headband is a band worn around or over the head. It is made from fabric or textile materials.

For a mom with a baby girl, this could be a great buy since they want their baby to look good.

You can make and design this headband with different styles of knotting.

You can also use organic fabrics, nylon, silk, cotton, or other kinds of cool materials.

The sizes can differ as you make them for newborns, toddlers, and younger children.


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7. Baby Jewelry

You can make and sell different types of baby jewelry.

While you can sell personalized jewelry made of precious stones like gold, silver, diamonds, etc., you can also make and sell handcrafted jewelry made from regular materials.

Just make sure that the material is safe!

You can personalized bracelets, necklaces, bangles, etc., especially those woven or braided with different materials.

Popular baby jewelry you can make and sell include those made from nylon, cotton, bone & horn, pewter, leather, beads, etc.

To make more money, you can choose the customization and personalization option.


8. Replicated Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are stuffed toys that you can make and sell.

The original Beanie Babies are great sales but you can make a replica of these toys and make money.

You can make these babies by inserting PVC pellets or other fillings into the sewn animal-like babies.

Original Beanie Babies are made in different animal shapes, this should give you an inspiration on what you can do.

So, apply your creative skill to make these baby toys and sell them to make money.


9. Crochet Baby Headband

You can apply your crochet-making skill to make a crochet baby headband.

With your skill, you can create this headband so that it could be wrapped around the head of babies.

Crochet items including headbands are among the best-selling items in the marketplace.

You can employ lots of creativity in it and personalize the designs for moms who would be your targeted customers.

Make crochet baby headband for boys, girls, infants, or toddlers.

It would be amazing if you could offer these items with personalized names, colors, texts, and styles.

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Baby Items to Sew and Sell


10. Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake is a cake-shaped gift that’s made of diapers.

It is often given to the mom-to-be at her baby shower by one of the guests, or it may be created by the baby shower host as a centerpiece for the food table.

You can make and sell diaper cakes for good money.

The size and shape of the diaper cake will depend on the type of items used for the cake.

The common items used in making diaper cakes include diapers, extra-large rubber bands, cake base, embellishments, wrapping paper cardboard tube, a cake topper, ribbon, and so on.

The size and decoration of a diaper cake are a function of the cost and creativity you are going to put in place.

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11. Hair Bows and Clips

You can make miniature Hair and clips for babies. These items are used by mothers to adorn the beautiful hair of girl babies.

Make and sell the bows in different styles and include clips that would fasten them and add to the beauty of the hair.

When making baby bows and clips make sure they are designed with comfort.

The clip grip should be wrapped in the bow material so no metal parts are directly against the baby’s head.

Apart from personal usage, some people can use Hair Bows and clips as the perfect gift for any occasion.

A diaper cake is a do-it-yourself project and you can sell this project online.

Customize any diaper cake or any of my items to match a certain theme or color.


12. Bow Tie Bibs

A big is an apron covering the chest. It is also a napkin tied under the chin of a child while eating.

You can make bibs on with bow tie for babies. These can come in different personalized designs.

For those with baby boys, you can sell these bibs for their special occasions like baptism, page boy, birthdays, or naming.

With a variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, you can sew and make different designs.

Make a removable baby bib so you can easily wash them.

Also, it would be great to add some adjustable features so that it can hold firm to the baby.


13. Baby Quilts

A quilt is bedding made of two or more layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together.

This multi-layered textile is traditionally composed of two or more layers of fabric or fiber.

Quilts are usually made from cotton or cotton blends. They are lightweight baby clothes and perfect for summer use or as a winter topper with blankets.

You can make a quilt with a sewing machine and using different fabrics.

Baby quilts are among baby items you can make and sell.

Handmade baby quilts with different designs can appeal to many parents who use them on their babies’ bedding or as a decoration in the nursery.


Other baby items best sellers to check out include:

14. Seat Toys

15. Baby Play Mat

16. Baby Apron

17. Personalized Baby Clothing

18. Handmade Baby Shoes

19. Baby Warmers

20. Baby Carriers

21. Dolls

22. Crochet Baby Loafers

23. Receiving Blanket

24. Baby Washcloths

25. Nursing Covers

26. Nursing Pillows

27. Diaper Changing Clutches

28. Floral Name Hoop

29. Travel Change Pads

30. Bumper Pads

31. Burp Rags

32. Baby Flower Headbands

33. Animal Bibs

34. Hooded Towels

35. Headbands

36. Stuffed Animals

37. Mittens

38. Car Seat Blanket Covers

39. Play Mats

40. Crib Sheets



There are many types of baby items you can make and sell.

These items include things you can make from different materials like wood, soft metal, fabrics, textile, leather, and on.

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