Awesome Server Speed Checker Tool


Hi Kinggers,

I came across this server speed checker tool when I am monitoring a query from my tweetdeck. I feel this is a unique web tool and would like to share with the community here.

I did some quick research about it. Here is what I get from Wikipedia.


Bitcatcha features a free webmaster tool where users can speed check their web hosting server. The tool checks the server speed i.e. server response time by measuring how quickly the website server responds to a request. A rating will be given to illustrate where the website server stands against all those results.”

Why Fast Website is Important?

Google love a fast website. Google actively seek out quick websites and rank them high on their search pages. Google want to give their users answers. Fast.

So does your users, a fast website will results in better user experience. A shocking result calculated by Amazon that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6b in sales each year.

Speed does matters! We addicted to speed. We can’t get enough of it!

What’s the Unique Features?

Here are the features I’ve summarized after using it for a period of time:


Everyone loves freebie. So do I. This web tool is free to use. I even use it against my competitors.

Server response times :

It provides website response times from 8 different locations. Namely, New York, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

IP locations :

It able to resolve the DNS and find the real IP address. That tells you exactly where your server is.

Comparisons :

The results will show you how your response times measures up against 10 million other websites.

Solutions :

The website will provide solutions on how to speed up your web server. It blogs about website development, design, user experience, etc

How Does it Looks Like?

Without second thought, I’ve tested it using and the results as below:


Check out the results here. I’ve tweeted it! Wink

Here’s the response times from 8 different locations

  • US (W) — 2ms
  • US (E) — 2ms
  • London — 37ms
  • Singapore — 13ms
  • Sao Paulo — 120ms
  • Pune — 150ms
  • Sydney — 5008ms
  • Japan — 90ms

The performance is A+ ! Let’s check out what’s the results means in details.

I guess it’s time for everyone to speed up your website. Share with me if you have any tips to make a fast website!


  1. Hi Jason,
    I have never heard of this speed checker tool before now. Its features are alluring. I guess it would be wise to test them!

    The speed of a website helps to determine its performance and conversion. If Bitcatcha can really help the webmaster improve speed or loading time then it sure is an awesome tool we must never ignore!

  2. Good post. Speed is very important, no doubts. Thanks for introducing Bitcatcha. Tools like these help a lot to identify problems and profer solutions. I use other tools like Pingdom, also free.

    There’s also a powerful new tool called dareboost which does a lot of checks too and suggests exact improvements to make. When you run a test, it will provide full report, in a few seconds, and the report will contain strengths and weaknesses of a website, and benefit from step-to-step guidelines to solve detected issues. It can be accessed at for free.

  3. Hi Jason,

    It’s important to have a website that loads fast. There are nuisances of a having an opposite kind of website like it will lead to a poor user experience. Your bounce rate will grow. Page views will drop. Most important, you will lose money.

    Bitcacha is new to my ears. The features are indeed unique and it has an advantage from the other website seep checkers we can use online.

    It is also great that it provides us helpful tips and resolutions on how to speed up websites.

    All in all, this is great information we can use, Jason. Thanks for the share and the insight. Pretty sure many will it a shot.
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  4. Hello Jason,

    Thanks for sharing this tool. I didn’t previously know about it.

    I like that it’s different from other speed checkers. Other speed checkers seem to mostly check factors on the site itself but this checks website response times from 8 different locations.

    One tip to add, which is obvious, is using a CDN with servers across the world. The basic version of Cloudflare is free to use but is sufficient 🙂

  5. Hey Jason,

    Page load speed has been something uppermost in most Blogger’s minds. i.e. How quickly your webserver delivers the content that is asked for by a requesting Browser.

    Google monitors this and you can lose page rank if your web server is painfully slow in delivering you Blog post page.

    I’ve always used YSlow, it’s a plugin that is available for most major Browsers. I use Chrome and Firefox as my go to Browsers and YSlow is available for both as a free to use download.

    YSlow not only tells you the average web server, page delivery times, it also tells you exactly what’s going wrong and what you must do about this. The information delivered is really comprehensive.

    Thanks for sharing all about bitcatcha, loved the screen grabs and the explanations given. Thank you for sharing this with us on Kingged.
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  6. Hey,

    Although I have used this tool before but I couldn’t stop myself from using it once more after reading your post. According to it the speed of my website is best in US, thanks for making me remind of the tool once again. Other than this I use GTMetrix and Yslow for checking out my site speed, those tools are also very reliable.

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  7. The idea behind this project is impressive. Server response time can make or mar the success of a website.

    Therefore, it becomes necessary to speed check this awesome tool for web success.

    Bitcatcha is new to me but I love its comprehensive analysis and comparison details it has been providing us!

  8. Hi Jason,

    There are many things that could cause a website to be slow. Once any of them is identified, it becomes vital to address the situation. The use of a tool like Bitcatcha is for evaluating or checking the speed rate of the server or host. T

    his is important because slow host is one of the major causes of slow website. Once this is identified, it may be wise to consider changing a host!

  9. Hello Jason,

    Its a good thing you have introduced this speed checker tool to readers.

    I am confident that many people would take steps to start testing their server speed with this.

    At least, knowing that a website is slow would be crucial for the webmaster who will take advantage of the details to facilitate speed, SEO and growth!