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What Is AutoNational Rescue?

AutoNational Rescue is a car breakdown service.

It is located in Brentwood, Essex, from where it serves many clients in the United Kingdom.

AutoNational Rescue was founded in 1992 and since then has served more than 600,000 clients and still counting.

This company offers motoring services that are backed by Equity Red Star (ERS), a part of the UK’s most popular motor insurance company – Lloyd’s.

Since it was founded, AutoNational Rescue has been providing emergency breakdown services to clients.

The company is a member of the Road Rescue Recovery Association (RRRA) and the Association of Vehicle Operators (AVRO).


What Are the Key Features of AutoNational Rescue?

If you are interested in utilizing the services AutoNational Rescue, then you should check out the key features that stand this company out:

Roadside Cover

This is a policy that allows AutoNational Rescue to provide basic roadside recovery.

It covers roadside vehicle recovery with up to five passengers to a nearby garage within a ten-mile radius.

The benefits of this policy include a recovery up to 10 miles, emergency message service, loss of keys, Accident, Theft, and Vandalism, a full vehicle cover, and a 50% discount for any second registered car.

Roadside & Recovery Cover

This is a policy whereby AutoNational Rescue offers roadside recovery for a vehicle and transportation with up to five passengers to any UK destination of your choice.

This policy includes all the benefits of the basic or traditional coverage but also includes the transportation of your vehicle to your chosen destination.

Also, the full list of benefits that this policy features include: nationwide roadside recovery, emergency message service, loss of keys coverage, accident, theft, and vandalism coverage, full vehicle cover, and a 50% discount for a specified second car.

Total UK Cover

This policy combines the features and benefits of the basic Roadside Recovery and the Roadside & Recovery packages.

In addition, Total UK Cover also covers alternative travel arrangements and emergency accommodation to drivers and/or passengers.

It is a complete package with features that readily provides complete peace of mind to users.

So, the list of benefits associated with Total UK Cover includes nationwide roadside recovery, emergency message service, home breakdown assistant, emergency accommodation, alternative travel arrangements, and caravan or small trailer cover.

You also take advantage of the loss of keys coverage, accident, theft, and vandalism cover, full vehicle cover, and a 50% discount for a second vehicle.

So, with any of the above covers, AutoNational Rescue partners with other companies to provide drivers/car owners with personalized insurance cover for Accidents, Theft and Vandalism, loss of keys, etc.


Where Is AutoNational Rescue Available?

AutoNational Rescue is a company that is based in the United Kingdom.

So, all its vehicle rescue and recovery services are available to clients in the United Kingdom.


How Does AutoNational Rescue Works?

AutoNational Rescue is a provider of different levels of car breakdown rescue and cover.

You can join this company and take services ranging from basic emergency assistance at the roadside to a full recovery of the vehicle and the passengers.

How this company is working is that you can join to become a member.

Once you complete your application, then your recovery and rescue covers commence.


What Are the Costs of Joining AutoNational Rescue?

How much you pay for joining AutoNational Rescue is based on the type of cover you are expecting.

If you sign up for a simple roadside recovery then you may pay a fee starting from 19.50 Pounds Sterling per year.

For Roadside & Recovery, and Total UK covers, you will pay 23.50 Pounds Sterling per year and 32.50 Pounds Sterling per year respectively.



What Type of Cars Are Rescued by AutoNational Rescue?

AutoNational Rescue rescues just about any type of car or vehicle.

The service is available to a vehicle of any age.

Also, you should know that their breakdown cover is on the vehicle registered and not on the person driving.

However, AutoNational Rescue will also cover all legal drivers of the specified vehicle.


Who Uses AutoNational Rescue?

AutoNational Rescue is used by car owners or drivers who experience a breakdown on the motorway.

Also, the services provided by this company are not insurance-covered.

It is assumed that you already have motor insurance, but AutoNational Rescue helps people who mainly need a vehicle breakdown service.

And, of course, people who need a low-cost, efficient vehicle breakdown service can take advantage of the services of this company.


Why Should You Choose AutoNational Rescue?

There are lots of professional car breakdown services in the United Kingdom.

What makes AutoNational Rescue stand out? If this is what you are asking, then here are reasons to choose this company:

  • AutoNational Rescue has many years of experience in providing vehicle breakdown cover.
  • Although this company was founded in 1992, it has many years of more than 60 years of experience in providing vehicle breakdown cover.
  • AutoNational Rescue has more than 1,200 specialist recovery operators. These professionals are ready to provide you with speedy and reliable rescue and recovery help. You can always contact them to assist you when you are in need.
  • AutoNational Rescue ensures that a family car is covered regardless of who drives it during the rescue or recovery situation. So, it is the perfect car breakdown and rescue service for the family.
  • AutoNational Rescue offers you with 50% discount on any additional vehicle you register with when you join them. In other words, a second vehicle-based at the same address attracts a 50% price reduction.
  • AutoNational Rescue offers products and services that provide you and other clients with peace of mind. The rescue services provide the right level of cover for those who need it most.
  • AutoNational Rescue provides a very reliable customer support service. The team can be contacted 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • AutoNational Rescue is an award-winning car rescue and recovery company.

It has clinched many awards including the “Best Online Breakdown Cover Provider” in 2011’s edition of the Your Money Awards, organized by Your Money magazine.

  • It also came as the 3rd favorite breakdown provider in the “2009 Driver Power” survey by Auto Express magazine.


What Are the Pros and Cons of AutoNational Rescue?

Pros of AutoNational Rescue:

  • This company offers quick roadside and recovery assistance to motorists.
  • AutoNational Rescue offers members a wide range of breakdown covers and options. So, you will choose a cover that fits your needs.
  • AutoNational Rescue offers extremely competitive pricing to users. Their prices are low compare to what is obtained with the competition.
  • AutoNational Rescue has a wide network of more than 1,200 recovery operators. These are spread throughout the UK. Also, this means you can easily find a breakdown recovery operator near your location.
  • AutoNational Rescue offers a 24/7 Nationwide Roadside Rescue Assistance that is available to vehicles of any age limit.
  • AutoNational Rescue offers a 50% discount on a second vehicle of the same owner or address.
  • AutoNational Rescue’s breakdown coverage applies to any legal driver of the vehicle. So, whoever is driving the vehicle is covered as long as the driver is up to date.
  • AutoNational Rescue offers customers with “No Claims Bonus”. This is a discount on their premiums if they don’t experience a breakdown in the 12 months before signing up with the platform.


Cons of AutoNational Rescue:

  • AutoNational Rescue coverage is not free. It is paid for and members get what they want. There are three plans of Roadside (starting from £19.50), Roadside & Recovery (starting from £23.50), and Total UK (starting from £32.50)
  • AutoNational Rescue is available only to UK residents.


Is AutoNational Rescue Worth It?

AutoNational Rescue is worth checking out.

There are lots of advantages associated with this car recovery company.

The company is a legit entity and it is part of the popular Club RCIB group.

You can also benefit from other products from RCIB once you are a member of AutoNational Rescue.

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AutoNational Rescue is a legit UK-Based roadside Rescue and Recovery Company.

Motorists trust this company when it comes to roadside breakdown coverage.

The above are facts that have reviewed what you should know about AutoNational Rescue.