Many car owners would love to take advantage of the best platforms to sell their cars.

One of the best platforms that can serve that purpose for them is AutoLenders Go.

This is a company where people go to sell their cars in the United States.

There are lots of things you should know about AutoLenders Go.

This is a very helpful review about AutoLenders Go as a car buying and selling company. If you want to learn how to sell your car, you will find this article very useful.

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What Is AutoLenders Go?

AutoLenders Go is a company that prides itself on “changing the way you sell your car”.

This company is one of the largest pre-owned dealership groups on the East Coast.

This company is owned by AutoLenders – a popular large car dealership in the United States.

AutoLenders Go was established in 1990 and is based in New Jersey.

The main business of this company since it was established is to provide an avenue where people can sell their cars.

It would interest you to know that AutoLenders Go offers a unique way of buying cars different from what the regular car dealerships offer.


How AutoLenders Go Works

If you have a car to sell then you may want to know how AutoLenders Go will help you achieve that.

The following are steps that will guide you on how AutoLenders Go works.

Get an Estimate

If you have a car to sell, you can decide to use AutoLenders Go for it.

The first step you should take is to get an estimate from AutoLenders Go.

You can visit the AutoLenders Go website and hit the green button or you can call the prescribed hotline 888-335-3225 number to get an estimate for your car in seconds.

AutoLenders Go will want you to share vital information about your car before they will give you an estimate.

You are expected to provide information about the type and model car, the year of make, the mileage, and trim level.

The title of your car is also needed during this process.

If the car has maintenance and warranty documents then you also present them to facilitate the appraisal towards getting a quote.

Get Your Car Appraised

The next step towards getting an estimate from AutoLenders Go is the appraisal process.

In this process, take your car for a quick appraisal.

AutoLenders Go has seven showrooms in the United States.

Six of these showrooms are in New Jersey while one is in Pennsylvania.

You are expected to book an appointment with a certified AutoLenders Go buyer who will carry out a quick virtual appraisal.

The vehicle appraisal process is concluded based on the information about the mileage, condition, model, and desirability of the car.

Once the appraisal is concluded they make a final offer on your vehicle.

Completing Your Sale

After the appraisal process, the certified AutoLenders Go buyer will make you an offer.

If you accept the offer then you will get paid.

AutoLenders Go will take care of the necessary paperwork and make arrangements to take away the vehicle.

Also, AutoLenders Go will still buy your car even if you are still owing the mortgage.


What are the Key Features of AutoLenders Go?

The AutoLenders Go platform is suitable for people who want to sell their cars.

It operates like many other companies that buy cars from sellers.

However, AutoLenders Go has some key features that make it a stand-out platform.

These key features include:

Instant Price Calculator

On the AutoLenders Go platform, you can access and utilize the Instant Price Calculator.

This tool will enable you to get an instant estimate of the value of the car you want to sell.

Just click on the green button written “Get Instant Offer” and start utilizing this calculator.

Clicking the button will take you to a page where you can provide your license plate, state, year, manufacturer, model, series, style, and mileage.

After filling in the details, AutoLenders Go will provide you with an instant valuation of the selling price of the car.

Also, they can contact you by calling and/or text messages.

Alternatively, you can always call an expert from the company to provide you with a rough evaluation.

Free Car Pickup

AutoLenders Go can pick your car from any part of the United States.

You just need to provide them with the address details and an agent will come to pick it up.

AutoLenders Go can meet you at home, work, or wherever your vehicle is located.

Speed and Reliability

AutoLenders Go makes everything fast and easy.

You don’t spend the whole day getting an appraisal of your car.

The process will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your questions and concerns about the process are speedily treated by this company.

All paperwork is taken care of and the arrangement to take the vehicle away is made fast by AutoLenders Go.

Professional Examination Process

AutoLenders Go makes a professional examination of your car.

They have experts who can come in person to appraise your vehicle without bias.

After the examination, an offer is made to you.

Also, a professional virtual examination can be carried out if the conditions don’t suit physical appraisals.

Grace Period

AutoLenders Go offers sellers a grace period to make decisions about selling their cars.

If you have received an offer to sell your car, you are not obligated to accept the offer immediately.

AutoLenders Go allows you a grace period of three days to make a selling decision.

Also, if you need more time, you can contact them for an extension.

All-Vehicle Acceptance

AutoLenders Go can buy any type of car.

Whatever is the condition of your car, this company will make an evaluation and provide you with an offer.

So, even if your vehicle is an old clunker, you are sure to receive an offer for it.

Customer Support

AutoLenders Go has one of the best customer support services.

With a very professional sales staff and agents, your car sell needs are provided.

Also, the customer service team can be contacted at any time.


Is There a Cost Associated With AutoLenders Go?

You may be concerned as to the cost associated with using AutoLenders Go to sell your car.

Well, it would interest you to know that this company only takes a $95 management fee.

This is subtracted directly from the offer price.



Do AutoLenders Go Buy Cars With Active Loan?

With AutoLenders Go, you can still sell your car even if you have an active car loan.

This company will take care of all the paperwork concerning any car loan on the vehicle you want to sell.

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What Are the Pros of AutoLenders Go?

A lot of people choose AutoLenders Go to sell their cars in the United States.

The following are some of the advantages or pros of using AutoLenders Go.

  • AutoLenders Go offers a fair price to car owners. The appraisal is done fairly taking into consideration the information you provide.
  • AutoLenders Go has one of the best customer support teams. They offer speedy and reliable customer support and provide quick solutions to potential car sellers.
  • AutoLenders Go provides a grace period of three days for sellers to make a better decision.
  • AutoLenders Go ensures that all paperwork of the car even with a car loan is taken care of.
  • AutoLenders Go provides instant quotes or price offers to sellers.
  • AutoLenders Go picks up the car from the preferred destination of the seller.


What Are the Cons of AutoLenders Go?

Despite the many advantages or pros of using AutoLenders Go, there are still some cons.

  • AutoLenders Go charges a $95 administration fee. This may be more compared with what is charged by other similar companies.
  • AutoLenders Go does not make a steady offer. Their offers may fluctuate from time to time.


What are AutoLenders Go Tips to Sell Your Car?

AutoLenders Go allows you to sell any type of car.

Before you can successfully sell your car with this company, AutoLenders Go provides you with tips like:

  • You should have an idea of the value of your car using the Green button on their site.
  • You should consider tax savings and trade-in your car. Use your trade value to buy any car in their inventory.
  • You should prepare all the necessary documents related to your car. These would help facilitate the sale of your car.
  • The most important documents to keep at hand include maintenance records, warranty documents, documentation for any repairs, and the vehicle owner’s manual.
  • You should prepare your vehicle before selling. Clean the inside and outside.
  • Remove your personal belongings.

Although, AutoLenders Go buys a car in any condition, however, don’t forget that the condition of your car will impact its value.


Is AutoLenders Go legit?

AutoLenders Go is a legit company.

It has been around since 1990.

This company is owned by – one of the most trusted pre-owned dealerships on the East Coast of the United States.

Also, AutoLenders Go has received positive ratings from trusted platforms like and



AutoLenders Go is a company where you can sell your car.

It offers unique features that make car selling different from what obtains with other sites.

At AutoLenders Go, you will get a fair price or value for the car you want to sell.

If you accept the offer, the company sends in the appraisal team.

Once this is concluded, the company will pick up your car you get paid.