If you are interested in audio technician jobs then you definitely should know what it takes to become one.

This article tells you all about what you need to do and where to look for the best jobs that pay very well.

You will also discover that many people who do this job are paid very well based on exactly what they do and the industry they work in.

Some people embrace the audio technician job as their full career path.

Others love to do this on a part-time basis, including as extra weekend jobs.

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Whatever your interest in audio technician job is, keep reading to get a full picture of how to become one.


Who is an Audio Technician?

An audio technician is an individual who sets up, tests and maintains audio equipment. The equipment may include microphones, speakers, cables, projectors, sound mixers, recording equipment, etc.

They certainly don’t get paid to listen to songs but they get paid for making sure everything goes right.

This technician’s job is needed and useful at indoor and outdoor events like radio programs, television broadcasts, religious worship spaces, meetings, concerts, conferences, music tours, movie production locations, sporting venues, etc.

Audio technicians may work in the same environment with sound engineers who use soundboard and other audio equipment to ensure sound levels are correct and mixed well.

In some places, the job description of this individual may also include the setup of video, staging and lighting equipment.

They also don’t get paid to watch videos like others do, including those who get paid watching movies or get paid just watching Netflix.

Instead, audio technicians tend to the nuts and bolts of capturing sound for recording, broadcasting and live music applications.

The typical audio technician can work directly with a client. He or she can work under a sound engineer who handles the final mixing and artistic creative process involved with audio production.

Apart from the technical knowledge, an audio technician should have knowledge of the basics of getting high-quality sound out of different equipment.

He or she should also be able to provide solutions and deal with the challenges associated with environmental and other factors that could affect quality sound production.


What Are the Specific Duties of an Audio Technician?

Depending on the location or job description, the general duties of most audio technicians as highlighted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics include:

  • They operate, monitor, and adjust audio, video, lighting, and broadcast equipment to ensure consistent quality.
  • They set up and take down equipment for events and live performances.
  • They record speech, music, and other sounds on recording equipment or computers, sometimes using complex software.
  • They synchronize sounds and dialogue with action taking place on television or in movie productions.
  • They convert video and audio records to digital formats for editing on computers.
  • They install audio, video, and lighting equipment in hotels, offices, and schools.
  • They report any problems that arise with complex equipment and make routine repairs
  • They keep records of recordings and equipment used.

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Important Quality Traits of an Audio Technician

He or she must possess the following important qualities or traits:

Must Have Problem-solving Skills

These skills will help him or her to recognize equipment problems and to propose possible solutions to them.

In fact, the problem-solving skills are geared towards troubleshooting and solving any problems that arise.

Must Have Sound Communication Skills

The technician should be able to communicate clearly both in speech and in writing to employers, supervisors, and team members before, during and after performances or presentations.

Must Have Manual Dexterity

An audio technician should be able to employ the use of hands to good hand-eye coordination to set up, install, and maintain audio and visual equipment.


Academic/training Qualifications for an Audio Technician

To become an audio technician, you need at least a post-secondary education certificate. Passes in Math, physics and electronics may be required.

An Associate degree in audio technology or in a related field is required but not necessary, to work with some employers or in some industries.

Apart from having the basic educational background, an audio technician may receive on-the-job training to become skilled in handling and maintaining some equipment.

The training may include testing electrical equipment, setting up cables or automation system, and following all the necessary safety procedures.

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Where Does the Audio Technician Work?

He or she can work in a lot of places where there are audio engineering needs.

The most common places these technicians work include recording studios, movie production sites, radio and television studios.

These days, audio technicians work for private individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

It is not surprising that a typical audio technician would be found working in homes, schools, hotels, offices and event arenas.

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Steps to Take to Become an Audio Technician

The following are the basic steps you can take to become one:

You Should Get Formal Training

You can get trained as an audio technician by getting a certificate or diploma from trade/vocational/technical school or community colleges.

audio technician


This is required for entry-level audio technician job opportunities.

Advanced Associate and Bachelor’s degrees are helpful but not required, except for advanced jobs like sound engineering.


You May Consider Getting a Certification

You can become a certified audio technician if you choose. This can boost your profile which would be beneficial for employment and career advancement.

Getting a certification is voluntary. However, if you love the idea of becoming a certified audio technician, then you should get a certification through trade associations near you.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers and Electronics Technicians Associations are options you may consider for certifications.

But of course, you will need to pass an examination before getting the certification you want.

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Get Employed for Work Experience

Working with different types of employers and clients can give you the necessary skill and experiences that you need to advance your career.

In some places, you can join their apprenticeship or internship programs to gain on-the-job training in the related field.

Join a Trade Association

You can join a trade association in your area if you want to become an audio technician. The benefits of joining such association include:

  • Networking with other members
  • Getting up-to-date with industry news
  • Getting new job opportunities
  • Getting opportunities for career advancements, etc.

If you are considering a trade association to join, then check out the Audio Engineering Society for membership considerations.

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How Much Does an Audio Technician Earn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for broadcast and sound engineering technicians was $43,660 as of May 2018. This is equivalent to $20.99 per hour.

The report revealed that in May 2018:

  • Sound engineering technicians earned $52,390.
  • Audio and video equipment technicians earned $43,770.
  • Broadcast technicians earned $40,080.


Best Places to Find the Right Audio Technician Jobs That Pay Well

If you are looking for the right place to find audio technician jobs that Pay well, then you should check the following:

1. Search Engines

The first place you can use to find the right audio technician job is through search engines like Google.

Just enter ‘audio technician jobs that pay well” in any of the search engines and you will get instant results of the best jobs available.

Of course, available jobs based on your IP location would be displayed.

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2. Online Job Sites

There are lots of job sites where you can check for different types of jobs. You will get to find listed on them the audio technician jobs that pay very well.

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Here are some of the best job sites you should consider:


3. Zippia.com

Zippia.com claims to be a career expert. It has lists of job openings for different levels of applicants.

You can use this site to find such technician job.

On this job site, use the search bar and enter the job you want by city or state. Click the find button and the available openings would be displayed to you.

You can also check on the following as they relate to an audio technician job:

  • Career details
  • Job openings,
  • Career paths,
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Top skills
  • Top employers

The average salary for audio technician job as shared on the Zippia website is $51,813.

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4. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a job site that actively connects people to their next great opportunity. Job seekers and employers use this site to search for jobs or post jobs respectively.

ZipRecruiter helps people find meaningful employment while at the same time making it easy for employers to find and hire the right talent.

You can use the features of ZipRecruiter to find technician jobs that pay well.

You sign up on this site using your email address. Click on the ‘search jobs’ after you enter the job title or keyword, as well as the location you want to work.

ZipRecruiter allows to apply search filters which make it easy for you to get search results based on the:

  • Employment type,
  • Salary,
  • Job title,
  • Company,
  • Posting time, etc.

Click here to check out ZipRecruiter

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5. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is another well known online recruitment site. The site has been around since 1995. It has offices in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

CareerBuilder makes your job search easy.

You can use this site to find an audio technician job that pays well. The site has lots of features that include:

  • Job search
  • Uploading/Build Resume platform
  • Career development & learning guides.

The site also provides filters which allow you to find jobs based on types, date posted, and pay.

Click here to check out CareerBuilder


6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another well known job review website. It also helps users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs.

You should check out Glassdoor to find the right technician job. You can find reviews on the salaries, jobs, companies and interviews about audio technicians.

According to Glassdoor, “The national average salary for an Audio Technician is $44,796 in the United States.”

You can filter by location to see how much Glassdoor pays audio technicians in your area.

Click here to check out Glassdoor

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7. SimplyHired.com

SimplyHired.com is a popular job recruitment company. It also offers online recruitment and mobile application service. This company is based in Sunnyvale, California.

The major feature of this platform is that it aggregates job listings from other top employment websites.

So, if you are looking for the latest audio technician job that pays well, then SimplyHired could just be the right place to start.

You can enter your job title in the search bar and enter the location you want. You can also apply other filters like:

Job types, minimum salary, date added, etc.

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Other places you should consider to find the right technician jobs that pay very well include:

8. Indeed.com

9. iHireBroadcasting.com


Other Jobs That Pay Very Well

Apart from these jobs, there are other jobs that may not make as much money but can put food on the table. Below are some such jobs to consider:

Again, these jobs may not pay as much as acting jobs do, but they can help bring much needed money on a consistent basis.



As you can see from reading this article, you can become an audio technician and there are many ways to find the best jobs online, including those that pay very well.


audio technician

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