If you want to know the best assets to buy in your 20’s, this article is a must read.

It reveals a lot of tips to help 20 somethings and reveals some of the very best assets to buy and invest in.


Why Buy Assets In Your Twenties?

Why not? Especially if you can!

It can easily be argued that a person’s life as they enter into their 20’s is the decade of new beginnings.

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Some examples of those new beginnings could include marriage when that childhood or college sweetheart says yes.

Another new beginning could be that job offer that you hoped for and begins you on the employment path of career success.

Another exciting first could be when your family numbers turn from two to three as you welcome that newborn member into the family.


Importance of Buying Assets in Your 20’s

Entering into the ’20s is like building a home.

The preliminary work is the preparation of the land, and then followed by the laying of the foundation and so forth.

There needs to be a solid foundation built; a foundation that will support the further construction of that home.

It is the same idea for a 20-year-old in that a financial foundation needs to be solidly built.

Some certain financial bricks or assets need to be thought about and utilized to lay that solid foundation for your family’s financial security.

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Personal Story

As the old saying goes, “I wish that I knew then what I know now” applies to my building a financial foundation.

My 20’s found myself and my family of three serving in the U.S. Navy. There wasn’t much discretionary income but we managed.

My thoughts and actions were not in the future but the present moment.

However, I did, in a very mature moment, decide to take out a life insurance policy. The obvious question of what would happen to my family if something happened to me was the driving force.

The details were that the premium was $25 per month for a whole-life policy. I don’t recall the amount of the policy.

The point is that I thought that I didn’t need it, but it accumulated a cash value which was very beneficial in a critical moment of our lives. (I in no way endorse a whole-life insurance policy)

The point is we need to plan at the moment for moments that lie ahead of us.


11 Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s to Make Money


1: Yourself

Duh right? But it’s true!

Although, strictly speaking, an asset that you can’t technically buy is the asset of yourself.

However, even with your age being in the 20’s, it is important to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and not to deter from that strategy and discipline.

The reality is that with each passing day we all get older and continue our march towards our retirement.

Therefore, being in your 20’s it is important to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and manage emotional negatives in our lives.

One of those emotional counterproductive negatives in our lives is stress.

Consequently, the disciplines and actions taken in the ’20s will potentially carry over into the individual’s continual celebration of birthdays.

Considering yourself as an asset and taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally is a paramount value-added commitment to investing personally in you the asset.

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2: Real Estate

Some of the basic requirements of living include food, clothing, and a place that will shelter one from the elements.

These three necessities of life are paramount and required by all individuals despite their social or economic backgrounds.

Therefore, a quality investment opportunity for an individual in their 20’s is the real estate market.

Real estate money making investment opportunities can be entered into through a variety of means.

One of those ways is for the individual to accumulate enough money for the down payment of a home and make that home an investment opportunity by renting it out to other individuals.

Another optimum plan of action would be to purchase a duplex.

In this way, the young investor could live on one side of the duplex residence and rent out the other side to a tenant.

Also, if an individual does not have the needed financial resources to purchase a rental home, they could join together with other individuals and pool their resources together to make this investment opportunity a reality.

If this plan or if this option is pursued, it is important that various contracts are set up to protect everyone’s investment interests and clearly outline the roles, responsibilities, and investment shares.

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3: Retirement

It has been aptly said that the best time to start saving towards was one’s retirement was yesterday.

As an individual in their 20’s, retirement may seem a very, very distant reality that extends way beyond the present moment.

However, it is important to note that to accumulate sufficient money for one to retire, it is a process and marathon and one in which the race should be started now.

It has been estimated that for an individual to comfortably retire, they should be drawing down in savings and retirement funds.

Talking about retirement, check out the following:

Also streams of retirement income which could include 401(k), savings accounts, CDs, money markets, etc., in an amount equal to 80% of their pre-retirement salary.

Therefore, if an individual is earning $80,000 a year, to live comfortably they should be able to have a dedicated stream of revenue equal to $64,000 a year.

To accomplish this one should contribute faithfully and methodically to a retirement account.

This has to be more than just savings accounts or money market accounts which only offer an interest rate that is far below the annual cost of living.

A retirement fund should be set up through various retirement investment companies that will depend on your risk level, invest your regular contributions.

Another way to save towards one retirement is to pick low-hanging fruit.

By this, it is meant that if your company offers a 401(k) plan you should maximize the company’s match with your percentage of your salary.

Once started leave it alone and forget about it.


4: Home

As one begins to maneuver through their 20’s, several demanding influences may put the individual’s financial plans on hold.

For example, a person in their 20’s is beginning to move forward in the pursuing and developing of their career, possibly a family is being planned or is happening, and the financial demands that may be present due to the needed repayment of student loans.

All of these factors can block or detour financial investment strategies.

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Despite all of that, it is important as soon as possible to begin owning one’s own home.

This is a critical step in that the individual will not be paying rent to someone else. Paying rent does not benefit the individual or family.

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When an individual takes this critical big step in owning their home, they are taking a significant step towards accumulating assets that will lead to financial independence.

If unable to move forward on this process due to the lack of down payment, perhaps it would be beneficial to approach family members.

Perhaps they would be willing to loan you money at a lower interest rate to help you with the down payment and start your road to accumulating needful assets.


5: Index Funds

A safer and less risky way to invest that is tied to the stock market is through index funds.

Adding to the popularity of investing in index funds are the advantages of having a low fee and an uncomplicated way to invest.

In addition, investing in index funds allows for the diversification of the investment dollar.

In a nutshell, index funds are investments that are a compilation of various stocks that reflect the company and its performance in various markets.

One of the more popular markets is the S&P 500.

Index funds traditionally generate a higher return on the dollar and are fairly easy to purchase.

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Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s


6: Nest Egg

Life happens and as it does so do negative events that tend to derail our plans.

Therefore, as part of assets that are important for those in their 20’s to consider is the accumulation of a nest egg.

A nest egg is defined as an amount of money available if something catastrophic should happen.

By catastrophic, it could mean the loss of one’s job, a medical crisis, or another major financial event that can negatively impact the individual and leave them scrambling for financial resources.

It is recommended that a family have saved enough money from salary to cover three to six months of living expenses.

In other words, if the household expenses total $1,500 a monthly savings should be established with the goal being $9,000.

It is estimated that 70% of millennials live from paycheck to paycheck and can’t even cover the cost of a major car repair.

To protect your assets and to prevent the need of taking on credit card debt or some other high-interest loan, it is important to have a nest egg to fall back on and mitigate some of the negative impacts that these financial woes can bring.

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7: Stocks

A stock is a share of a company that is publicly traded. When an investor buys, say, for example, Microsoft, they buy a percentage of that company.

This investment by the investor in the company is speculating that the company will increase in value and, accordingly, so will the stocks owned.

The two ways of getting a return on one’s investment are if the stock appreciates or increases in value.

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Proportionately then your value of stocks owned increases in value. You can choose to sell those stocks and earn a profit.

Another way of earning money through the purchase of stocks is if the stock pays dividends to its shareholders. Typically, any dividends are paid every quarter.

Before buying stock, it is important to do one’s homework and research the various financials required by the company to share to determine the financial health of the company.

Also, some stockholders will speculate as to where the company will be and purchase their stocks accordingly based on any trends that may be on the horizon.

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8: Bonds

A bond in one word is a loan.

Rather than a company seeking financing from a banking institution they turn to their investors and sell bonds in exchange for capital money that they need for a variety of reasons.

Some of those reasons could include upgrading of equipment, building construction, purchase of new equipment, etc.

Therefore, if an investor purchases a bond, they get a return on that money loaned.

This interest paid by the company is based on the interest rate and the number of bonds purchased.

Payment by the company on a bond usually occurs on an annual or semiannual basis and the return of the principal is returned to the investor upon the agreed maturity date.


9: Life Insurance

Although, most individuals in their 20’s don’t often think about their mortality, an important asset to think about entering into is a life insurance policy.

A life insurance policy on those that are bringing income into the household will provide for their family and each other if something untimely happens in regards to their life.

There are many types of life insurance policies that could be considered.

One positive life insurance policy that will not only provide for a family’s need if a covered loved one dies but also will accumulate a modest financial account that could be eventually tapped into.

Whole life insurance, as long as premiums are paid, provides coverage over a person’s lifetime as opposed to term insurance which is just over a certain period and has no accumulated money.

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10: Collectibles

Another valuable component that can be a significant part of one’s assets is being the owner of an item that would be classified as a collectible.

Examples of those collectibles could include a coin collection, stamp collecting, valuable painting, sports card collection, etc.

Although this asset may seem out of reach or a non-starter for individuals, it certainly is not outside the realm of possibility.

Who knows what sorts of priceless antiques lurk in the shadows of a garage sell or estate sale?

Also, there are opportunities for individuals to invest with a collective in owning shares of collectibles. The website for more information can be found at Collectable.com.


11: Household Items

Some of the best assets to buy when starting in your life during your 20’s are the various household goods or major appliances that are purchased.

As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” It is often best to buy the highest-quality household goods as possible.

The quality of the item and various warranties will allow for these household items to operate, hopefully, beyond their life expectancy thereby minimizing additional purchases.

Consequently, by investing in these assets you are investing in reliability and minimizing expensive repairs or out of other out-of-pocket expenses.



Life in the ’20s is an exciting time. The arching banner over individuals in their 20’s could be labeled as “out of the gate” or “we’ve just begun.”

We’ve just begun can include starting careers or starting a family.

Additionally, the beginning can include the starting of accumulating assets that will help you towards the finish.

It is a journey.

Enjoy your todays but keep an eye on your tomorrows.

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