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Hello Kinggers,

The “Ask or Discuss” function on is now active.

Now you can ask any question you have or join in the discussions going on in the section.

We have got experts on board to help with answering your most pressing questions.

Whether your questions relate to Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Making Money online, SEO, etc, we have experts here who know a thing or two to help you!


These experts have HUNDREDS of years of experience, combined. They have all also obviously made millions of dollars online, combined.

Now is your chance to ask any question and one or more of them will help with expert answers, 🙂

To start a discussion post, simply click the “Ask or Discuss” button on top and post your question or discussion.

To answer questions or partake in the discussions, click here to check out the posts currently in the section.

Please note that low quality questions or discussions won’t be allowed. Our moderating team will be quick to delete low quality questions and discussions. We hope to make this section very high quality, and would love your help in achieving that.

It’s also a good idea to ask specific questions, rather than broad questions. For example, asking questions such as “How To Make Money” is too broad. A better question is “How To Make Money Online As A Writer”. An even better and more specific question is “Where To Find Paying Jobs Online As A Writer”.

We will be thanking some of our experts every now and then, with $7 to $37+ cash-back rebates, for purchasing products or services in Kingged Marketplace.

If you have any questions about this section, please ask here or privately.





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Kingsley got bitten by the "Making Money Online" bug in his early twenties, right after his University degree in Mass Communications and has never held a paid employment. He made his first 6 figures from writing ebooks and physical books. His first physical books got published in the USA and UK. Even though he has failed more times than he can remember, he has sold over a million dollars worth of products/services online. Currently in his thirties, Kingsley has spent the last 3 years focused on growing Feel free to contact him personally if you need any help here.


  1. Hi Kingsley,

    Glad to be here again!

    Nice to know that this button is live again,

    I have a doubt, i am here today via Arjay’s notification in another post regarding “Introduce Yourself page” but i am confused where to post that, please do update
    on this and make this page a must page to all Kinggers! Of course though in the profile page there is already a small intro, I think if we have a separate one it will be good and to have more interaction with each other.

    So please guide me where to post this intro thing in these columns.

    Thanks & Regards

    ~ Phil
    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Are You A Blogger Who Runs Out Of Ideas? Then This Post Is For YOU! An InfographicMy Profile

  2. Hi Kingsley and team,

    I’m a member of a number of groups and online forums and I can categorically say that what you guys are doing is totally out of this world.

    You’re making a huge impact by empowering people to grow. This is the only real forum where people answer questions sincerely, and produced great content too.

    More power to your elbow.

    Hafiz Akinde recently posted…Personal Branding For Bloggers: 10 Strategies That Actually WorkMy Profile

  3. Hi Kingsley,

    Thanks for this update – I guess this feature will be one of the biggets advantages for all of us! For me, being able to ask an expert anything I need is 100% essential.

    What are the experts you can personally highlight as the most useful for content marketers? Can you as well make any recommendations about SEO/PPC experts that are reputable and well-known within the spehere?

    I really want to start testing this feature, so any suggestions will be useful. I also thingk that it will be grat to make a separte post about this option with all guidelines.

  4. Hey Admin,

    I have noticed a small issue to be rectified soon,

    Your share buttons placed at the bottom of every post, only the twitter button is functioning

    G+ and Facebook buttons are not working.
    Please do have a look and fix it, so that your readers especially the people who wants to promote it can easily do it from the pages itself.

    Hope someone will respond to my note here.

    May be this may not be the place to mention but I am forced to write this here,

    Thanks to the Admin of Kingged

    Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards

    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Why GetResponse is a Pioneering Email Marketing Service? An All-in-one Marketing Platform!My Profile