Content marketing has profound impact on how a product is perceived. It is important that the marketer understands how content can be deployed to bring about good perception and reception.

One mistake that most marketers keep doing in content marketing is ignoring what the prospect or audience wants. The audience has a strong say on the success of the content you are presenting. This say could be voiced or implied.

If a content marketer must excel then every piece of content – ebook, blog post, social shares, video, images, infographic, etc., must focus on the audience.

One way of ensuring this is to teach with the content instead of sell with the content.

Teaching with a content means:

♦  Helping the audience to learn and understand the benefits they will enjoy with your product/service
♦  Helping the audience identify a need and provide a solution
♦  Helping people see you as an expert and trust what you are offering.

On the other hand, Selling suggests you could be:  Promoting features instead of benefits to the end user, or you could be superimposing cost (price) where value should be promoted.

When it comes to using content to promote a product, there could be a fine line between teaching and selling. Nevertheless, it is important to do more of teaching with that blog post, video, ebook, infographic, etc., than selling.

Selling should come after enough “teaching” is done. It is not surprising that most copywriters recommend the call-to-action (which is the selling part) to be positioned after the main body (which is the teaching part).

Remember, when you teach, your audience will be motivated to buy what they want! But when you sell, the audience will buy what they need!

So, what is your take, are you selling or teaching with your audience in content marketing?

Please your thoughts in the comment section.