Are You Receiving Your Blog Comments On The Right Folder?



I am so glad to be here after a bit gap of interaction, I am so glad to know the new developments here at Kingged!

So happy to know that the  Ask/Discuss column is live!

I have a doubt to ask here to the experts, since a few months we are facing a kind of trouble with blogging.

Let me make it little more clear here:

These days when we post comments on our fellow bloggers blog pages it directly goes into their spam folder and often it will not appear on their comment page! It looks like most of them do not check their spam folders, thus the comment never shows up.

Does anybody here face such problem with their blog comments? Since comments are a vital part of blogging and I always give much importance to my comments on others post as well as others comments on my pages, I do not want to waste my comments go into the pit of spam folders!

We generally inform the bloggers about our comments thru their social media or copy and paste the same comment and post to them by using their emails. These days’ people, especially bloggers do not have time even to check their emails, then where is the question of checking their spam folders!

Did anyone of you faced such situations?

Or what do you do with your comments?  I mean are your posted comments appearing in the right place on others comment pages?

Would like to get an answer to this comment trouble which we are facing!!

Or do you check your spam folders along with your email checking?

Thanks in advance for your answers

Best regards

Ann & Phil of


  1. Hi Ann,
    This is an interesting question and one that has bugged many bloggers! I will address it from my personal experience.

    First off, before leaving any comment on blog it is important to abide by the rule(s) of commenting set by the blogger. Doing this will ensure your comment get the best chance of approval.

    Comments ending on the spam folders of other bloggers are definitely not in your control – it purely depends on the receiving blogger’s comment box setting.

    After leaving comments on many blogs I usually get notice like ” your comments are awaiting moderation” or “your comment has been received and awaiting approval”, etc. With these types of auto feedback I will check again to see if my comments have been approved or not.

    If my comments don’t get approved I move on. Approval is at the discretion of the blog owners. I don’t get myself concerned if it ended up in the spam folders or not. The blogger sets the rules and if “good” comments end up in his/her spam folders then it will hurt his/her engagements.

    However, whenever I leave a comment on a blog and continuously experience captcha errors, or post errors even after observing all rules, I will contact the blogger to check the plugin or/and to address the situation!

    So Ann, personally I feel blog comments ending up the blogger’s spam folders should not be a worry to you. It should be the concern of the blogger!
    It is possible that some of your previously approved comments ended up spam folders before the blogger or moderator approved them!

    Hope this will help! Thanks
    – Sunday

  2. Hi Sunday,

    Thank you so much for the kind feedback.

    You really said everything i waited for. 🙂

    I fully agree with you that, the comments ending on the spam folders of other bloggers are definitely not in our control. Generally while commenting on other bloggers pages as you said most of the cases we get a message saying: ” your comments are awaiting moderation” or “your comment has been received and awaiting approval”, etc.

    But these days in some pages this types message never appeared, and in such cases i will copy the same comment again and post again, immediately i get a message saying: “Duplicate comment dictated…” then i make sure that the comment is already posted.

    But, Sunday, you said, … comments ending up the blogger’s spam folders should not be a worry to you. It should be the concern of the blogger!”

    I partially agree with that, because as you know very well preparing an apt comment and if that is not accepted or appeared on the page it will definitely be a worry to me the reason is, as you know for preparing or writing an apt comment is not an easy task, instead it needs a through reading etc.. when after doing all those exercises the comment is not appeared on the page definitely it leads to worry, of course, for the receiver it will surely be a worry, if its not reached in the right place and if he missed the spam page it will be a great lose to him.

    Thank you so much Sunny for the valuable insight you put into this thread.

    Keep sharing

    May you have a great and blessed weekend


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  3. Hello Ann,

    I also agree that the comments ending in the spam folders are definitely not in our control.

    I may not be an expert in this department but I have found that a lot of my comments I leave on blogs do go to their spam folder.

    I do have a GDI email address which has a .ws. perhaps this is the reason behind this.

    I think it is a good habit for all of us to get into, to take a few minutes each week and go through your spam folders just to be sure.

    After all these people find time out of their busy lives to visit and comment, the least we can do is to make sure they get accepted Right?

    Hope this helps.

    Great Question
    Chery :))
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  4. Hi Ann,

    I can tell you with my blog it’s not an issue 90% of the time. Comments approve immediately.

    However, I do get a lot of comments from people who don’t have good English grammar or are trying to leave links in comments.

    The DISQUS settings will see that and flag it every single time.

    In addition, if someone is leaving a comment and it is obvious they didn’t read the article, I will set them as spam and remove the comment.

    The goal of a comment in my view is to create value for the other readers as it relates to the topic.

    As Sunday said, sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about it. Some blogs require so many comments before they allow comments to go through without a review first.

    There are a lot of variables.

    Great question!

    ~ Don Purdum
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    • Hi Don,
      Thank you very much for your valuable time to jot few words about my question.
      Yes, i agree that Don, but the problem here is if the other person do not check for that matter even the comment folder regularly he will miss it, there are some bloggers who approve the comments even after weeks. I am sure such people will surely miss to check the spam folder too.

      I am happy to know that you and many other bloggers who regularly and systematically do this and they often care and value other opinion/feedback/comments as much value as their own content.

      I was not aware about the DISQUS settings, that sounds good. I have seen many pro bloggers use the DISQUS comment option as their comment box.
      Yes, i fully agree with you that there are few comment authors, especially the newbie bloggers, they just post some comments just for the sake of getting some backlinks, it is good to discourage them by not approving such comments, i know few bloggers they approve just for the sake of showing some comments on their page. this is not a good trend at all.

      Yes, our comments on others pages should bring out some extra value to the existing content.

      Thank you Don for your valuable insight into this note and am sure i could get value added informations by the replies i received on this note.
      I will surely make note of these informations.

      ~ Ann
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  5. Hello Ann,

    I, myself have had problems with leaving comments with bloggers who use capthcha on their blogs. I won’t leave comments on those blogs because it is too much of a hassle.

    I agree with Sunday and Chery it is not in your hands if the comment goes to spam. Bloggers should take the time and see if the comment was mistakenly placed in their spam folder and if it is they should take it out.

    However, if this keeps happening you can contact the blogger and inform them of this problem. I know I would want to know if one of my readers was having problems with anything concerning my blog so that I can immediately rectify the problem.
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  6. Hello Ann,
    I have experienced such in the past as well. The truth of the matter remains that I do contact the blog owner if I feel there is something wrong with the comments I posted. I will wait for feedback and if I don’t get any reply, I am done with commenting on the topic.

    Bloggers should be up to the task of checking out if their commenting system is working or not. A poor commenting system will hurt engagements and ultimately the conversion of a site! I agree with @sunday and @cheryschmidt on this!
    Also, I also agree with Don Purdum( @unveil) that it depends on a lot of variables!

  7. Hi Ann,
    As as commentator, if I don’t get to see my comments published, its probably at the discretion of the blogger.

    All I do is to ensure I follow the bloggers terms or rules of commenting.

    As a blogger, it is up to me to decide where my comments will be received. Of course, I don’t want spam comments and will do all things to ensure such comments are deleted.

    If good comments end up in spam folder then I should do all things possible to ensure they are posted to the right comments.

    The bottom line is that the blogger must be up and doing ensuring that comments and feedback from readers are controlled!

  8. Hi Ann,

    What a joy to see you hear with an interesting topic to discuss!

    Yes, this is one of the problems i faced in the recent past. Indeed thru the different comments appeared here i could get some valuable information and experiences of others. No doubt checking the spam folder is a must do thing along with your other activities, otherwise you miserably miss some vital information, comments etc. So it is a must to check out the spam folder too while checking the other options.

    Thanks for sharing

    Have a wonderful rest of the week

    T C


    ~ Phil
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  9. Ann:

    I use Akismet spam plugin together with email notification of comments. All comments require approval.

    I have had ZERO problems with authentic comments going to the spam folder.

    If you choose immediate publication of comments, you still (in WordPress) can require automatically that any comments with a link need approval.

    ALWAYS bookmark your comment url in a Special Folder, because you want to ping the urls of published and approved comments. (You never know when Google is going to visit or re-visit the page).

    When you bookmark the url (date it), so when you check back to see if it was approved you can look for most recent comment urls.

    You will find that some blog owners never get around to approving even the best comments. (I, myself, have been guilty of long delays in approving comments if I am not publishing new posts frequently).

    Look for some CommentLuv enabled blogs in your area of focus – and contribute your insight and knowledge.

    Best of success.
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  10. Hello Ann,

    All I can think of maybe certain words at times can trigger comments into the spam folder. Even if it’s not an actual spam comment. I don’t know how sophisticated some bloggers get with their comments. I always review them myself, then approve or disapprove of them.

    As long as the comment is on topic, I don’t even mind if they send a link back to their site. But if they’re on the site just to promote, it goes in the spam folder immediately.