Are You Leveraging the Power Of Ebook Publishing to Succeed Online?



Have you published an ebook book for your business? If not, you need to because it can lead to your business success! Yes, there is power in ebook publishing and many online entrepreneurs are leveraging on this strategy.

According to Wikipedia, an ebook is summarized as a book publication in digital form that consists of text, images or both, and readable on computers, e-readers or other electronic devices.

A quick look at a 2012 study by the Pew Research Center revealed a rising trend in e-reading, and this means that there would be rise ebook publishing.  In 2015, eMarketer projected ebooks revenue in the U.S. to exceed $4 billion above mobile games sale while embracing an increase of 3000% in the last ten years.

Many online businesses are leveraging ebook publishing for online success and it becomes essential you follow this trend.

If you still question the power of ebook publishing for online business success, here are insights into the powers you can start leveraging today.

Use your Ebook as a Lead Magnet to Grow Subscriber List

Ebooks can be used to grow email subscriber list. Visitors will give up their email address sign up easily when you offer them FREE access or download to your ebook. In other words, you are simply using the book as a lead magnet.  Websites or businesses like Hubspot, Copyblogger, and ConversionXL, are good examples of how ebooks are used as lead magnet to grow subscriber list.

Sell your Ebook Direct to Subscribers and Generate Income

If you have a huge subscriber list then you can fill your pocket by selling your book directly to your target audience. This is a popular business model adopted by successful bloggers. You will have to study the needs of your audience, write and publish an ebook to address these needs, and in exchange get paid for the solution you have proffered or the value you have offered.

Sell Ebook in Popular Ecommerce Websites to Gain Wider Exposure

Amazon is one great spot where millions of ebooks displayed for sale.  You can sell published books on this website. Also, you can take advantage of Amazon’s self-publishing platform  to publish your work free and reach millions of readers worldwide. Apart from amazon you can also sell on other ecommerce stores like Barnes and Noble , eBay, etc.

The major benefit of selling to ecommerce sites is that your book and brand will be exposed to millions of readers online compared to when you sell directly to your subscribers.

Use your Ebook to Build Long Term Brand Authority and Recognition

Ebook publishing is a great tool for building long term brand authority. You are going to get backlinks as your book is shared, quoted, and mentioned across social media and the industry. Most brand influencers have published ebooks that have helped in building their brand and marketing. So, you too should grow your brand authority and recognition by publishing an ebook today.

Conclusively, eBook publishing is still a vital marketing tool for bloggers. If you have not being using it then you should reconsider your stance. Ebook magnets lead for your offers and generate income for your pockets. You can as well utilize it as a tool for wide exposures, brand and authority recognition.

Finally, remember that the best ebooks out there offer real value to readers. If you don’t know how to write and publish, hire someone else to do it. So, are you leveraging the power of ebook publishing for business success?