Are There Signs That Indicate You Are A Bad Blogger?


Deep inside every Blogger yearns to be recognized as an authority Blogger in the Blogosphere. Secretly everyone knows that when that happens – Business Magic – always accompanies it.

Translated, it means that when one is recognized as an authority (good to great) Blogger, the Blog site begins to earn the site owner money in different ways.  Hopefully a great Blogger can live a life of (relative) freedom when compared to the 9 to 5 corporate grind.

Oh! – I say (relative) freedom, because the journey to becoming a great Blogger requires a lot of discipline and hard work. The difference is that you can do this hard work completely on your terms and specifically because you enjoy doing it. Your blog site will then deliver you a comfortable living income.

Let’s take a close look at what is a – Good Blogger.

A good Blogger is not necessarily a good writer. Writing is just a single activity.  You take an idea, then write an article around it.

Blogging is certainly not just article writing.  Blogging encompasses a ton more elements, very different from writing.  Without these elements the Blogger and Blog/site will simply fail.

Quite apart from being decent word-smiths Bloggers need to:

  • Learn to engage with and network with other bloggers
  • Master the art of online promotion, using digital marketing and social media marketing
  • Do strong brand building
  • Attract followers and subscribers – consistently
  • Have a strong business sense
  • Focus on turning pro at some point in their Blogging career
  • They must learn how to make things happen for their site visitors
  • Use time management so that they use their most productive times in a day to Blog

And so much more..

With this in mind, here are signs I’ve figured out which indicate you are not a good Blogger.

You’re not publishing great Blog posts regularly

While this may come as a surprise, I’ve met a whole lot of Bloggers who started off churning out Blog posts (of not so hot quality) twice a day for about two weeks which quickly petered off to one Blog post (not so hot quality) in two weeks.

Unfortunately if you do not publish high quality content regularly, your site visitors will soon forget about your Blog/site completely.  There is a mind boggling amount of choice available to site visitors today.  Keeping site visitors coming back for more, definitely requires publishing high quality content regularly AND knowing what is bringing the site visitors to your blog site.

Here’s a tip.  If for any reason at all you’ve not published for a while, do not publish a – Sorry I’ve not published for a while – type of post. All too often site visitors will not notice your absence unless you tell them, then anything can happen. Just get back to publishing as though nothing happened.

Your time management is actually hurting you

Time management is definitely for everyone else OR only for those who have gigantic workloads, heck no, time management is really necessary for you.

Time management can make you a ton more effective at Blogging, especially on your journey to being recognized as an authority Blogger.

A Blogger needs to do several tasks in addition to just crafting a great Blog post. Trying to keep all of these tasks in your head while creating epic Blog content and publishing is impossible.

It is a really inefficient way of ensuring that all necessary tasks, which must run in parallel with creating your Blog post, get done.

For example, writing a great Description for your Blog post in under 150 characters.  Which gets delivered to search engines by your Blogging engine (perhaps WordPress).

Creating at least three great tags for each Blog post.  Creating small snippets of content, mapped to various Blog post headlines for publishing on various social streams where you have a presence and so on are some of these tasks.

Choose some time management technique that works for you. Whether this is a simple Excel worksheet or Google calendar with all the necessary tasks documented according to their hierarchy.

Alternatively, you could purchase a sophisticated, custom built, all bells and whistles, Blogging calendar software. Bottom line, choose something and go with it.  I assure you this beats holding everything in your head hands down, every time.

You have very few or no blogging friends

When you try to make magic happen alone, it’s breathtakingly harder to achieve success.

  • Having a large friendly helpful network of fellow Bloggers is necessary because:
  • You can Email them about your awesome new Blog post
  • Participate in joint ventures with them
  • Promote each other on your social streams
  • Guest post on each other’s Blog/sites and get great exposure
  • Promote their products or services on your website to gain from affiliate income


And so much more..

Build a dependable network in your area(s) of interest and you will see some very positive things happening around your Blogsite.

You’ve never been asked for a guest Blog post

If your Blog posts are well written, and provide helpful, actionable content to your site visitor, then it’s very likely you’ve been approached to write a guest Blog post for a display on a fellow Blogger’s site. People notice great writing and always reach out with opportunities.

If you are crafting great work in a popular vertical niche, you should get offers like this every now and then. Remember to help this situation along by providing an easy way for others to get in touch with you.  Have a – Contact Me – form prominently accessible. Respond immediately whenever anyone gets in touch irrespective of how busy your day is.

Search Engine Optimization for your Blog posts is a puzzle to you

Bloggers new to the Blogosphere often consider SEO irrelevant.  Big mistake.  Good Blogging has an interwoven relationship with SEO.  Good bloggers accept this fact and go on to learn how to do this perfectly.  Honestly, what’s the point of crafting superlative content and then just not being concerned about promoting this content via search engines?

Each of your Blog posts must have standard SEO processes applied to it.  SEO processes are very simple to apply to Blog posts.  Crafting a great Meta Title, Meta Description and a few other issues is something every Blogger needs to learn about, come to terms with, and become brilliant at it.

Google provides unmatchable organic traffic.  Your Blog/site with benefit hugely if you play by the really simple rules of search engine optimization.

Your most popular articles remain a mystery to you

This is really about knowing what is drawing site visitors to your website. You really have to be intimate with they are doing on your blogsite.

If you do not know what’s popular, how will you continue to create more of it?  Isn’t it a little pointless publishing posts unless you know that what you are writing is catering to the needs of and is interesting to those visiting your Blog/site?

I’ve known too many Bloggers who add Google Analytics code to the blog site and subsequently never ever log into their GA to check out what’s happening on their blog site. Their excuse, they do not know how to read and understand the ton of free analytics that Google offers, which can be a bit overwhelming at the start.

Google has excellent training videos for just this. Put aside one solid hour each day, 7 days a week and learn from the Google video for free.  A lot of the statistics Google offers are based on plain old common sense.  Stuff that every authority Blogger must know about what’s happening on their blog site.  It’s not rocket science by a long shot.  There are several good training programs on Udemy as well as other popular online training sites, just Google for them and you’ll find a ton of free or very modestly priced online GA training sites.

Install and use free WordPress plugins like All-In-One-SEO or Yoast.  (Yoast is my favourite and what I use on my Blogsite).  These, easy to use plugins make the addition of search engine optimization processes to individual Blog posts a breeze even for the most technically challenged Blogger.

What’s happening on your site is definitely – On going – work. Check your GA stats every day, every week, every month.  Expert them to an Excel spread sheet and spend time interpreting the information.  Then create a publishing schedule for the next month that include similar, helpful, actionable, articles of interest to your site visitors.

You have no comprehensive plan for your growing your blog site

Good Bloggers are in it for the long haul. That is really the only way to becoming an authority Blogger respected in the Blogosphere.

Bad Bloggers don’t seem to understand this.  They churn out multiple Blog posts, mapped to multiple categories, without any thread that links Blog posts together, which adds measurable value to the site visitor.

As a blog site owner you must have a plan of action for growing your blog site, otherwise your success as a Blogger is pretty shaky.

Here are some things that must be included in your plan for growing your blog site.

  • A Blog post publishing schedule
  • Keywords around which appropriate Blog posts will be crafted
  • A list of blog sites where it would be great to guest post
  • A list of products you want to create
  • A list of products chosen for promotions as an affiliate
  • A list of joint venture projects and their execution schedules
  • A goal your Blog/site should achieve in 12 months time


Add the above information to an Excel spreadsheet, or M.S. Word file, so that you can keep going back and tweaking this when necessary to make your Blogging goals materialize.

I’ve just given you just a few examples, feel free to add or delete from this as your Blogging experience grows and you notice the magic that is happening on your Blog/site simply because of your systematic planning and execution.

That’s it for my list of signs that you’re not a good blogger. Feel free to comment and share your own insights.  What would you add to this list?


  1. Hi Ivan,

    Interesting article for discussion! 🙂
    Yes, I agree with the published articles regularly. I did not realize this was a few months ago. I just post without knowing it. But now, I have doing it, since I already wrote in my blog.

    Indeed, time management is needed in blogging. Write a decent article published is a difficult task for me, since English is not my native language. Not to mention promote it and commenting on other blogs, not to mention a reply to any comments on our blog. It was really hard work, I guess.

    Oh yes, I also use Yoast in my blog. 🙂

    I think, I am still not be a good blogger, but I am trying to become one. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Ivan.
    Have a great weekend!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Get Paid to Write for Break StudiosMy Profile

    • Hi Nanda,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you use Yoast. I think its the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

      As soon as I’ve created my Blog post content I create the Title, Description, Focus Keyword, keywords as well. This is for loading into Yoast.

      Always ensure when you Publish your post that the Yoast icon shows green.
      If it does not go and fix the problem areas.

      When all your Blog posts are flagged as green by Yoast, over time, your Blog posts will start getting noticed properly in search engines.

      Keep Blogging Nanda.

      All the very best always.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Can I leverage Blog Post Content?My Profile

  2. Hey Ivan,

    I enjoyed the article. I know, for me, the number one concern at this time is time management.

    With so many things going on in my life, there are times when I’m lucky to get a solid hour in front of a computer. And that solid hour may only come once every few days. That being the case, making sure that time is spent efficiently online is a must.

    It’s a great thing that cell-phones are pretty much mini-computers. I can always fit 5 or 10 minutes of work on my blog or promotion of it throughout the day.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Mark Curtis recently posted…Kifi: How to Research your Next Blog PostMy Profile

    • Hi Mark,

      Nice of you to stop by an comment. Appreciate that. Oh Yes, I believe that time management is the proper tool to get the most out of the time spent on any job, especially if you are multi tasking.

      My life is seems to be the exact opposite to yours. I spend at least 14 to 15 hours, 6 days a week in front of the computer. All my income is derived via my 15″ laptop. It has been so for the last 32+ years.

      I really take time management pretty seriously, as I am constantly multitasking.

      Mark, I agree with you Cell phones, are getting pretty darn close to laptops these days.

      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Social Media Strategy – to concentrate or to diversifyMy Profile

  3. Very well said Ivan. If I had read this a few years back, I would say I feel guilty in committing some of the indications of being a not so good blogger. But not today.

    Well, it’s very hard to maintain a status of being a good blogger specially if you are not devoting quality time for your blog because you have other regular works to do. But I believe that if you are just passionate enough with what you are doing, you will certainly be a successful blogger.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing such an eye opener article Ivan. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
    Dennis Seymour recently posted…7 Actionable Search Engine Optimization Strategies You Can Do TodayMy Profile

  4. Hi Ivan

    This is very informative article and it clearly states that I am a bad blogger. The points you raised in this article are helpful and they make people like me realize what mistakes we do in blogging.

    Not only this this article also inspires to get much better in blogging and work hard for it as it is not so easy.

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring article.

  5. It’s fun reading your article.

    There are obvious signs that show you are a bad blogger. We know what a good blogger is. This article of yours, Ivan helps readers to recognize if they are lacking or missing something. They can identify if their efforts are enough.

    Additionally, contact me form is significant if you are doing well in your blogging. Yes, there is a possibility that bloggers will ask you for a guest post, so always take action. It is your chance to be highlighted and be known.

    Lastly, comprehensive plan for your growing blog site is obligatory. Expanding your blog site is a very smart and great plan that bloggers have.
    Metz recently posted…All Hail The King! ReviewedMy Profile

  6. Hi Ivan,
    Great post indeed 🙂
    According to me, I don’t think the blogger who earns a lot from his blog is successful but he will be the successful blogger who can satisfy his reader by writing good and useful posts.
    Yes, agree with your points that he will be very bad blogger who can not get even one guest post on his blog or having no or only a few blogger friends. If you have not a good relationship with your fellow blogger then you are not a good blogger.
    A good blogger has a good relationship with his fellow bloggers and has a vast knowledge of his niche so he will be able to solve any query of his readers.

    Thanks for sharing such a great article 🙂

    Naveen Kumar recently posted…Review: Grammarly- Online Proofreading and Plagiarism CheckerMy Profile

    • Hi David,

      True, not every Blog needs SEO to fulfil its mission.

      That said, using YOAST and paying attention to a couple small SEO issues, is really part of a great Blogging strategy.

      YOAST, makes on page SEO really simple for even the most inexperienced Blogger. Getting a green signal from YOAST, does help in gradually building up your site ranking in Google and other search engines.

      This in turn gets your site noticed by seekers of information.

      When marketing your site on the Internet, every little focused effort counts, in driving traffic to your site.

      Thanks for commenting David. Its always a pleasure to read and learn from experienced Bloggers as you.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2015My Profile

  7. Hey Ivan,
    The best way to define a thing is to describe what it is not. These signs simply describe what a good blogger is not. I agree with the ideas. Blogging should be a serious commitment and this is why the blogger must do all that is required to achieve success.

    Regular creation and sharing of epic posts, constant connection with other bloggers, proper time management, and frequent honing of skills to take blog to the next level etc are signs that show that one is a good blogger!
    Sunday William recently posted…When would I start Making Money From Blogging?My Profile

    • Hi Sunday,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yup, understanding what you should not do is a great way of knowing what you must do. Its a bit of a left handed approach but it works for me.

      Any Blogger who earns a decent income via their site – Knows – that Blogging is a serious commitment. This of course is true for any income stream.

      I completely agree with all the signs you’ve mentioned that point to a great Blogger. A great comment Sunday. Thanks.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2015My Profile

  8. Hey Ivan,

    You’ve listed some good solid points here. Some people don’t like to take the time plan the things you mention, but spending some time on the back office tasks will definitely help with the shop front.

    Once you have Standard Operating procedures in place you can follow them for each post and tick them off accordingly. Only by doing this will you become consistent in producing quality content.

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone Ivan.
    – David
    David Hartshorne recently posted…World Backup Day – Backup Your Data Today!My Profile

  9. Ivan you created a really awesome post. All of the things you listed are certainly traits that need to be improved regularly. I thought the coolest part was “Your most popular articles remain a mystery to you”. You gotta know your best work so you can promote it regularly.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful article.
    Justin Temple recently posted…10 Proven Tips On How To Make Your Content Go Viral On The Internet. [Infographic]My Profile

  10. Hello Ivan,

    Awesome points throughout the article!

    You mapped right about being a good blogger. The money is not important to become a successful blogger but to become an authority in your niche/field/industry.

    Blogging about every single thing on the blog just wastes up all of the energy and ability to become a good blogger. One has to choose and stick to just one thing and being one leads far into the fame.

    ~ Adeel
    Adeel Sami recently posted…4 Shops Revealed a Blog Lesson on Me for YouMy Profile

  11. Hey Ivan,

    I have to say that you listed some valid points here about the difference between a good blogger and a bad blogger.

    When you mentioned the one about guest posting I had to look at myself LOL.. last year I wasn’t getting any guest posting opportunity so I thought I made it a point to put myself out there for these opportunities. So far I wrote one and I got 2 upcoming ones which is great.

    Time management kills me, but I make due. If you’re serious blogger then you’ll make the time to focus on your blog. This is what you call passion, and the way I do different tasks in batches each day really helps.

    I use to be one that didn’t check Google Analytics in the past. First I didn’t understand it and when I started to understand it more, I was afraid to look at my stats LOL… but I forced myself to understand and check on the stats. It took a while, but now I’m use to it. I check it just about everyday now!

    This was definitely a great share, and this would be a great guideline for newbies!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…7 Ways You Can Benefit From Your CompetitionMy Profile

  12. Hi Sherman,

    I’m so glad that you found my Blog post useful. That is such a nice validation. Thanks heaps.

    I used to be so much like you really. I started off not understanding GA in anyway. Then I found the free Google training videos on how to get the most out of GA and GWMTools.

    I plodded through them all. Went back to GA and got the fright of my life when I figure out just how badly my site was doing.

    You’ve touched a chord in me, brought back so many memories some good, some great and some Oh! boy how did that happen type :-).

    Well like you I learned, found a couple of mentors, joined a few training programs some great some rip-offs. Today I’m really happy Blogging.

    Seems like we all have similar growth stories, Sherman.

    BTW, if you’d like to guest post on my Blog, please feel very welcome.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2015My Profile

  13. Thanks for nice post

    I remember when I started blogging in 2005 or the time when adsense program from google was booming, everyone around the world suddenly wanted to become a blogger, including me.

    I also remember I had a lot of friends website list on my website for “exchange links” , now in 2015, I just check those links, sadly over 90% “friends links” are dead, their websites can’t be accessed anymore or domains are for sale.

    The moral story is : you need passion to being a bloggers.

    • Hi Amri,

      Oh Yes!

      Take away passion and you’ll soon perish as a Blogger.

      That said, I discovered (personally) that passion alone does not quite do it. Passion flares and sometimes dies down as well.

      I found I needed, eternal curiosity, that led to domain knowledge, great English i.e. Grammar and Spellings, and the time to read a lot of other Blog posts.

      For me actually – Eternal curiosity – has been the driver.

      Thanks for the comment Amri. Have a great weekend before you.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Do You Expect A Shake Up In Digital Marketing Strategies In 2015?My Profile

  14. Hey Ivan,

    I am late to the party here, but better late than never, right? 🙂

    This is a very well written unique post. Thanks for writing your first unique post on It certainly addressed very important points that can help bloggers achieve success, if they admit their mistakes of being bad bloggers, and work towards getting better.

    And therein lies one big problem that affects just about everyone, bloggers and non-bloggers alike – refusing to admit our mistakes, even when they are obvious. And even worse than that are those who justify these mistakes, not just to others but to themselves, over and over again. That’s why they are condemned to continue repeating such mistakes.

    It’s now nearly 3 years of running and I have been seen lots of bloggers come and go. And from what I can see, nearly all those who have quit are indeed guilty of most of the signs you talked about in this post. So, you definitely hit the bull’s-eye with the points in this post!

    For those who read this and see themselves guilty of these signs, that’s a good thing. It just means they have made mistakes and can fix such mistakes. And no, it’s not such a bad thing to make mistakes. We all make mistakes and that’s what makes us better.

    And for those who still think making mistakes is that bad, read the following quote reply to someone scared of making a mistake:

    “But what if I make a mistake?’ Will asked.

    Gilan threw back his head and laughed. ‘A mistake? One mistake? You should be so lucky. You’ll make dozens! I made four or five on my first day alone! Of course you’ll make mistakes. Just don’t make any of them twice. If you do mess things up, don’t try to hide it. Don’t try to rationalize it. Recognize it and admit it and learn from it. We never stop learning, none of us.”
    – John Flanagan, Erak’s Ransom

    See? It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to be a bad blogger because of our mistakes. But to keep making the same mistakes… and to remain a bad blogger… and to justify the mistakes… that’s the problem!

    Thankfully this awesome post has illustrated some of the mistakes that bloggers should watch out for. And like advised in the quote above, if we see ourselves making these mistakes, we shouldn’t “try to rationalize them… we should recognize, admit and learn from them, 🙂

    Thanks again, Ivan, for writing this. I enjoyed and learned from it. I can see lots of others did too!

    admin recently posted…Get Paid $60 – $600+ To Put Widget On Your BlogMy Profile

    • Oh Wow!,

      I’m honoured Kingsley. Never expected to read a comment from you. Thank you, you’ve made me really happy.

      I completely agree. One of the toughest things I learned to do in my life was to admit publicly and privately that I was wrong, apologising came a close second. I think one without the other is like love without marriage (I’m old fashioned like that).

      These were the values that my parents gave me really. When they were wrong they admitted it and said they were sorry, so I guess I picked it up in my formative years.

      Today, as and Entrepreneur and as a professor teaching MBAs I often deal with fragile (often gross) egos and have learned the art of gently getting them to understand the enormous value of humility. I win some and I lose some but I always try.

      I’m happy that you agree with the points raised in my Blog post Kingsley, I’ve actually learned a lot from other Blogger’s posts and people commenting on my posts.

      I respect your approach to making mistakes. Mistakes help keep me firmly grounded. They always remind me I’m human. Strangely, mistakes have made me a better person in many different ways.

      You quote is perfect.

      My greatest learning is contained in your quote:
      Never make the same mistake twice.

      My dad used to say, if the same person fools you twice – Shame on you. I never understood that in my early days. I find it a truism, worth living by today.

      I also learned that humans, (who are not the only species on this planet to learn from mistakes) can get educated quickly from mistakes. All that’s needed is an open mind and the ability to shift through criticism to find what’s constructive and what’s not.

      Truthfully, I’d believe a life without mistakes is a life without risk taking and by projection bland as milk.

      Thanks for stopping by Kingsley and commenting, it was a great comment.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2015My Profile

    • Hey Kingsley,

      A bit late for me to comment here, but i am back for good this time. Sorry for being away for so long. Had to get my life stabilized. 🙂

      Like you pointed out, most bloggers come and go… but i came back!

      However, would you really call me a blogger if i never really wrote for myself? I never built an identity for myself, whatever i have now is built purely on instinct.

      So, would you really call me a blogger if i never wrote for myself? 🙂

      Piyush Mathur recently posted…No More Surprises! FLAT FEE Legal and Documentation Services in Real Estate.My Profile

  15. I always thought blogging was too difficult as a business model. You showed that is true because most so-called bloggers are bad bloggers, from what you said here. Other business models like affiliate marketing seem much better. Writing all the time can be depressing for most, but not much writing is needed in affiliate marketing or others, unlike blogging.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Whatever works best for you.

      That said, even affiliate marketing websites need to have fresh content to keep search engines interested in then and serving up their pages to information seekers.

      The affiliate marketing sites that are doing really well almost always have a Blog, where the site owner delivers value add, posts to the site visitors, which is what brings them back.

      Then affiliate Ad click throughs happens and earnings happen.

      Having said that actually writing your own Blog post content is not the only way to go.

      You can offer intelligently curated content from other sites, there are some excellent WordPress plugin’s which do exactly that. Regretfully they are not free.

      You can hire a good content creator, they are not inexpensive, but a great workperson is always worth their wage.

      Have a pleasant weekend ahead Kevin. Thanks for stopping by.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Can I leverage Blog Post Content?My Profile

      • I just noticed your reply to my comment. Thanks for replying. You made a good point about not writing your own blog post content all the time. Curating a collection of good content is a smart idea that some bloggers are using now. Good idea. Thanks.

  16. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree with you in many points, and I must admit that I’m a somehow bad blogger according to two of these points.

    1) Your time management is actually hurting you

    Time management is a big mess for me. Sometimes I just don’t know how to manage my working day. I can forget about some micro tasks when focusing on some important and time consuming stuff. Or vice versa – sometimes I focus on these micro tasks and at the end on my working day I’m like “oh my gosh, I forgot about that one single task task I had to complete”.

    My colleagues told me to learn more about time management, and I’m making some progress, but still it’s not enough. There’s definitely something wrong with me 😀

    2) You’ve never been asked for a guest Blog post

    I’m new to guest blogging, and at this moment I have only one guest post published and a couple of guest blogging opportunities in the nearest future. But the thing is that I was never ASKED for a guest post. If some day someone will reach out to me to ask for a guest post, it will be the best day of my life, really)

    In general, there are many things pointing that you are a bad blogger. I really enjoyed reading this post by Jon Morrow.

    It hurts to read it, but you keep reading. You just can’t help it. A must-read for every blogger who wants to be great.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Tim,

      Real pleasure to see you here.

      Time Management – Ah the stories I’ve heard, for example – The busiest people always have time on hand, they get the most done in a day.

      I used to ponder about that until I learned all about – delegation
      (Unfortunately you have to have someone to delegate to) – Just kidding :-).

      I use a simple XL sheet in which I list all the tasks I have to complete – datewise. Every morning I look at the sheet and take on the 5 easiest tasks to complete and finish them off. Then the next 5 tasks and so on. When I mark the tasks DONE there’s a feeling of achievement for that day. Its a great feeling.

      Then there’s delegation – did I mention that. Whoops!! I did.

      BTW, I’d accept a guest post from you in a jiffy, if you’d be kind enough to write one for me.

      Ah!! now that I’ve made your day, I’m coming across for a chilled beer to celebrate – You’re buying :-).
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Can I leverage Blog Post Content?My Profile

  17. Hi Ivan,

    Funny, I just joined Kingged and here I found an article that I wrote a similiar story on not too long ago. You’re absolutely write about what makes a good blogger. The one thing that sticks out to me is that you must be in it for the long haul for sure. All of your points are valid and valuable and this is a great post for those learning what is needed to be a good blogger.

    Great job.

    Barbara Charles

    • Hi Lynn,

      Getting rejected has been a way of life for me for quite sometime really.

      I don’t believe that there’s any Blogger who has not been rejected at some time in their lives.

      So – Smile – join the club, membership is free.

      Truthfully, till date its a 50:50 chance that I’ll get a polite refusal or simply silence but that does not stop me asking.

      Here’s a suggestion:

      Ask me if you can publish a Guest Post on my Blog, I promise I will accept.

      Hope this helps.

      Have a great day ahead.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…9 Optimization Tips For Social Media MarketingMy Profile

  18. Thanks for this post it represents what many bloggers do not want to admit or hear.It is true one can be a bad blogger,i can personally say i am not a good blogger so it is hard for me to admit that i am a bad blogger.Blogging is a learning process that you only get better with time.I have had my posts rejected which means i am not a good blogger BUT I AM WORKING TOWARDS GOOD OR EVEN GREATNESS.
    Angela Ayako recently posted…Complaints By LDS(Latter Day Saints) members In Kenya Over Church Leadership.My Profile

    • Hi Angela,

      Your’s is an inspirational reply. It lifted my spirits when I read it.

      Thank you.

      Blogging is a learning process.

      All learning processes hurt a bit, much like falling of a bicycle and getting your knees and elbows scraped then . . . being able to ride like the wind.

      I’m always ready to admit I’m a bad Blogger, if the critique I receive is valid.

      This has never bothered me till date.

      Useless critique does not even register.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Guest Blog PostsMy Profile

  19. Hello Ivan, What a great post on being a bad blogger. You have pointed out a lot of valid points, now if you are reading this and do fall victim to a few of these categories all I can say is to take note and fix it.

    Of course we all have busy lives but if you truly want to become a success online you do need to stay focused and do something every single day that aligns with your goals.

    I have taken a whole page of notes from this one.. Thanks for sharing… Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…4 Tips To Help Develop Better Work Habits For Online SuccessMy Profile

  20. Hi Chery,

    I’m really happy that you found the Blog post helpful. You said it, of course we all leads busy lives, never a doubt about that.

    That said, if we do not do something each day that aligns with our goals what are we really busy about? :-))

    Have a great day ahead Chery, thanks so much for leaving your comment.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Write A Blog Post QuicklyMy Profile

  21. Hi there Ivan,

    I enjoyed reading this post. You were truthful in all you wrote. The truth is bitter but helpful to anyone who embraces and desires to learn from it.

    It does take a lot to be a good blogger, much more than any one blogger will ever master. But knowing what makes a bad blogger is easier as that’s not too hard to fix.

    Thanks for sharing this, 🙂

  22. Hi Ivan!

    I liked your work here, you made a good checklist for bloggers trying to improve themselves. I can’t agree with you more that networking with other plays the strongest role in making your work popular.

    I suppose its the age old formula? You can never really have enough friends, more the merrier 🙂 especially blogging friends with great mind like yours who is ready to give out his experience for free. 🙂

    People need such support! Thanks for being here for everyone 🙂

    Piyush Mathur recently posted…7 Signs of a Smart Broker Free Home BuyerMy Profile

  23. Hi Ivan, I can never agree less with all you have mentioned in this wonderful post. No blogger can say he or she is hundred percent a great blogger. I personally have my own share of guilt.

    To be a great blogger, you must never walk and work alone in the blogging world. Working alone will slow you down and affect your blog growth. No matter how good you are, there is always a blogging block. This is where taking of guest post is very important. Relationship is the number one rule of blogging.

    Also like you said in the post planning is very important. If you don’t have a plan as a blogger, you wont know where you are heading to and every path will seem like a way to where you think you are going.

    Ivan you have said it all in the post. And I really thank you for this great post.
    Adegoke Ajayi recently posted…Traffic Methods – How to Build a Buyers ListMy Profile

    • Hello Rey,

      Welcome to Kingged, but please refrain from such “generic” comments.We flagged this as a spam comment as it wasn’t particularly related to, nor relevant to this post. More so, it doesn’t add anything of value to the post.

      Future comments like this will likely get deleted and you tagged a spammer. Being tagged a spammer would mean all your comments and posts won’t get published.

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      • lol, Ok I guess I have to work on my commenting as well as my blogging. Does every comment have to be insightful and add value to the post? There were tips in there that I liked so I thought it was ok to thank the poster, like a thank you in a regular conversation.

        thanks, still learning


        • Hey Rey,

          Thanks for responding to Arjay’s comment and for taking this in the light it was intended.

          Unless you are new to blogging you know such generic comments are synonymous with spammers. We have got tons of such comments over the years and now associate them with spammers. That’s why making such comments automatically puts you in the same category as the spammers. But as you can see, instead of just deleting your comment and maybe banning you from Kingged, the moderators pointed this out to you, so you can prevent making the same mistake in future comments, 😉

          >> Does every comment have to be insightful and add value to the post?

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  24. Hi Ivan,
    I became a fan of you. You are such a great writer who writes with great patient and expertise. As a good news, I started scheduling blog post from today. In starting, every blogger does the posting in an irrespective manner. I have not had any plan yet, but now I am determined to do planning because I love to blogging and willing to make a career in the same field.

    You have shared almost all the traits of a good and bad bloggers. I will try to be a good one. Thanks for your guidance.
    Nikhil Kumar Saini recently posted…An Exclusive Seo Video tutorial for Beginners to Gain TrafficMy Profile

    • Hey Nikhil,

      Awesome. When I read determination like your’s it definitely gives me a lift.

      Keep your shoulder to the wheel. There is nothing like doing what you enjoy and getting paid for it as well.

      Thanks so much for your kind words, really appreciate them.