15 Best Apps That Pay You Money Without You Doing Much Work


It’s no longer news that you there are apps that pay you money, but it’s not always easy to find the best ones.

apps that pay you money

This article shows you the best ones that not only pay you money but actually pay you money without you doing too much work.

There are indeed many apps smartphone apps out there that you can download.

Some of these can pay and make you money for different things you do, including those apps that pay you to lose weight.

While some require a lot of work to get paid at all, there are others that allow you to make money without doing much work.

Which of these would you prefer?

Of course, you would prefer the latter category.

After all, who doesn’t like the idea of earning money faster and with greater ease?

Certainly not me!

I am sure you are like me and you would like to download apps that not only pay you but without too much work.


A word of caution though, before you check out these apps…

If you are someone who is concerned about privacy, you should read the terms of condition and privacy policy of any app before downloading.

Whether you are using iOS or Android, it’s important to know what permission you are granting any app, before you download and use it.

With that out of the way, below are some of the best smartphone apps that will pay you money and help you make money online without doing much work:


Apps That Pay You #1 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular Get-Paid-To or GPT websites. It rewards members for completing various tasks like taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, shopping, searching the web, and completing offers, etc.

apps that pay you

You can install their app and start using it to get paid.

Their app can be used to make money online by taking simple surveys that only last a few minutes. You will earn “swag bucks” or SBs for every task you complete or for every activity you conclude.

SBs are points and 1 SB is worth approximately 1 cent. Using the SwagBucks app to get paid online is real, fast and easy.

You have to earn at least $25 in your account to cash out with this app.

Payment is by PayPal, check or gift cards from popular stores.

Click here to sign up to Swagbucks and start earning today.


Apps That Pay You #2CashCrate

The CashCrate app is another genuine way to get paid online by completing various tasks.

These tasks include taking surveys, completing offers like trying new products, referral friends, shopping from your favorite sites, socializing and playing games.

With this app you don’t have to do much work to earn. The surveys are simple and the tasks are easy. You earn points for every task you complete and the points can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

You can cash out when you reach a minimum of $20 in your account. Payments are made once a month.

You get your money by Check, Direct Deposit, Dwolla or PayPal.

Of course you won’t make a lot of money or even get rich with this or other apps but the extra cash or even free gift cards you get from using it can help pay for some of your other expenses.

This and other apps can even help you if you are one of those who want to earn extra cash working on weekends.


Apps That Pay You #3App Nana  

App Nana is one of the unique smartphone apps you can install to make money online without doing much work.

install apps and get paid

All you need do is install and use the app to download and test other apps and also play games.

The apps you try with AppNana are mostly new apps or apps that the developers want to promote in the market.

For each activity you do with AppNana you earn “nanas” or points. Nanas can be exchanged for Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and free Xbox gift cards.

Members has earned over $10 Million in Gift Card Credits.

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Apps That Pay You Money #4 – Surveys on the Go (SOTG)

Surveys on The Go (SOTG) is another app that will make you money easily without you doing much work.

It is a mobile research tool that pays users for sharing their opinions on various topics. Your opinions are eventually used for market and product research and development.

The topics range in different categories like politics, business, technology, sports, news, etc. You get paid to take simple, quick surveys on different topics from your phone.

After downloading this app, you will be provided with a survey that determines your demographic. You will be notified of new surveys via  email.

Surveys are shared twice a week and you will be paid when your account reaches $10. You can cash out via PayPal.

On the average, each survey pays $1 while the demographic survey you complete while signing up pays you $0.50.

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Apps That Pay You Money #5Smart Panel

Smart Panel is another genuine app you can download to your smartphone and anonymously share your user data to get paid.

genuine app that pay you

This app tracks your phone use habits and the data is used by researchers to improve apps, websites, products, and technology services.

All of the data collected when you install this app to your mobile device is secured, encrypted and protected.

Talking about data, do you know you can get paid doing data entry jobs from home? It doesn’t require much experience and might even work for you, if you are interested.

As for Smart Panel app, it rewards you with $5 for just downloading it.

It’s just like getting free money, if you think about it.

If the app is left to run in the background of your device for one month, you will earn additional $5.

After 6 months, you will earn $10, and three months after you will be earn $15.

Smart Panel rewards can be redeemed via PayPal cash or Amazon Gift cards. You can also take simple surveys from their site and make some extra easy money.

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Apps That Pay You Real Money #6Viggle  

You can now get paid without doing much work by using the Viggle App. This is an app that pays you to watch TV/Video and listen to music.

You earn perk points by doing check-ins and for actually watching different TV shows, ads, and videos. Your points can be exchanged for gift cards from stores like Amazon, Chili’s, Lowes, Best Buy, or for cash.

The points you earn can make you up to $20 to $30 a month for doing very little work. The more points you accumulate the more gift cards or cash you earn.

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7 – ShopTracker

The Shop Tracker app rewards you to share the details of your Amazon purchases. You can install this app to make money without doing too much.

install this app to make money

You earn points for allowing this app to run in the background of your phone. After downloading and installing this app, you would be asked to share some information about the purchases you made on Amazon.

The app demands that you sync at least 1 Amazon account and at least 1 month purchase history with this app. Only 3 accounts per household are allowed.

As you sign-up, you will get bonus points. Plus, when you answer a short survey and allow this app to run for some time on your device, you get more points.

Your points can be redeemed for gift cards, donations to charity and much more.


8 – Postmates

Postmates app is another app that can make you money without doing too much. It is useful for delivering food, drinks and other products to customers.

If you sign up with this app, you can use your car, bike, scooter, etc to deliver products from restaurants or stores. With this app you can deliver products and make money when and how you want.

On average, you can get paid more than $20 per hour using the Postmates app. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

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9 – Shopkick  

Shopkick is an app that rewards you with ‘kicks’ or points for shopping at your favorite stores.

app that rewards you and pay you

You simply make purchases on qualifying items in the store and then scan and submit photos of your receipt.  You also can link your credit or debit card to the qualifying items.

Your ‘kicks’ can be exchanged for gift cards from your favorite stores. You can also earn rewards with Shopkick if you use its mobile feature to shop and watch videos.

Yes, this app can also make you money from just watching videos.


10 – InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another very popular app that will help you make money online without doing much work. You can use the app search engine to search the web and get paid.

Other ways of easily earning money with this app are by reading emails, using coupons, playing games, answering short surveys, and getting cashback on your purchases.

Yes, you can get paid to play games with this app.

To earn with the search feature, you have to use the toolbar to make your searches.

You also get $5 as sign-up bonus. If you reached a threshold of $30, you can cash out using a Visa Cash Card or by check.

Click here to join InboxDollars for FREE

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11 – Mobee

Mobee is another app that will reward you with points for completing missions near you. You can choose a simple mission to complete at a nearby store, record your answer and submit the mission once you arrived at the store.

shopping app that will pay you

Your report would be reviewed and you earn points for a successful mission. In other words, Mobee is a mystery shopping app that will pay you to complete tasks that involve posing as an undercover buyer.

Your points can be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards. You also earn points by referring friends.


12 – Rewardable  

Rewardable is another app that will help you make money online without you doing too much work. It is a reward app that pays you to shop and give simple feedback.

You just have to download the app and click the “Complete Now” button to begin a task. When you complete the task, you will earn cash.

The tasks include collecting data such as providing feedback on products, services and stores.  You also could collect data by taking photographs of a promotion in a store, recording the wait time at restaurant, taking note of how products are arranged in the stores, etc..

You can do as many simple tasks as you like and as you complete them, you will get access to higher paying tasks. These tasks will only take 5 to 15 minutes of your time and you can earn up to $20 per task.

You would be provided with bonuses if you share your details on social media. You can cash out via PayPal when you reach a minimum of $10.

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13 – Bookscouter

Bookscouter is a website that allows you to make money by selling your old textbooks. You can do this without doing too much work.

use this app to sell your old textbooks

All you have to do is use their app to find how much the book is worth using the ISBN. It will help you find suitable buyers.

You don’t have to worry about shipping because if you agree with a price from a potential buyer, a prepaid envelope will be sent so you can ship the book for free.

Bookscouter helps you to find the best paying buyback companies. You can use its features to buy and sell old textbooks for  as much as you want. You can ask your money be sent by PayPal.


14 – Acorn  

Acorn is one of the top investment apps out there that many people are using to really get paid.

It’s an app that pays you money without you having to go through much stress. You can use this app to invest your spare change automatically.

Whenever you make a purchase, your spare change is rounded up to the nearest dollar and invested automatically by Acorn. Your cash can be invested across 7,000 stocks and bonds.

There are no minimums on the amount you can invest and there are no trade fees. You have to pay $1 a month once you start investing.


15 – QuickThoughts  

QuickThoughts is another app that rewards you for taking simple surveys and also for completing simple activities in locations near you. You are provided with paid surveys that will give you the opportunity to improve the products and services you already enjoy.

Once you download and sign up with QuickThoughts, you will be provided with simple surveys on a variety of topics.

Each survey can earn you up to $3 and when you reach a $10 threshold, you can then request cash out via Amazon gift cards.


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