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    Any marketer would know that their best efforts should never skip today’s workforce generation—the millennials. With millennials composing 1/3 of the Philippines’ population, it’s only valid that marketers and […]

    • Hey Apple Pineda,
      Its cool you have elaborated on different ways to effectively engage the millennials.

      This group is tech savvy and engaging then with mobile and social technology is a wise decision.

      The millennials are the latest customers we have around and I agree with you that they have the potential to boost the economy with their purchasing power.

      The more value we present to this group, the more interested they will get in purchasing from ecommerce.

    • Hello Apple Pineda,
      For every ecommerce business, there is need to identify who the millennials are and embrace them. The tips you highlighted are in order. Ensuring that this group shop easy and that they get value with each purchase should be the priority of every business.

      I completely agree with you that providing a purchasing journey that’s clear, fast, and easy for the millennials is perfect for dealing with their needs!

    • Indeed, these ar ecommerce lessons that marketers can apply to engage the millennials successfully.

      Millennials need good reasons to be engaged and these should be made easy, simply and valuable.

      As ecommerce business, offering value and ensuring that mobile usage and social proofs are encouraged!

    • Hey, Nice post indeed.
      When it comes to e-Commerce, customer satisfaction and Social appearance matters a lot. We need to get in touch with customer through emails, Phone Calls, SMS, and Social media Chanel. This will help e-commerce marketer to increase the sale as well as leads.
      Reward system is also a handy way to attract more customers.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • These are some great ways to keep the millennial customers engaged. Making it fast and easy to do things are one of the best ways to keep them engaged. We now live in a world where convenience is everywhere and people love it. When things even go a couple seconds to slow, that could be a turn off for people. We are now an impatient society and things need to be fast. Offering constant give-a-ways are a great way to keep them engaged as well, but the right things must be given away. Great post!

    • One of the most exciting areas of engaging millennial is to offer social proof for them.

      With the popularity of smart phones and social media networks, most millennials will embrace social proof from fellow customers, experts, celebrities, and friends.

      This will make for faster decision making!

    • Every generation has what appeals to them. Millennials do what appeals to them as well! These people born in the new millennium are technology aficionados and every marketing system must align with what they want and use.

      So, I agree with most of the lessons that eCommerce webmasters must learn and apply when it comes to millennials. Investing in mobile marketing, social marketing, innovative online marketing system will go a long way to achieve success!

    • I am in support that every generation of buyers, the millennials included, should be provided with a purchasing journey that’s clear, fast, and easy.

      This will easily help them make quick buying decision.

      The journey must understand with understanding their demographic constituent and the inherent technological preference.

      Investing in Millennials is awesome, and I think this post should provide marketers with something to work with!

    • Hey Apple Pineda,

      Engaging the Millennial customers should be an exciting experience. Ecommerce businesses should be proactive at ensuring that customers of this generation are enticed.

      The lessons shown here are revealing, especially at the fact that making purchasing easy should be an optimal experience.

      Thanks for sharing these exciting details with us!

    • Hi Apple,

      It’s all about knowing your target market. Your provided great tips if your target market is millennials.

      They are a much different market than say baby boomers. They spend most of their time surfing the web on their phones rather than their computers. They are looking for social proof before they buy.

      Definitely gave me some things to think about when trying to reach this unique target market.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Take care my friend,


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