If you want to know the best Amazon data entry jobs to consider, this article is a must-read.

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What are Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry involves transcribing information from phone conversations, recordings, videos into readable data.

Likewise, data entry jobs are taken up by data entry professionals to transcribe phone conversations, recordings, and videos into readable data using electronic data processors (computer).

Clerks, typists, coders, and technical analysts are some people who perform data entries.

However, legitimate data entry jobs online that can be done from home are widely available as the location is not an essential factor for data entry jobs.


Benefits of Data Entry Jobs

Here are some benefits of data entry jobs;

  • The payment method depends on you; this is more inclined towards freelancers whose payment rate is dependent on their typing speed. With this, you are more in charge of your job environment and decisions.
  • There are no barriers; getting proper training, skills, and qualifications is not as tough as in other jobs, and you are free to exit and enter as you desire.
  • Jobs are easier to come by; the Bureau of Labor Statistics research indicated that data entry is expected to drop by 21% by 2026. But if you are willing to grow and be more familiar with the latest technologies, the data entry industry might just have a position for you.

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How to Qualify for Data Entry Jobs?

As mentioned earlier, location is not an important factor in data entry and is not a barrier.

Instead, your high school diploma or GED, typing, reading, listening skills, attention to detail, and your ability to work as part of a team or independently are considered.

Although a bachelor’s degree may be required, this depends on the employer’s requirement, but all qualifications will be made know before an interview.

Being proficient in software like Microsoft Office is a crucial factor.


Watch Out for Data Entry Jobs Scams

Several readjustments are still being made due to the effect of Covid-19, and one of those is the increased number of people working from home, sourcing out for virtual jobs, and the tendency to be scammed by online employers.

A prevalent scam is a client promising high pay while trying to avoid payments after completing the work.

You can avoid such scams by;

  • Using a protected platform to source for jobs
  • Using an Escrow
  • Reading all instructions before accepting the job
  • Controlling your greed
  • Not giving out personal details such as your bank account information
  • Researching about the company and verifying that they are legitimate


20 Best Amazon Data Entry Jobs 

  1. Investigation Specialist
  2. Data Engineer – SCAR team
  3. Assembler Technician
  4. Amazon Lister
  5. Logistics Specialist
  6. Customer Service Program Specialist – Order Management
  7. Revenue Analyst
  8. Learning Analyst
  9. Logistics Manager
  10. Business Intelligence Engineer
  11. Contracts Analyst
  12. Customer Service Program Specialist – Demand Management
  13. Contract Operations Analyst
  14. Custom Billing Manager
  15. Regional Loss Prevention Manager
  16. Customs Brokerage Specialist
  17. Private Pricing Ops Specialist
  18. Loss Prevention Manager
  19. Amazon Catalog Specialist
  20. Amazon / Walmart sales manager


1. Investigation Specialist

This job opportunity at Amazon is opened for investigation specialists or analysts willing to join the Inventory Planning & Control team for a full-time job at Amazon services.

You must compulsorily have the following:

  • A year or more experience in performing data entry and analysis
  • A high School Diploma
  • A year or more experience in Logistics, Investigation, Supply Chain, or Risk Management
  • A year or more of experience with Microsoft Office Suite
  • A year or more experience performing data entry and analysis to identify the root cause and implement solutions

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2. Data Engineer – SCAR team

Applicants should have a BS degree in a quantitative/technical discipline or 5years’ related Amazon experience.

Data engineers, Software Engineers, Business Intelligence Engineers, Data Scientists, and other associated fields with over five years of experience in dataset management.

Qualifications include; 5 or more years of industry experience as a Data Engineer or related specialty with a track record of processing and extracting value from large data sets.

Applicants should have the suitable ability to communicate and present all reports at all levels of the organization.


3. Assembler Technician

Strength and endurance are two crucial factors if you are interested in working as an Assembler Technician.

However, your ability to work with a computer and your proficiency in data entry are other critical factors taken into detail.

Applicants must 3be able to carry loads of more than 30 lbs and install and use components of particular machines.

With a school diploma or GED, you can begin the application process.


4. Amazon Lister

An Amazon lister oversees identifying collectible items to specific E-commerce and ensuring they meet up the rating of 98% on eBay.

They also receive and sort out all things from Outside Stores. Their experience in data entry is used in the tracking of all sold and shipped packages.

The estimated salary per year is between $28,000 – $35,000.

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5. Logistics Specialist

A Logistics Specialist works as the data center logistics specialist for Amazon and sets up reviews on ongoing demands, data center inventories, and in-bound shipments.

They create and maintain plans used for the movement of goods from one location to the next, registering their movement, date, and time.

The Logistic Specialist works closely with the Logistics Manager, Datacenter Engineers, and Datacenter Operations Technicians.


6. Customer Service Program Specialist – Order Management

The customer service program specialist in order management manages, enters data, and administers the sales orders in the Amazon ERP system.

Their duty also includes data entry and reporting of the portfolio of customers.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in the field.

They must also have a year or more experience in order management, Oracle, supply chain, logistics experience, and knowledge in AI.


7. Revenue Analyst

The revenue analyst is in charge of writing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports; they analyze data with the use of Microsoft Office Suite like Excel and other data management systems.

Qualifications include; Bachelor’s degree in business or accounting

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  • 2 or more years of relevant experience as a revenue analyst
  • 2 or more years experience in the use of Excel


8. Learning Analyst

With your high school diploma or GED, experience in data entry, and experience using Microsoft Office Tools, this position might just be for you.

Employees are provided independent time to work on data entry analysis and development of data solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools.

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9. Logistics Specialist

With a year or more experience in inventory and warehousing, data entry, and the efficiency of meeting deadlines, the logistics specialist is another amazon analyst job that might interest you.

Some responsibilities of a logistics specialist include ensuring billings from the inventory supply chain are rightly in order, valid, and processed to the Senior Manager.


10. Business Intelligence Engineer

The qualification for the business intelligence engineer at Amazon involves a bit more than many bachelor’s degrees; the degree must revolve around computer science, mathematics, engineering, finance, or other related disciplines.

Aspirants must also possess 3 years or more experience as a data analyst or an engineer with knowledge of BI space.


11. Contracts Analyst

The supply chain team at Amazon uses contract analysts who document, approve, and renegotiate the roadmap and the supply chain analytics.

Their qualification includes:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • A year or more relevant professional experience
  • A year or more experience in creating verbiage
  • Experience in business analysis
  • Experience in the use of Excel, SQL, and Tableau


12. Customer Service Program Specialist – Demand Management

A customer service program specialist in demand management is a full-time job accompanied by health insurance and other work privileges.

Aspirants must have experience in data entry, managing and administering sales orders in the Amazon ERP system and monitoring, and overseeing strategic plans for the research storage team to prevent delays.

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Best Amazon Data Entry Jobs


13. Contract Operations Analyst

This amazon online data entry work is open to aspirants with a bachelor’s degree and 2 years or more professional experience as contract operation analysts and business analysts.

The privileges attached to full-time jobs are as well linked to this position.


14. Custom Billing Manager

An extra attractive benefit offered to custom billing managers is the flexibility in their schedules.

This position is right for you with a bachelor’s degree, proficiency in Microsoft Excel and pivot tables, top-notch communication skills, ability to represent and oversee a team, and relevant knowledge in sales, legal, accounting, and customer service.


15. Regional Loss Prevention Manager

The regional loss prevention manager is in charge of the audit data entry to fill and inspect delivery forms.

For this position, the experience level is more advanced than acquiring a school diploma.

Any interested aspirant must have these specific qualifications:

  • 3 or more years experience in people management
  • Bachelor degrees or 5 years or more military involvement
  • 3 or more years of experience with the law enforcement years’ knowledge in loss prevention, risk management, supply chain management years’ experience with the use of MS Office Professional Suite


16. Customs Brokerage Specialist

With a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree, experience in data entry, proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, and relevant experience working in supply chain and logistics, this position might just be opened to you.

Aspirants are offered training processes on customer services, import documentation, and charges documentation.


17. Private Pricing Ops Specialist

Working as a pricing operations specialist includes creating and rearranging billing, pricing, and analyzing data using Salesforce.

The benefits attached to this position are the opportunity of having a flexible schedule and a formal mentor to see you through your professional experience at Amazon.

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18. Loss Prevention Manager

Proficiency in data visualization, Microsoft Excel, JavaScript, and a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor of science are essential qualifications to meet to apply for this position.

This position requires that the aspirant have more than 3 years of experience with Python, HTML, and SQL.

Wages per annum varies between $50,000 and $70,000.


19. Amazon Catalog Specialist

The Amazon catalog specialist focuses on the brand, audience, and data management.

Their duties involve the creation of a digital catalog for products and their performances on Amazon.

Payment is made hourly with ranges between $14 and $16.


20. Amazon / Walmart sales manager

The Amazon/Walmart sales manager includes 15 people in charge of research work, data entry, and, most importantly, how to use Channel Advisor or other listing platforms.

The average salary per year is $76,500 with health insurance and paid time off.


Where to Find Amazon Data Entry Jobs?

Amazon data entry jobs can be found on The Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk).

The Mechanical Turk is trademarked by Amazon for the primary purpose of virtually crowdsourcing jobs for employees either as an individual or a group to professionals who can fulfill their wants.

Also called mTurk, the Mechanical Turk is a micro-tasking site where jobs are posted, interested workers apply, and they complete it and get paid if qualified for the job.

It is a short-term and forthright job process.

You could also visit Amazon.jobs for more data entry job options



As an Amazon data analyst, you either work in the office environment or at home, but this is dependent on your area of specialization.

Majorly, you will spend a lot of hours on your computer and if you are not willing to make such compromises, maybe being an Amazon data entry job from home isn’t for you.

Wages vary depending on the company, location, position, and responsibility assigned to the employees.

Still, salaries per annum range between $20,000 to $70,000, although an average data entry clerk makes about $13 per hour.

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