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  • ThumbnailSocial sites are dominating the time spent on mobile devices, and they can be used for far more than just being social. Many retailers are using social media to engage with customers and showcase their products. […]

    • Good post. It’s definitely true that social sites are dominating the time most of us spend on mobile devices and this will only get more prevalent as time goes on.

      It’s hard to disagree that social media will be the new way to shop on mobile, even online generally. I would rather buy from a company I know and have engaged with on social media than one I haven’t.

      That 37% of Twitter uses say they will buy from a brand they follow goes to show this just might be the future of buying and selling online.

      The rest of this article threw more light on your point and you provided very good stats and facts to back things up.

      I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading more from you.

    • Hey Alexa,
      Social media is the in thing now when it comes to shopping on mobile. The various platforms are leveraging on mobile applications to generate income in one way or the other.

      I agree with you that most of the features in these platforms are still new and with time their popularity will soar.

      Mobile marketers should leverage on this trend to ensure they attract shoppers online.

      It is important for marketers to understand that every channel or platform has its strength and weaknesses.

      Hence, whether we utilize Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, or Instagram’s app for mobile shopping, it becomes important acknowledging what works best for the particular audience of the platform!

    • Hello Alexa,

      It does make sense to be able to shop on social media because that’s where people go to be social. I see friends and family recommending products that they use all the time. Plus, it’s so convenient to shop with your phone. People always have their phones with them and they can just order right on the spot and not have to hurry home to get on a computer.

      Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Hey Alexa,

      Using these types of features on social media via mobile makes it all convenient for the consumer.

      One thing I didn’t like in the past is when you go to a website and it’s not optimized for mobile. This was always a change to find the image links with the item that you want.

      Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all popular social sites and using this type of mobile strategy will definitely make it a win/win for both parties!

      Thanks for sharing Alexa! Have a great weekend!

    • Social media apps are effectively embedded into mobile platforms now.

      Its quite interesting seeing how Instagram can now be used to shop on mobile.

      I think it will make good sense to identify the social platform and app that will help to one shop effectively.

      The links provided comes handy!

    • Its exciting to learn of the new buttons that Facebook and other social media sites are currently promoting.

      Indeed, these are new ways to promote shopping on mobile.

      At the end of the day, these features readily help in improving CTAs and conversion.

      Lets just hope that the future would be brighter for mobile marketers who are keen on attracting customers via social media.

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