What Affiliate Marketing Strategies Are You Using to Increase Sales?


If you have not started making money online by selling affiliate products, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. There is a lot of cash to be made here, and anyone not taking advantage should begin to think of how to join this multi-billion niche business. The only thing that makes marketing and the use of the internet very easy and accessible to all is because of affiliate marketing. If there is nothing like marketing of goods and services (that you cannot even afford to stock) for eBay and Amazon, simply by placing ads and links on your blog which most times is free, many people will bail away from doing anything online. Many people earn meaningful living from this, just like me. But you have to get it right before the money starts rolling.

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  1. Success in affiliate marketing just like other forms of Internet marketing does not answer to a one-time affair. There is need for consistence update and research. I completely agree with the idea of monthly or period keyword audit. Every successful affiliate campaign begins by getting the keyword research right. Other tactics support this process.
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  2. Hi Efoghor,

    Affiliate marketing can’t be mastered with just one plain strategy. Rather, to master it and rake in some revenue, one must look at various sources and strategies. After going through this post of yours, I must say that you’ve listed some excellent strategies to boost affiliate sales. All the factors, in one way or the other, will sure help boost sales stats.

    Among the strategies mentioned by you, the one that worked the best for me is ‘trust’ and quality. My secret to decent affiliate sales was all about winning the trust of people and providing them quality service and assistance. No wonder that this particular strategy found its way into your comprehensive list! 🙂

    Product reviews are also good. I’ve been leveraging that strategy too. But on doing that, one must make sure that the review is a honest one and not just aimed at ‘forcing’ people to buy the products!


    • Arun, thanks for your contribution. I agree with you that mastering affiliate marketing takes some time. The key to succeeding in this terrain is learning and applying what you have learnt along the line.

      The competition is fierce, and as such doing things exactly the same way another person is doing his may not help much. But adding some spices to what others are doing and bringing in some uniqueness can go a long way at giving you an edge.

      It’s good to hear you have established some level of trust and that you are now able to rake in reasonable commissions. Affiliate marketing without trust would make you poorer because you will work and nobody is going to buy through your link. So to get people buying your recommended products, you must first build trust.

      Product reviews are quite good. And like you rightly said, it works best when your reviews are honest.

      Thanks once again for the contribution. Do have a pleasant day
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      • Well, Efoghor, now, due to lack of time, I’ve largely limited my affiliate sales endeavors. I used Facebook to establish a seamless connection with would be buyers and that helped me build mutual trust rather quickly.

        Using Facebook, they were able to stay in touch with me and avail support and help anytime. All these factors favored in me getting their trust quickly.

        But this whole process demanded lots of personal time and effort of mine, which I had to spare each day. After having a change in day job and landing a new job, I’ve been facing time constraints. This is what forced me to pull the plug to my affiliate activities.


  3. Sometimes the strategies used isn’t the dilemma to make your sales grow or make you a conquering business man. There are times its the marketer’s attitude or else the website’s style or any others. However, if one of the lists isn’t in your list of styles, then be grateful that Efoghorjos Shared this awesome and helpful topic.

    Updating regularly – I must say that it is a great accomplishment and it can lead to a lucrative business if you have a well-organized content and a well-written website. Nevertheless, if you are anxious about frequent updating, don’t fret, it isn’t the issue.
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  4. Hello Joseph,

    No doubt, affiliate marketing has been one of the internet business model that has brought smiles to many internet marketers faces and homes – one notable among them is Ewen Chia.

    This guy is so good in what he does that he even set up a live blog in the present of an audience at a conference and did all he knows, and at the end, show them his earning prove.

    And yes, like you rightly pointed out, creating a niche blog around a targeted keyword is one good way to get started with affiliate marketing and make good decent income from it.

    Thanks Jo, you have been such a blessing to me and my internet marketing. Do have a nice day.
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  5. Great points here!

    Thanks for sharing us these effective affiliate marketing techniques.

    All of the techniques given will surely help many marketers make more affiliate sales, which is a good and fast way to earn money online.

    I agree with all your points, especially the strategy where a marketer should update regularly. No doubt your website will gain more useful links, if you will be employing this technique.
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  6. Efoghor this is a very nice and helpful article for those who are looking forward to make money by affiliate marketing. People love to make money this way because the number of sales can keep increasing if a person keeps trying new things.

    The strategies which you have listed out are really good. Right type of product descriptions may help in getting more sales. People buy things which impresses them the most and that’s why it is necessary to write product descriptions in a way that makes the readers happy…
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  7. Hello Efoghorjos,

    Having more than one way is very important when you are doing affiliate marketing. I would never just rely on one way. You don’t know where you might get a reader or customer from. Like you said updating is extremely important. People like to new information. No one wants to come to a ghost town. One of my favorites is reviews. I like reading them and writing them. It really helps you make a decision when you are looking to buy a product. I always read the reviews. Thanks for sharing this with us!
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