Using Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Business


As an entrepreneur or a marketer, the risk for you to use affiliate marketing is extremely low and the reward is high. You only need to pay affiliates when a customer converts, not when they drive people to your website.

In the webinar, KISSmetrics Founder Neil Patel and Dan McGaw discuss how to increase your revenue with affiliate marketing. Besides KISSmetrics, Neil also co-founded Crazy Egg and has spoken at over 100 marketing conferences. He has tons of experience with affiliate marketing, both from being an affiliate and driving the revenue of other companies, as well as through an affiliate program trying to recruit affiliates.

Among all of the companies Neil has created, he has had to deal with affiliates, whether that was running affiliate programs or driving affiliate traffic or potential revenue to other companies. For example, at KISSmetrics, Optimizely is often recommended.


  1. A cool post on the importance of using affiliate marketing to boost a business. Many marketers may not consider this option since they think that companies running affiliate networks have huge budgets. Just about any business can use affiliates to grow and promote their business.

    Its exciting having to learn more from the Webinar. Neil Patel and Dan McGaw are industry experts, and I have no doubt that many would participate in the webinar because of the influence they have!
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  2. This was an inteesting article about how to use affiliate marketing to grow your business. For one thing I had no idea that you could have others drive traffic for you and by the sounds of it you dont have to pay them unless someone signs up Pretty sweet all around I would say..

    I do see the draw backs though as stated if they dont advertise the right way it could hurt your brand,, HUM Not sure if this is worth the trouble, it would be interesting to attend the webinat to learn more..

    Greats Share..Chery :))
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  3. I can’t give back the credit to the writer of this blog post because there’s no writer indicated in any part of this page.

    Anyway, this is indeed a good post explaining how effective affiliate marketing helps to grow your business online. You’ve explained the thoughts well on how to take advantage from affiliate marketing to boost your business, and I’m pretty sure that this article will help many marketers.

    I can rest assured that many marketers will participate in the webinar given above, since they were created by these two industry experts and internet influencers, Neil Patel and Dan McGaw.

    Thanks for the post! 🙂


  4. A very good post describing affiliate marketing. Internet marketing has emerged as a new and dynamic form of marketing.

    Affiliates have to drive customers for the brands and after each sell they will be rewarded. So it is totally performance based marketing. It overlaps with IM.

    Affiliate marketing can be used to grow business. But i am little bit confused or does not understand the whole process.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Hi

    Affiliate marketing is the best thing to drive enormous sales and one can enjoy the results with minimum cost. The main thing to consider is to pay only for conversions and not for leads, this way one can eliminate the possibility of getting poor leads.

    There will be shady affiliates always, but one needs to identify them and move on. The best thing about affiliate sales is that we know the cost and the results. It goes side by side.
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  6. Hi,

    Affiliate marketing is the best way to increase our business revenue. As you said, it has a low risk. You pay your affiliates when they make sales, sends leads or any other thing. Many new internet startups starting their affiliate program to expand their reach, get new customers, etc.

    I must say, you explained this topic very briefly. Thanks for this post.

    Have a Nice Day Ahead!
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  7. Hello,

    People realized, Affiliate marketing is the best way to grow our business nowadays. It is an easy way to be applied for our business. It also don’t need a large mount of money, but if we can learn about affiliate marketing, it is the easier way to make our business grow fast and make it success.
    You have explained clearly how it is easy to build business with afiliate marketing. Because the risk for you to use affiliate marketing is extremely low and the reward is high.
    I agree for all things you provided here. Boosting our business’ growth with online marketing especially affiliate marketing is a great way.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post.

  8. Hii….

    Very informative and nice article dear. Right now I can say that apart from Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing is very important to grow one’s business.
    The best thing about this programme is that at a very minimal cost, bloggers can earn a huge amount of revenue. But having said that, it also depends how you can divert the traffic to your blog. However you should be having the capability to sell your thing too.

    Anyways it was a very good post. I have jotted down all the necessary stuffs. Thank you for it. Hope you have a great day.

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  9. I like the idea of keeping track of your affiliates through analytics.

    In order to really reach an audience, recruiting an army of affiliates is a great way to go, however you will have a mixture of those who are going to be great performers with those who are only going to give you mediocre results.

    If you can track the results of your affiliates, you can work more with your top performers to make them even more successful, and thus make you even more successful (and more money!).
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  10. Hi Tanya,
    We all are a big fan of Neil Patel tactics and how he has managed to gain such a fame amongst affiliate marketers.

    Sure affiliate marketing can be used to promote one’s business. If you have a great product, then you will easily find affiliates to promote your product and ultimately you will be able to make huge profits. Generally CPA offers are put up before affiliates so that you have to pay only when your product is sold.
    This helps in increasing profits and reducing loss.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena
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  11. Hi,
    Rightly information about affiliate marketing, there some pro and cons on everything, if you find targeted customers to your blog then getting succeed in affiliate marketing is a cake walk. thanks for sharing the information on affiliate marketing.