ADZbuzz uBlock – The First 100% Free Adblocker That Directly Pays Publishers!


In today’s business world, advertisement is the main way businesses and publishers make money to cover cost. However, in the process of creating and publishing ads, the visitors or target customers are often bombarded with lots of ads. These are often disruptive or intrusive to user experience.

With the displeasure that is gotten by visitors, many now install adblockers on their browsers to consume content without interference of ads.

But this has created an even bigger problem…

Adblockers are costing publishers and advertisers lots of revenues that now runs into billions of dollars ($22 billion to be precise) as of 2015!!!

The stats are so damning that many businesses have now resort to measures that tilt towards ‘forcing’ visitors to stop using adblockers. Unfortunately this solution has not stopped use of adblockers.

That being the case, a more permanent solution is required to solve the adblock problem so that both the visitors and the business will benefit.

This is where ‘ADZbuzz Ublock’ comes in!


What is ADZbuzz Ublock?

ADZbuzz Ublock is the solution and alternative to ad-supported web.

It is a tool that blocks ads so visitors can enjoy the content they are accessing from websites.

It is a also a solution that allows publishers to be paid through a central advertising platform known as ADZbuzz savers.

ADZbuzz Ublock is a system for blocking intrusive and distractive ads and helps make money for publishers.

Advertisers also get to retain their credibility by ensuring they provide ads at the right place and at the right time and for only interested buyers who have been pre-qualified by the system.

Why you need ADZbuzz Ublock as an alternative to ad-supported web

The ad-supported web system has failed. This is because it has allowed advertisers and publishers to ‘force’ ads on visitors thereby disrupting their user experience.

For this reason, users are ‘scared’ of visiting sites or businesses that are filled with too many disruptive ads.

For those visitors who have decided to stick with a website, they would resort to adblock to continue their content consumption. Advertisers and publishers have been using three main strategies to deal with adblock but these have failed.

These failed strategies include:

1 – The installation of ad-block scripts

This strategy allows the publishers to use a plugin or script to prevent browsers with adblockers from getting full access to their websites.

This has failed because with innovation, a superior script is established on the visitors end to counter the publisher’s script. This is indeed a cat and mouse game!

2 – The blocking of adblock users

This strategy allows the publishers to ‘block’ or prevent visitors with adblockers on their browsers from accessing their sites. The visitors may not be able to access the websites until they have ‘turned off’ the adblocker they have installed.

This strategy has failed also because you cannot force ads on people.

More so, majority of visitors don’t turn-off adblockers as revealed in a study by Forbes in 2016.

3 – The use of paywalls on the site

This strategy enables the publishers to use paid content instead of advertising. They offer a synopsis of premium content for free but the visitors have to pay before accessing the content.

Although this seems to be a better strategy but it has also failed because many people are used to consuming free information online. If they can get the same information elsewhere for free why sticking with you.


Seeing that three popular strategies that have been adopted by publishers and advertisers to prevent the loss of revenue from adblockers have not really worked, it’s time to use the best alternative to the existing ad-supported web – ADZbuzz Ublock.

It trumps the use of scripts, adblockers and paid content in benefits.

ADZbuzz Ublock is an adblocker with a difference!


It provides a solution that would benefit the visitors, publishers and advertisers. It centralizes advertisement so that people who are ready to make purchase can be redirected to the centralized advertisement platform.

Publishers can get paid from this system after the installed script determines the number of visitors with ADZbuzz Ublock installed on their browsers.

This is a powerful concept that works. It is a WIN for everyone in the marketing system!

ADZbuzz Ublock works for everyone, whether you are a user, publisher or advertiser.

How ADZbuzz Ublock Helps You As A Normal Web User


★ You Install the Amazing Ad Blocker to block intrusive ads and enjoy your browsing experience

★ There will be No Whitelisting Of Ads and you are able to Surf 100% Ad-Free

★ You will still be able to support your favorite publishers 100% Free

★ You will also be able to save good money on their shopping portal.


How ADZbuzz Ublock Helps You As An Publisher


★ You Install The WP Plugin or Script on your site or blog

★ You immediately start earning good money as you would with regular ads

★ You will be able to drive more high quality traffic in 1 minute on top

★ You are able to now solve the Ad Blocking issue Forever


How ADZbuzz Ublock Helps You As An Advertiser


★ You will be able to finally stop destroying your brand

★ You can stand out and build your reputation better than others are doing

★ You will be able to finally advertise only where it makes sense, and profit from the process

★ And of course, you will be able to finally cut your budget while getting more sales than you are doing right now


As you can see, ADZbuzz uBlock is a big WIN WIN WIN for everyone who uses it, whether normal users, publishers or advertisers.

What more can be said of this amazing system! The ad-supported web has failed and ADZbuzz Ublock is a perfect replacement. Everybody wins with it!

Now is the time to do away with the outdated ad-supported web. It has failed everyone- the user, the publisher and the advertiser. ADZbuzz solution with Ublock is should be embraced as the perfect replacement. It will give everyone the peace of mind that is currently missing in the ad –supported web.

Go ahead install this extension on your browser and see how things start turning around for your good!



  1. Hi Sunday, ‘

    Thanks for writing about this. The ublock tool looks really useful.

    You are one of the Kingged members that I respect the most here and since I take your recommendation seriously, I am definitely checking this out.

    About to download it now.

  2. Hi Sunday,

    Unfortunately I tried to sign up to download the extension though but couldn’t sign up. The capcha or security code to select isn’t fully showing. I have tried several times but can’t sign up.

    Can you check what the problem is?

  3. Hi Everybody,

    I’m part of the ADZbuzz uBlock team and I’m sorry for the issue it’s all fixed now. 🙂

    I would like to answer your questions if you have any. As for now I saw some people we introduced the concept to wondering how the ADZlink (WP-plugin) will work exactly and how it will benefit publishers directly.

    When you add the “ADZlink” to your site you have 2 main benefits:

    -> Earnings
    This link will track all visitors on your site and pay you the same way regular advertising networks do on a CPM basis. As mentioned in the post, instead of advertisers paying for ads on your site (where very few people really care) they will pay on a centralized shopping search engine (per click, just like in Google for example) and 90% of this revenue gets distributed to publishers.
    You can also earn daily bonus rewards if people download ADZbuzz uBlock and join ADZbuzz through your referral link added beneath the 1-minute info video where the ADZlink redirects to.

    -> More traffic
    And ADZbuzz is the second part of the benefit you don’t get from regular ads. With the ADZlink you’ll be able to publish your new content directly on our content discovery platform ADZbuzz, driving even more traffic to your site! Only if you have the ADZLink installed can you do that and when sharing the content will instantly appear on the ADZbuzz homepage and all members can like, share, comment on it and increase your bottom line. Just as on other social networks basically but more effectively because of the underlying concept. And if (100’s of) millions of people download ADZbuzz uBlock, ADZbuzz will have some serious traffic! 🙂

    Hope that explains and let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,

    PS: Our concept is still in beta and in January the shopping portal and ADZlink will already launch so please stay tuned. Here you can follow progress and find more info about all our features:

    • Hi Jens,

      I’ll have to say your idea is fantastic!

      I have just joined and I verified my email but I can’t find any instructions or introduction for new users. The homepage has a lot going on, really confusing.

      Is there any link or page to find introduction for new users who sign up which explains more, maybe with videos and stuff. Can you pls point me to that, to get new users up to speed?

      • Thanks Gilbert!

        The idea is to have separate sign-ups which leads people through an introduction funnel. However this is still in progress as our main features (ADZlink and ADZbuzz Savers) are scheduled to launch on January 21.

        As for now I can invite you to first of all join ADZbuzz (if you haven’t done so yet) as I post updates there frequently. 🙂

        This is a massive project so takes time to develop all aspects, but we’re already attracting interest from mainstream media as we are really offering a solution for the ad blocking issue. So please stay tuned!

    • Jenns,

      I appreciate your explanation of Adzbuzz. I am one of those who is having a hard time logging into Adzbuzz. Yesterday, I created a new account with Adzbuzz, but was unable to login. I kept receiving an error code. Don’t remember what it was right off, but it was the same code each time and I was never able to login.

      Could you please help me with this?

    • Thanks Darrell, just let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

      I’m sure we’re creating something here that has the potential to add a nice extra income stream to publisher’s sites with very little effort (installing the ADZlink), so make sure to stay tuned as we are approaching the final phase of development!

  4. This adblocker idea looks fantastic but some aspects still very confusing.

    I have just joined and verified my email but no email instructions or introduction for new users. The homepage has a lot going on, really confusing.

    Sunday, do you know where to find introduction for new users who sign up which explains more, maybe with videos and stuff?

  5. Hi Sunday,

    This adzbuzz ublock looks great. I have used adblockers before but this is the first time I am hearing about this concept. It’s definitely different from other ad blockers out there.

    I’ve joined and downloaded the extension, thanks to you.

    Let me put this to use and see how this baby plays out 🙂

  6. Hi Sunday,

    ADZbuzz Ublock looks great as an adblocker. It is also good to know that it comes with great features that allows users, publishers and advertisers to benefit.

    The ‘extra’ feature of this adblocker would be an attraction to many. Nevertheless, its marketplace that works like what obtains Google and other big sites is pretty encouraging.

    Thanks for sharing this piece!

  7. ADZbuzz Ublock is now making headlines in adblock reviews online. It is important that anyone who seeks to enjoy smooth browsing experience adopts ADZbuzz.

    It is also important that publishers who were concerned about revenue loss due to adblocker usage now have peace of mind. Publishers will now earn from the system.

    Its truly worth trying! Thanks Sunday for sharing this!

    • Hey Amit,

      Thanks for sharing your views on this. Indeed, ADZBuzz Ublock is worth using by web visitors who crave for smooth browsing and user experience.

      It is also pertinent that publishers, as well as advertisers, take advantage of this for earning and business development!

  8. Hi Everybody,

    We are making great progress with developments, and will start inviting beta testers who want to add the ADZlink to their site probably next week.

    This will also be the moment we start the revenue distribution so make sure to stay tuned if you want to add an easy extra income stream to your site!. 🙂

    Take care,

  9. Hi Sunday,

    Its good to know of ADZBuzz. The reviews around this product are inspiring. I guess its pretty time to take advantage of this plugin and its related accounts. I am particularly interested in its Centralized Advertising Platform where publishers benefit immensely. Thanks for sharing these details.

  10. Hi Sunday,

    Thanks for sharing this review on ADZBuzz. It is new to me but I am sure going to take advantage of it.
    After reading this review, this is my takeaway

    It is a also a solution that allows publishers to be paid through a central advertising platform known as ADZbuzz savers.

    ADZbuzz Ublock is a system for blocking intrusive and distractive ads and helps make money for publishers.

    Advertisers also get to retain their credibility by ensuring they provide ads at the right place and at the right time and for only interested buyers who have been pre-qualified by the system.

    • Hey Sarah,

      Its good to know you have a takeaway from this review. ADZBuzz helps the user, the publisher and the advertiser. It sure would make very good sense to take advantage of it! Thanks for leaving your comments on this review as always!