This is a comprehensive Acti-Labs review that provides all you need to know as well as answers to top FAQs.

If you are current with what is happening in the world of Multi-Level Marketing, you will notice that Acti-Labs is still getting a huge buzz when it comes to making money.

It is possible you have been seeing all the hypes about Acti-Labs and you really want to know what it is about.

Well, it’s nothing more than a company marketing its products. Yes, Acti-Labs is a company promoting its products in a special way.

Keep reading this detailed review of Acti-Labs to learn all you need to know about this brand.

You will also get answers to all the Acti-Labs most frequently asked questions online and offline.


What Is Acti-Labs?

Acti-Labs refers to a brand of skincare, spa, and cosmetic products manufactured by Acti-Laboratories.

Acti-Labs – the company was founded in France in 2011 by husband and wife, John and Yelena Miller.

It specializes in cosmeceutical skincare, slimming and weight loss, hair care, cosmetics, and body sculpting with a wide range of treatments to suit everyone’s needs.

In January 2015, they ventured into the production of cosmetics products. These products contain natural, mineral-based and paraben free ingredients.

The Acti-Labs brand products are currently produced in France and distributed from the UK, USA, and Canada.

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What Are the Products Manufactured and Promoted by Acti-Labs?

Acti-Labs started out as ActiDerm. Its first product lines center around anti-aging products.

Later, it introduced weight loss and cosmetics into its products. The array of products offered by this company are for use by both men and women.

A list of the products offered and promoted by Acti-Labs falls under the categories of skin care, body care, sliming, and cosmetics.

On their online shop, customers can order for products

  • Cosmeceutical Treatments
  • Cosmeceutical Creams
  • Lip Glosses
  • Lip Crayons
  • Eye Makeup Powders, Liners, Brow Wax, and Mascara
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Cleans and Purify
  • Body Care
  • Body Sculpting Body Wraps
  • Slimming inch loss
  • Body Mass Measure
  • Chin Lift Wrap Band
  • Lipo Sculpting Wrap kit, etc.

There are hundreds of products from Acti-Labs, and you should really check out the shop for a detailed list.

Apart from the above-listed products, Acti-Labs is planning to venture into other products in the categories of dieting, hair care, and customized makeup pallets.

Soon these would be launched. It’s best to keep tabs with information as it goes out of this company.

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Are Acti-Labs Products Safe?

Acti-Labs products are made from natural ingredients. Most are made from 90% of recycled materials. They don’t contain harmful chemicals like parabens.

Most of the products of Acti-Labs are also gluten-free.

According to the company, their products are not tested on animals. Also, they don’t use ingredients that are tested on animals.

In other words, the brand doesn’t support animal cruelty in any form.

What about the perfumes from Acti-Labs, are they made with natural ingredients?

The perfumes made by Acti-Labs are unscented. Some sufficient doses of active ingredients are included in certain products to make them effective. This is one reason the smells are masked.

Synthetic elements are used to manufacture perfumes. This is not surprising as the natural ingredients are classified as allergens.

That said, Acti-Labs perfumes are not really natural but they are certified Allergen & Carcinogen free.


How Does Acti-Labs Sell Its Products?

Like many manufacturers, Acti-Labs prefers selling its products through direct sales.

Orders can be made directly from the online shop. Everyone regular customer can become an Acti-VIP member to buy and enjoy a discount from the online shop.

Or, orders can be made through the direct selling system also known as multi-level marketing or MLM.

The latter method is effective with the use of Acti-Ambassadors who earn commissions for selling through the network marketing system.


Who Is an Acti-VIP?

An Acti-VIP is a membership level with Acti-Labs. If you become Acti-VIP, you will enjoy special benefits from the word go.

The benefits include:

  • Exclusive VIP offers, incentives, and discount vouchers
  • You enjoy a 10% discount off your first order within 30 days
  • You will enjoy invaluable help and support from personal shoppers
  • You will enjoy 24/7 support from Facebook Product Support Group.
  • You will be able to book a one-on-one phone consultation with personal shoppers. Here, you would be advised on your very own Acti-Plan; Hair Care Plans, Weight Loss Plans, Skin Care Regimes, Body Sculpting & more.
  • Registration for Acti-VIP membership is absolutely FREE and would remain so!

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Who Is an Acti-Ambassador?

An Acti Ambassador is simply a brand ambassador for Acti-Labs products. He or she can sell Acti-Labs products and earn a personal sales commission.

Becoming an ambassador is an opportunity to start a new career in health & beauty products by partnering with Acti-Labs.


What Are the Advantages of Becoming an Ambassador For Acti-Labs Products?

Acti-Labs Ambassadors enjoy the following benefits:

  • There are no targets of sales or orders to be made in a month.
  • There are no obligatory auto-ships or in fact any minimum requirements at all, you only have rewards to look forward to.


How Much Does It Cost to Become an Acti-Ambassador?

As of the time of writing this piece, the sign-up fee for becoming an Acti-Labs ambassador is $15. This is equivalent to £12.50 and $20cad.

With $15, you would be provided with:

  • A personal webshop with your own web link.
  • Your own business back-office.
  • Virtual Voucher worth $30.
  • Business Support.
  • The opportunity to be one of the first to access the brand new Acti-APP at launch.

This is definitely one of the opportunities for women to make money in business.


What is the Sample Kit for Ambassadors?

As an Ambassador, you can purchase a Sample Kit to kick start your business.

This kit costs $26 (or £20/$32.50cad). The Kit contains materials and products you can use to start off your business, even if you are a stay at home mom.

It also gives you immediate access to:

  • Your own personal Acti-ambassador account
  • The free online training hub
  • A personal webshop
  • Back office system
  • Tools and Support
  • Virtual Acti-Voucher worth £25 / $30 / $40CAD


What Are Other Acti-labs Kits for Ambassadors?

Apart from the Sample Kit explained above, Ambassador who have to meet higher targets in the system can also take advantage of other types of Kits.

These kits include:

  • Hair-Ologist Kit for $52. This kit is worth $101.50. Ambassadors can purchase this kit once achieving $260 in sales during their Acti-Lifetime since March 1st
  • Slim-Bassador Kit for $90. This Kit is worth $189. Ambassadors can purchase this kit once achieving $260 in sales during their Acti-Lifetime since March 1st
  • Makeup-Junkie Kit for $90. This kit is worth $160. Ambassadors can purchase this kit once achieving $260in sales during their Acti-Lifetime since March 1st
  • Skin-Thusiast Kit for $100. This kit is worth $187.50. Ambassadors can purchase this kit once achieving $260in sales during their Acti-Lifetime since March 1st.


What Is the Compensation Plans for Acti-Labs Ambassadors?

You can earn up to 30% as a commission when you become an Ambassador of Acti-Labs. The commission or compensation plan is summarized below:

  • You will receive 20% commission when you achieve a monthly sales from $0-$500
  • You will receive 25% commission when you achieve a monthly sales from $550-$1000
  • You will receive 30% commission when you achieve a monthly sales of $1000+

This is definitely one of the workable ways of making up to $1,000 really quickly.


How Are Commissions or Compensations Paid toAmbassadors?

Payments are made weekly and on month ends.

Weekly Payments:

You will receive weekly payments every Friday for the sales you made in the previous week.

The commissions and payments are made directly into your bank account. You get paid 20% commission on every sale you make.

Month End Payments:

According to the site, if you sell over $500 in any given month, they will send you an extra 5% commission payment, effectively bumping you up to 25% commissions for sales made that month.

These payments are made into your bank account on the 7th day after month end.

If you sell over $1000, we send you an extra 10% instead, bumping you up to 30% commission!

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What is Acti-Cash Bonus?

Acti-Cash bonus is a credit reward for t Ambassadors made sales worth over $200 between the 1st and the 14th of any given month.

If this sales figure is achieved the members would be rewarded with $20 worth of Acti-Cash credit.

Acti-Cash can be used to pay for products and so on. You will also earn extra commission on sales you make when you spend this bonus credit.

The Acti-Cash bonus is paid in your Ambassador account on the 15th of the month.

However, if you don’t use it before the 7th day of the following month, the Acti-Cash balances will reset to zero.


How Does Team Commission Work for Acti-Labs Ambassadors?

The Acti-Labs network marketing team is called Elite Leaders. Here you get to form a sales team with those you recommend.

Apart from earning commissions for personal sales, you can also receive team commissions when your downlines sell Acti-Labs products.

The team level is called the Elite Leader team. It has 9 levels with up to 6 generations deep.

You will get up to 10% on your direct shopping, and you also get increased earnings when you reach a new level.

If you on level 1 then you will earn you 5% in Acti-Cash. At Level 2 you will earn you 7%, and at level 3 will earn you 8%.

At Level 4 you will start getting 10% commission.


How And When Are Commissions Paid to Elite Leaders?

If you must know, Elite Leaders at Level 1 are paid via their Ambassador Acti-Cash account.

This must be used before 7th of the following month when Acti-Cash balances will re-set.

Elite Leaders at level 2 and above are paid commissions directly into their bank account by direct deposit.


What is Acti-Car Club?

Acti-Car Club is a membership level for those Ambassadors or Elite Leaders team members who have reached level 8 or above.

If you maintain these levels for 3 straight months, you will become a member of the Acti-Car Club with a brand new Mercedes GLA car or equivalent.

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What Are the Pros ofActi-Labs?

There are lots of good takeaways about Acti-Labs and how it operates the multi-level marketing.

  • The products of this company are natural. They are made from materials that are not harmful to the body.
  • Acti-VIP membership is free and earns 10% off any purchase made.
  • Brand Ambassadors earn commissions selling Acti-Labs’ products.
  • Acti-Labs offers free samples to those who are not sure of the right products to shopping.
  • You can try a selection of 3 samples. You can add a combination of any 3 you wish and they will be sent directly to your home.
  • Acti-Labs is not a scam. It is real and a legitimate way to access good products and also make money.


What Are the Cons of Acti-Labs?

There are also cons of Acti-Labs. These are the things I don’t like about this brand and its products.

  • You can only earn reasonable money when your down line earn.
  • Acti-Labs ambassadors don’t always earn money. They also lose money just like other MLM opportunities.


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The above is everything you need to know about Acti-Labs. It also provides you answers to the most frequently asked questions about Acti-Labs.

You can check out Acti-Labs to shop for natural items or to start a new business as a promoter of Acti-Labs products.