99 essential writing tips for blog writers


A blogger wears many hats. He is an artist, creating images. She is a community manager, keeping readers engaged. He is a programmer, keeping the blog technically functioning. She is a marketer, promoting the blog.

But above all, a blogger is a writer. The Internet is overflowing with blogging tips. Today, we sift through the noise, mix a few metaphors and focus on the essential oils – the writing!

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  1. Hello David,

    A huge list of tips for blog writers.

    One rule which I follow while writing any new blog post is to understand human psychology. How people think and react. This is a very effective strategy to write effective blog posts that everybody love to read.

    What do you think about human psychology in internet marketing/blogging?

    Do share your thoughts.

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  2. Hi David!

    Wow!! … this is an epic post on writing tips!

    I learned new things here to improve my writing style! …

    These are all of the best tips you can learn to become a great writer. They are simple, but yet so powerful when implemented correctly.

    One of the best tips, that has helped me become a better writer, is to read and write like a maniac.

    The more you read, and the more you learn – the more you will have to write about. And the more you write, the better you will become at it. Words will just flow out of your mind, through your fingertips.

    I used to hate writing so much. I’m a high school dropout, and I still managed to build my own blogs and get very good at writing. I hope I inspire people here! 🙂

    This is a great and very valuable list, David!

    Thank you for sharing such value!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic rest of the week! 😀
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  3. Good post. This is one of those posts you bookmark for more and more readings later. I think every writer will find a tip here that they didn’t know before or just took for granted. It must have taken you some time to put these together, right? Clearly shows it takes a good writer to know and write these tips. Thanks.

  4. Wow! Very awesome!

    These are indeed essential writing tips for blog writers. All of us can use this as a source of information if we fail to remember some important things in writing. I will totally bookmark this post and share with others.

    I was caught off guard with “Your blog post should be like a miniskirt, long enough to cover the topic, short enough to keep things interested.” that is totally right. It made me laugh and smile since it is spot on. haha!

    Proofreading your work is important. Revisions are needed if you believe your work looks incomplete or puzzling, “Read your draft to your grandmother. If you lose her, you might lose some other readers.” is a perfect tip for that.

    All in all, I couldn’t get enough of this wonderful list, David! You are always awesome! Thanks for this!
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  5. Hi David,

    I commend your effort in putting this list together to make one powerful useful information on getting better as a writer.

    You’ve definitely put out many of the best tips out there that can over-time move a newbie writer to become one of the best author of our time.

    What I have discover over the course of writing for my blog in the past three years to become better at writing is to read a lot, I mean reading what really matters to your goals.

    Read top blogs in your niche and take what is best in their pattern to shape your own writing skill.

    However, like everything in life, there is no set or laid down rules to become a better writer……the only rules I know of are the ones you set for yourself.

    Thanks David for sharing.
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  6. Hi David,
    This is an awesome post. The tips are indeed essential and so direct. Many people are sure to benefit from them.

    The quote”Just remember when you write your title, don’t sacrifice human visitors for robots. You need the people more than the search engines, and human sacrifice is illegal, anyway.” sums up the essence of writing for humans as well as the search engines.

    What more could one need as a “writer” or “blogger” after going through these tips.

    Best takeaways for me include:
    * “Write drunk, edit sober.” Hey, that’s Hemingway’s advice, not mine.
    * “Write with the door closed, and rewrite with the door open.” That’s Stephen King’s. Right, we’ll stick with Hemingway then.
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  7. Hello David, What a great post WOWSY 99 essential tips for blog writers! Unreal! I am not to sure about this one HeHe “Write drunk, edit sober.” I know you said it wasn’t your advice but I have tried it in the past Didn’t work so well for me HEHE

    Oh Boy and this one made me laugh out loud “Don’t just copy other bloggers. Nobody likes an illegal alien shadow.” HEHE Way to many of these out there already WOW I am still laughing.. HEHE

    Ok seriously You really out did yourself with this post.
    Loved It. Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))
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  8. Hi David,

    You had me at 99 essential tips. When I reached the Blog post I really was not disappointed.

    You’ve written content for Humans, which beautifully succinct, and does add so much value to all levels of Bloggers, new ones and old.

    Your analogy of a Blogger wearing multiple hats (Edward De Bono I presume) is spot on. It was almost like someone held a mirror to my face.

    Too few people (me first) write a Headline and then take a step back to figure exactly what sort of connotation the head line will raise up in the readers mind. Cheap Hotels Melbourne conjures up seedy, flea bag hotels in Melbourne where the sheets are changed one a year :-).

    Keyword rich, search engines ecstatic, Human compulsion to read (next to) zero.

    Your comprehensive guidelines for Headline creation awesome. The advice to write when one is enthusiastic a little GEM.

    In you I notice a kindred soul. Not many would admit to having their best ideas while on the throne in the loo. I’ve had a multiple Ah Ha! moments there myself and can truthfully support its efficacy.

    I’ve noticed a teeny tiny spelling error in one of your links David.

    The link in your content is spelled as MyBlugU which links to MyBlogU. Just saying I read the Blog post with my magnifying glasses on and very carefully. Did not want to miss a thing. 

    Your Challenge:
    I use almost all your tips when I create content for my Blog. Glad to get validated.

    This Blog post was hands down terrific. Huge body of work. I salute you David. Thanks for sharing.
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  9. Fantastic tips as usual David! We need to be careful though with “How To’s” after Google’s phantom update. Thesaurus.com and Grammerly are my best friends. I utilize Grammerly so much so, that my stats are always in the 90’s percentile, among all of their users. I believe this is very under utilized, “Break up your wall of text with images, video, tweetables and any other media you can think of.” and not only is it great for UX, it makes your content more shareable. This is a great point as well “Give others something to quote from you. These days, I am doing this through the Click to Tweet tweetables.” I’ve been really trying to do this, to be quoted and tweeted more often. It’s been working for me too. Another great suggestion, “Join Toastmasters.”. Don’t be afraid of controversy – this can breed viral content. Good job using TweetThis in this post, David.
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  10. Hey David,

    This was a great list of writing tips and I can pat myself on the back for following a lot of these tips.

    The way that they help me can definitely help others. One thing that I struggled with is trying to write my headlines within 65 characters. You really have to use your brain power when it comes to some subjects. For this, I use Coschedule’s headline analyzer to help me out.

    Some years ago, I got the idea of writing a summary at the top of each of my blog post. This helps me to stay focus as well as it helps the readers to see what the post is going to be about and make an even further decision of whether to read the rest of it or not.

    Also with some case studies, I’ve started this year to link back to the resources I got my information from so that my readers can also look them up.

    And finally, I try not to write at my readers but making it more conversational. If there’s an opportunity, I will put in a story or an analogy so that the subject can be more entertaining and comprehensible. In this sense, it gives my audience the reason to come back for more content.

    Thanks for the share David! Have a great rest of the week!
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  11. Hi David,

    This is really amazing!!

    Yet another EPIC post!

    Thank you so much for putting all together in this post 99 tips for the bloggers!

    I am very well sure that this will be a great guide to the bloggers who want to create viral posts! 🙂

    This guide will give what all needed to create a fantastic post.
    I so thankful to note that Philipscom too in mentioned in the viral post!
    We are much elated by the kind mention, I am going to shout it out!!! LOL

    I have already mentioned in our post “30 Smart Ways to Write Traffic-Puller Blog Posts” about this kind mention in your wonderful post! 🙂

    Thank you once again for this great service!

    Keep sharing

    May you have a great weekend and a profitable July month ahead. 🙂

    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
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  12. Hi, David,

    WOW – I like the number 99, but throw in REALLY valuable tips for blog writing, and I’m all in.

    I especially like: tell stories, address the reader, readability (thanks for resource), don’t be afraid of controversy and my all time favorite, PROOFREAD!

    I am currently waiting for a friend to ‘clean up’ my answer for his Round Up post so that I will feel proud to comment and share – have sent two emails and still not heard back. Not good. I do realize folks work full time, but I don’t publish something until I’ve gone over it with a fine-tooth comb!

    Thanks for sharing, and will be spreading the word.

    Carol Amato
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