9 Ways President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter


How President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter

tweet smarterWant to tweet smarter today? Love or hate him, President Trump can tweet smart. He may appear harsh or quick witted but he can get his point across when no one else will listen. That’s the beauty of Twitter. You can express your opinion to your followers. President Trump has been on Twitter since March 2009. President Trump is not new to Twitter.

Twitter is easier to get your messages out. On Facebook you have to be friends. Then there are the algorithm changes on Facebook so frequently not everyone will see your posts. Even Facebook friends can miss your posts if they don’t comment or like any of your previous ones.

But turn on any newscasts on TV and what is the headline? It’s what President Trump tweeted yesterday or today. It makes the news all the time! Per media reports, Twitter Inc.’s TWTR live streaming of President Donald Trump’s inauguration saw record viewers. Learn how you can tweet smarter now!

9 Ways To Tweet Smarter

1. Be Consistent on Twitter –

Show up regularly on Twitter. Don’t just show up every other week. He has been on Twitter since March of 2009. He tweets daily before and after becoming president. Some days President Trump tweets more than others. He tweets as needed to keep his followers informed.

Be sure to tune in and watch Donald Trump on Late Night with David Letterman as he presents the Top Ten List tonight!




2. Tweet To Communicate Messages –

Trying to get a message out to your readers or your audience? Tweet in a simple way so they too can share your message via the social network. Notice that President Trump has tweeted this one over and over. Tweet your messages multiple times as they may not be seen by all just once. And some twitter messages can be personal.


3. Make Some Tweets Personal

– President Donald Trump puts his personal touches on his tweets. They are not just standard tweets or retweets. He tweets from his heart. He tweets about his family if it is relevant to his topics. Note: He doesn’t tweet about what he eats.

My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!




4. Tweet Fearlessly

– Don’t be afraid to tweet what you believe in. (Except from business accounts, you may want to be careful on those!) President Trump is not afraid to tweet what he believes in. He tweeted fearlessly prior to becoming the President of the United States.

5. Tag Others When Appropriate

– President Trump tags others when a topic is relevant to them. It’s a great way to be sure someone sees your tweet. It doesn’t leave it to chance. You know how the Twitter timelines move fast and furious? Don’t leave your important tweets to chance. Send them several times hours or days apart depending on the relevancy of them.


6. Use Images and Videos in Your Tweets

– Notice how President Trumps uses images in many of his tweets to get his message out. He does this about 25% of the time when tweeting. Tweets with images or videos do get more retweets and likes. It can also increase the engagement on the tweets. This Twitter tip will surely help you to tweet smarter.

Thank you Brian Krzanich, CEO of @Intel. A great investment ($7 BILLION) in American INNOVATION and JOBS! 🇺🇸




7. Give Tweeting Compliments

Learn to give compliments to others in your tweets. People love to be praised, especially publicly like on the Twitter network. President Trumps tweets are often read in newscasts and pointed out all through social media. His compliments go far. Yours can too if you tweet smarter and compliment your influencers. Just be sure they are genuine.

Congratulations Stephen Miller- on representing me this morning on the various Sunday morning shows. Great job!




8. Tweet Genuinely

President Trump tweets smarter by being genuine. Love or hate him, he is not changing for the fanbase. He is remaining genuine in his tweets. He tweets what he believes in and what he feels.

I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media, in order to marginalize, lies!




9. Promote Yourself (or Brand) on Twitter

Promote yourself or your brand on Twitter. Who else will do it for you? Don’t promote in every tweet, but up to 20% of your tweets can be promotional. President Trump promotes his interviews on his own tweets. That’s tweeting smart. They will get reshared by some followers as well. It will spread the right news for him. It can do the same for you!



What else can we learn from President Trumps Tweeting?

Do not leave any tweets to chance. There was one tweet recently where he tweeted easy D and people thought the D meant many things. The takeaway? Be clear in your tweets! Don’t abbreviate unless it is CLEAR as a bell. Do not let others take your tweets the wrong way and use them against you. So tweeting with clarity is an extra tip on how to tweet smarter.

Be clear in your tweets – Don’t abbreviate unless it is CLEAR as a bell!CLICK TO TWEET

Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable, as we wait for what should be EASY D!




Do you think you can learn to tweet smarter by following in President Trump’s tweeting footsteps?

What do you like or dislike about the President tweeting today? 


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Its interesting learning about President Trump’s tweeting prowess. Indeed, many people should learn more things about his tweeting ability.

    Clarity, genuineness and consistency should largely characterize the the Twitter marketing.

    President Trump’s ability to Tweet should is not smart because he is a celebrity. It is smarter because he knows how to use this technology to communicate and engage effectively!

  2. Hey Lisa,

    The use of Twitter as an effective communication tool is no longer debated.

    Among the various social media platform, this technology readily boosts the thought and message of the user with the speed of light.

    Tweets can make or break a brand, so, it becomes important to ensure it is rightly done.

    Smart tweeting as showcased by President Donald Trump should be emulated. However, I will not advise using Twitter as a tool for sending ‘hate’ messages!

  3. It seems like the President has come to embrace the use of tweets as potential for passing the right message. This seem to be a ‘winning’ technology for him.

    Nevertheless, bloggers and Internet marketers should learn from him to increase their Twitter marketing.

    Twitter has come to stay. It can be used to pass useful information and can be used to increase engagement!

  4. Hmm! Hi Lisa, its really an opener for me to know the details about President Trump’s tweeting prowess. Its all about getting the message he wants across, and hoping that it makes the desired outcome.

    Twitter marketers must truly take a cue from this and ensure that there is consistency and clarity in the message and there is constancy in the “how” and “when” tweets are made!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    A great compilation Tweets shared by the controversial( with all due respect) US President – Donald Trump!
    I think another strategy to Tweet smarter is to push out controversial tweets from time to time. This will keep people talking thereby wanting to know more about you or your brand! 😉 just saying ;D

  6. Hey Lisa,

    Its a good thing that you shared this piece. It is very practical. It will go a long way to help anyone who want to improve their Twitter marketing to increase traction.

    President Trump is sure smart in his tweeting style. It garners attention and engagement.

    For marketers who would adopt this style, it would be possible to convert the engaging traffic. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Hmm! Lisa, tweeting like President Trump will surely garner some attention.

    At least, marketers should see beyond the fact that he is a celebrity. After all, he has been tweeting even before became president. 😉

    We must learn from the tweets that got results. The 9 tweets you have shared are revealing.

    For the newbie Twitter marketer and expert who wants to up their game in the process, following these strategies would go a long way to increase traction!