7 Tips To Bust Writer’s Block



The toughest thing about writing anything from a news release to a blog post – is getting started. But writing doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you beat writer’s block.

Before the story, think about:

• audience. who do I want (or expect) to read this? What do they want to know? What do I want them to know?

• “gatekeepers.” These are usually the editors who will decide if they will use your story or guest post. What kind of story do they normally use? How long? Style?

If you just can’t get the first word down on paper, here are some things to try.

• Talk to someone about your story. Listen to yourself. Write the story like you told it. You can always rearrange sentences or paragraphs later.

• Go through your notes. Star the things you think are most important. Then, try to start a story with at least one or two of those important things in the first sentences.

• Write the headline first. Then make sure your first paragraph or two says essentially the same thing as the headline. This is my favorite tool to help generate headliune ideas.

• Try being childlike. How do kids tell a story? They blurt it out, getting to the point fast with plenty of action verbs.

• Plagiarize, sort of. If you see something written that you like, borrow the idea, but not word-for-word. I’m especially talking about borrowing ideas of style.

Now you have the tools to bust writer’s block. Get write to it.


  1. Good post. I have read a couple of posts here on Kingged.com the last couple of weeks on writers’ block and thought there won’t be anything new in this, but I was wrong.

    Talking to someone about our story is a new and plausible as listening to yourself talk will help with ideas to write about.

    I also like the idea of writing the headline first and in the first paragraph or two. I will take a look and play around with the tool you recommend, title-generator.com. It’s free, right?

  2. Hey Harry,
    Writer’s block could be overwhelming and affecting to the writer’s productive. Getting a hold of it becomes very important.

    However, it is always important that a writer never forgets that writer’s block is real, and there should always be a check in place to deal with it when it arises.

    Although we look at writer’s block as something negative but it would be wise to see it also as time to become more creative with thinking.

    The seven tips you have shared here to bust writer’s block are clear and practical. I agree with them.

    More so, I will add that whenever writer’s block creeps in, there is need to do things not related to writing and your brain will refresh with new ideas!
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  3. Hi Harry,

    I completely agree with the tips you have explained in this post. Writers’ block can be busted with simple and ease actions as have been highlighted.

    One can deal with writers block if one chooses to. It is not a myth but a part of the writing process.

    Sometimes I get the impression that writers block is simply a way to refresh the brain.

    If we simply identify this moment and start doing all that matters to reinvigorate the brain then getting rid of writer’s block will not be a difficult task at all in our writing campaign.

  4. Hi Harry,
    These are hands-on tips and they sure work to bust writer’s block.

    I like tip number 3

    Write the headline first. Then make sure your first paragraph or two says essentially the same thing as the headline. This is my favorite tool to help generate headline ideas.

    It has helped me stay on course when the “block” reared its head in the past!

    Like I have commended , this is a handy and quick list to tackle writer’s block with ease. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello Harry,

    Everyone that blogs or writes every now and then encounters a writers block. A writers block can really be frustrating to have and cause stress.

    A lot of times stress and anxiety can lead to a writer’s block as well. However, it’s also a great way to challenge yourself to find an even more creative outlet and hopefully improve your writing even more going forward.