7 Extremely Powerful Tips To Help Newbies Make Money Online


Newbies who have shown interest in making money online mostly get frustrated after a few tries.

If you are one of such newbies, you are certainly not alone in thinking it’s difficult or impossible to make money online.

The reality is that it IS possible to make money online but the truth remains that making money online for newbies is not easy.

If you are a newbie you could lose your mind trying to make money online.

This is because you will discover that:

♠ Making money online doesn’t happen overnight.
♠ Making money online comes with so much more hard work than you envisaged.
♠ Making money online could be frustrating because of lots of scams.
♠ Making money online may require investment in human and material resources for the newbie to break even.

For the above and other reasons, it becomes really frustrating for someone who is just starting to make money online.


However, there are still newbies making money online today without losing their minds.

These are those that have:

♣ Discovered their passion and decided to make money from it.
♣ Discovered a niche that is marketable and profitable.
♣ Decided to defy all odds and focus on the goals they have set until success is achieved.
♣ Discovered and developed an effective system of ensuring the delivery of value to the prospective customers.
♣ Discovered who their audience/customers are and developed the product/service that will meet the needs of the customers.

Indeed, for a newbie to start making money online, he/she must have the mindset of success. If he/she doesn’t believe that he can make it then there is no point wasting time.

Or, he/she should probably go back to 9-5 job!

Apart from the mindset of making it online, there must be that determination to pay the “price” of success. There is no short cut to succeeding online.

You have to pay the price by making physical, mental, financial and social investment needed for success.

And when you do, making money online can be easy for you… as easy as A B C!

Below are 7 extremely powerful tips to help newbies who are planning to make money:

1. Believe in yourself

First off, as a newbie, you should have a recheck on your mindset. You must have the strong conviction that making money online is now what you have decided to do.

And you should not only believe it’s possible but also that if others have made it, you can make it too.

That’s very important to re-program your mind to.

There are so many success stories all over, despite the equally many stories of failures. As a newbie, it’s up to you which you want to believe and imbibe.

If you are determined to succeed and believe in yourself, success will definitely be yours. It will just be a matter of time and a matter of doing more of the right things online.

2. Identify your strong points

You should identify your areas of strength and weakness on what you can offer to your audience.

If you can write, you must reassess your strong areas of writing and be sure to convert same into valuable product/service for your clients and audience.

If you can program, then do the same – create a valuable program or product that your clients and audience will love and pay money for.

3. Make adequate preparations before you start

You must do the necessary research, read the related materials, and gather the necessary financial, intellectual and material arsenal before you begin.

Trying to make money online is like any other field of endeavor – you need to learn what needs to be learnt. If you don’t have enough knowledge in any aspect of what you want to do, dedicate some time to learning before you get started.

Little knowledge is dangerous and can lead you to losing a lot of money and wasting time in the process. Thankfully lots of what you need to learn is readily available, mostly for free.

4. See your blog/website as a business

If you must make money online then you must take your online activities seriously. It should be treated as a business and not a past time.

You need to plan your activities, take the needed actions and continuously make analysis for better decision making.

Those who take their online businesses seriously enjoy the rewards more than those who don’t.

5. Provide solution to the audience

If you truly want to make money online as a newbie then you should focus on the audience. Your business should be built around your customers.

Identify what your customers need and provide them with the product or service that solves their problem. If you continuously address the pain-points of your customers/audience then you will continuously be rewarded.

6. Always collaborate with others


It’s not advisable to try to make money online as a newbie on your own. It’s possible but it will be much harder.

You need mentors and influences to advise and guide you along the way. Find these experts and get to know them, study what they do, and they would make the journey simpler for you.

Similarly, online tasks that would make you start earning money could be overwhelming at times. In this case, you will need to collaborate with others to save time, cost and energy.

You can outsource content, social media promotions, and other similar activities that could really get you making money online.

7. Choose the right monetization method

When you are planning to make money online, there is need to choose the right monetization method or choose what you are going to sell and how.

It is good that there are many options to choose or combine. For example, one of the best ways I am making money online right now is Affiliate Marketing. Specifically I am making money easily with Kingged.com’s 30 Days To Making Money Online program. It’s working very well for me and I recommend it to everyone.

When choosing a monetization method, you should follow these criteria: the method must always provide you with consistent income, a reasonable degree of control, and the flexibility of adjustment.


As a newbie, you CAN make money online without losing your mind. What is important is to have the right mindset, make the right sacrifices, collaborate with the right people, access the necessary tools and apply the right monetization systems.

So, whether you have decided to sell your own product, run sponsored ads on your website, freelance your writing skills, offer specialized services, or utilize contextual ads like AdSense, etc., to make money online, ensure that you are prepared to put in the needed effort and provide value to the customer.


    • Hi Bruce P.,

      Thanks for leaving your reading and leaving your thoughts here. I want to wish you very good luck in your Internet marketing business. Hopefully, the tips shared in this post would be invaluable to your adventure. Once again, thanks for finding this piece informational!

  1. I love this post, it’s a really great and helpful post.

    The point that stood out for me is providing solution to the audience. If we find problems that people need solutions to, that’s a sure way to make money online selling the solution to the people in need.

  2. Hello Steven,
    Great and valuable points share here for the newbies,
    Many in the initial time think that it is very easy to make money online but on the other side it is the other way way round.
    You brought out all such points in this post.
    A well crafted post for the people who really want to make some money online.
    I fully agree with you that, for a newbie it is not an easy task to do it alone, instead as you said he needs to take the help of fellow beings online. Yes, others guidance and suggestions are more valuable here, but do not expect all the time to get some relavant and proper guidances. But to my experience i could get proper guidance from my fellow bloggers many time and in return i support or give back to them,
    Yes, reciprocity is the vital word in this aspect.

    This post is indeed a good guide to people who are in for this purpose, I am bookmarking it to share with others.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a wonderful day.
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
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  3. Hi Steven,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. The point here: 4. See your blog/website as a business, is definitely one of the most important points. A lot of people/newbies see their blog or website as just that, and do not see it necessarily as more than that. However, if they were to see this property as a business, some of your other steps may come natural to them. Great work, Steven and thank you for sharing. 🙂
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…8 Must-Have Plants For A Productive Home OfficeMy Profile

  4. Thank you for the informative post.

    Please check out my site you and everyone on this post or anyone you may know and let me know how I can make some money from it.

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  5. Hi Steven,

    I really liked your article. Some very good advice. It is important for newbies to know that there will be a lot of hard work to put in.

    I also like how you mentioned about scams. There are so many marketers preying on newbies promising “easy” and “quick” solutions. These can really be a distraction.

    Having a proven plan is essential and then the newbie also has to put in the “man hours.” Real businesses take time to build.

    I am glad you are having success with the Kingged program. Looks very interesting and I am sure it is on the up and up. Although I am new to Kingged I am quite impressed.

    Take care and keep up the good work my friend!

    Your friend,


  6. Hello, Steven

    I am utilizing your tips everyday as I build my site. I am believing in myself and networking with people. I am also finding new ways to monetize my site.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please, if you have any more advice, feel free to share it. I am a sponge waiting to soak in as much knowledge.

    Thank you for your post. Take care.

  7. Thanks Steven for this motivation post. Totally agree with when you say provide solution to audiences. When I read such post, I’ll feel glad and happy that the post/author helped me with my problems. And I always hope I could help more people is such way.

    I’ve been learning a lot here at Kingged. I wish I’ll have the power to contribute more in here, and someday, to audiences of my blog.


    • Hi HonWai,

      I am glad that I can make your day with this post. Providing solution to the target audience should be a core duty of every Internet marketer. Newbies who provide solution would not lack audience and reward. Thanks for leaving your thoughts!

  8. Hi Steven,

    What a great post. I have to say I agree with all these 7 tips you listed and explained. It’s hard not to succeed if newbies follow these.

    Seeing one’s blog/website as a business is a very good tip. When we treat our blogs/websites as business from first day, this can positively impact everything else and lead to success more than if we didn’t.

  9. Hello Steven,

    I needed to read this, as I’m one of those who have been frustrated in the past trying to make money online.

    I must admit though, I haven’t always done all that I should, always seem to not finish stuff that I start, but hope to change all that.

    Truly helpful post you got here. Regards!

  10. Very nice article!

    Making money online, is definitely not for the impatient. In fact, most people end up failing before they even really start.

    You need to one, read a lot online first and foremost. Read forums, buy e-books, etc…. Never just jump into something you don’t have any idea you’re doing.

    You’ll waist both time and money.

    Two, if you’re going to make money online be prepared for a learning curve.

    No one usually jumps into something like this, and is instantly successful over night. That just doesn’t happen.

    I think most people end up giving up the minute they find out it’s not easy. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it successfully.

  11. Hello Steven,

    This article is very helpful anyone who wants to start new career . Believing in self is very important to proceed further.

    And also you have outlined all required steps to to be a successful internet marketer, starting from creating website to monetizing.

  12. While I cannot disagree with any of your points, I would have to say that number 5 carries the most weight with me.

    Making money online is the same as making money off line. You have to identify a problem and then provide a solution for that problem at a price point that your customer can afford.

  13. Make a decision on what you want to become an ‘Expert’ in.
    Ie make money niche, allifiate offers in a certain niche etc, work our a budget, learn learn learn about the market before jumping in and don’t believe all the hype you read about WSO’s, they will not make you money over night and you become a .com millionaire in a week!

    Its a long slow slog but you can get there!

  14. Hi Steven,

    Your article hit the nail on the head. There are a few things that have stumped me the most about being a newbie. The first is information overload. There are so many IM products, forums, products, and gurus that it’s hard to make a decision about what method is best. It seems like many are very helpful, until they get your money. Then they disappear.

    As a newbie, I need step-by-step instructions about what to do to get started. I haven’t been able to find that. All of the e-books and products say that they provide step-by-step instructions but after I get into them, it seems like some of the steps are missing and I can’t complete follow the instructions to completion. It is all so overwhelming.

    In fact, I find myself so overwhelmed that I don’t take action like I need to. Without taking action, it’s impossible to make money. I was hoping that by joining Kingged.com, I would be taught step-by-step how to market. I’m still waiting for access into the platinum members area so I can get started. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until I can start seeing some results.

    Thanks for your article and the tips you provided.

    Susan Woodard recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Qualities That Make You SuccessfulMy Profile

  15. Lots of ways to make money online, but the problem usually is finding the one that works best and what one has passion in.

    Atimes what works for one ends up not workig for the other, or we end up struggling with an online feat just for the monetary gains.

    As you’ve rightly stated, patience is a virtue that is really needed by newbies who especially get carried away by the possibility of earning so much from the net. “It doesn’t happen overnight”.

    For me, i monetize my site with ads and also writing. All these have helped bring me a stable income and of course all thanks to the internet.

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  16. Wow, you nailed it.

    Mindset Matters as does finding a good mentor and the right opportunity for YOU. We all have very different ideals of what’s a good fit for us and to find the niche that puts a fire in your belly is the only way to go.

    I have struggled myself, suffering from ‘shiny object syndrome’ but once I found what I was truly passionate about with the right people that were a fit for me, it all came together.

    Passion for your business = helping others achieve!