5 Simple Tips for Writing Irresistibly Clickable Headlines


Great headlines are a crucial ingredient in any online marketing effort. Let’s look at how you can create your own.

Back in the days when Madison Avenue was the center of the marketing world, the now-legendary ad man David Ogilvy and his agency dominated the marketing game with some of the most iconic advertisements in history. Rolls Royce, Marlboro, Dove—all of these major brands, as well as many others, were largely defined by the ad campaigns that Ogilvy himself had created.

What was the secret to his success? According to Ogilvy himself, it was his ability to write absolutely magnetic headlines that people couldn’t help but read and get sucked into the rest of the copy.


  1. Hi Ann,
    Martin’s take on writing clickable headlines is so very important. I also agree with @amabaie (David) that headlines are crucial and must be well crafted to inspire interests from readers.

    One of the things I learned ( and still learning) when getting online is writing a clickable headline.

    I have discovered that some of my best headlines are short, specific and unique. The four Us tips advocated and layed out by Patel and Putnam are in order.

    Nevertheless, the best headlines must make promise benefits in an emotional way!
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  2. Hello Ann,

    Headlines mean everything. I actually think they’re the most vital thing of all. Doesn’t matter if you have the greatest content in the world. If the headline doesn’t make sense, or standout, you won’t get as many clicks.

    And not every headline entices clicks itself. You can do splitter tests on which ones get more clicks. A good headline the stands out, I always fine are ones really unique.

    That really grabs their attention and makes them have to click on the link.