5 Options You Still Have If Your Digital Product Failed Miserably



Once you create your blog, upload a few quality contents on it and equally optimize it with search engines and social media what you want next.

Obviously you want to make money with it if your aim is to earn money with it or you want to get help from it to earn money from your main business if you want to promote your business with it.

In either of the cases the next advice from everywhere you receive is to create your own product and either earn money directly with it by selling it on your blog or promote your main business with it by offering it free as an email subscription incentive to your blog visitors.

It is now an open secret that earning money with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing requires huge traffic on your blog and you need to wait for quite a long time to get big number of traffic. Till then the best advice is obviously to create your own product and try to keep selling it to your blog community how small or large it is.

But mostly a digital product created first time by a blogger usually fails or can’t make it as much as it should have otherwise done.

A product to create money does not make sales more than a few copies that too were bought by your closest friends or handful of your admirers.

While a free maiden product to build your list equally does not make huge impact and people ignore it offer on your email subscription form and silently click on the button “No Thanks” and just go to the blog post directly without getting subscribed.

It happens to many because mostly first product does not make as much success as bloggers expect from it and ultimately many of them get so disheartened and fully junk it while many others just let it be hanging on sidebar of their blog and never bother to further promote it.

5 options to rebound your failed product

It is not wise to forget about the product if it does not bring your desired results and you can still make it successfully with a little effort. You have these five options to make your failed product bounce back and make it a big success.

1. Put an attractive add-on in it

The biggest incentive you can put with it is just one attractive add-on to make it more attractive. It should not be easily available free thing and should directly relate to your expertise.

For example if you are blogging expert you can offer one-on-one free blogging consultancy at least for half an hour to solve as much blogging problems of your buyer as possible in 30 minutes.

Also you can offer blog setup service or blog review service for free to your buyers if your product relates to starting a blog or an online business.

2. Repurpose it

Secondly if your product is in a video format you can convert it into a podcast easily to help your buyers listen it while doing any other work. You can also develop it into text format to help readers grasp its contents more strongly as written words could be retained more easily.

3. Offer mega discount

If you are unable to sell your product with a price of $50 it means you are losing the chance to earn that much money with each sale. But think it in another way. What is the manufacturing cost of your product?

So just fix its price equal to per unit manufacturing cost of your product be it a professional fee which you paid to editor of your product’s contents or fee of a video editor if your product is a video series.

To calculate the per unit manufacturing cost of your product, divide the total cost with total number of products which you want to sell at least to cover the entire cost and go to breakeven point (no profit no loss) in your first venturing.

4. Bring out its latest version

By bringing out its latest version with a lot of new things into it and incorporating the updates related to the product’s niche you can make it appealing and can sell it to your readers. But update it purposefully if it really needs updates and can attract more buyers.

5. Rebrand it

If you feel there are a few weaknesses or shortcomings in your product you can completely turn it into a best seller by fully revising it. While doing so you can change its name, layout, contents and design as well. You can get further guidance on this option in my post How To Turn Your Flop Product Into A Best Seller.

So these are the five options you have if your product failed miserably. If you think there are still a few more options one could have please share them with us in comments section below.

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  1. Hey Mi Muba,
    Indeed, a failed digital product can be brought back to life if one apply the above options as you have described.

    For me, the best should be to do complete rebranding.

    This leaves room for complete overhaul in both content and strategy.

    Rebranding a product is often taking as a last resort but sincerely, it works like magic!

  2. To rebound a failed product, it becomes necessary to checkout reasons why the product failed in the first place.

    After discovering the reason for the failure, its now logical to take action geared towards correcting the mistake.

    In other words, knowledge of the reason for the failure of the digital product is key to ensuring the provision of a solution.

    Nevertheless, I agree with the 5 options discussed.

  3. Hi Sarah

    I fully agree with you that to bounce back our failed product first we need to know the causes of its failure.

    This I already have discussed in detail in a post on my blog that link is given in option fifth of this post.

    I am so glad you hit an important topic of this post that really needs full attention before reviving a dead product.

    Many thanks for your feedback

    Have a great weekend ahead
    Mi Muba recently posted…How to turn your flop product into a best seller?My Profile

  4. Hey Muba.

    Repurposing is not just for failures! It is for any content, product or otherwise. One of my goals for 2016 is to do a content review and create some Slideshares. What is goo the first time is good again! And what failed the first time, might still have a lot of good in it for repurposing.
    David recently posted…Authors, sell your rightsMy Profile

  5. Hello Mi Muba,

    I love the idea of reviving old products or content to leverage something you already put a lot of effort into.

    Adding a bonus is always effective, especially to pull those people in who are on the edge of buying.

    I especially like the idea of repurposing and rebranding. For example, if you created an ebook, you can rebrand it and create it as an audio book. Then you can improve the content based on the feedback you got, and make the content ideal to consume for those listening on the go.

    A lot of great ideas here. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…Do You Leverage These Swiping Secrets To Make Your Web Copy More Effective?My Profile

  6. Hi Jasper

    Exactly, by reviving our old contents or products we can save which we already invested for creating it by adding a little more to increase our rate of return on it.

    This is an age of stiff competition where simply a high quality product on reasonable rates does not work; people want something in addition to main product and this can be done by putting a bonus with the key product.

    Wonderful, this is what I wanted to communicate to my awesome readers that just a little effort to repurpose a product could make it quite new and appealing for a new market.

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledgeable views on this topic.

    You too have a wonderful weekend.
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  7. Hi Mi Muba,

    Indeed, there are many options that could be followed when a digital product fails. From the 5 options you have pointed out, I think many will go for rebranding and revising of the versions. I have seen instances where these options work because they readily meet the needs of the users at that moment!

  8. Digital product like every other product will succeed if it offers value to the target audience. The value proposition before, during and after launch must be clear and maintained for the audience.

    If a product is failing in the marketplace then it is probably because of value erosion. So, every step taken to revive interest in that product should be geared towards improving the value it would provide for the prospects.

  9. Hi Mi Muba,

    I agree with the suggestions you have shared about reviving a dead digital product. Offering Mega discount is cool and re-branding the product to give better appeal would attract more sales. It is in the taking of the right actions that we are sure to raise up interest of those products from the dead 😉

  10. I think that the repurposing of the product will go a long way to ensure that its value is restored. Once this is done, then it becomes easier to revive that failed digital product.

    There is still hope for a failed digital product. Its just that we must take steps to increase our capacity of adaptation to it!

  11. Hi Mi Muba,

    I guess this article is a perfect example of looking at mistakes as learning experiences and to keep on trying until you get it right!

    I especially like the idea of creating a new updated version. The idea of changing to a different format such as video is also a great suggestion.

    One thing I was thinking too, while you may not make much money, you could just create a long free blog post. It could attract a lot more visitors and by offering great free content you will build trust with your readers for when you launch a second product.

    Thanks for sharing my friend…

    Take care,