5 Astonishing Ways To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic


One of the major problems many bloggers face is getting Blog traffic to their blogs, and the truth in the online world is that traffic is very, essential to any online business;  ultimately it is traffic that brings in people that buy.

In this post, I will be sharing about 5 ways you can significantly increase your website traffic.

Blog Traffic

5 Amazing Best Way To Promote Blog Traffic

1. Blogging Commenting

I just began to realize the power of blog commenting. Blog commenting is a powerful way to get traffic to your website especially if done wisely and on a large scale.

One major thing about blog commenting is that it also helps you build a great brand when people begin to see your comments on others page.  Not only that in the long run it also helps you to develop a good relationship with well-known bloggers.

One major thing about blog commenting is that it also helps you build a great brand when people begin to see your comments every here and there.

It is very important to make use of avatars when you post comments on others pages.  Especially when you try to get Traffic From StumbleUpon to your blog through blog commenting.

Our avatar pictures show our real identity to the readers and that will help people take note of you when they begin to see your comments along with your real face.  If your real face is not showing along with your comments, there are every chance to get that comment into the spam folder or most of the time when the blog owner approve the comments if your face is not showing along it may count as spam comment and ultimately that land in the spam folder.  So make sure your real identity is revealed when you post comments.  Here is a simple tutorial in which the Guest Author Chery Schmidt shows us how to include an avatar picture along with your comments.  Adding Your Picture To WordPress Blog Comments.

Being the first person to comment also helps you to get the good attention by the visitors.  Generally, people likely to visit the websites of few of the first commenters and they rarely visit the rest.

When commenting to get traffic, quality is better than quantity because a lot of bloggers will delete your comment if you write generic comments and readers tend to click on valuable comments more than any other comments because they believe someone with this type of great comment will also have something similar on his blog.

2. Guest Posting

7 of the top ten referrers in my analytics data are from my guest posts and all of them sent me over 150 unique visitors. Guest posting is really effective and the power of a guest post should never be underestimated.

One thing I have come to notice with guest posts is that people prefer quality over quantity; if your guest post is a great one then you will get more visitors from it than just writing anything.

Guest Posting


Many people tend to write just any guest post because they believe since the blog is not theirs then their best post should be on their blog, this is not supposed to be because of several reasons. One major advantage of submitting quality guest posts is that it helps you build a relationship with the blogger and his readers but if you just write anything there is a probability of the blogger declining your post, and if he doesn’t his readers will not visit your blog. The better your guest post, the better your result.

3. Blogging Communities

This is one underutilized Blog traffic generation strategy many bloggers don’t use, many bloggers tend to give excuses that they are busy, If you are busy then you might want to be submitting your guest posts to blogging communities every weekend.

Blogging Community

Blog Engage and  StumpleUpon are few of the blog communities I am involved in.  These two networks have sent me hundreds of visitors over time.

One major thing to consider when trying to get the best from blogging communities is that you have to have high-quality posts and you also have to build the relationship because people tend to vote up people they know and if you have a high-quality post people will be more inclined to visit your blog.

4.  Forum Marketing

There was a time I signed up to the warrior forums and with only 50 posts I had already gotten over 70 visitors to my blog, I didn’t post a link to my blog in my posts, it was in the signature.

Forum Marketing

You can get great results from forum marketing if it is done properly, one great thing to consider when trying to market your blog through forums is that it is very important to try as much as possible to help others and not just spam people for your benefit.

If your aim is to go to forums to go and spam then within a short period of time you will be banned but if you focus on helping as many people as possible the end result will be you will have a good and long lasting stand in the forum.  Having more friends and building a stronger relationship with fellow members will increase Blog traffic and authority.

Some great forums to get started with are the Warrior Forum and Digitalpoint Forum.

5. Mailing List

I wouldn’t have put this on this list but it is also a very effective way to getting traffic to your blog. I was checking my overall stats today and I discovered that my mailing list has sent me hundreds of visitors, this is a good number because I only sent my posts to them a few times.

Mailing list

One of the major benefits of a Bulk Email list is the instant result it provides, people tend to respond faster because they are closer to their email than any other thing.

I have also observed emails I sent and I discovered that your titles matter, I have had sent emails have as low as 15% open rate and I have also had emails have over 35% open rate but what matters most is the title. If you have a cool and attractive title then you will get more results than having generic titles.

Getting traffic to blogs used to be a difficult task and I started noticing a difference over time. It is the tips in this post that is helping me get thousands of visitors to my 3 months old blog every week, use them to your advantage and you will be amazed at how they work.

It is also important to know that getting Blog traffic takes time and requires constant effort, if you are dedicated to making the effective use of the above tips then in no time you will be getting a lot of Boost blog traffic on autopilot.

I would like to hear from Philipscom readers the other ways you are using to get traffic to your pages.  Please share your tips if any in the comment box, that will be much appreciated.

Wish You All The Readers At Philipscom A Wonderful Time Of Profitable Blogging Ahead. ~ M Tabish

Thanks, Philips Sir for the opportunity given me to speak to your audience via this Guest post.  I believe your readers will appreciate my effort.

Also, I appreciate your efforts by giving several opportunities via your blog in bringing upcoming bloggers to good exposure

Keep up the good work.

~ Muhammad Tabish

This is a guest post written by Muhammad Tabish on the pages of #Philipscom



  1. Hello Philip
    That was a great post it was not only informative but very helpful to me. I already do alot of blog commenting,even though I have slacked off a bit. But I definitely plan on doing better with my mailing list and I definitely look forward to implementing your other proven techniques.
    I think alot of people will benefit from reading this value-packed article . Thanks so much for sharing and have a super evening.
    darrellantonio recently posted…SwissCoin vs. Bitcoin The Honest ReviewMy Profile

  2. Muhammad:

    Very solid advice, particularly concerning blog comments and mailing list.

    My suggestion is to combine the two:

    -1-Only make quality comments that add value.

    -2-Set up Google Alerts around keywords and themes you wish to comment on. Under “How often” select “As-it-happens”. This will help you be among the first to comment.

    -3-Subscribe to the RSS feed of any blog you intend to comment on.

    -4-When you make a meaningful blog comment, enter the url of your mailing list/newsletter/ezine in the Website slot. (Quality comments will provoke a click through on your name and help to build your list.

    -5-ALWAYS send an email broadcast to members of your mailing list anytime your publish quality content on your blog. You might be shocked at the magnitude of the traffic this process produces.

    Best of luck in 2017! This is the year we move to “easy street”! lol
    Robert A Kearse recently posted…

    Increase Website Traffic – The 12 Best
    And Most Powerful Blog Traffic Posts Of 2016
    My Profile

  3. Lot’s of good points, I never really considered blog commenting as one way of getting potential traffic.

    I always considered SEO, Facebook, guest blogging (although would never consider myself good enough to try that!), forums etc but never really thought just commenting in general.

    Thanks for the post, I’ll definitely be doing more commenting (this being probably my first ;-))
    John recently posted…Publishing and monetising your blog might not work first timeMy Profile

  4. Hi Muhammad Tabish,

    A great post! Its well written and has great points. Indeed, these are 5 great ways to skyrocket blog traffic – commenting, guest blogging, forum marketing, email marketing and blogging communities.

    An underlying denominator to all of these ways is that “quality must trump quantity”.

    This is very important for targeted traffic generation.

  5. Blog traffic can determine online marketing success. Therefore, it becomes important for the blogger to determine the best way of growing blog traffic.

    I agree with the best ways shared of growing traffic shared in this post. These are tested and result orientated methods!

  6. I have been a practitioner of these 5 astonishing ways to skyrocket blog traffic. They have been pretty awesome.

    With blog commenting, I have been able to garner lots of targeted traffic to my blog. The experience has been awesome.

    I would also want to add social media shares as another way of increasing traffic for a blog with ease! Sharing timely posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has been my preferred social media traffic generation tactics.

    • Hi Carl,
      Yes, i too can testify that our constructive comments on other fellow bloggers posts can bring in lot of traffic eventually it brings in better relationship with other bloggers and thus profits too.
      I can very well relate in this area, as, in short I was a blog commenter even before having a blog of my own.
      In a recent post about blog comments I explained my stories on this line,
      Thanks again for sharing your experiences in this regard.
      Keep sharing
      Have a great week ahead.
      ~ Philip
      Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…8 Incredible foods to enhance your longevityMy Profile

  7. Forum marketing is not my strong point. I hardly engage in it.

    However, I have seen good success with commenting and guest posting.

    These are awesome strategies to drive in massive targeted traffic.

    I will advise anyone to master all of the ways explained here.

    However, value proposition and value delivery must be at the back of your mind.

  8. Using any of the above strategies to grow blog traffic is in order.

    However, what must always be at the mind of the individuals is that without value in the content create and shared, there would be no attraction.

    So, every traffic building method must encompass the delivery of value!

  9. Hi Muhammad,

    Thanks for sharing this piece. Indeed, these are very practical and result-oriented ways of increasing blog traffic.

    It is gladdening knowing that these methods have been used by many of the top bloggers out there to achieve the results they have been getting.

    At the end, what makes the difference would be the pursuit of quality over quantity!

  10. Hi Phillip, thank you so much for sharing!
    Getting traffic has always been challenging for me, and this is the first time I heard about Blogging Communities traffic.

    Thanks again, it’s always exciting to learn something new and helpful!


  11. Hi Philip,

    I’ve never really tried blog commenting much, as I never wanted to come off “spammy”.

    But I was thinking in the terms of linking anyways. However, your advice on this makes a lot more sense. Adding a picture to your comments seems to build more trust.

    Guest posting and mailing list is another great way to gets tons of traffic to your website fast.