4 Tools to Turn Your WordPress-Powered Website into a Growth Engine


Today, over one-third of all websites use WordPress for infrastructure and content management, making it the world’s most popular site building platform.

It doesn’t matter what design element, user interface module or back end tool you can think of. Thanks to the vibrant community of WordPress developers (it’s open source, after all), there’s probably an existing plugin that can do what you have in mind. And if there isn’t, you can have one built for you.


However, with great choice comes great paralysis. It can be hard to know what WordPress plugins are best for the specifics of your situation. At the time of writing, the WordPress plugin marketplace is home to some 45,312 options, and that’s before we count the thousands of standalone SaaS tools that integrate with WordPress sites from beyond the confines of your host servers.

To get you started in the right direction, here are four tools that can help turn your WordPress website into a powerful growth engine.


  1. Hey Erik,

    This is an awesome share. I want to align my thoughts with @kritihines, Start A Fire is the most attraction for me.

    It’s function of driving back traffic to a blog would be awesome. I think I will give it a try!

    Also, it would be worth having a tool like Kissmetrics convert traffic!

  2. Hi Erik,

    I am really excited about this share. The first plugin Start A Fire really caught my attention. What more do we need to drive traffic back to our site!

    The additional features of SUMO are also good to be explored!

  3. Hi,

    I think WordPress because the ease and as you said, the versatility. It’s a great platform and people like myself love it.

    The easy integration of plugins makes you feel like you are in control and when you add plugins like sumome for added variation and site efficiency, you can really attract visitors that want to come back again and again.

    The information you have provided here is excellent, as some of these things I have not yet used with my site, but I will be sure to come back to this post when that time comes.

    Best wishes,

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…How To Reduce The Risk of Startup FailureMy Profile

  4. Hi Erik,

    A great post, for sure! Start A Fire, KissMetrics stuck out to me and I’m thinking of giving them a try. Just the other day I visited a follower’s link-share on Twitter, and saw the recommendation widget as described about Start A Fire. I thought it was a pretty cool thing, but did not know the name of it, how it works or how to get one set up myself-thanks to you Erik I now know + more.

    Thank you so much. 🙂
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