2 Steps That Make Guest Blog Posting 50X More Effective



What does every Blogger crave for? Here’s the short answer – focused site visitors beating a path to their Blog site AND the best engagement possible from the site visitors.

If you are a Blogger my guess is that wanting to drive focused, in-bound, traffic to your business is prime on your mind AND you’ve read that publishing terrific Guest Blog posts is the quickest way to gain such traffic.

All the authority Bloggers on this planet say, delivering – top of the line Guest Blog posts – results in a quantum leap in focused, in-bound, traffic to the guest blogger’s site.

So, you sweat over and craft a terrific Guest Blog post, get it published on a (perfect) authority Blogger’s site BUT get the grand total of 5 subscribers (or less) when its published. Let’s not even mention engagement.

Sounds familiar?

The Painful Truth About Guest Blog Posting

Not too long ago, if you managed to publish a guest Blog post on a popular, authority Blogger’s site, it was quite likely you would get about 100 to 150 subscribers, if not more.  This technique did help a lot of people build up their Internet driven businesses using guest Blog posting as a technique.

Today apparently guest blogging just does not deliver the same results, yet Bloggers are still doing it.

Herse is some interesting site visitor traffic statistics:

Jon Morrow got 1000 visitors within a month of his guest post on the Twenty Something Blog, titled
– Why I regret getting straight A’s in college

Danny Iny got 1200 visitors the day he published his guest post titled
– 38 Critical Books Every Blogger Needs to Read

Yup, I know it’s – Site Visitor – statistics. Unfortunately unless there is a real flood of in-bound site visitors – Subscriptions – will not happen.

You craft a guest blog post of equally epic proportions, get it published on the perfect authority site AND get 20 visitors (or less).

Beyond embarrassing, right?

It’s painfully apparent that the huge value add, guest posting on an authority blogger site, brought to Bloggers – is over.  Having said that, to help assuage the pain, here is a simple formula which will help ensure you command a ton more attention for your guest blog posts.

Blogger Outreach + Leverage + Promotion = More Attention

Leveraging Your Blog Posts

Today, as a guest blogger, it’s imperative to offer – Next Level – content within the post published, to drive subscribers to your site.

Let’s take a look at what – Next Level – content really is.

Next level content is additional valuable content, which multiples the value add of the guest blog post, BUT is available only on your Blog site.

Additionally, you have to bribe the reader to get them to check out the – Next Level – content on your Blog site.

You cannot do this with any old bribe, the bribe must be really meaningful to the reader of your guest Blog post, to trigger and undeniable need to access the – Next Level – content on your Blog site.

I’m talking specifically about – serious content upgrade.

Here’s a definition for a – serious content upgrade – I particularly like.

A serious content upgrade is a complementary piece of information your guest blog readers can download for your Blog site in exchange for sharing the post or giving you his/her email address.

So while guest posting, you could:

1. Offer more tips on how anyone could do what you shared in the guest post.


Diagram 1

Diagram 1 is an example from a guest post by Paul Shapiro.   Paul shared additional tips on how to get more views from LinkedIn specifically for people who subscribe.  This is a great example of a content upgrade really is.

Here Is How To Create The Perfect – Content Upgrade

In your Guest Blog post, place a link to your – content upgrade page – on your Blog site.

  1. In the page on your Blog site craft the additional – Tips N Tricks content
  2. Create a PDF of the contents of this Blog post
  3. Place a link(s) within your Blog post via which the reader can download the PDF.

When anyone clicks this link ask them for their Email Ids
Ask them to share your content on their social stream(s)

Whatever works best for you, before they get access to the PDF for download.

Jenna Dalton submitted a great post for Boost Blog Traffic titled as show in diagram 2:
The Ultimate List-Builder’s Resource Guide: 111 Links to Double or Even Triple Your Subscribers.


Diagram 2

At the end, Jenna Dalton created a bribe for people to subscribe and get a PDF of the post.

Brilliant, right? A lot of great resources were shared in this post. Readers who wanted to keep a copy of this content safely with them for reference whenever they required it, went after that PDF in droves. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Create A Video

A second simple strategy you can use is to create a video showing people exactly how to do something.

Learning how to do something by watching and listening to someone else do it is a ton easier than reading a text and image based tutorial explaining exactly the same thing.

A video is also perceived of as a high value item. You’ll likely get a higher percentage of people sharing their Email Ids with you for a video, especially if it’s a tech video.

Okay, it won’t work with all posts. That said, when you can do it, I definitely encourage you to do it.

Here’s how you can create a video quickly:

  1. Create a document of how the video should flow from start to end so that you know what you are delivering.  A kind of modestly detailed story board for you to follow.
  2. If the topic content is on-line tech material, you can record your computer screen using Camtasia Studio while explaining what you are doing.
  3. If the topic content is an offline thing, open your laptop and use it’s built in camera and make a video recording of the content you are want to deliver.

A Really Simple Video Editing Technique

When you make mistakes when creating the video, don’t re do the video.

Wait for seconds while the video continues to record then repeat the part you said / did wrong and just continue.

Use Camtasia studio and cut out the parts in which you made mistakes.

Finally produce the video in Camtasia.

Upload the final cut of your video to Youtube, Wistia or Vimeo. Take your pick.

Create a new page on your Blog site and add that video to it.

Ensure that site visitors who want to – See this video – can do so only after they share their Email Id with you OR share its link on their social stream first, whichever works for you. Then permit access to this video content.

And you’re done.

Hint To The Content Upgrade To Get More Subscribers

I believe that the best way to get more people to anticipate that they must subscribe to your list is to hint to the – content upgrade – in the guest Blog post itself.

Hint to this at the beginning of your Guest Blog post, as shown in diagram 3:


Diagram 3

You could also place this link at the end of the post.

If the house rules of the Blog site that is accepting your guest Blog post does not accept this, do not get overly upset.

Share this link in the Author Bio. More often than not, this is enough to get you the meaningful engagement that you looking for.

Promote Your Guest Blog Post Like Mad

Once your guest Blog post is published, you must spend time promoting it.

Okay, okay I know that your guest Blog post has been published on an authority site, which gets tons of traffic daily, BUT you need to stand out there right?

Because of you’ve promoted your Blog post like mad, your Blog post will start getting its share of traffic from your promotion and its share of engagement.  This helps your guest Blog post get  noticed by the authority Blogger.

A tweet from the authority Blogger, or a few comments replied to by the authority Blogger could easily send you an additional 50+ subscribers.

Additionally, this helps you build a relationship with the authority site owner faster because they have noticed your work.

Is this really worth the extra (focused) effort you put into promotion? Hell yes!

Creative Ways Of Promoting Your Guest Post

Yes, you could tweet it.

You could share it on Facebook and on Google+.

But that’s not how you get big eyes on your post.

The only strategy I use to get big Bloggers to seem my post is to reach out to them and tell them about it.

Here is a promotion workflow that always works well:

  1. Search for posts similar to yours on Google
  2. Check for people who linked to these posts using Open Site Explorer
  3. Check for those who tweeted the post using Topsy
  4. Click on the influential only tab, to save you time
  5. Email them. Tell them you liked that post AND what value add your post has.  Be brief
  6. Find similar content on your Blog and repeat step 1 – 5
  7. Email people who you’ve mentioned in your post. They’ll be happy you mentioned them on an authority Blog in your guest post. They’ll thank you for it
  8. Be creative, and find more people to email

Start Creating More Guest Posts

Now you know exactly how to get more subscribers from your guest Blog post. You’ve also know how to stand out from other guest Blog posters who post on the same authority Blogger’s site. You learned how to build a relationship with the authority Blog owner.

Now you need to take action.

Nothing is going to happen if you move on and don’t do anything.  You won’t get 500+ subscribers on your next post, BUT you could get 50+ subscribers if you choose the right authority Blog and apply what I shared with you.

Now you need to take action.

Yes! you can get more subscribers. The sky is the limit.

Just take action.

Guest Bloggers Welcome on Digital Marketing Training Mumbai


Would you like to publish a guest Blog post on my website?  We are happily accepting topics that fit with what our Blog site delivers its readers.

If you’ve questions about how appropriate your topic really is drop us an Email and we will come back to you pretty quick.

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It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.



  1. Hi Ivan,
    There is always an extra thing to do when it comes to expecting better rewards from Internet marketing strategy like guest blogging.

    Its cool to have revealed in this post the idea of content upgrade. The term is new to me but I think it would be helpful for increased traction.

    Thanks for sharing this practical based post. I guess its time to start taking the action advised!
    Sunday William recently posted…Breaking News! The Blog Is Dead!My Profile

    • Hi Sunday,

      Yes true. There is a bit of extra work to be done when using Guest Blogging as a strategy to drive traffic to your site.

      The old days of just chucking together some content and publishing that as a Guest Blog post is really long gone.

      Site visitors are really a mature, picky lot these days, I’m one of them as I consume content more than I publish.

      Content upgrade, is a really cool way of re-purposing great content that you’ve laboured over but has gone a tad stale. The technique has worked pretty well for me.

      Glad you liked my post content Sunday. Appreciate your kind words.

      Thanks so much for dropping by an leaving your comment.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…2 Steps That Make Guest Blog Posting 50X More EffectiveMy Profile

  2. Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for sharing this great post.
    Yes I think it’s essential to provide all the time new content, expertise and ad value. Writing a great post is only a part of the whole process. The article needs not only be created but also published, promoted in other words marketed. Some experts recommend to spend 20% of the time to create a post and and 80% to market it. Do you agree with that?
    You well covered the topic.
    Remy recently posted…How to Build an Email ListMy Profile

    • Hi Remy,

      Yup, you said it.

      As a Blogger looking for consistent traffic that engages with your content, unless you deliver content that is perceived as measurable value add by site visitors your efforts will be in vain.

      Post promotion, is often the weakest talent area of Bloggers, largely because they focus on creating the very best content for consumption.

      Today, Bloggers not only need to deliver terrific content they need to be equally good at marketing their content on the web.

      Today’s Bloggers need to have a much larger variety of skills to be successful.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your POV Remy, really nice of you to do so.

      Enjoy weekend ahead of you.

  3. Hello there Ivan,

    What works before won’t work today. When it comes to guest blogging, it is still effective but the result depend on how the guest blogging do its job to drive subscribers, earn clicks, make a sale and make his content high quality with great value that readers would love.

    I agree with Sunday that there is always an extra thing to do when it comes to expecting better rewards.

    This content upgrade or opt-in bribe by giving always some free PDF downloads is a smart idea to use on an individual blog post in exchange for a visitor’s email address.
    Metz recently posted…All Hail The King! Kingged.com ReviewedMy Profile

  4. Hey Ivan,

    Great article 🙂 I definitely agree that the older methods of guest blogging aren’t as effective anymore.

    I still think that guest blogging is still valuable (even if you use the older methods) if for no other reason than growing your network of contacts in the blogging space. Having connection with other bloggers in your niche can be very valuable and provide awesome opportunities in the future.
    Jonathan Foster recently posted…47 Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Blog TopicMy Profile

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Glad you liked my article Jonathan.

      Yes, the older methods of guest Blogging are pretty irrelevant today. The Blogging space has changed (grown) so much its an entirely new entity today compared to about five years ago.

      While I agree that guest Blogging is indeed valuable, if one uses the old method of crafting a Blog post, publishing it and doing nothing else – like strongly marketing the GBP, I’ve discovered that the expected volume of inbound traffic just is not there.

      Engagement is very low as well.

      Neither of which helps grow the Bloggers network of contacts substantially.

      Yup, I agree that having a connection with other Bloggers in one’s niche is valuable.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Jonathan, very nice of you to do so.
      Much appreciated.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Even Sceptic’s Can Get Targeted Traffic from Google+My Profile

  5. Hi Ivan:

    Thanks for another quality post. Your
    technique of the “content upgrade” is
    a valuable strategic addition to the
    Internet marketing arsenal.

    But, I do not agree that guest blog posting
    is not as effective as it once was.

    Internet marketers must REFINE their

    For instance, in the author’s resource
    box of any guest post there should be
    a direct link to a sign-up page for the
    author’s email opt-in list.

    The link should be prefaced by a thematic
    connection to the guest post.

    EVERY BLOGGER should have a separate
    page for their email list/ezine/newsletter
    such as this one:


    When you have a direct link in the resource
    box, your subscription rate should go way
    up. You can vary the FREE INCENTIVE to join according to the subject theme of the
    guest blog post with MULTIPLE opt-in pages.

    Still, the “content upgrade” technique is
    a valuable addition, but shouldn’t be

    Also, whenever I make blog comments and fill in the “website” box with an url, I enter
    the url above that links to my ezine subscription page.

    Lastly, your comments on PROMOTING the
    guest blog post are extremely incisive.

    Using sites like https://buffer.com/ and
    http://socialadr.com/ to promote your
    guest blog post is crucial.
    Robert A Kearse recently posted…

    Top 101 Blog Directories And RSS
    Submission Sites – Weekly Update #231
    My Profile

    • Hi Robert,

      Wow! you’ve blown me away with this awesome comment. It add its own value to my Blog post beautifully.

      Thanks Robert, really appreciate this engagement.

      But, I do not agree that guest blog posting is not as effective as it once was.

      Well if the purpose of the guest Blog post was to drive focused traffic to the guest Bloggers site, AND, old GBP techniques are blindly applied, I am afraid that the GB poster’s desires will not be fulfilled. At least this has been my experiences in the last year or so.

      Internet marketers must REFINE their techniques (For guest Blog posts)


      That’s why I suggested some of the newer social media marketing techniques in use today that will help drive up guest Blog engagement many times over in my post.

      Understanding – Site visitor demographics – of the host site is also pretty important. That understanding is what should underwrite the guest Blog post Title, Sub Headlines and finally content.

      Placing a link to a subscription (landing page) in the Authors Bio is a great suggestion Robert. This is really a – must do – to capture some of the inbound traffic as subscribers.

      Really useful links to Blog promotion sites Robert, I’m on both. I had an account on SocialAdr when it was – Free.

      Also take a quick look at Ann Smarty’s – Viral Content Buzz another terrific Blog promotion site.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Robert. It was really nice
      of you to do so.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of EmailMy Profile

  6. Ivan some people are expert in guest blogging.

    Even if some people are doing excellent work when it comes to guest blogging, but then too their guest posts are not getting enough visibility.

    Your post is going to make many bloggers do guest posting in the right way.

    It may be the right time to get more friends as then the guest post will get more promotion.

    Guest blog posting is also an art and bloggers need to get expert at it.
    Mohit recently posted…BNLF 2015 – Different Things That I Learnt at the First DayMy Profile

    • Hi Mohit,

      Creating the Guest Blog post after understanding the Hosts site visitors is the actual – Art Form – Mohit.

      Marketing the Guest Blog post is relatively simple if you have an XL sheet with the right steps to follow.

      Create a well thought through social media marketing strategy and you will amazed at the engagement you’ll get via your guest Blog posts.

      Subscribers and customers are then just a heartbeat away.

      Thanks for commenting Mohit. Appreciate this.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Get Your Blog Post Read By Those Who MatterMy Profile

  7. Hey Ivan,

    As time flies we always have to take it up another notch. Especially when it comes to guest posting. what worked just 3 years ago won’t work well today.

    I really like the concept of content upgrade on guest post. It makes a lot of sense to add even more value to the readers. If they see that they can get more out of the blog by subscribing and downloading an ebook or watch a video series, then this would be a great motivator.

    I may have to take you on that offer in being a guest myself. I’ve really been digging your content for the past couple of months and I’m sure my audience will too.

    Thanks for the tips Ivey! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…7 Tips For Growing A Blog While Working Full-TimeMy Profile

    • Hi Sherman,

      Yes, very true. What worked three year ago just won’t work today. Yet too many Bloggers seem to ignore completely the changes that have occurred in the Guest Blogging space.

      Their efforts at delivering a brilliant GBP ends in nought. Sad that.

      There are those who seem to hate – Content Upgrade – and there are those who swear that it brings in the results desired. I definitely belong to the latter half. To me a great – Content Upgrade – embedded within a well crafted GBP.

      I’d be over the moon Sherman if you took me up on a GBP. I’d work my butt off to deliver content that would add value to your site visitors. With your critique and guidance it would work out perfectly for us both.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Sherman. Really nice of you to do so.

      Have a terrific weekend yourself.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…2 Steps That Make Guest Blog Posting 50X More EffectiveMy Profile

  8. As you said, guest posting is not really what is used to be due to the high amount of blog out there now a days and all the content being published daily. The methods that you stated about to get more people to come to your blog once you guest post on someone else’s blog are great. I think offering something that is exclusively on your website that people may like in your guest post s a creative way to get more traffic, but you have to make sure that you dont step on the other persons toes.
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…5 Reasons Why Writing Skills Are So Important In Career SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Guest posting has morphed. Its not as simple to drive focused traffic to you site by writing and publishing a Guest Blog post any longer.

      You have to market your GBP on various social (appropriate) social streams as well so that it gets noticed and responded to.

      I agree completely, offering something of value to your reader, in your GBP, is an excellent way of driving traffic to your site.

      When I do, I always write to the Blog owner and explain what I’m offering and why. If they disagree with what’s on offer, I remove / change the offer made.

      This has happened to me, but very occasionally.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment Lawrence. Appreciate this.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Do You Really Need A Custom 404 Page?My Profile

  9. Hi Ivan,


    These are very powerful tips on how to increase the results with guest posts. Upgrade on content and video is important to achieve the desired results.

    Above all, it is important to create more value with every posts and promotion made. Taking action still remains a key to achieving good progress with guest blogging.

    Your post is so rich and revealing!

  10. Guest blogging success is a function of delivering value – just like any other thing that would lead to success. The more value that is shared in the content of the guest blog the more rewards that the owners or bloggers would get.

    I am of the opinion that for those who want to get more with success, they must be ready to deliver more in value!

  11. Hi Ivan,

    It is surely possible to get 50x the effectiveness we have now in guest blogging. Readers want to practicality and a direction of purpose.

    Therefore, with every piece of content, it becomes important to increase the level of expectations for the average reward.

    If the niche, content structure, content style, content design and keyword research have been taken care of, it becomes important look into the promotion or marketing aspect of guest blogging for effectiveness.