15 Best Alternatives to Dropbox and How Much Storage Space You Get For Free


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage system that offers users with secure sharing, syncing and storing service. It has an estimated number of users over 300 million and still counting. Also, it is worth over $10 billion monetary value. So, it’s a big force to be reckoned with!

This storage system offers a 2GB of storage free to new sign-ups and this can be increased if you  complete the “get started” tour, connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter, Download Mailbox for your Android or iOS device and connect same with your Gmail account, etc.

Since there is no absolute total security online and with many security concerns been raised about Dropbox, it would better to considering alternatives.

Luckily, there are many alternatives if you decide Dropbox does not provide you with perfect secured storage service.

Here are 15 of the best alternatives to Dropbox you should consider and how much storage space you can get for free: 

1 – Google Drive


Google Drive is a storage service provided by non other than big ole’ Google.

It can serve as your perfect Dropbox alternative since it comes file sharing and syncing features.

Once you own a Gmail account you can automatically connect with this Google Drive to store and share your files, photos and videos.

This storage system works well in major operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

It’s becoming wildly used by lots more people today than was the case when it first deputed. And of course, that’s because of the power of Google and how connected Google Drive is with many other Google products.

What do you get for free: With Google Drive you will enjoy 15GB of free storage as you install this service.


2 – Box


Box is a file sharing storage service that is geared towards more on enterprises.

It’s a perfect cloud storage for small businesses than for individuals.

This enterprise storage solution can be used to share files of up to 250MB.

It has an app that can be used sync files between hard drive and the cloud.

What you get for free: Box.com offers a free 10GB of storage space when you sign up.

Also this can be increased to 16GB if your refer others to sign through your link.


3 – CloudMe


CloudMe is another cloud storage service worth mentioning.

Although it provides a restricted storage space of 150MB, it also provides a perfect syncing system where your files and folders are secured.

This service works in all operating systems you may want to consider it as a Dropbox alternative.

What you get for free: Cloudme offers 3GB of free storage from the beginning but you can increase the storage to up to 19 GB if you refer friends.


4 – OneDrive


This is storage service provided by another giant, Microsoft.

It is a platform for storing your data and photos.

It will interest you to know that this cloud storage service syncs with your Office Suite apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publishers.

It provides the perfect and easy backup for those who use the Windows operating system. OneDrive also works in iOS and Android devices.

What you get for free: If you sign up for a free account you get 5GB of free storage.

More so, if you subscriber to the 365 Office Package you will enjoy 1TB of free storage.


5 – Sugar Sync

dropbox-alternative-Sugar-SyncSugar Sync is an enterprise cloud storage service you can also use as Dropbox alternative.

It provides you with features of storing, syncing and sharing of files and documents.

It can be used to manage documents between teams online.

What you get for free: Sugar Sync has a 90 days free trial account where you get a free storage size of 5GB. This space can be expanded for some fees if the free trial ends.


6 – Amazon Cloud Drive


Amazon Cloud is a cloud storage system perfect for business.

It can be used to share and sync your files and photos.

It has a secured system whereby all your data is encrypted in its network.

This should also be considered as an alternative to Dropbox.

What you get for free: You can access a free storage space of 5GB when you sign up with this system.


7 – Team Drive


Team Drive is a file sharing system based on the cloud storage service.

It syncs files and documents between computers and works in major operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linus, Android and iOS.

This service offers one of the best encrypting service so your files are provided with strong security.

If you are small or medium sized business then you may want to consider this cloud storage as a replacement for Dropbox.

What you get for free: Team Drive offers 2GB of free space at no cost and this can be increased to 10GB if you refer friends successfully to their service.


8 – SpiderOak


SpiderOak is your choice online cloud service that works both in desktop and mobile devices.

It combines online backup with sync of files.

More so, it comes with lots of security options that makes you feel safe about your stored data.

It provides a high zero-knowledge privacy that ensures that you alone can access your encrypted files.

What you get for free: SpiderOak offers free 2GB of storage space limited for only 60-days.


9 – Mediafire


One of the best places you can store digital files is on Mediafire.

This cloud storage service readily allows you to upload and share files with others irrespective of where they are.

You are provided with top-notched security and password-protected files that cannot be shared to the public without an access code.

This is a sure an alternative to Dropbox you would want to consider.

What you get for free: Mediafire offers users free storage space of 50GB.

This is massive and can be used for big projects!


10 – pCloud


pCloud is one of the lesser known cloud storage systems out there.

It does the functions and has the features of all standard cloud service.

It helps you store files, photos, and media on their server.

pCloud can run on all operating systems.

What you get for free: The basic plan for pCloud provides you 20GB of free storage space.

This is far above what Dropbox offers in similar plan.


11 – Mega


Mega is a powerful privacy providing service. It was launched on January 19, 2013 by  the popular Kim Dotcom.

It is a cloud service that high end security protocols for the encryption and decryption of your stored data.

Mega ensure that your stored files remain private or public (if you like).

You can upload through the web or sync through the software downloaded on your system.

What you get for free: Mega provides a free storage space of 50GB.


12 – Sync


Sync allows you to store, share and access files from anywhere. At least this is what they claim!

However, this is cloud system provide excellent security for stored files.

It also provides permissions for granular file and folders with no file size sharing limitation.

This is a good alternative to Dropbox and worth trying out.

What you get for Free: Sync.com offers a 5GB of free storage space.


13 – E-Box


E-Box is an easy to use cloud storage system.

You don’t need to install any software.

It provides highly secured UK based services with robust auditing controls. This means that all user activities are time stamped for effective control.

More so, with E-Box you enjoy end-to-end encryption that makes for secure file sharing.

What you get for free: 30-Day free trial without Credit Card payment information!


14 – Tresorit


This is a service that offers you private cloud system.

You can send secure encrypted files and documents even as you get to sync them.

Tresorit effectively takes sending, security and syncing of your files seriously and that is why hackers, data loss or misplaced emails.

It is a good alternative to Dropbox and highly rated platform.

What you get for free: Tresorit offers a 5GB of free storage space.

Tesorit now offers a free 14-Day Trial 1,000GB encrypted cloud storage space per user


15 – OwnCloud


OwnCloud is a cloud computing system that allows you sync and share files wherever you want it to be hosted.

It’s an effective system that provides a secured home for all your files, contacts, calendars, mails etc. at your disposal.

The best part of this service is that you determine where your files are hosted, so it could be on your computer on an encrypted storage device.

What you get for free: You determine how much storage you want since you are hosting and  encrypting!


Conclusively, these are 15 cloud storage systems that can serve as perfect alternative for Dropbox.

However, you must remember that almost all of the services described here have premium plans where you can access more storage spaces.

Getting the best from any of these services require you to review and compare what each has to offer.


  1. Hello Black,

    Oh wow, this must have taken you a while to research and put together, right?

    I love Dropbox but have already used up my allowed 2GB free space with Dropbox and thinking of upgrading. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

    I can see many from here that offer more than 2GB for free. There’s more than enough here to choose from.

    I didn’t even know Microsoft had a storage service called OneDrive.

    It’s tempting to subscriber to Microsoft’s 365 Office Package to enjoy 1TB of free storage.

    Even Amazon’s Cloud Drive is offering 5 GB for free. That’s more than Dropbox’s 2GB.

    Thanks for putting this list together.

  2. Hi Black

    I use some of these already and they are great, I have a free account on Box, Google Drive and Mega.

    I have a paid account on Microsoft’s OneDrive with 1TB space and I use it the most.

    Great information that you have provided in this article, I’m sure a lot of people will find it very helpful.

    Have a good day,
    W. Moore

  3. Hi Black,

    This is a great list of Dropbox alternatives. It is important to compare these items and choose one that readily fits into the storage and backup needs of the blogger.

    It is really important to consider the premium versions of these tools for better features and functionality.

    I am not really a big fan of Dropbox per se. I use only OneDrive but would love to test Dropbox.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  4. I agree with Norma, this post certainly came at the right time for me too. I have also used up my 2 GB with Dropbox long time ago.

    I am using Google Drive but wasn’t aware of so many other alternatives to Dropbox, except for Mega.nz because of the owner, Kim Dotcom and the controversies surrounding him.

    Thanks for this extensive post.

  5. Hey Black,

    The need for an optimal storage system is fundamental for online success. Dropbox is a reliable tool but, I guess no tool is completely hack-free.

    It becomes necessary to spread find alternative if a particular option is not reliable.

    This 15 Dropbox alternatives are revealing. In the very least, web marketers will have many options to choose from.

    I use Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Mega. I choose to spread my storage needs in different platform.

    Meanwhile, this is a well put-together post!

  6. Hi Black,

    I am impressed with the details of this post. Dropbox is a remarkable storage tool. I have been using it for years. Although I am still stuck with the limited version but I have to state that all my files over the years have been secured.

    Having said that, this post has come at the right time because I should definitely consider my options in case of any “Dropbox failure” 😉

  7. Good job with this post, Black.

    I like how you listed each of the alternatives and the exact size of free space they offer.

    I don’t understand why people upgrade to monthly payment with Dropbox when there are others which give more space for free.

    Even if they don’t trust other services, what about Google’s own Google Drive? The 15GB it gives for free should be enough for most people.

    I haven’t used Box.com but will after reading this, to get free 10GB.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this helpful list together.

  8. Hey Black,

    It is important for every Internet marketer to be knowledgeable about the different alternatives to Dropbox – especially for those who make use of this file sharing and cloud storage tool.

    I enjoyed this post because of the various alternatives revealed. I guess its time to start checking out how each of these tools will serve me for real.

    Well, the storage space needed from each would depend on the amount of work and the capacity to be exploited.

    • Hey Carol,

      Yes, Google Drive and One Drive are popular storage drives. There are popular because they are from the web giants Google and Microsoft.

      However, these other Dropbox alternatives also offer features and services you will find useful!

      Try them out!

  9. Hi Black,

    Thanks for putting together these 15 alternatives to Dropbox.

    I knew about some of these Dropbox alternatives but didn’t know there were as many as 15 alternatives. I am even more surprised that some of the alternatives offer more free space than Dropbox.

    But do you know if they can be trusted, in terms of data safety?

    I know some of the popular ones like Google Drive and Microsoft can be trusted but what about the others mentioned here?

  10. Hey Black,

    Thanks for writing this post!

    I never knew the majority of alternatives you mentioned here.

    I used mainly Google Drive at work and home. Since I also have a hotmail account I also use One Drive, and Microsoft has made it convenient by added it to it’s newest OS Windows 10 to access.

    Sometimes we feel like we’re so limited, but yet we have so many options. Thanks to post like this that points this out!

    Have a good one Black!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

  11. It`s good idea to have more than just one place where you can safely store your files in order to protect your important data and files

    For me, the majority of your mentioned dropbox alternatives are unknown, and I only use Google drive and Box.

    However I am interested in trying two or three service suggested above since we really need to have more flexibility and diversity with our backups.

    Thanks Black for sharing your great contribution.

  12. Hello Black,

    I have to say bravo for writing about all these 15 alternatives to Dropbox.

    I started using Dropbox, like most other people, but now mostly use Google Drive.

    The 15GB free space of Google Drive compared to 2GB of Dropbox helped me make that decision 🙂

    As for some of the other alternatives here, I agree with what Gavin said in his comment, can they all be trusted, in terms of data safety? Because of that, I would prefer going with the known names, rather than go with those who give more free space.

    • Hi Dave,

      Indeed, Google Drive should be a better choice than Dropbox because of extra free storage. Both brands are reputable and many would prefer to stick with them.

      Reputation is still an issue when it comes to choosing a storage service. One of the things that would make an Internet marketer stick with a brand like with small storage space offer instead of that with a large storage offer is the reputation of safety, efficiency and deliverance of value!

      Gavin was right, and I think to the best of my knowledge I have given the right response!

      Thanks for contributing to this discussion!