12 Extremely Effective Productivity Hacks For Bloggers And Freelance Writers



Productivity is the key ingredient of success when it comes to blogging and freelance writing. That’s why you find many bloggers and freelance writers trying to learn the best available productivity hacks that they can use to supercharge their online businesses.

It is not about how many articles you write that makes you successful; it is more about effectiveness and the result your articles bring to your blog or website. What better way to do this than to have a productive way of doing things.

From the conception of an idea for a post to the publishing of the post, you need to develop a productive way of getting things done efficiently.

But you might be wondering what these productivity hacks for bloggers and freelance writers are. I’ll share some tips with you on how to be productive when blogging or writing as a freelance writer.

1.     Planning and Outlining

We can add organisation to this. It is important to plan and be organised, because an idea can strike when you least expect it. Be prepared to jot things down as you work.

Use sticky notes, Evernote or similar applications to jot down important ideas. The last thing you need is beating yourself up about something you can’t remember.

If you speak to any influential writer out there, they will tell you about how important it is to outline before writing. Just like jotting down stuff, outlining helps you develop a chronology for whatever you are writing about.

It helps you know what comes first and what comes last. Without an outline, you will struggle to have any structure in the article.

2.     Keyword research

Keywords are important to help your blog rank high on search engines. Before you choose a topic, it is important to carry out keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the greatest free tools out there to help you with keyword research. If you are on a budget, then Google keyword planner is your best option. However, if you require premium value, you’ll get that through tools such as SEMRush or KWFinder.

When carrying out your keyword research focus on keywords with low or medium competition, these keywords are those searched by people but without much information on them.

So you might want to provide quality information on such keywords to help you rank high on Google.

3.     Topic research

If you have been blogging or writing in a particular niche, then you probably know quite a lot about your niche.

But, it is important to continue to expand your knowledge in your niche by reading what other bloggers in your niche are writing and also reading further about your niche and new ways to improve your knowledge and understanding on various topics in your niche.

For freelance writers, you may find yourself constantly researching about various topics. It helps you know a lot about different subjects and expands your knowledge bank.

It is vital to research topics before you start writing so that once you start writing, you won’t be interrupted by a lack of knowledge or understanding of the topic. Here’s the process: research-outline-then write.

Google has almost everything about almost every topic. It is a nice place to start your research. Also, read other similar blog posts and articles on the topic you wish to write about.

4.     Blog title generation

If you have been reading blog posts or are a blogger, then you are no stranger to the impact a catchy title has on readers. Your title has the power to bring traffic to your website or blog.

Everyone wants to read a headline story, so find the best title then write a beautiful content. If your title is not compelling and persuasive, no want would want to read further.

Sometimes people don’t even border to read the entire post; they click on your post just because of the eye-grabbing title of the post. So your title alone has the power to bring traffic to your site.

Consider spending time to pick the best title otherwise the entire post might just be a waste of time. There are many useful titles generating tools out there to help you, such as Link Bait Title Generator, ContentIdeator, TweakYourBiz Title Generator and more. You could also use this powerful headline formula that guarantees a high click through rate.

5.     Writing

I’m assuming you know how to write an engaging piece of content. However, if you’re a newbie, here’s a creative writing guide that you can use.

Of course, you can’t blog or write without a tool to write on. There are many tools to use nowadays besides Microsoft Word that you can use to format your articles or blog posts. They include other text formatting tools such as Notepad, Google Doc, WordPress etc.

Each of these has their peculiar functionalities that allow you to set a predefined format for all your articles, so you don’t need to adjust or modify the format each time you type. You should learn the functionalities of each of these tools, find what works best for you, and stick to it.

6.     Editing Tools

After writing you need to ensure there a no typos, no syntax, and your grammar is sound and sentences structured properly. Grammarly has your back covered when it comes to editing your articles and posts.

It helps you correct everything from punctuations to spelling errors. Plus it gives you educated suggestions of better words and also provides a brief explanation of every correction suggested.

If you used to worry about you English language skills, then you have no need to worry anymore. Grammarly is your confidence booster; it truly is amazing.

To make the most of Grammarly, you’ll need the premium version which is billed monthly, quarterly or annually. The annual version offers the best value for money, but it is worth checking other free replacements particularly if you are on a budget.

7.     Publishing

Finally, you need to publish your post after writing it. It is important to have a schedule so your readers can know when to expect new content from you and also, you can help yourself be organised and effective with publishing your posts.

There are tonnes of programs or software out there that can help you with scheduling and posting content automatically at the scheduled time. You don’t necessarily have to be present, just write it, schedule it and it will be posted at the appointed time.

How cool is that? One of such tools is HootSuite which has an app so you can do all this on your smartphone. With this tool, you can post items to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, etc. just at the touch of a button.

There are many similar tools in the market, so do your research for the one that best suits your needs.

8.    Blog promotion

Creating a blog alone does not attract readers. You don’t expect your blog to become successful without some marketing. Most bloggers spend ages writing but forget to market their blogs.

While others spend ages marketing but forget to add relevantly and high-quality content to their blogs. There must be a balance between marketing the blog and adding quality content to the blog to be successful.

Social media is tremendous when it comes to marketing your blog; you can tap into your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. for traffic on your blog.

Guest blogging is also important when it comes to marketing your blog. It is important to guest blog on high authority sites with one or two backlinks to direct traffic back to your blog. It is one of the best link building strategies.

Other great strategies include blog syndication, social bookmarking sites (StumbledUpon, Reddit, Digg), email marketing, and search engine marketing.

Other Useful Productivity Tips

9. Shun distractions: Use Hiver to manage your emails and block out online distractions with Freedom.

10. Work smartly: At times, we get more work than we can handle. If you want to meet the expectations of your readers or clients, all you need to do is to work smartly. You can do this by simply automating and outsourcing your work.

11. Take breaks: We all get tired and suffer burnouts at times. That’s because we work at long stretches without taking enough breaks. It is recommended that you break from work every 30-45 minutes. This allows you to regain some freshness.

12. Start early: This is a no-brainer. If you start your work early enough, you’ll not only achieve more, you’ll also get the best of ideas that’d make your work blossom.



There’s no gainsaying that only productive writers can reach their goals. Whether you want to attract more blog readers, make money through blogging, or get more freelance writing clients, making use of these productivity hacks will help you achieve your set goals because you of your ability to work smarter and more efficiently.



  1. Hi Hafiz,

    These are very good productivity tips for bloggers and freelance writers. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us.

    The job of a blogger and freelancer writer isn’t always easy but with productivity tips like some of the ones in this post will help make it easier.

    I have a question regarding the #2 productivity hack of keyword research.

    Do you think the Google Keyword Planner is good enough or the paid options you linked to are better? If you think so, why exactly?


    • Hi Norma,

      It depends on your needs or the level at which you work. Google keyword planner is good keyword research tool that helps you get quality insights. But when it comes to long tail keywords, which are less competitive, then you might want to consider the paid options.

      However, a combination of one or more tools will help you get even better results.

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

      Hafiz Akinde recently posted…The Top 7 Ways To Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  2. Hi Hafiz,

    These are indeed extremely effective productivity hacks and tools for bloggers and freelancers.

    The fact remains that it is in the discipline of doing what needs to be done efficiently that we get productive result.

    From idea generation to post publishing, bloggers must learn and implement tips that would bring about increased productivity!

  3. Hey Hafiz,

    The tips and hacks you have shared here are in order. I must add that productivity for a freelancer and a blogger must begin with motivation.

    If the blogger is highly motivated from the beginning to then it becomes easier to follow steps and utilize the tools that would bring about smart working.

    Therefore, I would say that every freelancer or blogger must have clear reasons they blog. Goals and objectives must be clear so that actionable and productive steps are implemented to achieve goals.

  4. Hi Hafiz,

    From the details of this post, you have highlighted the important steps that one can take to research, write and promote articles for online marketing. The ideas and hacks you explained are clear and practical.

    It is now important for any blogger or freelance writer that wants to make a difference to take action and become efficient.

    These hacks readily help the blogger to work SMARTER!

  5. Hi Hafiz,

    It is great you have shared these productivity hacks. I guess the proactive blogger and freelance writer would now take action steps to accomplish them.

    When writing, publishing, and promoting any piece of article, we need inspiration and the productive hack to achieve the best.

    I have been implementing some of the hacks explained in this post. Its now time to do more so I can achieve more.

    Thanks for this great reminder of how to become productive!

  6. One of the most important hacks for me in this post is on keyword research. I believe that if keyword research is properly done then it becomes easier to write for both humans and the search engines.

    This is a profound lesson for me: “When carrying out your keyword research focus on keywords with low or medium competition, these keywords are those searched by people but without much information on them.”

    • Hi Paul,

      That puts it succinctly!

      Keyword research is a fundamental step in your overall Internet marketing strategy. It gives you a direction and helps you to make a meaningful impact.

      Having said this, one of the ways to get low competition keywords is the use of long tail keywords. This should be complemented with your on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

      Merge these with the productivity hacks that I have highlighted, and watch the amazing results as they start rolling in.

      Hafiz Akinde recently posted…The Top 7 Ways To Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  7. Hi Hafiz,

    This is one of the best articles I have read in recent times. The hacks are so real and practical that anybody can implement them.

    Freelance writers and bloggers must ensure that the tools that are mentioned in each of the hacks are used to increase productivity!

    I am going to step up with the new insights I have learned from this post!

  8. Hello Hafiz,

    At first I thought the title was hyped up and the article wouldn’t deliver on the title, but was pleasantly surprised when I read through to the end.

    The body of the article really delivered on the title.

    Great title and great content. These productivity hacks can help bloggers and freelancer writers for sure.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Hafiz,

    Bloggers and freelancers need some push to increase productivity. These could come as change in ideas or the usage of some tools.

    In this post, I can align the productivity hacks to the ideas and tools mentioned therein.

    The steps and suggestions made are in order . It beckons on the freelance writers to work smartly in doing the right research, utilizing the right tools and helping the audience solve their problems!

  10. Hi Hafiz,

    it is a great list of productivity tips for bloggers I must say!

    I’ve never used the Google Keyword Planner before, so I think I must check what it is.

    I would also like to add that social bookmarking sites are very helpful to get ranked higher, but it is crucial not to look too spammy promoting your blogs. Such users are usually get banned, so it is important to feel the balance in it.
    Krystsina recently posted…Top 16 Glasgow Coworking Spaces for Your StartupMy Profile

  11. Hello Hafiz,

    This list is really useful. Thanks for covering all of the most important issues that bloggers should use.

    I especially liked that you have separately talked about Editorial: nowadays the majority of bloggers forget about this stage, although it plays a decisive part in the final result of posting the article.

    In case no proper editing has been done, the post won’t be readable and the information won’t look relevant and clear to all readers.

  12. Hey Hafiz,

    These are some vital productivity tips.

    I think the one tip that the majority don’t take too serously is #8. Blog promotion should take up much of your productivity.

    I started doing using the 80/20 rule which is 20% of the time I’m blogging, and 80% of the time I’m promoting. This has made a really big difference as far as generating traffic.

    Keywords are definitely important. If you want to generate more organic traffic, picking the right keywords will help do the trick. I recommend purchasing a tool like Long Tail Pro more so than using keyword planner since it gives you more detail on more useful keywords to put in your blog posts.

    Thanks for sharing Hafiz! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Tips For Introverted Solopreneur Bloggers To Create Productive GoalsMy Profile

  13. Hello Hafiz,

    I have been staring at my computer screen for the last two hours struggling to be productive. It has been painful.

    Reading this post, I think I came out with 1 big take away, research keywords. Typically I write my post and then try to add in SEO type words.

    However, looking up researching keywords first will at least be a great way to get inspiration. Personally, I have been in a writing trench….it has been a while and I haven’t written anything new. Luckily, I have a few days worth of back log…but…I am coming to the last little bit.

    Let me see what some googling, and researching inspires!

    Joe Wilson recently posted…How Cooks InnovateMy Profile

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      I smiled when i read the part that said “editing makes me cry.” It happens to a lot of us writers.

      However, instead of carrying the burden of editing your own piece of content all the time, why not hire an editor to do that for you. It brings some freshness to your ideas and positions you as a professional.

      Thanks for reading

  14. Interesting that most of the hacks come before the actual writing. When it comes to productivity, I think that’s where the gold is – in the preparation.

    While there are ways to promote a post that are most productive than others, and there are hacks that can make promotion more productive, I would not call promotion a productivity hack.

    But preparing in advance the research you need, from subject matter to keywords, certainly makes the writing go faster and require fewer substantial revisions.
    David recently posted…5 lessons from America’s greatest ghostwriterMy Profile

    • Hi David,

      As content creators, we must learn not the put the cart before the horse. Unfortunately, this is what many of us do.

      I understand the point you’re trying to make about blog promotion not being a productivity hack. But one thing is clear; a blog not promoted may render the previous efforts useless.

      Thanks for the insight.

  15. Hi Hafiz, thanks for sharing the tips! I like what you say about taking breaks. It seems like a small stuff, but I think it matters. I’m always ‘ignoring’ this tip, ever thought that it may make me more productive if taking some time to relax once in a while.


  16. Hi Hafiz,

    Great article my friend! There are a couple points you made that really stuck out to me.

    One was that people either make the mistake of spending all their time creating content and not marketing their blog OR spending all their time marketing and not creating content.

    It really is a fine line as both are extremely important.

    I love the idea of Grammarly. I definitely want to check this out as I can see it can be a powerful tool.

    Thanks for sharing my friend and I look forward to getting to know you here on Kingged!

    Take care,


  17. Hi Hafiz,

    Thanks for the great content. I especially like the No. 8th point where you wrote about content promotion.

    If there is one thing I don’t like about blogging, it is content promotion. I struggled with it for a long time, until I realize that there is no two way about it. I have to promote my content. Infact, it is said that content marketing is 20% content creation and 80% content promotion. This is very true!

    Thanks for the reminder.
    Hephzibah Asaolu recently posted…5 Ways to get Better at Email marketing (even if you a novice)My Profile

  18. Hi, Hafiz,

    I started to smile right away when you mentioned planning. I cannot say this enough, but no matter who you are, you need to plan. I work at a tax and accounting business and see it every day. When you don’t plan or keep track on things you are doing, things get lost. Planning allows you to have some kind of structure readily available when starting and ending projects.

    Thanks for the article. I really enjoyed #8.

    Heather Schroeder
    President, OTHOSIS* Tutoring Services
    Heather Schroeder recently posted…Expanding An EmpireMy Profile