10 Smart & Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas


It’s rare for a day to go by without me scrolling through my Facebook feed. And I’m not alone: According to DMR, 65% of Facebook users log on daily.

As marketers, we know how critical it is to have a business Facebook presence, but we also know that it’s becoming increasing challenging to stand out among our peers. With over 1 billion daily active Facebook users, marketers need to be smart in terms of how they grow their audience and business through Facebook.



It’s tricky, but it’s not impossible! Here are 10 smart Facebook marketing ideas to help you stand out in the crowded social sea.

1. Target an Insanely Specific Audience

Did you know that you can target French and English speaking women, between the ages of 31-56, who live in a 10-mile radius of Boston, MA, who are “fit moms” of grade-school kids? Don’t believe me? Check out my article on the 11 unbelievably specific Facebook audiences you can target.

The super-sophisticated level of ad targeting is one of the main reasons to be excited about Facebook marketing. Hopefully, you’ve dedicated time and resources to analyzing your customer base and forming buyer personas; now you can put those personas to use and go after the people that are most likely to be interested in your products or offerings.

Caution! If you go too specific this strategy can work against you so, keep an eye on the audience definition tool to ensure you’re not getting so granular with your persona targeting that nobody sees your stuff.



2. Run a Simple Contest to Up Engagement

Facebook contests are nothing new. You’ve likely been exposed to many, and have potentially even entered some (I know I have). But have you actually tried running one yourself?

Running a contest with a tempting incentive is one of the best ways to spur ad engagement on Facebook. What beer lover wouldn’t want a free trip to one of the best beer-fests in Boston (see ad below)?



The best thing about running a contest is that it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Follow Harpoon’s lead for instance, simply asking people to submit photos with your product in them, and then choosing a winner at random for a fun trip.

3. Create Short, Enticing Video Posts

So, you’ve tried marketing your company with videos on Facebook, but people just don’t seem to be interested? This is likely due to one of two reasons:

  • Your videos are too long
  • Or, they’re just not engaging enough


Facebook users are looking to be entertained. They’re spending their time on a social platform, likely to kill time or stalk their friends, so you need to divert their attention quickly, with entertaining content. What better way to do that then through video?

Other marketers are catching onto this trend. The amount of average daily video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion video views per day to 8 billion, bewteen April and November of 2015!

Companies like BuzzFeed have figured out the recipe to driving video engagement – keep it short and sweet, with a visually engaging thumbnail. I spent about 2 hours the other night watching these short video recipe posts on BuzzFeed Food’s Facebook page.



As a bonus for you, the marketer, short videos are easier to film and edit! Here are 15 tips for filming and editing marketing videos.

4. Use Eye Contact in Your Images to Direct Attention

People follow directional cues from other people. If everybody in the room looks up, you’re going to look up too. This is human nature.

“Human beings have a natural tendency to follow the gaze of others, and we have been coached since birth to follow arrows directing us to where we should be looking/going,” says Help Scout’s Gregory Ciotti.

Take advantage of this fact to focus viewers’ attention toward the most important part of your Facebook ad. For instance, if you have a strong call-to-action, you could show an image with a person looking at or pointing to that text.

Check out Moz’s Facebook post below – the image shows a clear journey of where to direct your eyes, starting with Rand’s gaze and then following the red arrows.



5. Post Images of Dogs Acting Like Humans or Babies Acting Like Adults

I’m aware that this tip sounds bizarre. But it works! Why? Because who doesn’t love dogs and babies?

Oh, dogs and babies aren’t related to your brand? Who cares? Make them related to your brand by giving them hilarious, brand-related captions. Bark Box happens to be in the pet industry, but they truly excel at this with adorable images of dogs with human-like captions.



When you’re doing Facebook marketing, it’s a good idea not to take yourself too seriously. Inserting some playfulness into your posts will grab busy, distractible people’s attention, and this is the perfect formula to do just that: Baby + headset and suit + adult-like caption, always makes for a good laugh.

6. Target the Leads You Already Have on Facebook

Did you know that you can upload a list of emails right into Facebook and then show your ads to that audience? Through Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature, you can target the leads you’ve captured from your newsletter signup or other lead gen efforts, or perhaps a group of your current customers that you’re trying to upsell.



In addition to focusing on insanely targeted audiences (see tip #1) you should also be crafting ads to the contacts you already have, but in an even more personalized way. For instance, let’s say you have a list of people who downloaded a guide titled “Introduction to Building Your Own Website.” You can upload that list of people and target them with a highly specific ad that refers to that guide and what the next steps are to take their website to the next level.

7. Clone Your Main Revenue-Generating Audience

We’ve discussed a few strategies for creating relevant audiences; once you’ve acquired enough data, you can clone your top-performing Facebook audience. Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature allows you to take an audience you already have and expand your reach by finding new leads that have similar attributes. You can pretty much clone your best customers. It’s that simple!



8. Humanize Your Brand with Fun Employee Photos

Facebook is all about people. The original intent of Facebook was to interact with friends, not advertise your business, but it’s easy for marketers to forget this. The problem is, pushing solely product-related messages is only going to take you so far. You need to show the people behind the brand to connect with your audience.

There are a lot of companies that do this well – take Unbounce. The Facebook post below shows how easy it is to show off your employees in a humorous and relatable way.


9. Only Pay to Promote Your Best Content

You’re likely reporting on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to see which content is resonating with your audience in terms of page views, shares, comments, and other engagement metrics. With all of this knowledge at your fingertips, you should be using this data to decide where to focus your promotion budget. Put some money behind your best content to get it even more exposure.



It might seem like common sense, but it’s easier then you’d think to let rockstar content fade away and acquire dust in the corner. Stop doing this, and run Facebook ads to give a second life to your content superstar performers. Evergreen content will still resonate with a larger audience if it did well when it was originally published. (This is especially effective for content that isn’t ranking well in organic search.)

10. Use Emojis in Your Facebook Marketing

In May of 2015 WordStream’s beloved data-scientist Mark Irvine found that ads with emojis get far higher click-through-rates than ads without. Unfortunately, Google quickly caught on and emojis are no longer allowed in AdWords ad text.

According to AdWeek, 92% of online users use emojis, and frequent users feel emojis express their feelings more accurately than words. Emojis are kind of like dogs and babies, people just like them. Moral of the story, use emojis in your Facebook marketing posts to add personality and emotion to your text.



It’s just that easy. Before you know it Facebook might become your fastest-growing marketing channel!



  1. Hey Margot,
    What a post! The details are so excitingly entertaining!

    After going through this post, I now have new ideas on what next to do when it comes to Facebook marketing ideas.

    From the above details, it is clear that lots of brands have developed powerful strategies in making the most of their Facebook campaigns.

    I love the explanations on each of these brands and how you related each idea with what the brand is engaging audience with social marketing.

    Brands wanting to up their Facebook game should learn that this platform is “social” and every content shared must be entertaining even as it is educative to promote engagement and call to action!

  2. Hi Margot,
    Facebook marketing is not an easy, especially for the inexperienced. There are proactive processes to follow and its a good thing we have this piece of content as a guide.

    The 10 ideas should help both new and experienced Facebook marketers. They are smart and easy.

    Nevertheless, a theme that is constantly resonating with them is ensuring that the “human” angle is hugely promoted in content, images, videos, etc to enhance social relationship.

  3. Indeed, using “Eye Contact in Your Images to Direct Attention” is smart and easy. I never had this idea in my entire marketing campaign.

    I guess it would be time to start implementing this Facebook idea for improved social media marketing.

    Rand Fashkin and the team at Moz surely did an amazing job. Somewhat it helps promote the humanistic touch in the overall Facebook marketing strategy!

  4. Honestly, I am a bit surprised that it is only 65%. We all seem so addicted now. Perhaps that is just because I am a blogger though.

    Ok so what is a good potential reach? Is it the 180 million or the 30 million or smaller than that? This is an area that confuses me greatly.

    The emoji icon info is great. Honestly, this entire post is great. I look forward to your response.
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  5. We I am definitely one of that 65%, must admit to being a Facebook user multiple times daily.

    Still to use Facebook for marketing but it is certainly something I am considering in the near future. I mean there is a HUGE audience there to get your products in front of. I found point 1 very interesting and something quite exciting, you’re correct in saying there is an insanely specific audience there if your marketing is done correctly.

    Thank you for such an interesting and informative post, I will be looking back on this in the future.

  6. Hi Margot,

    Thank you for all you share in this article. I had my facebook ad account blocked, I think it was because of the 20% image text rule but to tell you the truth they never fully gave me an answer or a second chance. 🙁

    I did create a new account about a year ago and wanted to see if I could place ads again, of course more carefully this time.

    The simple ideas like emoji and targeting your email marketing leads have given me a lot of new ideas to think about.

    Thanks so much for sharing your info!

    Take care,