10 Advice For New Bloggers: How To Stay Motivated For Success In Your Blogging Journey



These reasons are from my personal experience as a rookie blogger.  I am sharing how I stay motivated to grow my site during beginning stages. In addition, this how I stay motivated for success.  You will learn tips about how your site can grow each day.  How to get record-setting views, followers, likes, being mentioned by an influencer blogger and much more. Those are just the top features you will encounter as an up and coming blogger following this advice.

Without staying focus and keeping your head on success. It is would be unlikely for a new site to grow each month. Stay Focus, appreciate, DON’T HATE ON OTHERS, Support and success will come your way.


Every month you will be hitting new records in terms of revenues. I am going to show you what I did so you can know you are not ALONE. You are going to get some virtual help to show you how you can be on your way to success as a rookie blogger.

The beginning is not always easy. I know you want INSTANT success but this journey is not an easy one. From my experience, I made mistakes in term of using wrong traffic sources and going by social media site the wrong way. However, this post is for NEW BLOGGERS learning from others and my mistakes so they would AVOID those traps. Success is what I want for NEW BLOGGERS and all. Learning from others, personal mistakes should limit the traps out there for NEW BLOGGERS and make a path for success.

You have to be patience and keep working. THIS IS A PROGRESS. It took time for me to buy into being patient but once I did, I saw my site became to grow. Patience is the key.

Be the type of person that finish what you started. Therefore, if you started the blog site then your goal should be a success. One-track success mind. Give it all you got. Success will come.

Success tastes so delicious and appreciated when reached after working for it. You know what you did to get to that success. Therefore, for that, you appreciate it more. Treat your blog site as a baby so take care of it, feed it, bathe it, and show it some caring and love. Then, do more. Most of all, HAVE FUN. Success does not come easy. If you want success, you have to work for it. Therefore, with all that said these are the 10 motivating tips for NEW BLOGGERS to reach success. These tips are for success that will bring along the increase in traffic, generate more money, views, visitors and much more.

1.       BE PATIENT

As I said, the beginning is no joke. You will think this is easy and oh, I am going to make easy money or I am going to get so much visitors and followers. Easier said than done. Have patience because everything will happen you just have to stay focus and keep blogging. Go out there, have FUN on this journey, and let blogging goals handle itself for NOW. Just soak everything in and know your surroundings. LEARN you will reach success with having patient. I am talking from personal experience.


You will feel like unmotivated. You will feel down. You will feel lost. Because you are not expecting the resulting, you set out to. There will be difficulties. My advice to you is always to keep your head up. It is not the end of the day. Head up and keep grinding. Peddle to the Metal. Tunnel vision on your goal. Write your goals down and work towards them. Get your pen and paper ready. JOT DOWN YOUR GOALS and make it more serious and realistic. Make a goal list every day as soon as you hit those goals you will start getting confidence as you go. You will begin to be more positive. Do not hate on others and always show support for others not just in blogging but also in life itself.  Get that negativity and hatred out your heart and STAY POSITIVE.


The way to grow in life and in blogging is to interact with people. In this case, interact with your fellow bloggers. Go out there do not be shy. Make some new friends. COMMENT, LIKE, SHARE, OR REBLOG SOME POSTS. Do something. Interacting is fun and it helps you and your fellow bloggers out. Interacting is a way to network and get your post along with your site out there to the public. So the more you interact with people then more known your blogger site will get. To put it in a better term: Network with your fellow bloggers. Plain and simple. The better off you are when you network with people. Be friendly and be yourself. Beware: some people do not like friendliness so just mind your business, be nice and keep it moving.


Show SUPPORT! This goes back to networking with people. The more support you show the more fun you will have. To be honest, Life is not about you, which applies to BLOGGING. BLOGGING is not about you or your blogs. It is about OTHERS.

Most Fellow bloggers do not look out for one another. Do not be like them. FEW BLOGGERS SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. YOU SHOULD ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH THEM. BLOGGERS LIKE DRAY0308 AND JAY COLBY.  They support other bloggers and give them the opportunity to expand their post on a bigger platform.

Look out for one another so show support and you will get it back in return most of the time. Regardless if you get support back or not. You still should support one another. It is like a little family. Everyone can pick each other brain to grow and be a success as a blogger.

As a rookie blogger, it is crucial to develop a support group that will be your backbone and helps you out when you are about to give up. SUPPORT IS VITAL in every aspect of especially in life and blogging WHICH IS WHY I WANT IT TO STICK IN YOUR MEMORY.

In addition,  some good supporters such as  Jeeshan an amazing writer with funny posts and inspiring posts. Also, Minnie a good smart up and coming blogger in her own right. Get to know supporters like them as well.


Go out there and make some friends or follower. Add people maybe they will add you back. New followers will give you an instant increase in your blog site. The more followers you have the higher the chance you have of making your views and visitor ranking increasing dramatically.   Follow each other and grow together.





Talk a blogger with a popular page or influencer and get his or her idea on how to improve your site. Pros and cons. it is good because you are getting better in blogging for your followers and viewers.

If you want to know one great influence blogger visit: MostlyBlogging by Janice Wald. She has tremendous ideas that which are proven to help your site grow. Go Subscribe to her and read her blogs. Her specialty is making people blogs site successful. Therefore, your site can be next.

Be careful with other sites that may land you in trouble. Take advice from a pro. MostlyBlogging is the site for you to go for your site growth. Get your pen and paper ready because her site is full of knowledge that most experienced bloggers might not even know about.





Do not give up. Keep grinding. Keep Pushing. Always analyzing what is good or not. Do not slack.  This beginning stage is about trial and error. The most important part is you learn from it and keep putting in positive work. Be dedicated to promoting your site, editing your site, and supporting others. Show that you are consistent and you serious about raising your specific site to the top. It is a business after all either you doing it for fun or profit so take it seriously. BE DEDICATED!


If you want to get better and be a success, you have to work on your weaknesses. Therefore, work on your writing styles, grammar, formats, tags, pics, contents, organization, time management and much more. . Working on those crafts are associated with having good views, visitors and likes. So find ways to be a better blogger. This is a craft that you have so sharpen it and let it shine.


Working on your crafts comes from being a sponge and learning from others. Learning does not have to be from your fellow bloggers. Learn from others posts online, pic, video, and sites. YouTube and other social media sites are good sites to learn about blogging. So learn from everyone especially the expert bloggers and ask for advice.


Write about your passion. It makes blogging so much easier and fun. Bring others in your journey that share the same passion and throw a blogging party. Have fun while being cautious for some people that do not have good interest for your success. Don’t be too sensitive. Just enjoy the ride. Expand your mind and be versatile in everything you do.

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Follow those 10 tips and you will be an up and coming successful blogger that is coming along. I know it’s going to be hard at first but remember to create some supporters around to make the process easier. Keep chopping on that wood. Eventually, you create something beautiful and successful.



  1. Hi Brainy,

    This is a good post for not only newbies but even professionals who need reminders.

    You are right there about the importance of getting advice from influencial bloggers or those who have achieved what we want to achieve. They certainly know more and have more experience that we can learn from.

    I have read some posts on Kingged by the influencial blogger you mentioned, Janice Wald and learned from them. She always seem to post good quality stuff on her blog.

    I can’t fault any of the 10 advice you gave in this post. Spot on, I’ll say.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love Janice Wald’s site. She has helped me so much. She just recently joined our Facebook group called Networking Bloggers. She is ubiquitous.

    Your post has 10 excellent ideas. It is not an easy task. I’ve been blogging for five years, and there are so many facets to it especially if you decided to monetize.

    So many posts tell you that you can start earning money in 15 minutes, and I have not found that to be true. It can be done, but only when a person is willing to put the time in. 🙂

    Marsha Ingrao recently posted…Have You Assessed Your List of Blogging Goals Yet?My Profile

  3. Hi,

    I was nodding along while reading these 10 advice for new bloggers.

    I agree with all of them and am convinced they can help anyone stay motivated for success in blogging.

    They can even be applied to other online or offline business ventures to achieve success.

    One of the best for me is to have fun blogging or doing whatever it is we do online. Any activity that is forced and that we hate doing can’t lead to lasting success; blogging is no exception.

    Thanks for writing.

  4. Hi Brainy,

    You wrote a good encouraging post here.

    These 10 advice can be useful to experienced bloggers as well, not only new bloggers.

    Even if experienced bloggers know these advice, they can sure serve as good reminders.

    FYI, the link back to the original post on your blog is dead. I clicked but didn’t find the original on your blog. You might want to fix that, to prevent loss of clicks back to your blog.

  5. Hi Brainy, thanks for post. Blogging is a slow progress, we kinda need to always reminding ourselves the purpose of our blog to keep us going.

    And thanks for sharing Mostly Blogging site, I just subscribed to the blog and hope to learn more from Janice, and from you.

    You mentioned to be careful with other sites that may get us in trouble, what kind of trouble would that be? Do you mean we may get in trouble interacting with some sites or blogs?


  6. Hi Brainy,

    Indeed these tips would help the blogger stay motivated and achieve success. The blogging journey is not an EASY one but its sure a REWARDING one if the right attitudes and actions are taken.
    Staying focused with patient, determination and dedication will take a blogger to a whole new level.
    Thanks for sharing these motivating tips for blogging success!

  7. Hey Brainy,

    New bloggers need every piece of advise necessary to make them succeed online.

    It is not always easy to blog and succeed because the competition is high, the distractions are real and the expected earnings could take eternity.

    So, with this type of post, the average newbie would gear up and start pursuing success!

    Thanks for sharing this piece of information to all. It is helpful!

  8. Thanks everyone for reading and kingging the post. If you like the post feel free to king the post at the top of the page. Also, feel free to visit and give some advice on my page on WordPress.Thank you for your time and hope to talk soon in the near Future.

    Here is the post again: https://brainyversatilityblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/10-advice-for-new-bloggers-how-to-stay-motivated-for-success-in-your-blogging-journey/

    Thanks for reading and visiting again. Take Care.

  9. Hi Brainy,

    I love the tone of your post. It is motivating indeed. I am sure that newbies reading this blog would be inspired to take the right action.

    Being open to learning and being connected with the right people would help the blogger increase in their journey to success!

    • Hello, Steven

      Thank you for you comment and visiting.

      Yeah, I do agree with your statement about being open to learning. That is the key to life having the will to be open to learning.

      That you for sharing your knowledge.

      Thank you for kingging my post and if you have not thank you for commenting.

      I am learning from your post.

      Take care. Much respect.

  10. Hi Brainy,
    Great and valuable tips and suggestions shared in this post.
    I fully agree with all your points/advices.
    Thanks for sharing about Janice. Indeed she is worth deserving to be mentioned as an influencer. I know Janice for almost a year now.
    She is doing a wonderful service to the blogging community thru her page.
    I wish all the best to you and Janice.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a profitable time of blogging ahead.
    Wish you all a wonderful weekend
    Best regards
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese 'Ariel' recently posted…Philipscom Initiatives – Blogger Of The WeekMy Profile

  11. Hey Brainy,

    Great advice here!

    You mentioned about being patient, and yes, this is vital if you want to be successful. I find people who aren’t practicing delayed gratification are usually the ones that quit within a very short time which is sad.

    One thing I would add to your great tips is to make room to make the necessary changes to your goals. If you get to a point of stagnation, then it would be a good time to review your goals and make those changes that may help you stay in progression mode. This is what I had to do a few times in order to keep getting better results.

    Thanks for sharing Brainy! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How To Build Trust And A Loyal Following With Your BlogMy Profile

  12. Hi there!

    Thanks for your tips, they are awesome!

    I think that the most useful and important one is about interacting with fellow bloggers. Most of the newbie bloggers tend to underestimate the importance of this essential thing and fail. These days blogosphere is becoming more and more overcrowded, that’s why every blogger should interact with others so that he or she won’t become isolated and “alone against the world”.

    Thank you!

  13. Hi Brainy,

    Great post, man. Thumbs Up!

    For me, as you mentioned, “patience” is one of the biggest tips you’ve mentioned. It can take years upon years to build up good and decent traffic. You can have the best content in the world, but it will still take time to get noticed. So, by having fun with blogging is very ideal as it will make time go by fast. Thank you for sharing your tips. 🙂
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…5 Perks to the Digital WorkplaceMy Profile

  14. Hi Brainy,

    The ideas in this post are very revealing. For new bloggers, it is important to apply them.

    Staying motivated for success will help one master the blogging journey successfully.

    I think one of the greatest tips shared here is the idea of learning from others. How others have remained positive and motivated can be emulated. This applies whether the other is an influencer or a fellow blogger!

  15. Hello Brainy,

    Its a good thing that you have shared the above advice for new bloggers who want to remain motivated in the blogging journey.

    Motivation is all about doing what would make you happy to take action. Doing the above highlighted things are in order. However, one would still be motivated if is he works on a niche that is both profitable and practicable!

  16. Hey Brainy,

    Newbies must be encouraged in every way possible to become successful in the blogging journey.

    Its easier said than done! However, the attitude and habit of the blogger matters when it comes to achieving blogging success.

    Learning from others and networking with them is a great way to achieve the success!

  17. Hi Brainy,

    These are great tips for staying motivated as blogger.

    It sure would be interesting to add that one needs to reward himself or herself with every little achievement made.

    Doing this will help keep fanning the ember of blogging glowing!

    • Hello Celine

      You are right you do have to reward yourself. It does not hurt to pat yourself on the back for every reward but not too much. Got to work for those rewards.

      Good Advice I like that. Thank you for replying to my post. I appreciate it.

      Thank you lots. Take care. Keep up the good post.

  18. Hi Brainy,

    Thank you for sharing. I will be sure in the future to check out some of the people and the sites you mentioned.

    One thing that stuck with me from your article is “finish what you started.”

    To be honest if I had followed that advice I probably would be a lot more successful.

    I am making a second go at this internet marketing thing. I will be much more patient and dedicated this time as you mentioned in the article.

    “Delayed gratification” as someone said earlier in the comments.

    Thanks Brainy for sharing. Hope you have a great day my friend.


  19. It’s really easy to lose your way with blogging. There’s so much talk on how much money you can get from blogging, but it doesn’t mention how long it will take you to reach that level.

    That’s why I believe that the sixth point above (get advice from an influential blogger) is very important. You can even ask this blogger to take you under his/her wing so you can learn the ropes better and achieve success faster.

    It’s all about finding a mentor whom you could look up to and ask for guidance if you get lost along the way.
    Christopher Jan Benitez recently posted…The Top 100 Content Marketing Tools You Should Use Before You DieMy Profile

  20. Hi Brainy, this is a great post.

    I especially like point number 3 “Interact with fellow bloggers”. I have been going it alone all these while, and it has always been lonely, not until recently when I decided to change and start interacting with fellow bloggers.

    I am enjoying blogging now and I find it exciting.

    Great tips you have there!
    Hephzibah Asaolu recently posted…How your content could be losing you revenue (and what to do about it)My Profile

  21. Awesome post Brainy!

    I would add that it helps to find at least (5) influential bloggers that you resonate with.

    Although I had never heard of Janice, I do find her blog informative and engaging (she just picked up a new reader!).

    I would HIGHLY recommend Daren Rowse’s Problogger. He’s been a pro blogger since 2002 and has a lot of great tips and resources.

    Another I would suggest is joining at least one blogging community. There’s BlogEngage, BizSugar, Triberr, etc… Pick one and engage with the people on there.

    Continued success on your blogging journey!
    Corrisa recently posted…How to Use Tripleclicks to Sell Your ProductsMy Profile

  22. Step one I think was your most important step. It’s so easy to get impatient, and expect immediate results, then give up. But, creating a successful blog takes a lot of work and time. You don’t become a success right away.

    Heck, some of my best blogs took a few years to really take off. It’s always a good idea to pick the brains of known successful bloggers too. I learn a lot invaluable stuff.

    Very nice post.