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Hello warriors,

At last… it’s now June, 2013, after nearly 2 years of conceptualization and nearly 1 year of actual brunt work and 10+ staffs working on it daily and our first 5-figure acquisition done and $70,000+ spent on creation, branding, development, etc, the much awaited 4-in-1 Internet marketing social networking site is now ready for more users, especially warriors, to beta test and start taking advantage of it to sell more products/services!

We still won‘t be doing a big launch. We are going to take it “slow and steady”, to get the right folks in, while we, very carefully, seal up any cracks and perfect our frontpage algorithm and our spam prevention algorithms. We plan to be here for the long haul, so we won’t be in a hurry to open the doors all at once.

Didn’t slow and steady” win the race, in the popular old folktale?

So, warriors will be among the first to get in, along all the 2,000+ warriors who already indicated their interests since this WSO thread, this WSO thread, this WSO thread, this WSO thread and this WSO thread started last year!