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Winning in a Highly Competitive (High CPC) Paid Search Environment

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If you’ve worked in paid search and have had experience working with many different industries, it’s amazing to see how much average cost per clicks can vary. Generally, if the end product or service is very inexpensive or of low value (i.e. office supplies), the average cost per click will also be low. Conversely, if the end product or service is relatively expensive or of very high value (i.e. a college education), then we expect a very high CPC because advertisers can justify the expense.

If you work for an agency, you’ve most likely experienced managing paid search campaign with high CPC’s. Wordstream put together a great infographic on “The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords” to help illustrate the highest CPC’s keyword categories. After looking at this list, I can tell you for a fact the CPC’s are much higher now than when this was released.

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    Justifying high cost per click (CPC) should be more than assumption. A lot of practical steps needs be taken. Winning in this process requires mastering of profitable keyword research.

    The details of this post just about emphasized those points. Its important then to follow the details logically.

    Indeed, there are keywords with high average cost per click and these invariably makes calculating paid search justifiable.
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