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Windows 10 Free Upgrade – What You MUST Know and Whether To Upgrade Or Not

Profile photo of Paul Submitted by Paul August 11, 2016


July 29th 2015 was the launch date and free upgrade of PC users to the new Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft. As of May 2016, about 300 millions of upgrades have been made on active devices and still counting.

Windows lovers were exciting with this upgrade and expected to enjoy features of this new version of their favorite operating system.

Well, the truth remains that this new operating system did not disappoint as it comes with lots of new and exciting features that were lacking with previous versions.

If you still have reservation as to whether to upgrade to Windows 10 or not, here are things you must know about the changes and features of  Microsoft’s newest, sleekest, fastest, most secure OS to date.

The Upgrade is completely free until 28th July, 2016


Microsoft is offering the free update to all genuine Windows 7 and 8 users until one year after the launch of Windows 10.

You don’t have to pay a dime for this upgrade. You can opt for the free upgrade between now and July 28th, 2016.

As of the time of publishing this post, you still have a couple days before the deadline.

Windows 10 is offered as a SaaS

Windows 10 is offered as Software as a service. This means from now on your Windows operating system will not be coming as big releases every year or two years.

Instead, you will be getting regular daily updates as they are rolled out by Microsoft from time to time.

In this wise, you will not be seeing Windows 10 as a completed project but rather as a product that would enjoy life support for your device without additional cost.

The Start Menu Combines features of Windows 7 and 8

If you are familiar with Windows 7 then you must be accustomed with the Start Menu. However, this feature was replaced in Windows 8 by the Start Screen which comes with live tiles of apps arranged in groups.

In Windows 10, the Start Menu is back and the Start Screen is still there. On the left side of the Menu you easily access file explorer and other apps that would get you into the system.

The elements of the Windows 8 live tiles are clearly accessible on the right side of the menu. These can be resized according to your screen resolution.

It comes with a personal assistant called “Cortana”


Windows 10 brings on an interactive personal or voice assistant called “Cortana”. This is a search powered assistant that helps you find answers to all your queries.

Cortana is a search box located on the Taskbar. Once you type a query on it, it quickly gives you answers and location of your files, folders, photos, etc., in the local drive or those stored in OneDrive.

You need this assistant to send voice commands and track files and emails with ease.

The Microsoft Edge is now the Default Browser 


Internet Explorer is no longer a part of the Microsoft experience. In Windows 10, this browser is replaced by the faster Microsoft EDGE.

If you have experienced intrusive features with Internet Explorer then you can heave a sigh of relief because EDGE provides you with the latest technology in browser experience.

It comes with non-intrusive features that allow users to easily access web pages, make annotations, save for later viewing and reading, view in PDF format, and share socially with others. This is sure a simple but powerful browser you will find running light on your device.

I have used this Microsoft Edge and find it so much better than most of the browsers out there, even better than Firefox. I have also heard from other experienced web users who say it’s fast becoming their favorite browser.

The “Action Center” Allows Quick Access to Notifications and Settings

Windows 10’s Action center gives all new notification experience. You can quickly access new notifications from the system, Calendar, Maps, mails, Battery options, Network connection, VPN, etc.

The best part is you can as well use this center to navigate through All Settings of your device. This whole new experience makes it easier to navigate, personalize, and multitask with your device.

Windows 10 is built for Better Gaming

If you are game lover then your experience on Windows 10 would be better. You can now play games with better performance with DirectX 12 and also enhance your Xbox One game streaming.

As an operating system built for games, you can play remotely or with the Controller via USB connected to the computer.

You can improve Security with “Windows Hello”


You concern about security should be assuaged when you come to realize that Windows 10 is a secure operating system.

It will interest you to know that this OS comes with “Windows Hello” as a new security feature. It works by allowing biometric authentication and facial recognition.

These are in addition to the regular password and PIN verification. The finger print authentication and facial recognition are added security you would like to be at peace with.

However, to access these added security features, your device must be compatible with hardware that can run the biometric authentication and the special camera for facial recognition.

It eliminated the Windows Media Center or DVD playback

If you already loved the Media Center and DVD playback support from previous Windows then you would be disappointed that these are missing in Windows 10.

It seems Microsoft is eager to promote video streaming than it would want to support DVD playing! More so, it the Xbox One game is being pushed as the main entertainment Windows users.

The above are possibly some of the major changes in Windows 10 that will affect your decision as to whether to install or not.

Windows 10 Video Review

To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade

That’s the question, right?

There are concerns that could also affect your upgrade decisions. These may include:

> You are still running a device with outdated peripherals which may not work with Windows 10

> You are concerned about privacy since Windows 10 has more syncing features that allows for the gathered data to be fed to Microsoft. Although some of the automatic syncing behavior can be turned off but others cannot be disabled.

Conclusively, so you have it, the obvious features that make Windows 10 stand out from other Windows OS. These should help you decide whether to upgrade or not before 29th of July, 2016!

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57 Responses to “ Windows 10 Free Upgrade – What You MUST Know and Whether To Upgrade Or Not” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hey Paul,

    I leveraged on the free upgrade since the launch date 29th July, 2015 and its been awesome – except for some few bugs initially!

    Windows 10 is a better version than 7 and 8! Its a good thing it combines the features of both!

    It boosts fast, comes with easy navigation, has better security through its Windows Defender, and could easily integrate with mobile.

    Since Microsoft has decided to be offering its OS as SaaS ,I am just wondering what will happen if Windows !0 experiences a huge hack! 😉 That is a side thought 😀

    Nevertheless, Windows 10 is amazing!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Sunday,

      I agree with you, Windows 10 is pretty amazing. Everything works more smoothly, the overall performance is great and our “beloved” Start menu is back again.

      I actually waited for awhile before upgrading from the old Windows 7 ( Old habit to avoid bugs from launching period )

      As for hacking, people say Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever and I guess we can give them the benefit of doubt while enjoy using it.

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi Paul,

    Windows 10 is more interactive that previous version. The only problem I am having with this OS is the elimination of the media center.

    I know utilize other software I have downloaded online to make up for this. Apart from this, its a better version.

    I am glad there is now a Windows that is not driving my crazy like Windows 8!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Sarah,

      I left Windows 8 after trying it and keep using Windows 7 because of the disappearance of Start Menu. Now, it’s great to see it in Windows 10.

      And, I’m not really a fan of the media center so luckily, it doesn’t affect my changing.

      • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

        Hey Paul,

        Its good to know I am not the only person that had difficulties with Windows 8. Indeed, Windows 7 was preferable to it.

        I love entertaining myself when stressed out so I got hooked up with the Media Center.

        With the alternatives provided by this Windows I guess I truly don’t have much to miss!

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hey Paul,

    This review about Windows 10 is very detailed. I love the fact that you took time to highlight the reasons for wanting to make upgrades or not. Its now left for the reader to decide on this OS or not.

    Truth be said, with all the features discussed here, the use is sure to enjoy a better computing experience for improved productivity and entertainment.

    I already made an upgrade!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Thank you for your input Amit !

      Some of my friends want to upgrade to Windows 10, but they’re afraid to make incorrect decisions doing it.

      So I guess I can help them a little with their decisions. We only have time of a week to consider it though.

      • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

        Hey Paul,

        Indeed, your friends have less than 7 days to make up their mind about this free upgrade. Unless they are ready to part with $199 for the Pro version of Windows 10 or $119 for the basic Home edition!

  • Profile photo of Florencia Corr Profile

    I am scared to upgrade because I read of others who upgrade and some of their software stopped working.

    I prefer to stick with my current windows version, it works great, haha.

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Fortunately, all of my using software was fine after the upgrading.

      I believe for Windows 10 incompatible software, vendors may do something with their products to make them compatible in near future, just my thought.

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hi Paul,

    Windows 10 is the best of Windows OS so far. I use it and its features are so amazing. I wonder why people are not even thinking of upgrade now? I urge them do so freely before the 28th of July!

    what you have said about this Windows is true. Upgrading and using this Windows will explain this brand better!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Thanks for your input James.

      I also enjoy all of its features, as well as its speed. Personally I think, when people get familiar with current using Windows, they’re afraid to change and start learning it over again.

      I know some of people still use Windows XP until now while Microsoft stopped supporting it years ago.

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Hi Paul,

    I still love my Windows 7 but with all the sweetest features and functionality that Windows 10 have it would be good to give a short.

    I am already doing the upgrade before the deadline.

    What really is spurring me is the knowledge that Windows 10 retains some features of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    It would be cool to see how these combined features are working for better user experience.

    Thanks for sharing this review. Its so revealing!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Thanks for leaving your comment Celine !

      After doing the upgrade, you can play around with it for awhile. I think you will catch up with the new look and cool features quickly.

      Since Microsoft offer Windows 10 as Software ( SaaS ), this could be the last times you have to change Windows and learn how to use a new platform all over again. It’s one last times for the best, isn’t it ?

  • Profile photo of Don Profile

    Hi Paul,

    I still haven’t upgraded because of fear it might affect my current software.

    I heard some old software you have might not work with the upgrade.

    Reading this post has encouraged me to give it a try.

    Fingers crossed :)

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Don,

      It’s definitely worth trying Don. And if you’re using Windows 7/8 now, you can do the upgrade now with confidence. Microsoft doesn’t offer free Windows 10 upgrade for Windows 7 & 8 users for nothing.

      • Profile photo of Don Profile

        Hi Paul,

        I upgraded before the deadline, all thanks to this article you wrote. You made it too irresistible.

        And you are right, I am loving every aspect of Windows 10. Thanks for writing such an informative article!

  • Profile photo of Judith Chang Profile

    Hello Paul,

    You just made me upgrade to Windows 10 after reading this yesterday. Thanks for that.

    I have to admit, it’s sleek looking and looks really good already.

    I am also very impressed with their new Egde browser. I am using it right now and it’s so much better than Internet Explorer.

    It might even be my next favorite browser because it appears smoother than Firefox and Chrome.

    This is my favorite thing about Windows 10 already!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Thanks for leaving your input Judith !

      Egde also became my favorite one as well. I stopped all the Firefox and Chrome together, now I use Edge my entire time since upgrading to Windows 10.

      • Profile photo of Judith Chang Profile

        I am really loving Edge with every passing day.

        I am very surprised how they got it right on the first attempt with Edge but failed for many years with Internet Explorer.

        Edge is amazing and this alone makes it worthwhile to upgrade to Windows 10!

    • Profile photo of Don Profile

      Hi Judith,

      You are right about the Edge browser. I also upgraded in time because of this article and glad I did before the deadline.

      The Edge browser is my favorite browser now :)

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hi Paul

    Great post you have written about upgrading to windows 10, I upgraded both my laptop and desktop computers with windows 10 around 3 months ago and I really like it a lot.

    I also like the fact that when installing windows 10 that it saves a backup of your previous version of windows so you can restore your computer to the original version if you need to.

    Thanks again,
    W. Moore

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Winford,

      It’s good to backup everything before doing the upgrade. While upgrading to Windows 10 doesn’t affect the data, we don’t want to face any unexpected situations right ?

      Thanks for enjoy reading my article !

  • Profile photo of Norma Profile

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for writing about Windows 10 free upgrade.

    Do you know if those who don’t upgrade by 28th July will really have to pay for it, or that’s just marketing gimmick to force everyone to upgrade?

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Norma,

      Thank you for leaving your comment !

      We can’t say if it’s the marketing gimmick or not. Personally I think, that should be normal to set a deadline for free upgrade.

      After 1 year, Windows 10 is now running on 300 million devices according to Microsoft’s update. I think they get enough “proof” for people about the bright future of Windows 10, it’s time to stop the free offer. That’s my thought !

      • Profile photo of Norma Profile

        Hello Paul,

        Thanks for replying.

        You are right, it might not be a marketing gimmick but at the same time it’s more beneficial for Microsoft if everyone upgraded as they could stop updating old Windows and concentrate on Windows 10.

        I still suspect they might bring back the free upgrade because of this.

  • Profile photo of Daniel Chen Profile

    I upgraded when I got tired of the daily alerts on my laptop. It was a tad annoying though and that nearly made me not to upgrade.

    Now that I did, I am the happier for it, :)

    For anyone who doesn’t want to update and is tired of the alerts, you can install Never10 to stop the alerts.

  • Profile photo of Dave Profile

    Hi Paul,

    I bought a new computer recently and it comes with Windows 10.

    I love the changes Microsoft has done with this Windows 10, but I still haven’t upgraded on my older computer.

    I might before the 28th July deadline.

    Thanks for reminding me with this post.

  • Profile photo of Anju Jerry Mathew Profile

    Windows 10 look tempting but I don’t like to upgrade.

    I don’t like to upgrade because I will have to learn many things new again.

    Learn how the screen looks, how the system works, the different positions of things, etc.

    I rather remain with what I know and what am comfortable with for long time now.
    Anju Jerry Mathew recently posted…online assignment ,maths and musicMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Abigail Chow Profile

    Hi Paul,

    I upgraded too, it’s great.

    One of the aspects I like best about Windows 10 is the Start Menu.

    I like how it combines the previous look of Windows 7 with the look of Windows 8, to create a kind of familiar feel for both those who love Windows 7 and those who love Windows 8.

    I enjoy the ease of using Cortana for searching.

    Thanks for writing about Windows 10.

  • Profile photo of Eleanore Dewitt Profile

    I have also upgraded to Windows 10 and I love it a lot. It’s so much better than any Windows I ever used.

    I don’t understand why everyone else isn’t upgrading, as it’s completely free.

    If anyone is hesitating, let me tell you this, it’s great and you will love it. You will wonder why you hesitated for so long, :)

  • Profile photo of Gabi Nathan Profile

    Oh no, I didn’t know there was a deadline to the free upgrade.

    Am I too late?

  • Profile photo of Liudas Profile

    Have upgraded on day one when the update was made available and haven’t regretted it.

    Wonder how much will they start charging for it from now on. Remember listening to Bill Gates thinking that OS will be free in the future though this sounds a bit of a step back now.
    Liudas recently posted…Know Exactly What Your Visitors Are Doing On Your Site – SpyVisit ReviewMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    The price starts from $119.99 for Windows 10 Home and $199.99 for Pro edition, you can check at Microsoft Store.

    And personally, I don’t think that Microsoft will offer free OS anytime soon. So, it’s good that we took advantage of the free upgrade.

    Windows 10 is definitely the best OS ever from my point of view.

  • Profile photo of Jerry Chong Profile

    I also upgraded long ago and love it!

    I would have even paid for it because of how wonderful this new Windows is.

    My favorite aspect is the new Edge browser. I like it a lot, even though it’s new!

  • Profile photo of Norma Profile

    Hi Paul,

    Any chance you can provide an update to this article?

    Did the July 28th, 2016 deadline really take effect?

    Is the free upgrade opportunity truly over?

    What now for those who didn’t upgrade?

    It will be great if you can provide an update.

    Thanks in advance, :)

  • Profile photo of Katrina Schuessler Profile

    I kept putting off the upgrade, bad for me it’s over now. I should have read more articles like this to encourage me to upgrade. Oh well, it’s not too bad, I’m doing okay with my Windows 8, :)

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hey Paul,

    A very timely piece. Although many has missed out on the free upgrade but I think having this Window is worth it. I am using it and it is better than previous versions. Microsoft did a good job with this OS!

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hi Paul,

    There is no doubt that Windows 10 has lots of features that makes it better than previous Windows. I am fascinated about the fact that Windows 10 is going to run as SaaS. This, to me, is truly the future of operating systems!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Carl,

      Windows 10 as SaaS is the future of Operating Systems. Its a good thing that Microsoft is joining the band wagon. At least, many of its fans are going to be getting real-time updates!

  • Profile photo of Kelly Matthews Profile

    I didn’t upgrade because I am more comfortable with my current Windows, but I might have if I read this post earlier.

    Oh well. My version of Windows works fine, nothing to cry about.

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Although the timing of this comment is not feasible, but I am glad that I now use Windows 10. I did my upgrade a year ago and I have not regretted! Thus, Windows 10 is very powerful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Windows experience!

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hey Steven, it is good to know that you already have upgraded from the beginning of the announcement!

      And it is also relieving to know that you don’t have any regret so far.

      This testimonial will go a long way to encourage people to root for paid upgrade now!

  • Profile photo of Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) Profile

    Hi Paul,

    I recently upgraded my software to Windows 10 sometime ago, and I absolutely enjoy it.

    However, I’ve not yet noticed the media player issue, and if this issue is related to the Xbox One console, I think that was a terrible decision on Microsoft’s part – computers and gaming devices are two different things.

    People should not have to purchase a gaming device to get DVD Support. Well, its their business. :)
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…How PayPal Transformed E-CommerceMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Artice,

      The media player issue is not purely related to gaming to say the fact. I agree with you that if Microsoft is purely doing this push the Xbox One console then its a mistake. It is one thing to provide a service for video streaming but its quite another to force users to a particular feature!

  • Profile photo of Deangelo Verdi Profile

    I also upgraded before the deadline, it was the best decision I ever made with microsoft. I still have no regrets, love windows 10!

  • Profile photo of Nanda Rahmanius Profile

    Hi Paul,

    I am currently using Windows 10, and as you said, Windows 10 is perfect for gamers. Well, I’m just quoting a friend who is also a gamer..hehe

    Thanks for sharing this great info.

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…30 Days Using Instagram: What I LearnedMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Paul Profile

      Hi Nanda,

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts on this post. Indeed, Window 10 is cool for gamers. You surely would do great using this software for games. By the way, how is it going with your experience so far?

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