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Why The World Must Move to from February 1?

Profile photo of tanya Submitted by tanya February 9, 2014 Website:

I never believed it when I heard it. When I heard what? That is the question I guess will be going through your mind. But haven’t you heard it yourself? That the internet is raining money!

Blogging or working online is like an unlettered explorer with maps he or she could not read but the name is here to do otherwise providing you with map which leads you the daily cash they are offering. So you see, the internet is raining in cash and I mean real cash but the question is how can you be part of it and why is doing that?

Please take your time and let me answer those questions one after the other. Why is doing that? Why are they giving away thousands of dollars for their month long giveaway?

According to,

They mainly doing this to REWARD all those who spend their time visiting Kingged consistently and who click-through to visit the blogs that have their posts shared here…

— refreshed by Kingged admin, as original giveaway post has been updated—

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  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    Hahaha, this is an amazing title for a blog post, but thanks a lot for such kind words. It’s kind words like these that continue spurring us into doing much more on

    We are not sure about the “world” moving to Kingged, but we sure hope a lot of bloggers come over to not just win daily cash, but also enjoy lots of the awesome KINGLIKE content that get shared on Kingged, and of course to also engage with other Kinggers.

    Even though we are still in beta, Kingged has been able to get MILLIONS of highly targeted visitors and have sent lots of these visitors over to the blogs that have their posts get to the frontpage.

    We have a lot more in the works and can confidently say lots of bloggers will be happy with what’s coming. No promises, but with what we have coming, bloggers can just concentrate on writing awesome KINGLIKE content, share the content on Kingged, do a little to get it to the frontpage of Kingged, and we will help them get read by hundreds or even THOUSANDS more people than they would on their own

    And yes, all for free. Sharing and enjoying KINGLIKE content on Kingged is currently free, and we hope it will be that way for as long as possible!

    About this “daily cash giveaway for commenting on Kingged”, it will be an everyday giveaway and has different categories, allowing just about everyone to win something, daily, not just those who leave the highest comments daily.

    If anyone has any questions, please ask us right there on the Kingged post or even right here. We are always open to answering questions that people have.

    That said, thanks a lot, Emmanuel, for this post and for the kind words. Very much appreciated!

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  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    Hi Kingsley,

    Well, even though he has written the post, he has yet to make his first comment here. If i were him, and if you had given me an advertisement then i would have been active on Kingged from day one.

    May be he has his own limitations, i have no idea why he hasn’t made an appearance here.

    May be he is following Ensine’s footsteps since He wrote the first post to promote this event. ( This is more likely the case )

    Cudjoe has a great blog, and he has potential. But i would be happier if he would have joined us here on kingged.

    I used to comment on his blogs, but not so often now.

    I dunno, lets see how things change in the future.

    Hey, i am voicing my thoughts here. I am not the kind of sheep that follows the crowd. I am no boot-licker that will say things just to make people happy.

    I compliment someone if they are worth it, else… ( #$@@…) Well i don’t use bad language so i encrypted it :P


    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Yes, Cudjoe has a great blog with lots of potentials. I like visiting and reading lots of his funny posts, especially about little Johnny, :D.

      About joining Kingged, he’s already a member and he actually has plans of getting a lot more active here in the coming days, so it’s all good, :)

      Thanks for commenting here on the main post on his blog, Piyush!

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  • Profile photo of Nicholas Profile

    This is so exciting about Now i am getting temped to write an awesome blogpost on kingged. Lets see what I can do for it. May you get loads of success kingged. hapy for you as always. Cheers! :-)
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  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    Hi Kingsley,

    I hope he comes here soon, he seriously needs to do that! He hasn’t replied to me yet on his blog post. May be i have offended him? or may be he is just busy? Who knows, i suppose time will tell how the story unfolds. :)


    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Of course he will come here. Have you forgotten you were the one who recommended him to us at Kingged and we ended up partnering with his blog? I doubt if you offended him.

      As you can see he hasn’t even responded to the comments on his post, so he’s obviously busy with other stuff.

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    • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

      Hi Piyush,

      Please I have nothing at against you. You are one of the reasons I still continue to blog and has made what it is today.

      The truth of the matter is that, I’m just a bad loser and just wanted the ideal time to be part of active on where there isn’t anything such as cash giveaway. Competition brings divides.

      What motivates me the most isn’t about money bro. I am now really active on now. You can ask Kingsley.

      I am sorry once more if I had in any way offended you! Kabenlah and Kingged is already missing you.
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  • Profile photo of Efoghor Joseph Ezie Profile is doing what is quite rare in the blogosphere in particular and the internet in general. This is a sure way to reward regular readers and also to motivate them to keep coming.

    This is an intelligent way to move ahead of others because they are prepared to do what others are not willing to do. I think Kingged are on the right track to dominating their niche in the nearest possible time.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Cudjoe. Do have a lovely weekend
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  • Profile photo of Naveen Profile

    Kingged one of the top platform to connect every blogger and internet marketers and drive targeted traffic in to their blogs.

    I’ve already started using it and my blog filled with traffic, comments and most importantly I get new readers on my blog everyday.

    Thanks to featuring it.

  • Profile photo of Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond Profile

    I can see a lot of activities on Kingged today and i must say its encouraging to see how people have responded to this giveaway. I hope to see more engagement as the day goes and i bet bloggers and other content sharers on Kingged will definitely benefit more from it as it is likely to overflow into our sites and improve both our engagements and traffic.
    Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond recently posted…Wired vs Wireless Gaming MouseMy Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Thanks for your thoughts of love towards us, Nwosu.

      Yes, that’s the plan with this giveaway – apart from our way of saying THANKS to all Kinggers, we know those who have their posts shared here will also get good traffic and engagement from all of us, not just because of this giveaway, but because of the quality of the KINGLIKE content they post.

      So, any blogger that wants to continually enjoy the traffic that Kingged brings, should continue writing awesome content deserving of the “Content is King” mantra, :)

      And thanks for your awesome comments all over Kingged, by the way. You rock, as always!

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  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Woo! Such sweet words for you Emmanuel! No wonder you are enjoying and gained benefits in joining You will not share a post so great like this if you cannot prove that. Wonderful all in all. Well, what else should I say? The February month is going to be a lovely month for kinggers! Intriguing? You must visit the site! :)
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  • Profile photo of Sunday Profile

    If you ask me, I would just remind us of the popular idiom “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. This is just what should apply to anyone who decides to comply with the rules and make money from

    This social networking and bookmarking site has proven its worth and commitment in just 3 days by rewarding top commenters. What other easy, free, and real way can their be to make money online? The giveaway is really worth taking advantage of!
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  • Profile photo of Iftekhar Profile


    This was the post that let me know about kingged. Its really nice to see Emmanuel spreading this site.

    Now I’m a regular visitor here at kingged and I’m really enjoying.

    Well thanks to the moderating team to show this post on the first page of kingged.

    Iftekhar recently posted…Trick To Get High Quality Backlinks from CommentingMy Profile

  • Hello,
    Well all i can say is nice way to get attraction by putting a post title like this. Nice job. ;)


    Ashish (Webcipher)
    Ashish recently posted…Xolo Q1100 Features, Specifications and Price in IndiaMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Uday Profile

    Yes is the best platform to share your blog post and to drive more traffic

  • Profile photo of Uttoran Profile

    It’s February ongoing and surely I can see what you mean – the activity on kingged has grown substantially, I see more engagement, more comments, increased votes etc.

    Surely, a large part of the blogging community has already become active here – and this will only increase in momentum when March fall in,

    Uttoran Sen,
    Uttoran recently posted…The Ultimate 19 Point Guide to Pinterest for BloggersMy Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Indeed, Uttoran… a large part of the blogging community has become active here and that’s what it’s all about – bloggers getting together and connecting, with the purpose of helping each other :)

      And with the GRAND plans we have in the works, bloggers will get a lot more reward from using

      So, we have actually only scratched the surface of what’s to come here, ;)

      But of course, whatever is to come needs the support of bloggers like you and others, so don’t stop coming. I hope to see you around more often.


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  • Profile

    I don’t know but I have a strong feeling that the world gonna really move to Kingged because it’s a unique opportunity no body can compete with this awesome project!

    Kingged gonna be a very succesful project if they keep it up like that :D

    thanks for sharing this awesome post have a good day ahead :D
    anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of suresh Profile

    Well don’t think on my negative comment.

    I can say the world never moves to kingged. com and you must have written bloggers should move to kingged. com

    The one thing I am enjoying here is daily getting some traffic for my blog posts. I joined few months back blogengage, but the owner does not meets to kingsley. I see how this kingsley is working hard with members, unlike most forum owners who doesn’t take care at all.

    I hope kingsley will do same things when this site will grow up, but what I seen on Internet is people forget the members who brought the site up and later they even kicks them out.

    There are more things to do for the future and this is still new as per me.
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