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Why Is It Difficult For Newbies To Make Money Online?

Profile photo of Sunday William Submitted by Sunday William July 28, 2016


I have seen people make money online and I mean REAL money! I have also seen people waste time and resources in the name of making money online. At the end, only those with enough resources and the right knowledge can boast of making money with EASE from the Internet.

For those with the expertise, making money online would be easier after the many years of experience have provided them with the knowledge and opportunity of knowing what works and what doesn’t work!

For the newbie, it is not always easy breaking even or making money online. The difficult of not making money straightaway often leads to doubting of the authenticity of “making money online”.

Newbies must have it in mind that online success would be always difficult if there isn’t enough resources to complement the actionable knowledge required.

If you ask me why newbies fail to make money online, I will tell you that they:

> Lack the will to learn what it takes to make money online.
> Fail to take action on the where and when necessary
> Do not set goals nor plan effectively for the business from the onset.
> Work on the wrong niche and serve the wrong customer-base.
> Produce poor and inadequate content for the target market.
> Do not have an inspiring marketing strategy for the target action
> Lack the resources to sustain valuable content creation and promotion.
> Lack the knowledge and capacity to carry out effective SEO, social media campaigns, email marketing, etc.
> Do not have enough traffic nor customer base for the marketing of their product/service.

Making money online is real but not for most newbies! The above are some of the reasons I think many new entrants fail to break even online.

Nevertheless, I still want to hear your own thoughts in the comments section. Why is it difficult for newbies to make money online?

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Profile photo of Sunday William
I started with a College Degree in Business but I have been an Internet marketer and writer for 10+ years and have written 5,000+ high quality articles in diverse topics. I have also written 20,000+ comments on and 1,000+ blogs and/or websites. I have been working closely with Kingsley, the admin of for 10+ years and have been in the's administrative team since the first day in 2012. I highly recommend's Coaching and Partnership Program.

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124 Responses to “ Why Is It Difficult For Newbies To Make Money Online?” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of maxwell ivey Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    You mentioned many solid reasons as to why new online business owners fail to make money.

    I would love it if you would follow this post up with some suggestions about how to avoid or correct these problems. Think it could be the beginning of an excellent blog series that could become an ebook.

    You talked about wrong niche. While people find me inspiring very few hire me to coach them. I have noticed lately that more and more people want to know how I get on all the radio shows and podcasts and how I get invited to round up posts and news articles. I explored the idea that I may be a better promoter of coaches than a coach myself.

    Of course being an online publicist could be a different type of coaching and could lead to relationships with people that would allow me to help them on a deeper level later.

    I also hate it when you see someone who is building an audience and starting to get to that point where they can make money but then quit due to the pressures of paying the bills.

    Thanks for sharing,

    maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Maxwell,

      Thanks for leaving your awesome thoughts on this discussion. Yes, you have given me a new follow up post idea. 😉

      I am pretty sure that is written well, it will readily help in turning it into an ebook.

      On your take about bloggers following the wrong niche, I would restate that it is much easier succeeding with niche that you are passionate about than the one you have no interest in – except to make money.

      Although many grow to like a niche with time, yet, the passion and innate love about a niche is what keeps marketers inspired even when the cash is not coming.

      Newbies must always take time to discover what niche they are best suited for so they can maximize their success!
      Sunday William recently posted…How Do You Lower Your Prospects’ Persistent Resistance To Buying?My Profile

      • Profile photo of maxwell ivey Profile

        Hi Sunday,

        Yes passion or lack of it would make a great chapter for the book or post for the series. When I started my first business the midway marketplace it was my passion. It was why I got out of bed in the morning and the last thing I thought about before going to sleep at night. The goals coaching is something I came to after others encouraged me to do it. I love the idea of helping people get unstuck and go after those big dreams of theirs.

        However, the idea of helping other coaches, authors, speakers, musicians, film akers, etc share their story sell their products, and build their brand is really fulfilling. And that may have something to do with why I can talk about it to potential clients and have them stop to say well what do you do and how do you do it.

        I am considering that the blind blogger may be a great name for the blog but not so great for me as a coach. My friend anna banguiland who I’m doing my radio show with now is creating a new website for get it moving mondays. I’m thinking that this may be a more effective place to advertise my coaching.

        I’m also thinking the show will give me more opportunities to connect with people to the point that when they are ready to hire a goals coach they think why not me.

        Let me know if you need an editor for the book. I have a great one in Lorraine Reguly. And if you need help promoting the book, I’m available. 😉 glad I could help you with further post ideas.

        Good luck,

        maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

      • Profile photo of maxwell ivey Profile

        Yes its all about passion; Clients and potential clients will eventually feel it if you are doing something strictly for the money.

        Also, the more passion we have for our subject the easier it is for us to communicate the need for our product or service to potential customers. I think there is still some internal resistance to the idea of being a coach thus my lack of sufficient clients.

        I have always been a bit of a promoter so telling people I will show them how to get exposure through podcasts radio shows and other online media is as natural as creathing to this carney kid. I also find because of my passion for the equipment brokering and the online publicity that I can communicate what I do and how to others in a very short number of words.

        To borrow a phrase my elevator pitch for both goes all the way to the top. :) so, need to decide if coaching is really me or not. then if it is the words will come and so will the business. Because as we all the know the trick is to turn interest into income.

        Thanks again,

        maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

          Hi Max,

          Thanks for this takeaway:

          “Also, the more passion we have for our subject the easier it is for us to communicate the need for our product or service to potential customers”

          It readily buttresses the fact that newbies will have more chance of making more money online if they rev up their passion for a particular niche!Thanks for the adding more thoughts on this conversation!
          Sunday William recently posted…Are You Making Sales With Webinars?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Yan Yan Chan Profile

      Wow, Max, first time learning about you. You are an inspiration!

      I am off to your blog now.
      Yan Yan Chan recently posted…Overexposed.My Profile

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    Making money online isn’t easy for everyone. For newbies, it is much more difficult because they lack the experience, resources or ‘magic touch’ to make things happen fast.

    However, if they are able to cover the basics from the onset then it would become easier to start making money.

    So, wherever it is still difficult to make online, the basics of providing the right content and following the right promotional path should be rechecked!

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    There are lots of reasons why a newbie cannot make money online with ease. What could be a reason for one person may not apply to another.

    However, in most cases, I would say that newbies that aren’t making money online easily are those that aren’t providing the much needed value or quality with their products or services.

    If there is a value in what is offered then the target audience would be better off!

  • Profile photo of Yan Yan Chan Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    I have to say one of the biggest reason is because we are all mostly lazy.

    It’s hard work sometimes and we are lazy to do the work.

    I am guilty of this too, haha
    Yan Yan Chan recently posted…IN MY JEANSMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Terry Profile

      Hello Yan Yan,

      I agree a lot with what you said here. All the knowledge in the world won’t help anyone if they are lazy, same with trying to make money on the Internet.

      Well said!

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    I would say that most newbies do not “prepare” to make money from the onset.

    They don’t learn what it takes to make money and they never give the much needed commitment and attention to the steps and ideas required to satisfy the audience.

    Poor basic knowledge and lack of willpower, for me, are the bane of most newbies who make money online!

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    This is an interesting discussion. I will like to join by sharing my perspective. I think one major reason many newbies don’t make online is poor or lack of planning.

    If there is a proper planning then the questions of what, where, and how to deliver a product/service would be rightly answered!

    Its also a good thing you have highlighted this point!

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hi Sunday

    Great Post. I have to admit that I suffered from a few of the problems you mention when I first started out. I would buy every new wso or product that was coming out in the make money online niche thinking I would find the magic bullet but nothing seemed to work.

    The problem really wasn’t the products at all though, it was me. I would try something for a week or so and if I didn’t make any money I would just move on to the next shiny object product. So I can relate to your post as when starting out I had a lack of focus and motivation and would give up trying when I didn’t make any money quickly.

    I think a lot of newbies suffer from focus and motivation and think making money online is going to be easy type of mindset and don’t put in enough effort, they just move on to the next way that promises you an easy way to make money.

    • Profile photo of Dave Profile

      Hi Winford,

      I see you are the only one here to mention “shiny object syndrome. It affects everyone and is horrible.

      I also suffered from this shiny object syndrome.

      Thanks for bringing it up.

  • Profile photo of Abigail Chow Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    You are correct about the reasons newbies fail.

    The biggest in my opinion is not sticking to one thing until it succeeds.

    There are so many distractions online and it’s hard to stick to one thing until it succeeds, it’s easier jumping from one opportunity to another.

    Sadly, that only makes things worse.

  • Profile photo of Howard D. Bray Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I will say it’s because of unrealistic expectations!

    Newbies read from the gurus about how to make millions online within short time and when they don’t even make anything for months, they lose hope and give up.

    I think the gurus are to blame too, for newbies not making money online.

  • Profile photo of Rocky C Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    Would love you to chart out a simple pathway to help newbies who are stuck as that would surely help them amend ways


    Rocky C recently posted…13 Steps to Shape & Secure Your 1:1 Chromebook ProgramMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Janice Wald Profile


    I agree with your assessment. I am writing about blogging mistakes soon. I will consider your points.


  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    Those are great reasons why newbies don’t make money online. They’re also great topics for future posts as well.

    I think it simply comes down to 3 things.

    1. Branding (personal)
    2. Networking
    3. Promotion

    If you’re not focusing on these through for the first three months at the least, then you’re either going to quit or it’s going to be one long/challenging journey which I have experienced myself.

    You want to be known for a particular topics and problem solving, network with people that’s within this topics (your niche), and promote yourself as well as your content through those networks.

    But above all, it starts with passion and carrying this emotion to your target audience. If there’s no passion, then it’ll be hard for your audience to take you serious about any products or services you promote.
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Conquering The Fear Of Publishing Your New Blog PostMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Abigail Chow Profile

      I agree with Sherman’s comment here, without passion it’s hard to make money online, particularly for newbies.

      Thanks Sherman.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for taking time to explain more reasons newbies fail to make money online. You are right about them!

      Yes, it all starts with passion and carrying this emotion to the target audience. Passion is one attribute that will keep the newbie going until his breakthrough comes.

      Passion will surely help the online marketer make the most of branding, networking and promotion!
      Sunday William recently posted…Are You Making Sales With Webinars?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Lynn Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    You gave some really good reasons here.

    If I can add one more, it’s because of jumping after one opportunity after another.

    With the many different opportunities being promoted all over the place, it’s easy to get distracted and not focus on one thing.

    If newbies focused on just one or few things, they can succeed online.

  • Profile photo of Anju Jerry Mathew Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    I am myself a newbie and can say you are right, it’s difficult for newbies to make money online.

    Sometimes there’s just too many things to do, it’s not always as simple as everyone says.

    I read another post on this site by Gordie Chase titled “Do You Agree That It’s A Numbers Game In Marketing?”.

    In the post he said 97% of blogs fail, that’s very sad, but what are the solutions?

    What are solutions you think to help newbies make money online?

    Maybe you should write another post about this?
    Anju Jerry Mathew recently posted…INSPIRATIONAL QUOTESMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Dave Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I thought about this question a bit more.

    One reason why it’s difficult for newbies is having to create from scratch and manage something until it becomes successful. That’s very hard to do.

    Also, it’s easier working for the man and just getting paid at the end of the week or month. That’s safer for most than wasting time on what might or might not work online.

    What do you think of this?

  • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

    Okay! I’m going to brag a little. I went into the biz-opt niche because I love the idea of leveraging people and money. That is the truth.

    I am happy to say, I started making money(gross) on day one. After 84 days I started making money(net). Not much but I was in the positive.

    Here are a couple of reasons I believe newbies fail. They fall for the hype and find out, it isn’t as easy as the advertisement stated. They failed to read the fine print that states NO Guarantees and the few success stories on the advertisement is not the norm.

    People say they don’t want a get rich quick scam but their actions prove otherwise. And they quit in the first week or less.

    When a newbie does not get into the money quickly, they quickly give in to their doubts and like you said Sunday never take the time to learn.

    To solve the problem of a newbie quitting, get them into the money fast and they won’t quit.

    Enjoy your weekend all :-)

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Elton,

      That was so very candid! Your concluding remark is thought provoking: ” to solve the problem of a newbie quitting, get them into the money first..”

      This is so true. When there is an instant motivation then the blogger/internet marketer will go all about as a newbie!

      However, this is not as easy as it seems! There is need to follow that learning curve, which,unfortunately, is steep!
      Sunday William recently posted…Are You Making Sales With Webinars?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Jessica Lucas Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    It’s also because there are so many lies in the make money online industry.

    Most are only interested in selling these lies to newbies, not really to help newbies.

    Newbies buy into these lies but are not told of the really hard work required.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Sure Jessica,

      Newbies often fall victims online scammers and fake gurus who make empty promises that drain resources and time from newbies.

      Therefore, there is need to research and follow those who truly will help us succeed online!
      Sunday William recently posted…Are You Making Sales With Webinars?My Profile

      • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

        Hello Jessica and Sunday,

        And let us not forget that Google ranks articles that use the word “review” and “scam” high, so now you have a bunch of people writing false claims in order to pitch you something they are involved in.

        Every company that I am currently involved in, has a scam article written about them.

        To solve this I join Facebook groups with people who are actually using the program plus where the admin allows honest criticism. The two combine gives you an honest and transparent opinion of a program.

  • Profile photo of Alicia Thibadeau Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    Great post! I would say the biggest reason why newbies fail online is because they are looking for push button -money overnight and when it doesn’t provide them money quickly they move on to the next when they could’ve struck gold if they stayed with it a little longer.

    I too have been a victim of the shiny object syndrome, but it wasn’t until I actually stuck with something until I made money online.

    I agree with so many others here that you need to find something that you’re passionate about and stick with it until you’re profiting. At least if newbies are still buying products, it should be in the same niche and category that they’re sticking with to enhance their skills.

    There’s definitely a lot of hype out there and tons of products launching everyday, it’s better to stick with one topic and master it then learning everything and being the jack of all trades.
    Alicia Thibadeau recently posted…How To Make Money Online With SkillshareMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Alicia,

      I couldn’t agree with you more that there is need for newbies to stick with one topic and master it if they must achieve success online.

      Being a jack of all trades online is not going to help the newbie make money online with ease.

      A newbie that understands what he is doing would move on to the next level with ease!
      Sunday William recently posted…Are You Making Sales With Webinars?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Judith Chang Profile

      Hi Alicia,

      I’m glad to read your comment. I have the same thoughts. It takes consistent work, which most newbies aren’t willing to do.

      Newbies find it easier jumping from one thing to another buying one shiny object after another. If we all stick to one thing until it succeeds, we will be successful online.

  • Profile photo of Cleber Lusa Profile

    I think the most difficult part is the fear to fail, procrastination and lack of knowledge.

    At least for me, these were my biggest challenges.

  • Profile photo of Leonardo "List Legend" LaVito Profile

    I think the reason why it is difficult for newbies to make money online is…

    … because they are newbies.

    When you are new, everything is difficult.

    It is only when you become more experienced, gain skill, knowledge, and precision… that things finally become easy.

    Thus, in order for a newbie to make money online, they need to:

    1) Recognize that they are a newbie
    2) Make a determination to escape the status of a newbie
    3) Understand the differences between a newbie and a pro
    4) Take action on becoming a pro
    5) Become a pro… and finally making money online becomes easy!
    Leonardo “List Legend” LaVito recently posted…10 Sneaky Ways To Turn Your Blog Into an “Opt-in Vacuum” That Keeps Sucking Leads InMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Daniel Chen Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    You hit right on the main issues preventing newbies from easily making money online, but I don’t think these are only with making money online.

    In any field of human endeavor those who are new find it difficult to succeed. It’s only after spending time learning and taking action that people succeed.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Daniel,

      I agree with you that the points highlighted in this post are not exclusive with making money online.

      However, we get to learn from the reasons many newbies fail. The above are just some of them.

      If we are in a position to advise newbies on how to make money online, I think we begin from what they are doing wrong.

      At the end, it is good to advise them that spending time learning and taking action will help them begin to make money online.
      Sunday William recently posted…Are You Making Sales With Webinars?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Barbara George Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I’d say it’s difficult for a newbie to make money online because it’s hard work.

    It’s not easy to do the hard work necessary.

    Also, it’s easy to give up when results aren’t happening fast enough.

    Everything takes time and making money online also takes time to build up something that will last.

    Most of us are not patient, hard working and disciplined enough to the work and see it through to success.
    Barbara George recently posted…8 Ways To Make Denim InterestingMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Lozi Jackie Profile

    I’d say because newbies are easy ways to make money online but they don’t exist.

    Instead of telling newbies the truth, most gurus lie and promise them heaven and earth, just to get them to buy their products.

    Many newbies are still buying such products, still searching in vain for the easy ways to make money online, sadly.

  • Profile photo of Miles Guardado Profile

    I am a newbie and it’s difficult for me because of too much information.

    There are just too much information and too many products, and more still being released everyday.

    It’s hard to focus with all these distractions.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  • Profile photo of Judith Chang Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    How about it’s difficult for newbies to make money online because it’s difficult?

    I don’t think it’s easy to make money online, as the product owners make us believe.

    It takes consistent work, which most newbies aren’t willing to do.

    Newbies find it easier jumping from one thing to another. If we all stick to one thing until it succeeds, we will be successful online.

    That’s my thoughts on this, but I might be wrong.

  • Profile photo of redtiger Profile

    Hi Sunday

    Valid points, all of them.

    I would say mindset. The newbie sometimes clings to the mindset that online marketing is easy money.

    The realization that they should see marketing as a job requiring hours of work done consistently over a long period of time very often only comes when you get a mentor. I would say the best advice for a new marketer is to get a mentor and start following the advice of someone who has been where you are and who knows how to motivate you.

    That is when you start working on a strategy which is Step One to success. Of course strategy without knowledge leads nowhere and for the newbie there is no knowledge. It is a case of charge in head first.

    Step Two is the self-discipline to follow that strategy as if your life depends on it. In a certain sense it does. Once the newbie realizes this he and she is no longer a newbie.
    redtiger recently posted…Produce Killer Content and Flirt with the Big Boys to ProsperMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi redtiger,

      you are right about the two steps: find a mentor to get knowledge and have discipline to follow through all the steps provided! right?

      Newbies can start making money online if they follow the right ideas, the right mentors and the right mindset!

  • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    I think you covered most of the reasons new marketers don’t make money. The main reason I believe is because they go it alone yet don’t have the knowledge or experience to achieve results.

    The solution I recommend to most marketers is to find a mentor. There are mentors everywhere online willing to share their knowledge with new marketers, I found my mentor on Twitter and a week later he was showing me how he ran JV campaigns instead of paying for traffic.

    I found another mentor/friend that I bought solos ads from who basically took me by the hand to train me on buying solo ads and how to track them.

    So in my opinion the best thing a new marketer can do to quickly profit is to find a mentor. It’s not as hard as they think, they just need to ask.
    Gordie Chase recently posted…The 4 Google myths that can hurt your SEO!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Jonna Cusack Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    You mentioned most of the reasons, no doubts, but I think one of the strongest reasons is not having a coach or mentor.

    It’s harder and more frustrating not having a coach or mentor.

    With the right coach or mentor, particularly one who has already succeeded, it’s easier for newbies to succeed too.

    And the coach or mentor will be there to guide the newbies or bring them back on track, when they get distracted.

  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

    After all mentioned above, I think making money online (especially for newbies) is not science rocket and it has no magic pills or hidden secrets. As long as you have the strong will to be more productive and ready to teach yourself all you need to know about internet marketing and online advertising.

    Thanks so much
    Omar Saady recently posted…Business is Totally About Marketing and AdvertisingMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Omar,

      You are right, there is no magic pills when it comes to making money online.

      Newbies must always realize that they need strong will to research, act, analyze, and promote content to the audience if they must succeed.

      Thanks for lending your voice in this discussion.

      • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

        In fact most people (including me and maybe you) have some feeling that they want to give up simply because our heads were close to exploding from information overload about how to make money online.

        Newbies must know that there WILL be times when they almost feel like crying because the effort and time they put in doesn’t get repaid.

        Omar Saady recently posted…First Five Things to Do When Starting an Online BusinessMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

          Sure, and at such times when it feels like ‘crying’, only the ‘passion we have will sustain our efforts’.

          It is not really easy for newbies to make money online but if there is ample preparation of the ‘inevitable’ then patience and perseverance would be exploited to achieve success!

  • Profile photo of Dennis Seymour Profile

    Great points Sunday!

    It usually begins with where they heard about making money online. If they learned from the wrong people, then it’s usually expecting something to come quickly. People making money online took a long time to get to where they are.

    Even if they didnt take too long with the online venture, they had a lifetime of work put in to know what to do by the time they started online, hence being successful earlier.

    Newbies will definitely need to be educated about that. It’s been a cycle. You see it every year, especially at the start of the year.

    Dennis Seymour recently posted…The 2 Sides of Guest Posting: I’m on the “It Works” Side, How About You?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Dennis,

      I guess newbies should test the authenticity of where they first learned about “making money online” right? I agree with you on this because people are reformed or deformed by the information they get.

      Newbies must always know that those telling them that making money is easy are not really helping them.

      Proper education at the onset is crucial for online success!

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