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Why I Hate Coupons

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Don’t get me wrong. Buying something at a discount is almost always a good thing, and that’s basically what a coupon accomplishes. Coupons on their own really aren’t so bad, but that’s not why I hate them.

For a brief moment, I did think that coupons could play a major role in my life’s overall financial strategy, but I quickly found that I was wrong.
Allow me to explain…

A Quick Story

About a year or so a go, my fiance and I randomly stumbled upon several episodes of “Extreme Couponing” on Netflix. I’m not usually one for reality shows like this one, but when you’re lounging around with some free time, it can be easy to get sucked into any TV show. I’m ashamed to admit some of the awful TV I’ve laid eyes on before.

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  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    I’ll tell you why i personally hate Coupons. They are actually a marketing tactic which is used to take out extra money out of your pocket. I will take a popular brand for example.

    Dominoes Pizza case study –

    Since, they have a strong financial background, they were easily able to enter the market. They placed themselves in strategic positions in the area and they already had a developed system that was successful in the USA and other such countries.

    They used the same bait, and trap technique. In the beginning, the rates were moderate but with the passage of time as people became habitual to their food. They started playing tricks to get more money out of their pockets.

    The trick was creating combo meals, they make it look like you are paying less but in fact you are paying more. It is a marketing tactic built on an illusion. They always used to give out coupons that can be used to avail some discounts on the next purchase. But as time passed on, they stopped giving the coupons so the people will have to pay the full price.

    After a while, someone from dominoes called and they wanted us to “Pay” for buying the coupons. Not only those coupons would become invalid after some time, but we will have to use all the combinations they created for us.

    This way you end up buying MORE, and paying MORE at the same time. This is a bait and trap technique used by a very “Cunning” and blood sucking mind. They are not about customer service but they are actually about how to get more money out of your pocket.

    Hmm, i should have made a blog post about that! May be someday i will 😀


  • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

    Coupons are interesting. You save money using them but could have made more money in the time spent searching for deals 😉

    My mom would spend hours each Sunday morning working the paper over for coupons. We saved 30, 40 or 60 bucks sometimes on each shopping bill but my mom traded in 2 or 3 hours working down the final tally with her coupon frenzy.

    TO each their own; I have never been a fan. I choose to make more money!
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    • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

      Hi Ryan,

      Coupons are a marketing scam, made specifically to inflate the price of a product. Like i proved above, how dominoes inflate the prices, and also makes you pay for the coupons at the same time.

      At the end of the day, they literally bleed out 800 % of the true worth of the item. This is the true nature of a Marketing scam built with “Branding”.


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